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Author Topic: My Idea's  (Read 1448 times)

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My Idea's
« on: October 04, 2009, 12:37:07 am »

I have some ideas that could use more rounding out! I would like to give these a try again!!! Please let me know if your interested just PM me!!

Okay here's my idea’s

My character is a young woman starting work in a new house as a maid, (time perod can be discussed) when she meets the man of the house he seems a sensible scientist lord of a good family an unmarried man by choice with a horrible secret. my ch stumbles across it along with his second personality that is usually locked into the house after dark the complete opposite of the man she meat before and gets tangled into a love triangle with a man with two personalities one sensible and sweet the other brash passionate and dare she even find dangerously hard to resist. a play on Jackal and hide!

Nothing ever happens in the small town of 'Yellow Bell' a tinny town in the middle of know where on the long route 66, nothing ever happens in Yellow Bell a place where everyone knows everyone and strangers are rare. the old Mill's diner the only diner in town has been closed for five years the old man Mills died leaving the diner to an unknown son that was out of the country and had been for years, things remained the same till he came to town. A tall handsome stranger (the twist is he is death living on earth) came to town, he stayed in the apartment above the Diner and started fixing the place up soon he reopened it working as the cook and placed a for hire sign in the window. Olivia Clare Despereaux (my ch) the black sheep of her family walked into the Diner with the hopes for a job to make money to leave Yellow Bell forever.

A pawn in the game of survival a powerful warlord (the male ch) comes to concur a small mysterious kingdom on the floating cliffs of Mer. this place known as "the keepers of the white dragon's" and seemed a prime place for the Warlord to clam as his own.
In a strategic move Roesties the Queen of Mer offers him a triad instead to avoid war and protect the people, she offer's her only Daughter Illena a virgin dragon priestess  as his wife and upon her own death will take the throne and thus give him what he seeks and in return he offers protection to Mer from the other invading kingdoms that seek the power of the white dragons that have shown their interests in the land.
The deal is set and called "the Bloodless Oath".
I really want to try this because it deals with two very different ch's and over a long RP game the character development could be interesting.

There is this place a dark lonely city sort of Gothic in its appearance that houses the things that go bump in the night, here vampires, werewolves and sinister sorcerers roam freely.

I was thinking of a story surrounding France in the 40's to 50's-esk place where my ch a young creole girl leaves her flawed home New Orleans for Paris where she finds work in a large big band club "La Perle De Danse" where women dance and sing, dance Burlesque and dance in a choirs. the club is the jewel of the city and its owner a womanizing french man is the center of it. My ch starts off working as a bar tender dreaming of a way to have the owner notice her, till the day she gets her chance. 

My Character is a go-go dancer in a local club in the city with a natural ability for sorcery, She ends up in trouble after witnessing something she shouldn't have and has to enlist an unlikely man a local mercenary to protect her.

they end up having a sexual relationship as part of the deal and its a rough one at best but they grow on each to her.

my ch is a young Vampire she is unique in the way she was raised. her father has sheltered her though she is a half vampire she has yet to take her first drink of blood, making her choice pickings for the vampire Noble's that wish to corrupt her.

the male char actor is a Vampire Noble from a Clan that teaches her the ways of vampires, emotionally and physically by becoming betrothed to her.

who said Satan was the first evil this world has ever known? before the world's lights came on when demons where in the darkness of the world they had a king. but this king was bored with it all...evil...sloth all of it seemed to hold no joy with him. then the lights came on and they resided in hell. the demons where up in arms but there king could care less, then an angel fell and wanted to serve the king and spoke words of rebellion against god. the king of the the demons at the time saw this as an opportunity to get away so he gave Satan the keys to hell and was content to roam earth in search of something or someone to make his resistance less of a bore. 

More or less i need someone to take on this outline of a ch, i am interested to see where someone else takes it.....any how the story is the bored ex-king of hell wanders the earth, he doesn't take a side between god and Satan. he runs into my ch who is a troubled runaway and ends up stopping the Apocalypse in saving her. now all of hell is after them and really its the most fun he's had in years.

an young woman who used to be the most famous geisha in japan suddenly leaves her home and travels to America to find someone. when she runs into a local man, he is rather seedy and is rough around the edges. he works for a local crime lord and the man holding her family member, now they have to find a way to set that person free while keeping there growing attraction in check and staying alive........i don't know I'm open to suggestions lol

I've been playing with this spaghetti western space story focused on a post apocalyptic plaint called Ellos, it has been quietened because of the all and out destruction and considered off limits.

Because of this Ellos has fallen from a once beautiful plaint to a waste land full of marauders, murders, criminals and all unsightly characters not including those mutated by the destructive event. 

My character is a young girl the daughter of the being used to destroy Ellos, though she isn't aware of it, she has spent most of her life on Ellos and though the surrounding planets in the solar system aren't much better she dreams of getting out.

What i need is a rough neck bounty hunter with a hard disposition who fly's into town on a Trasher Ship tracking a known criminal and gets a good deal on a girl working in a tavern as his personal play thing. naturally he get's more then he bargained for and the criminal he was hunting starts to chase after him for the girl...(My character)

any taker's? I'm open to pot adjustments and an all out change i was just brain storming out loud.

My Idea is a old Greek empire, revolving around a classic rich poor situation. the story takes place in Athens  a Young girl born to a wealthy man and woman who at the time of there death was sold into slavery by her uncle who wished to keep her birthright for himself.

she grows up in a house of a wealthy man and his son, while the man is nice enough and good to his slaves he is also demanding. My character "Persephone" a girl coming of age in his house a blossoming beauty is getting attention for it, she also arbores feelings for the son.

problems arise when the people charged with looking for her after her parents death find her and wish to restore her to her birthright and the master of the house has had his eye on her. I would like to have someone play the son and see where the story plays out, the story line is rough and I'm open to changes.

I've been playing with a theme after being inspired by one of my favorite movies 'The Labyrinth' I always wondered what would happened if Jared kissed the girl and she fell under his spell her brother becoming a goblin.

Taking that as the theme my character is young Lady Antoinette, she is the first woman in Jared's court that he has shown any interested for some time the bored goblin king having calmed her in the end of the lucid dream having created a different identity for her and all just to woo her in a game he created to amuse himself. 

She has very little information of her past and what she knows has been fabricated by Jared, at first she seems to be something he wants to win useing his magic but then he falls for her...little dose he know her brother having become a powerful goblin himself has defeated another king to the far north in the goblin world and has amassed an army bent on paying Jared back for his actions and take everything that he has yada...yada...could be fun!

i think with the right partner this could be a really good long term story line!!! I am also very open to ideas if you have a storyline in mind I'm really easy going i like to stay well open i suppose!! hit me up if your interested.
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