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I have decided to make an idea/ad for ideas that are outside the norm of what I generally write.  They are not outside of my wheelhouse, I've been writing and RPing for a long time, but they are not ones that generally come to mind or I feel an urge for all the time.  So these are ideas that I've been wanting that just don't fit the vibe of my regular thread that I'll collect and post as I feel the want for them.  Some are more twisted than normal or fall outside the pairings I normally favor.  If you are curious, I have a link to my regular add in my signature. 

A Little About Me

Hello.  Thank you for visiting my one on one role playing idea’s page. 

I consider myself a fairly literate writer though I know I’m not perfect.  I mess up tenses sometimes and miss things in my spellcheck.  I do try but it’s a continuing process.  I'm pretty laid back about things and just enjoy the processes of creating a story with another person.  I love the give and take of brainstorming and writing, new things coming up and being thrown out.  And, of course, all the planning in the world can go out the window a little when the characters start thriving on the page where I find they can change and take on a mind of their own.

Since I want the RP to be a collaborative process I never had any preconceived notion of my partner's character or look preference.  I prefer when my writing partners write and play the character they want to, use what face claims they want.  I will write with anybody, from Lords, Ladies, Lieges and Legates. To me, it doesn't matter what your gender and sexuality are, as long as our writing harmonize well and that you are very willing to write wonderful stories with me as a writing partner.

Storywise, I write traditional third person fiction and can get fairly lengthy in my post depending on the scene and what I might be working with from my partner. I can get pretty long in the words for my opening post, so be warned, I know some don’t like that much. I also understand this is my prerogative, I don’t expect as much length from my partner. I do expect to average at least three to four paragraphs though and usually move to match my partner's post length.

Long term Role Plays
I usually aim for long term RPs which can be quite a commitment and a few years ago I had some personal issues that killed my muse and I couldn't write for a while.  I know we all suffer some muse issues but I want to reiterate that I will try to keep any partner up to day either personally or via my Absence thread if my posting should be delayed.  Communication is essential for good games to continue on I believe.  (Note: I will always check a partner's A/A for any updates but if there is no updates done there to indicate a possible absence, if a month passes without any word I'm going to assume you are not committed to the story and consider it dropped. I do not need the personal details but a simple 'I'm unable to write currently but I do wish to continue the RP when I can' is sufficient.)

Face Claims
I'm open on this one though I do lean towards using Face claims.  I have written more descriptions in the past but I've gotten more used to using face claims.  If we do use face claims though I am open to both using real life face claims as well as artistic ones, though I normally default and lean towards RL ones. (Note, because I support Artist, I will not work with AI art in any story.)

(or What I’m looking for in a writing partner.)
For me, RPing is a collaboration between two writers looking to create a great story. So, I’m more than glad to hear your ideas on one of the ideas I’ve posted, even if it’s a rift off of what I created.  Since I understand life happens, I can deal with one or two post a week or once a day, heck I'm ok with it being weeks in between for good RPs. I have no specific need on length, but I do get a little perturbed if I write a long, detailed post and I get a one line answer. I understand that some post will be short, especially if the action is getting built up or for sex scenes.

I will say a very important thing to me is that both writers contribute to the idea of a story, brainstorming both in the beginning plotting and new scenes as things progress, as I’ve found many collaborations can become one sided.  I am always brimming with ideas and will often toss ideas out but I love when my partner throws out ideas and I can add to it, both of us contributing to a great scene or arc.  While I don’t think the whole story needs to be plotted out, we should have the end goal set up and good start at least planned out before jumping in.  Another important part of collaboration, and contributing equally, is that both writers push the story, as I’ve run into many instances where one writer just wants to be along for the ride.  Even if a story includes D/s elements, both parties should be pushing the actual story along.  As part of this, replies that push the story forward is necessary and not just responding to what was given is paramount.  Of course, how far you can push things will vary scene to scene but not having anything has been a problem in the past.

I mainly do all my planning via PMs as I don't get on Discord much compared to being on E depending on the day and I'm bad at keeping track and organizing my stuff in DMs over there. 

  • I don’t enter any story with a smut ratio but most of my ideas are more slow burn, not that I’m against a getting to the smut sooner.
  • I love OCC talk.  Just because we have finished the brainstorming we can keep in communication about future of the story or just to chat.
  • If you reach out with more than a ‘I want to do this’ I will always respond to you even if it’s to say I’m not interested or that I’m full up on RPs right now.  I hate reaching out and getting no response so I won’t do that to anyone that puts in effort.
  • I don’t have any specific metric as far as how much you write though I find it difficult to go below three paragraphs with a partner
  • I’m fine with new writers or those who’s English is not their first language.  I am patient and not a grammar stickler, English is my first language and I still mess up.
  • If you are getting bored or just not feeling something feel free to let me know you are having issues. We can see if there is anything we can do or maybe need to drop this specific RP.


Finding Salvation

Content:Angst, Slow Burn, Emotional Struggle, Dark Romance, Consensual, Deception

Setting:A 1980’s America (Though possibly Modern America)

Story: Tobias still remembered the night so vividly.  His abusive, drunk of a father had gotten into a tizzy about something on the TV, perhaps it was the news.  He’d hit his mother already and he soon followed when his father learned they were out of bear, not listening to him to not go out.  The police came soon after, his father had been in an accident.  He’d crashed into another car and both had gone off the embankment.  Both drivers were dead, his father and the man driving the other car, but the passenger in the car was still alive but not expected to walk.  Tobias had felt guilty then, feeling like if he’d not been such a coward and taken the beaten quietly but had gone to authorities he could have stopped it.  Yeah, sure, he had said something to a teacher a few years ago but his mother had covered for his father and it had gotten thrown aside, and he’d gotten beaten badly that night.  He’d given up then. 

But he had gotten curious about the girl who’d survived as well as feeling guilty.  He’d learned from an announcement that went out around his college that a local agency was looking for volunteers for helping the disabled, like the girl who was recently paralyzed. Going to the agency hoping to at least meet the woman, he found himself being quickly approved and handwaved to become a caregiver for the woman.  Her mother worked a lot and they needed someone to help her at school and getting around so it could be anyone.  But, he couldn’t tell her who he was as he started to take care of her, a bond forming.  But what would happen when the truth came out, when they both got to learn about their deep pains.  Would it destroy what had started to build between them or would it strengthen their bond?

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the female survivor who is also attending the same college as Tobias, perhaps a community college.  They may have even gone to the same school and have a history, that’s open for discussion.  But the main thing is she’s been put into a wheelchair and will never be able to use her legs, something she would be struggling with along with her father’s death, how badly she is struggling is up to the writer.  Although my original idea was a cis female the story could work with a pre-op transfemale as well.

Additional Imagery:

Man of the House

Content: Modern, Crossdressing(female), Pegging, Slice of Life, Wholesome

Setting: Modern America

Story: Eli had always loved his wife and her tomboy ways when they were young and just friends, their love only growing deeper even after they married.  He’d thought they were completely honest with each other so it was a shock when he came home and found her dressed up on a tailored suit with his fedora on acting like a man.  She was mortified but after speaking he found out she enjoyed exploring her masculine side but had no feelings of being the wrong sex, it just felt good to her.  But she was embarrassed by it yet he embraced it, not wanting her to hide it away.  His love, and the kissing that followed, emboldened her, asking if they could try one more thing as she’d bought a strap on a little while ago to wear as part of her exploration.  She wanted to use it on him.

Now, it could end here as a one shot or it could continue a little longer where the couple decides to go on vacation where she can spend a whole week dressed up and going out as a man.  Even wearing the strap on under her pants to complete the feel. 

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the wife who is into crossdressing as a man and wants to take it as far as she can with her loving husband.  She doesn’t feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body, it’s a kink for her.  I’m open to throwing in other kinks that might be appealing but this is mainly to explore a wholesome, accepting relationship that is delving into rarely explored kinks, at least from what I’ve seen.

Additional Imagery:

Summertime Blues

Content:Slice of Life, Confession, Angst, Former Best Friends, Emotional Struggle

Setting: Modern America

Story:They had been childhood friends for many years when in high school he finally confessed to her his growing feelings.  But she rejected him, and finally told him she wasn’t into guy despite, even though she felt things for him.  Her recent high school friend had seduced her in her senior year and gaslit her into believing she had to be a lesbian.  The two friends drifted apart in college, feelings hurt, and the woman soon found out her manipulative girlfriend had cheated on her multiple times.  When she fond herself in a brief fling with a guy in college she realized her sexuality wasn’t so exact as her ex had made her think. 

Now, she’s had to move back home to her parents after college, not finding a job, and she discovers her old friend who lived nearby handling his parents affair.  His father had recently passed and his mother moved to Florida so he was supervising getting the house up for sale.  He found himself still a bit bitter as she approached him, not sure he could trust her again. 

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the complicated female part who is trying to reconnect with her old friend, realizing she hurt him after being gaslight by her ex. 

Additional Imagery:

My Only One Taken

Content: Heavy BDSM, Chastity, Dark Romance, Age Gap, MxF/TF or MxM potentially, Obsession

Setting: Modern America (though potentially slightly older time period)

Story: Gabriel had always had a bit of a thing for the young woman who was his daughter’s friend, a little something that turned into an obsession after his wife passed.  He knew he could not do anything while his daughter was still at home, trying to keep things appearing proper.  But he followed her going ons and kept up to date, chasing off boys that were potential risks to what he wanted.  Still, he let her date the football player, knowing it would be bad news, wanting to orchestrate his own future with her.  When he suffered an injury in college, it was easy to pressure others around him to offer him pain relief and places to gamble. 

Soon, he was addicted to prescription drugs and had a growing gambling addiction, one that would ruin his recent marriage and put them into the red with both legal and illegal sources.  When her hubby ran from the country, something Gabriel had set up behind the scenes to happen, she was left holding the bag with debt collectors and loan sharks banging at her door.  As she was being threatened by one, Gabriel had come in, frightening even the loan shark.  As the young woman had never known, he ran one of the biggest crime families on the East Coast, no one would cross him.  So, he offered a simple deal.  To be his alone, body and soul, for five years, and he would pay off everything, settle her debts and give her a good nest egg to go to.  Though he has no plans of ever letting her go.

What I'm Looking For:  I’m looking for someone to play the daughters friend.  She could be a cis female or she could have been a transfemale who’s not transitioned or even a feminine male.  I doubt she’s ever realized the father’s obsession with her but always thought him a doting and caring man.  How she feels about the deal is up to the writer but she should realize she doesn’t have much of a choice.  And perhaps doesn’t consider how bad it could be.

Additional Imagery: 

Older Stuff

Lost at the Farthest End
Content: Murder, Suicide, Guilt, Tragedy, Love through Understanding, Possibly Twisted Love
Setting: Modern Times, probably America though open to other options
Story: The past set up: He was an older brother so proud of his little sister and her drive to excel, always there to back her up like a good big brother.  They were close and always discussed things so he was surprised when she seemed hesitant to talk about school one day after he’d picked her up, already having gotten his drivers permit.  She laughed it off saying she had just started to feel creepy about her one teacher but thought it was because he was just overly enthusiastic about his job.  It had bothered him at the time but slipped from him mind eventually so he’d not thought anything about it when he’d been unable to pick her up after her club activities from school, getting stuck getting ready for applying to colleges. 

So, he had just gotten home when she came barging in, crying, asking him why today he didn’t come to pick him up before shutting up, running to her room and not answering him.  Later that day, he found her hanging in her room having killed herself, finding the suicide note she’d left, grief and rage mixing together at what it mentioned happened that day at school, what the teacher had done to her.  It wasn’t hard to find the teachers home address in this day and age, and he’d found himself driving over there with the knife he’d pulled from his hunting bag as if moving on auto pilot.  He’d answered the door and he couldn’t even remember what he said but before the man could shut the door, he burst in and knocked him down before stabbing him so many times.  It was only after he felt numb that he’d stopped to look up and see the girl staring at him, crying hysterically before running away.

Current time: He’d done his time and been thankful that extenuating circumstances were taken into account, reducing his time and keeping him out of the worst prisons.  His mother had never stopped communicating with him even after their father had passed, his heart unable to bear such tragedy.  She’d seemed lost for a bit until she’d started working for an orphanage and her letters started to brighten up.  He was surprised when she’d mentioned deciding to adopt one of the children who had no one and couldn’t seem to get adopted, feeling a twinge when she mentioned him having a new sister. 

After six or seven years, he was released only to be met by his mother as his sister was still finishing up her last year at university and would meet them at their old home in the country.  He thought he’d been prepared to meet his new sister, everything was easy knowing he was not going to be there long, a burden to his family no more, a pariah no longer.  He was going to be with his real sister, but when she walked in it wasn’t hard to recognize the younger girl he’d seen looking up from the bloody scene so many years ago.  He wanted to die, to ease the guilt of knowing he was the reason his sister was gone, but he couldn’t leave his mother with the uncertainty of what this woman’s plan was.
What I'm Looking For: Ok, this one is a weird one and based on a strange manga, but basically looking for someone to play the woman who could have been the teachers daughter or nephew who’d been visiting when he was killed.  I would like her to have tracked the whole trial and everything, have a scrap book that can be found, which will make the guy question if she’s here for revenge or what.  Her ultimate goal, what she seeks, is something we can discuss, along with where the tail leads for the two characters.  On the MxM route it would probably involve feminization as I do have a tendency to lean towards that with MxM BDSM.
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Older Ideas, Interest Unsure

Strange Ties
Strange Ties

Content: Modern Day, Slice of life, Supernatural, Taboo Romance, Strained relations.
Setting:Modern world with a strange supernatural twist. (how much can be discussed)
Story:They had never really known each other but in High School they felt like they had clicked, despite not being in the same grade, but things quickly sputtered when their personalities clashed at the time.  They end up breaking up and hurting each other though soon after they have much more to think about as their parents either divorce or one passes away.  But come a few years down the road, one is in college and the other just getting his career going.  It is in this time that the man is called back when his father informs him that he met a new woman and they got married while in Vegas on a whim.  He comes home to find his new mother has a daughter, a sister in law that is his ex, though they never told their parents about each other. 
It is awkward at first with them disliking each other and the situation but not wanting their parents to know, wanting them to at least be happy.  But thankfully, he has work to get back too so he can skip out after the holidays.  But soon after, he gets a worried call from his father that his sister in law has incurred the Change, an unknown affliction that has taken hold.  No one is sure why, but a number of men and women at a certain age have evolved into what is termed a demi-human, though many see that as a derogatory term.  Often many revert back but a rare few stay that way or even continue on, making normal life impossible.  They are sure she ran away to her family’s old cabin at the lake but it’s too far for them to go and check so they ask him since he’s only a few hours away.  There he finds his sister in law, and his ex, has become a cat-girl and is having a hard time dealing, and certainly doesn’t want to have to rely on him.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the ex who is now the sister-in-law and cat girl that has a lot of distance between the two because of how they were younger.  They’ve changed but they still remember the hurt they inflicted on each other breaking up, even though they had really only hung out and dated, never even kissed or only kissed. 
Additional Imagery:

Space Oddity
Space Oddity
Content: Modern, Slow Burn, Emotional Struggle, Slice Of Life, Bully/Victim, possible revenge.
Setting: A modern city.
Story: They had met first in school when she'd transferred in, but she'd been different, and it had been easy for someone like him who was just trying to keep his head above water.  She was deaf and got so much special attention so perhaps he was a bit jealous, but he refused to learn the sign language offered the class.  He did everything he could do to mess with her, weather it was throwing her note books she used to communicate in the toilet and making fun of her weird speech.  But despite how horrible he was she still tried to be his friend despite what a jerk he'd been until one day he'd pushed it too far and she'd gotten hurt and he got suspended.  When he refused to apologize, he was expelled and the girl's mother yelled at him about what a horrible person he was at the school meeting about his expelling, since the girl refused to come out.
It felt like that was the moment his life went wrong, that the gods decided to punish him as nothing he did ever seemed to go right.  He had a reputation in his new school and became an outcast because of his past, never really making any friends and never doing great in school, not even finding support from his parents about his future.  Like everything else, he fucked up trying to be a decent adult too as his job wasn't going well so he got desperate, ending up working for people he'd rather not in the drug trade.  One day, when things went to shit, he found himself running with a lot of stolen money and knowing he was going to die for it, even having considered killing himself.  But as he sat on the bridge considering it, he remembered the girl he'd hurt so badly, wondering what she was doing, and deciding to make amends before he went away.
Taking the money he had, he tracked her down and offered up all the money for her as a payment for what he'd done but she kicked him out with it once she realized who he was, seeing the anger in her face.  Her life had not been great either and she knew he was the one that had broken her faith in humanity, knowing it had to be some kind of scam.  But he persisted until she would at least hear him out, considering forgiving him but it would not be so easy, since he'd not made it easy on her in school.  It starts bumpy with her yelling at him and saying she wished he had been dead, realizing it had been too far, going out to find him and spotting him standing on the bridge looking over.  She’s not sure if he was just looking or planned on killing himself, but tells him to come back tomorrow when it’s her day off and they’ll talk.
What I'm Looking For: I’m looking for someone to play the deaf woman who is faced with her former bully and going through the stages from hating him to maybe caring for him.  She could end up feeling romantic towards him or perhaps just wanting to hurt him and humiliate him like she’d felt, wanting some kind of revenge.  It’s fairly open in such regards.
Additional Imagery:

Who’s a Good Girl
Who’s a Good Girl
Content: Modern, AU America, Romance, Speciesism, Overcoming Differences, Boss/Employee conflict.
Setting:Modern Corporate America AU where Demi-humans exist.
Story: He sat there starting at the embarrassed looking woman feeling both guilty and something else, a feeling deep inside he couldn't quite put into words.  She'd been abused, he knew, treated like trash for what she was, a hybrid, as if it was her choice to be such.  It was thanks to certain charities that she'd been able to be saved and trained, finding a good job in a corporate job, one in which he was her boss now.  But he'd not thought when he'd tossed the bone, or jingle ball toy, aside at the corporate party, annoyed that someone was trying to make a rude statement about their coworker.  And he'd not thought about the instinct bread into the woman's jeans which sent her to retrieve, now having brought it back and looking at him with a mix of anger and sadness.  So, he did the only thing that came to mind, reaching out to take the bone and pat her head, calling her a good girl, which only sent that mix of emotion on her face into rage, but with a twinkling of happiness.  He was out of his depth and falling farther, trying to keep her from looking bad but also himself, hoping people weren't paying attention as it was late into the evening.  Now, how did he get himself out of this mess.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the dog girl or cat girl, your choice, who has faced a lot of prejudices, and still does and having to deal with many difficulties.  What would start as a relationship in the office would become more outside, perhaps she has some housing issues and he has to help her find a place next to him, ending up supping together.  Perhaps she’s bitter or perhaps she’s trying not to let it get to her but little things sill bug her, like when her instincts take over. 
Additional Imagery: 1 | 2 |

The Quiet Midnight
The Quiet Midnight
Content: Prejudice, Impossible romance, Older/Younger pairing, Infatuation
Setting: A fantasy setting similar to a 1930s or 40s America.
Story: She was born cursed which all blamed on her unknown father, born with horns growing up from out of her skull. They called her the daughter of Satan.  A demon.  Shunned by most of the community, she kept to herself and learned to live a solitary life, though a part of her worried that they were right.  It felt as if the world was against her, at least until the new priest took over the parish, who proved to be a patient and kind man who wasn't put off by her appearance.  He only offered reassurance and was always there for her, and despite her own misgivings, she found herself caring for him more and more deeper.  Though she felt like a dark side of her had started to come out more and more until the priest, but now, it started to come out in new ways, ways that worried her even more.  Was she a fool?  Was she cursed by her bloodline?  Was there any hope? 

Rumors have spread that the Demon Lord rises once again and his agents are moving through the lands, sentiment against those with demon blood rising.  Will more hatred be visited on the girl or will her danger change, will she become a full demon many wander, her demon blood overwhelming her human heritage.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the younger half-demon who’s facing all the prejudice and finding connection with the priest.  Perhaps she is just putting the priest on a pedestal at first because he’s been so kind and protective of her but perhaps it warms as they go on, how much is up for discussion.  If she simply gets weak in the knees or begins to get jealous and possessive of his time. 
Additional Imagery: 1 | 2 |

The Scent of Air After the Rain
The Scent of Air After the Rain
Content: Supernatural, Romance, Misunderstanding, Possible Power Struggle due to misunderstanding, Male on Male, Kitsune
Setting: Modern American countryside with mild supernatural elements
Story: He’d lived his whole life working to be a success and gain the wealth and power he’d always been told would bring happiness, trying to impress and find something of meaning.  The money had come along with a lot of stress and constantly trying to be better, never getting a chance to enjoy it.  Happiness seemed to elude him as everything felt hollow including any relationship he got himself into, not sure he’d ever get married.  But just as his stress was building to where it was beyond effecting his health, and he was sure he was going to have a breakdown, the call came from the attorney informing him of the large property in the mountains he’d inherited.

Seeing it as a sign to take a break, he headed down to the mountains to find an older house with a strange Japanese style outbuilding.  He’d known his uncle had been into weird new age mysticism, as his family called it, but he was surprised to find the Japanese shrine on the property.  More surprising was, since he was the owner, the kitsune residing inside of it has now become his servant, which he seemed to resent.  For better or worse, they were now stuck together and would have to decide if they could live and take care of each other.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the male kitsune who is a guardian spirit of the temple.  Maybe they had a friendship with the uncle or perhaps he was unaware of them and the nephew is just perceptive enough to see him and have power over them.  (Alternatively, this can be set in Japan but I know not many are fond of writing stories not set in the west.)
Additional Imagery:

Lingering Summer Nights
Lingering Summer Nights
Content:Modern, Distrust to Friendship, Mystery, Strange Happenings, Romance.
Setting: Modern, or possibly slightly past times, a small island community. 
Story:He’d moved away from the island when he was teen swearing never to return, it was too small and too tight knit for his liking, he’d never fit in.  College and building his own business had been wonderful in it’s time but even then it seemed like things never went right, eventually everything piling up.  First the accident that injured his fiancé who ended up killed herself, unable to live with the scars, and then the convictions that ruined his career.  But the judge was a friend of the island’s mayor who offered a potential solution of a deal, let him serve a modified house arrest on the island along with his probation.  The island only had one way off, the ferry, and most locals kept a good watch on their boats.

So he found himself back home with not much to do, ending up taking over his grandmother’s old café and fixing it up.  Despite the mayor’s help, he was an outsider in the community again, which was perhaps why he found the demi-human catman who ran his own fishing boat an interesting companion.  But strange things were happening on the island, people disappearing only to reappear while others never came back, and people seemed to forget.  But they seemed immune, perhaps because they were newer to the island, but they had to figure out what was going on as things were not right, before it caught up to them.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the demi-human catman who’d set up shop on the island, which is a tourist destination during the summer.  He could be a regular fisherman or perhaps he runs fishing tours.  At first he should perhaps not like the new man since most others seem distrustful of him, and his kind have had a bad history with prejudice, the reason he was here.  But they are in the same boat so perhaps they at least find some middle ground when things start getting strange and they realize they only have each other to rely on.
Additional Imagery:

Teaching the Way
Teaching the Way
Content: Feminization, BDSM, Magic, Supernatural
Setting: A magical world where magical families have power but keep their abilities secret and separate. (Think Harry Potter or The Magicians)
Story: At between 19 to 21, most members of a magical family begin to develop magical abilities, though not everyone has a great deal of power.  Still, it is rare that one has absolutely none, which is an utter embarrassment to a family.  One has been born into a prestigious family, an utter scandal, they should have developed power by now and people are questioning what is going on with their son.  Desperate, they receive an offer from a family associate, he will take the boy on as a ward and tutor him if given full, unrestricted custody of him.  Knowing the man’s reputation, and reclusive nature, they know he is the perfect person to foist the young man on to quell any inquiries about his non-magical nature.

Upon receiving the boy, in a country house in the woods, the man does some testing to determine while he doesn’t have much in the way of casting, he is like a magical batter where magical energy can be stored easily, and he takes and receives spells and adaptions better than normal.  He proceeds to treat the young man more like a pet and begins to demand he dress as a young woman in the house, even down to the underwear, stripping him of his own identity.  Any resistance is met with punishment and the man begins to introduce more bondage and discipline along with a mixture of pain and pleasure.  He will make use of the young man but in doing so, make them his own.  The teacher has a reason to his madness as he needs the power, and the shortcut his methods add, as he knows great darkness is coming.  The Cult of the Deathseekers is rising again, seeking to revive their old master and bring back an ugly power, he doesn’t know who he can trust but he will mold the young man into one he can count on.
What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the young man who will become the ward of the magician his is perhaps conflicted about not having current magical abilities and sees the change as potential, until things began to change.  I’m pretty open to how we want to play it and what things we want to include in the game. While there will certainly be a smut element to the story I do want to include an adventure aspect
Additional Imagery:


One Shots

Name: Stardust Fiend

Content: MxF, Non-Con/Bon, Monster

Scenario: It was strange days when the multidimensional beings appeared and one had gone seeking older women to take up the magical girl mantel.  For some reason, your character caught it’s eye and agreed, being transformed into a poofy skirt wearing magical girl, part of the Stardust Guardians along with two other older women.  Sworn to protect the city, they have been defending it from the extradimensional shadow army known as Malice.  The General known as Abraxis had fought against them multiple times but he’d grown a particular animosity with your character the most, and a strange interest. 

So, when he learned about an item that had been created that may steal some of the cosmic power from the guardians he set about obtaining it.  While he gathered what he needed, he used small automatons to follow and put together information on who the guardian may be.  Following the one they believed was the right one, he grows strangely incensed seeing her on a date with a man treating her like crap.  Stepping in, he sends the man into a black hole and tries to take her.  When she transforms, he uses his item robbing her of much of her power, leaving her in her uniform with little more than her normal strength and power.  Now, he is going to make her pay, but, he also feels some strange stirrings for the woman as the cosmic power mixes with his own black aura.

Setting: A modern city, perhaps Tokyo or Sapporo or Fukuoka.

Requirements: Someone willing to play a character who maybe was apprehensive about taking on this role, perhaps with a little comedy mixed with the darker aspects of the story.  It is meant to be a little tongue in cheek.  The character shouldn’t be a wilting violet, someone with a strong personality would be more amusing I feel.  Also, with using face claims art/anime would be preferred, no AI.

Other info: Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know.

Name: The Villainess Pleads for Mercy from the Third Prince

Content: MxF, Bondage, Dub-con/Non-con

Scenario: He’d always been sick growing up which had resulted in him turning to books for solace from the pain.  Bullied much of his young life, he knew his time was limited and was often annoyed by how his family treated him so delicately, even if he pushed it down knowing it was how they cared.  So when he grew so week in the hospital, closing his eyes, he was soon surprised to wake up an a fancy bedroom as a little child.  It didn’t take long to realize he’d been transmigrated into the body of the Third Prince of Rezzeland from the novel, The Flowers of Spring Time.  It had been one of the more trashy novels he’d enjoyed when young though he’d never liked some of the authors decision.

He knew when he grew up the Villainess would use him to save herself from the fate of her treasonous family and try to use him to get closer to the first prince.  It would result in both their deaths, something he could not allow.  So he dedicated his life to both growing more powerful physically, magically and politically, many remarking on how he was more admirable than even the first prince.  So, when the villainess had come to him, surprised at her beauty, he knew what she would try and he was prepared to twist it around, make her his puppet to enjoy, knowing she was just a bully.

Setting: A fantasy world inspired by various isekai manhwa. 

Requirements: Someone to play the villainous woman who thinks she has the world wrapped around her finger but till discover the prince is not the push over of the novel.  Her whole family demise and her need for marrying into the royal line to protect her can be worked out but she should be someone desperate knowing other than the prince there isn’t much options.  She’s burned a lot of bridges.

Other info: Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know.

Name: Holly Jolly Time

Content: MxM, Bondage, Dub-con/Non-con, Feminization

Scenario: You character has not been good and so when he decides to show off and shoplift from the local mall stores for his buddy, he’s quickly caught.  Since his dad is a well-known businessman in town, he works out a deal with the mall owner not to press charges if he has his son work for the company doing whatever they need.  If he doesn’t, a friend with the police will file the report and start the paperwork.  So he can only scoff when he is told he’ll be helping out as an elf for their store Santa, only to find out when he arrives there, already annoyed, that they only have female outfits. 

It is then he meets his workmate, a burly Santa who did time and looks like he would snap the guys neck, telling him to stop with all the shit and put on the outfit.  Or he will beat him until unconsciousness and then dress him.  After a session where the young man keeps messing up, annoying the Santa who glares at him, and finally has to punish him.  When the man complains, Santa reminds him how he’s the mall owner’s friend and one call from him and he’s going back to jail.  So he can comply or be prepared to go to jail.  He takes the spanking and sulks the rest of the day but as they are leaving Santa tells him to come back early tomorrow so they can do some training since he is so shit at his job.

Setting: Modern midsize city.

Requirements: Want someone who is willing to play the younger man and can get a decent balance of defiance and fear of being charged.  While my picture is a IRL face claim I’m ok with either IRL or drawn face claims, just no AI.  I would like someone who is willing to explore various kinks that may come up like chastity devices, plugs, sounding and things along this nature as part of the feminization and BDSM aspects. 

Other info: Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know.

Name: Checking the List

Content: Vanilla.  possible heavy BDSM aspects

Scenario: Kazimir had always had a crush on his math teacher even though he bloody hated the class.  So he was surprised when she happened to be in one of the art shows he was attending at a gallery who hangs his own art.  Flirting with her, he was surprised when she came back to his place, not knowing she was checking off a list of old students and rating which was the best. 

Setting: Modern America

Requirements: Someone to play the older teacher who’s come to look up her old student and see if he’s up for the challenge.  While it can be straight vanilla smut I do have a want to add in some BDSM aspects, possibly heavy ones, depending on what both of us want to explore with the characters.

Other info: Inspired by this Incase story:
NSFW Incase Comic

Name: Reunion Goals

Content: Vanilla.  Cheating/NTR, possible BDSM aspects

Scenario: It’s the ten year anniversary of the school and time to size up where everyone sits.  Her husband confessed in the afterglow of passion, a night that had been unsatisfying for her, that he wanted to see her with another man.  She’d brought it up once or twice to tease her but let it drop.  But now, she’s going back to their high school reunion and she wants to check off getting railed by the linebacker, Marcus,  she always had a crush on.  If he can get that done, she’ll give him the fantasy of his life, letting her husband be there as she gets fucked by the linebacker.  But surprisingly, he’s into it and is ready to play her bull but he’s going to be in charge.

Setting: Modern America

Requirements: Someone to play the wife who may get into humiliating her husband or not, I’m ok either way.  I figure both parties can take turns NPCing the husband but I can control most of that, but they would be more or less an NPC/minor character with my part being from the linebacker’s perspective. 

Other info: Not a genre I normally enjoy but lately have found it a bit amusing to delve into the NTR trope.


Removed a bunch of things no longer interested.  Updated to add in my one shots in this request thread.

Added the following RP request:

Finding Salvation
Man of the House
Summertime Blues
My Only One

Currently interested in Heavy BDSM and chastity themes and am open to other stories involving those.  Also slightly intrigued in stories that may include a smattering of foot play and sounding though not it being the center of an RP.