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Started by CharlieSariel, July 04, 2023, 05:30:58 PM

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Hello all,

Long time member, long time lurker (recently).  Our VTT RP Group is actually looking for new blood, and we're trying multiple avenues to locate such players.

I have been perusing the "Off-Forum RP" section but do not see any "Looking for Players" for long term group RPs, so I thought I would check with staff on whether or not this would be kosher to be posting.

Any insight would be appreciated!

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If the group game is not being run on E, you should be able to post for it under Non-Forum Roleplay Requests  Per the rules of the boards:

'For off-site roleplays taking place over an instant messenger, GoogleDocs, Skype, IRC, or another medium such as other forums, virtual tabletop (OpenRPG, etc.) please use the Non-Forum Roleplay Requests forum.

Notes: The Non-Forum Roleplay Requests is not visible to applicants and is the only board in the left hand column of Elliquiy where it is safe to post your contact information for RolePlay purposes.'


That very much answers the question.   Thank you for taking the time!  :)

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The Non-Forum Requests is not subdivided into 'solo' and 'group' games at present.  A couple things that you should keep in mind:

1) Be sure to include a line in your request that notifies participants that some of the existing players are not Elliquiy members.
2) You should have a link somewhere in your off-site RP information back to Elliquiy.
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Thank you Oniya!

I will indeed update my posting properly.

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