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Author Topic: Story-idea: SUNRISE / sensitive and romantic writers needed ;) /  (Read 466 times)

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Offline ShiaTopic starter

So, here's my first group roleplay-idea ;)

/A One-On-One of mine is also searching for players,
you can check out here:



Anakin Cole's life /I chose this first name 'Anakin' not because of Star Wars :),
but because of its wonderful music and meanings all over the world/
started to seem perfect. After his hard life as a nature protecting warrior-
ecologist and 'surviver' of a stressful marriage he finally found
the place where he can live his life the way he always wanted to live.
It's called Angels'Shore, a small town close to the edge of the ocean
/if you saw the movie Message In A Bottle with Kevin Costner then you know
what I mean ;)/ where he runs an eco-farm -which is also a kind of
living laboratory- in his 50s.

His second marriage, that's been so blessed and happy
is with his younger wife Tess /Tessah, age 34 played by me/
who was a painter until she lost her eyesight and their baby
after fifth month of pregnancy in a car accident.
Though Tessah is home again somehow she lost the will to live on
and to restart their life -in every meaning...- despite of the fact that they're still
deeply in love with each other. As she can not continue painting and
giving painting lessons at the local school most part of her days she spents
in the house, quite depressed.

One night she even tries to walk into the wawes but her husband
and the young man who helps at the farm saves her.
Then Anakin in his desperate sadness gets an interesting idea,
reading secretely his wife's former diaries time by time...
As his wife is bisexual and during her College years and after that for
a few years she had a relationship with another girl
/a graphic student/ he decides to get some help for Tess and for the housework
in the form of a young and charming woman from another town
-the farther it's better-, who's intelligent and sensitive enough to be
Tessah's company and who does not reject sexual relationship or at least experience
with another woman, hoping that this will work somehow and bring some inspiration
into the beloved one's life. Of course he does not ask the household help to offer
herself sexually to Tessah he just hopes that the special aura of
the choosen one and the closeness between this two women will
create some kind of magic that can help.
He loves his wife so much that he could even let her go just to
see her happy again...
/But this won't happen ;) as I love to write happy end-stories,
whether it's boring or not :P :)))/

!It's important!
This idea and this whole story is NOT about the pleasures of cheating
or using the other one's helplessness for anything bad but
about exciting drama and soul-portraits.

Also important:
This story does NOT contain sexual agression or perversion,
it is between the limitations of 'usual' sexuality but the kind of
that is not narrowed by age or gender /between adults! ;)/.
Threesome with the three main characters is OK for me
but the husband does not do it to cheat on his wife
but for bringing her back the taste of life.

Roles that are free to play:

Anakin Cole - Wise, kind and gentle, 100% in love with his wife
that's why he's able to do these 'weird' things. A creative mind
that always has to do something, that's why he's so compassionate
about this eco-farm and nature protecting. Many times he's been and
is in conflict with giant firms and industrial companies.
The truth is that when Tessah's accident happened it wasn't
an accident... Unusually she was driving Anakin's car, it was only an
exception, she was without her car and had to be in the hospital by time
for an unexpected checkup. But she never arrived...
The target was Cole but they don't know about it
as the investigation is still in process. Later, during the story
this will turn out. And it won't be easy...

The Help at the house - A young woman in her early 20s, she has a special beauty and aura,
can be also bisexual or at least not reject erotic contact with another woman.
Very kind and helpful and looking for real love, she has great plans and
basicly she accepts this work for the money. Besides this she's a real
guardian angel in human body. And finds the 'farmboy' an interesting
person since day No.1... :)

Help 2, the help at the farm - He's a young man, also in his early 20s,
very attached to the Cole-couple as they were the ones who helped him to build up
a positive life after his stormy childhood. The details are up to the one who choose this role.
He also has plans and wants to do something 'big', for example attend to University,
anything just not to stuck in Angels'Shore and in his past.
Especially like the news about the young household help who's at the same age
and waiting curiously for her arrival... ;)

Other possible characters which can be taken:

* Neighbours and citizens
- Among and between them there can be anything,
I don't care just please, do not ruin the main story line and the atmosphere.
ThanX a lot!
As we do not choose our neighbours any kind of persons are welcome to create here.
And I don't mind if other sub-stories are running parallelly
with the main story-line. We just have to sign it somehow, I think, to avoid
chaos :))).

* The Cole-children from the husband's first marriage
- I thought of one or two possible children not a whole clan :)). Of course
these young ones can also have their own past and story-line and relations to
other characters. Their presence can be constant or time by time appearence.

* The ex-Mrs. Cole
- I don't mind if she's not an earthly angel just do
not ruin my story completely, OK? :P :))

The direction I'm thinking about is that Help1 and Help2 slowly fall in love
with each other :) and move to a bigger town finally together to make their
dreams reality and finally Anakin and Tessah find each other again
& possibly are ready for another baby-try, as well :).

Sub-stories and mystical happenings are also welcome ;)

Well, these are the 'settings', if you find it too romantic or boring
then search on in any other cases stay, if you'd like to :) ;).

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