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Started by Praxis, January 23, 2023, 01:34:42 PM

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Hi there.  Not sure who to talk to about this or if it is even possible. 

I initiated a DNC against a user here on E.  What that also involves is that the two of us can never be in the same game writing. Recently a game appeared that is winding up and it is possibly a game that person would like to write in.  I would also like to write in it.

I don't want this person to miss out on an opportunity to write because this user and I couldn't get along years ago.

Is there a way to revoke a DNC if we both agree to it?  It might be that this user wants to keep the DNC in place to which I understand and accept.

But considering I was the individual that initiated the DNC, I'm wondering how that works and if it is possible?  I'm not looking to cause trouble or more work for you guys.  I am just trying to be...reasonable?  If the use wants to write in this game. I don't want to be the reason why they are excluded.

And to be clear. It might not be allowed for it to be revoked. To which , I understand and play through.



Please contact a member of Staff and we can go through your options :)


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