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Started by Sampais Wrath, December 06, 2022, 09:45:41 AM

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Sampais Wrath

Main question: Can a game be done in non adult with school age characters then ended and have a link to a thread in say light as the characters are of age to further expand their relationship?

A partner and I are considering doing a game where the characters are starting out as school age kids and building that innocent childhood friendship. Even if these characters are not engaging in anything remotely sexual they would still not be allowed in Light right? Once they are of age we would build that relationship further so eventually we would need to move to at least Light. Our biggest concern is there's no mention of ages for non adult sections, only the minimum for the adult sections. I mainly want to ensure this minimum age wasn't actually sitewide and we're allowed to have these scenes.
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As for your question, you can write the characters in their school-age kids in the Non-Adult section before continuing the story in the Light section once they are of age. Do keep in mind the rules when embedding images of your characters, as we can't allow embedded images of minors.