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Author Topic: Weaving Stories Together [Seeking M and F Characters]  (Read 17008 times)

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Weaving Stories Together [Seeking M and F Characters]
« on: February 01, 2012, 04:39:29 AM »
Thank you for taking your time to read this request thread of mine. Firstly, please head to my O&O's before reading through my request thread. I highly recommend it, actually. If you feel like our O&O's match, then it's all good. Once that's done, I would like to state some notes about myself.

—   I will write with anybody, from Lords, Ladies, Lieges and even to Legates. To me, it doesn't matter what your gender and sexuality are, as long as our writing harmonize well and that you are very willing to write wonderful stories with me as a writing partner.
—   I'm open to MxF, MxM and even FxF. But I have to admit that I don't really have any experience writing stories with a FXF pairing, but I'm very much open to it nonetheless.
—   I'm not looking for stories or plots with sex as the main element or drive. I'm looking for plot hooks and interesting, compelling characters within a story to captivate my interest.
—   I tend to write long and descriptive posts, mostly consisting of minimum four paragraphs and maximum 10 paragraphs (sometimes even more). You don't need to match up with the length I write but I ask that you would at least put the same effort to give a few paragraphs rather than just a few liners.
—   I am hoping for posts with decent grammar, correct spelling and punctuation. I am very understanding of some mistakes and I'm not even perfect with grammar myself, but I'm quite a stickler for spelling and punctuation. This is why I use Grammarly for this issue.
—   I would usually have a post up like from a post daily to maybe one or two posts up per week. But do give me four weeks at most for a post if I'm at a slower pace. I highly recommend checking here for any updates.
—   Please do not prod for posts as I usually tend to post whichever stories compel my muse to write a post for. I want to get the best posts out possible and forcing the words out tend to do the opposite. I do try to post in accordance to which I owe first, but I could differ from that routine from time to time. I tend to post to group games more often than my solo games so please keep that in mind.
—   I really don't mind waiting for my co-writers to take a while to get a post up in return, though I'm looking for, at least, one post per month minimum in return. The longest I would wait would be around two months or more before I decide to drop the thread if there isn't any response. My interest would dwindle by then unless my co-writers inform me of any expected delays. Of course, if there's any reason for the slow pace, I wouldn't mind waiting at all in general.
—   Most of these ideas I put up are not deeply thought of, and I would like my partners to at least converse with me; either through PMs or IMs to discuss further. I enjoy communication with my co-writers and OOC chattering, even down to idle conversation.
—   I really would appreciate communication. Communication is the key. If you are not interested in the idea or to continue with the thread, just be vocal and inform me. I promise I won't be offended at all. We can discuss other ideas, but if not; even then, I rather not be left without any words from you.

Also, please do not post in this thread. I rather keep it neat and clean, thank you.

Status: Tentatively Seeking

♠♠♠ Wildly Craving
♠♠ Mildly Craving
Least Craving

To End The Darkness   ♠♠♠

Content: Dark Romance, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Long Journey, Action, Magic, Supernatural, Sexual Tension, Sorcery, Consent

Setting: A modern world with some fantasy elements to it, similarly like the world of Final Fantasy XV

Story: They had met when they were just children when the very prince of Lucis was brought over to Tenebrae. The very reason was to heal the prince of his sickness but he gained more than his health at that very trip as he formed a friendship with the young princess of Tenebrae as well. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as Niffhelm had attempted an assassination on the King of Lucis but he and his son managed to escape. When it came to the royal family of Tenebrae, they weren't very fortunate and quickly, Tenebrae was invaded.

Years had passed since then. Niffhelm had managed to conquer every nation with the exemption of Lucis and the war between both empires was long and caused so much suffering. When the Imperial Chancellor had come forth with the offer of peace, King Regis had no other option but to accept. The only additional condition was for the princess of Tenebrae and the prince of Lucis to be married as part of the peace treaty. When the princess and the prince had finally met again after so long, it was evident that the princess had grown and changed since. What's more, has she had a warning for King Regis. But fate had something in store for the young royal children as so proven time and time again.

What I'm Looking For: Obviously, this idea follows the setting and plotline of Final Fantasy XV though with a huge twist. I really enjoy the whole setting of Eos along with the plot hook of the game, though the story of the game, arguably, hasn't been done very well. I'm looking for someone to write the very prince of Lucis but he doesn't necessarily have to be the canon character himself. I actually was hoping for original characters despite the familiar setting.

Additional Imagery: 1 | 2 | 3

Checkmate, My King   ♠♠♠

Content: Action, Dark Romance, Magic, Struggle, Gore (On the villain's part), Futuristic

Setting: Futuristic and alternate world

Story: There had always been four Kings — The Golden King who remained on the surface of the Earth and ruled there; The Silver King who remained a mystery and ruled the sky within the confines of his floating air-ship high in the sky; The Blue King who ruled over one large section and had been authorized to make certain peace was maintained within the humans, and not forgetting, the Red Queen, with her clan, who only wanted freedom and only served for themselves.

But then there was a story of a Colourless King; a King who did not rule any and not wanted by any; a King who has confined within the high mountains far away from civilization. Yet, for some reason, the Colourless King somehow manages to break free and began a rampage; a sign of vengeance against the Kings who had imprisoned him all these years.

Yet, for the Red Queen, he had something else in mind. It was very clear and known among the Nobles of his obsession with her. As for how he would say.

"I'm Madness. You're Destruction. We're meant to rule."

Note: This idea was inspired by the anime 'K', and I really did like the concept of the 'Kings', and the backstory of their powers and such. So I wanted to apply that, though focusing on maybe two Kings, with the other Kings not being so major. This would not be following the anime whatsoever, just mostly the concept only.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the Blue King, who's a rather stoic and very uptight man who upholds the law as supreme. Wanting to play around the relationship between him and the Red Queen, especially with him having to protect her from the craziness that is the Colourless King.

Additional Imagery: 1 | 2 | 3

A Bride's Tale   ♠♠♠

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Age Difference, Action, Magic, Fantasy, Historical

Setting: Mostly inspired by the manga 'A Bride's Story', it really depends on what we manage to come up and we'll see from there. I do prefer an old age setting, in where technology has yet to exist, the sort of thing.

Story: I really adore the manga 'A Bride's Story', and really love the details and culture wise the manga artist had put. I also adore the relationship-wise between the two main characters and thought the idea would be interesting to play out. Instead, we can definitely have a more interesting world where magic is more prominent but not used as much as the villagers actually keep to their traditions and culture. It's mostly like a day-to-day kind of deal, with thrown problems in but we can definitely discuss further on what we would like for this idea.

What I'm Looking For: In the manga, the main characters are definitely different in ages. I am hoping for someone to play a character that is younger than my own but have to be of legal age, of course (which would be of 18 years old), and there would be an age difference of maybe 8 years or more. Generally, the age difference along with different culture as my character tries to settle in her new home, and the ways of living, while still keeping to her own culture and tries to teach her new family some of it. In general, both characters would get along rather well, and I am hoping for them to gain respect for each other and then growing to care and love each other after that.

Numerically Chaotic

Content: Action, Dark Romance, Struggle, Mystery, Futuristic, Sexual Tension, Betrayal, Cyberpunk, Futuristic

Setting: In the cyberpunk future, something akin to Deus Ex Human Revolution, but mostly would be focusing in Hong Kong

Story: A vigilante is running amok in the city of Hong Kong, taking down criminals and such at first but eventually had resolve into taking measures into their own hands and begin to murder the corrupted people, criminals and such. A police detective had been assigned to find clues associated with the murders, hoping to pinpoint the vigilante and bring him or her to justice. But what if the vigilante's doing was more than just for 'revenge', but something more deeper after all?

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone to play the detective who's trying to capture and bring the vigilante to justice. There would definitely be some conspiracies and all, and the true reason for why the vigilante is doing what she was doing, but more details would be explained to anybody who's interested.

Blood Alone   ♠♠♠

Content: Dark Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Light Bloodplay, Modern-Aged

Setting: Modern setting

Story: A former vampire hunter, now was living with a young woman, who he felt responsible to take care upon after what had happened to them both. Both of them were victims of a powerful vampire, who took everything for them both. For him? His only family. For her? Her life and father.

Now said woman had become a vampire despite the vampire hunter was supposed to be protecting her from harm; her 'blood partner' being the same vampire who had taken everything from them both. And because of their shared despair, they lived together, with him as her 'protector'. And even despite that, other vampire clans had been eyeing on the female, wanting to adopt her into their own clan because of the gained 'power' she received from her 'blood partner'.

What I'm Looking For: In tl;dr version, I'm looking for someone to play the male ex-vampire hunter who now becomes the bodyguard of the female who had just turned vampire; despite his morals and such. He believed it was his fault for not being able to protect her when she was still a human, and when she was altered; he could not bring himself to kill her; especially when the woman still had her humanity intact. Even more was how she somehow gained an interesting 'ability' from the vampire who had changed her, and thus making her invaluable to add into other vampire clans.

Eventually, of course, they would be in love; or perhaps the female had feelings for the man but could not act and had always been hiding her emotions, but eventually, he would develop feelings for her in return.

Note: There shall be no sparkling in this, please. Also, a note that since my character, which would be the turned female vampire, is still new to her change, and so, she would not be so willing to bite or take blood for anybody. I planned that she would had feed blood packages from blood banks, though she is very reluctant to drink the fluid. I don't mind allowing very light blood-play but that would be it.

This idea is definitely inspired by the manga with the same name 'Blood Alone', if you need to read about the terms and how their relationship is. It is purely a guardian/protector with the one he has to guard kind of relationship, along with the very interesting universe and set-up this manga had produced.

The Red Tide   ♠♠♠

Content: Action, Romance, Fantasy, Struggle, Magic, Historical

Setting: A world which adopted the aesthetics of the early Japanese Meiji era, though the difference would be the warriors being able to either use magic or have extraordinary powers or weapons.

Story: A female ronin had mostly been wandering around aimlessly, killing people along the way though her victims are usually the people who oppressed the innocents or the weak. It was by fate that she then stumbled upon a young man around her age and she saved his life without really caring of the consequence as she killed the people who were pursuing on him. It was then she realized that the young man she saved was an important link to something that was beyond her, and whatever he possessed might change the world as they know it.

Note: This idea is kind of based on the anime I am currently watching called 'Brave 10', and it was inspired by a novel if I'm not mistaken. The idea is really not thought out so would welcome any suggestion and such to add to the plot.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the male who the female samurai would have to protect though she's extremely reluctant to do so. The male is not a wimp by any chance, that's for certain. He should be able to protect himself but he's not that skilled as a samurai or ninja would, of course. I am just asking that the male character would be equal to the female samurai despite she would be his sort-of protector. The male character can be either a prince or some prophecy child or anything like that without him being fully aware. But definitely, the people are after him for a reason; we can discuss that, of course.

I am hoping to develop where the male character hates that he would have to be protected by a female warrior despite he knows he has to depend on her skills (Ego hurt, anyone?), and that how the female constantly would find him annoying. So it would be from a hateful relationship to grow to respect each other than eventually to love, if possible. But of course, this could be changed within a discussion.

Of Gods and Monsters   ♠♠

Content: Dark Fantasy, Supernatural, Adventure, Action, Dark Romance, Modern-Aged

Setting: Modern setting with fantasy creatures roaming around, especially demons and monsters which terrorize humans in the dark

Story: This story is very much alike to the anime Hellsing, in where a very prestigious family, known to be the 'Hunters' of demons and the undead in where they protect the country and the citizens from them. It was known that the family had their secret weapon, which is to believed to be a form of a female demon who had sworn loyalty to the family and is now serving the current heir and leader of the organization and family.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the heir and the leader, and also the current person who's 'bonded' to the female demon. As anybody would guess, I would be playing the female demon who had served under the family for man aeons and generations until she was placed into the care of her current 'owner', so to speak. It wouldn't really be anything like sexual between them as of yet (but could be discussed if the writing partner prefers otherwise), though the demon might have shown interest by seduction and flirtation-wise, the heir had always stayed firm and stoic to his morals. Just wanting to play and see the relationship-wise between two such characters.

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Re: Writing Tales With Me [F Seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2012, 02:23:03 PM »

Blood On His Hands   ♠♠

Content: Possible Non-Con, Historical, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Blackmail, Deceit, Magic, Wuxia Elements, Forbidden Romance

Setting: An alternate world based on ancient China with Wuxia elements of martial arts, magic, fantasy creatures and the likes.

Story: A young prince, a bastard of the Emperor, had taken the throne ever since his father fell ill and passed away. Ever since he taken the throne, he had been relentless in conquering whole of China and he ruled his nation with an iron fist. Nobody could defeat him in battle as he was gifted with swordplay along with being extremely intuitive in his war tactics. Because of his intelligence and the likes, his army was undefeated despite enduring many clashes with opposing armies.

That was when his oldest brother had sent a spy in — a female assassin disguised as a potential candidate as the Prince's concubine. To get close to him, she would have to deceive the man and bring herself into his bed in order to successfully kill him in his sleep. What she didn't know was that behind the ruthless young Emperor was a different man alltogether and he actually had very noble intentions despite his merciless actions.

There were blood on his hands, and he embraced it all in the name of peace.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the female assassin sent by the Emperor's older brother in order to assassinate the young Emperor. I was hoping that there would be something like a dance of seduction in which the female character has to prove herself worthy to have the Emperor's attention. Throughout the whole time, she would see that the Emperor was more than he seemed and it would be shown throughout the whole story. I'm hoping for the female character to be very interesting, as in she's a very interactive, confident and perhaps somewhat equal to the Emperor in some way. We can definitely discuss the whole thing if anybody's interested.

Your Loyal Dog   ♠♠♠

Content: High Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Forbidden Love, Dark Romance, Magic, Emotional Struggle, Possible Wuxia Elements

Setting: In an alternate world with fantasy and magical elements. I'm flexible with this one as we could add more elements to this setting.

Story: He couldn't remember who he was. Fragments of shattered memories were only what he had when it came to his identity. He knew of his name and of his purpose, at the very least. And his purpose was to serve — and only to serve to the one who owned him. He remembered on wanting to protect this bright fire within her heart and to ensure it would never die out.

He also had glimpses of fading memories of another life — was it his own, he wasn't too certain. He remembered blood, death, gore and how he seemed to relish the sense of victory when he triumphed over his opponents. He had to dig further despite knowing he shouldn't — and he lost his happiness. He lost himself.

"Through the glass I see a roaring, radiant fire for their heart. He says it must never go out. It was the first time I ever felt… love.

I am your loving dog; your doctor; your wet nurse. I would do anything for you.

Even tearing myself apart, if I have to.

Note: Funny thing is that I got this idea after I read this one character's lore from a game I'm playing quite faithfully called Warframe. Despite the inspiration, the setting would totally be very different from the game itself or that was what I plan for it to be.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the Mistress that my character would be absolutely loyal to. I was thinking that this Mistress could have been a descendant of a very powerful and magical family, and thus had inherited this 'protector' for a reason. But whoever is interested in this plot, we can definitely talk the whole details out and I'll inform on what I had in mind. All I ask is that for the character to actually be a very dependable woman; perhaps being able to defend herself if she had to and not necessarily have to rely on my character that much other than for protection. She would be a strong, reliable woman who could carry herself.

I'm also open to have the other character be played by a male character and have this as a MxM plot. Just PM me if that's the case.
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Re: Writing Tales With Me [F Seeking M]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2012, 12:58:53 PM »
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=300 padding=15]IMAGE[/img][/floatleft]
[size=12pt][font=arial black][b]Title[/b][/font][/size]




[b]What I'm Looking For:[/b][/font][/size]

Older Ideas
[I am putting old ideas that I might had lost interest after some time. They are available for any who be interested to try them out, but they are not prioritized as much as the newer ideas.]

A Time Apart
A Time Apart

Content: Light Romance, Magic, Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Setting: From modern world, then being tossed back in time to the Middle Ages, though magic is more profound and fantasical creatures do exist

Story: She didn't know what just happened. She had just touched down to her ancestor's homeland, and hoping the trip would be something she could look forward to. What she did not expect was to go trekking in a forest would end her up in a castle deep in the forest, even more belonging to a warlock. What was more, it seemed she had went back into time, and now she had to figure out how she could return home.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the warlock who had stumbled onto my character. I thought the idea where it was actually the warlock's doing for calling my character from the future to his time, though it was by mistake, of course. I expect the warlock to be a curious type, but somehow very stoic and seemingly uncaring towards my character; something like maybe a grumpy warlock in a way. But I am willing for my co-writer to play the warlock character however he likes.

Between Gray Morals
Between Gray Morals   

Content: Action, Adventure, Romance, Futuristic, Mystery

Setting: Futuristic cyberpunk world - something similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Story: There was a rumor being spread around, where a prisoner locked up in Sector 4 had somehow managed to escape a year ago. Nobody knew on what Sector 4 really was. Some had mentioned it was just a prison for criminals. Others mentioned it was something else all together. But every rumors had a small speck of truth. And that was laid on one young woman who was actually the rumored escapee. Despite her successful attempt, she wanted to return to the damned place for personal reasons. So it was as if fate was finally rolling in as when she overheard someone having a conversation and asking for the location of Sector 4, and even wanting to gain entry into the place. It was then the woman introduced herself, mentioning that she would help if the person would take her along as well.

Note: This story was indeed inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution and also mixed in with a fantastic game called 'Gemini Rue'.

What I'm Looking For: Looking for someone to play the person who has his own personal reasons on finding the place, and wanting to sneak in. The initial idea was that he wanted to save his close relative or loved one from there. How you want to play the character is really up to the interested writer.

Before My Body Runs Dry

Before My Body Runs Dry   ♠♠

Content: Light Romance, Action, Consensual, Humor, Power Struggle

Setting: Based on the anime 'Kill la Kill', it would be a fictional school, but we could put it as a college in any setting really.

Story: I just enjoy the anime a lot really, and felt that the idea and premise of the anime has potential to become a roleplay idea. I would prefer to use original characters instead of canon characters really. But what I wanted was really to focus on the relationship between Ryuuko and Aikuro (who's an agent of an organization called Nudist Beach.) To read more, do check this link. But I would recommend to watch the anime though. Like, really. I really enjoyed the anime throughout, and it's just only 24 episodes. Whoever's interested, we can discuss further and see what we would come up with.

What I'm Looking For: Someone who would play a character almost similar to the character of Aikuro, in the sense of him being an agent of Nudist Beach, as well as the flamboyancy and the hilarity of the character. This anime is a lot of laughs, in my honest opinion, and I do want to capture that essence of that, and also how absurd yet fun the anime is.

Innocence Lost
Innocence Lost   ♠♠

Content: Futuristic, Romance, Adventure, Action

Setting: Cyberpunk and futuristic world, something akin to Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Bladerunner

Story: One woman, high on the wanted list, had been finally caught by the authorities and actually placed in a highly isolated cell in a very high security prison. It was not certain and very unknown on what the woman had done, especially very oddly was that she was claimed to be a person with regards by some people. It was certain though, the woman was very keen and would do anything to escape. She will get out. And the only way was to somehow perhaps convince some; anyone really, and her chance might be the guard who had always delivered food to her cell.

Maybe she could convince him, perhaps she couldn't. But she would at least try to converse with him. Perhaps she would get lucky one day, who knows?

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the guard who had been delivering her food, who had finally succumbed to his curiosity and decided to help the woman to escape. They might had conversed a few times, and perhaps found a some sort of an odd friendship. But of course, this would lead to a lot of problems and situations later on, as he finally realized who she really was then.

Jewel Of The East
Jewel of the East   

Content: Light Romance, Adventure, Action, Light Bondage, Fantasy, Magic

Setting: In the middle ages, where all the Eastern cultures are very strong and prominent.

Story: He was always looking for a journey and for an adventure. A free spirit at heart, despite his background, he wanted only his freedom and seek for it as he traveled through the seas. At one particular country he arrived, he stumbled onto an auction house and even more, stumbled onto a rare beauty that he had never seen before. Her beauty along with her fierce spirit, even when she was caged like a live animal for display, as she was supposed to be auctioned away. For some unknown reason, he felt himself drawn and decided to bid her for himself. In the end, he won, but what he didn't know was what fate laid between them both ever since she became his 'property', so to say.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the female that he had bid for. She could be of a different ethnicity, and I leave to the player on how she or he wants to play the character. I only ask for the character to be interesting to why my character decided to bid for her and rescue her initially.

The Devil Inside
The Devil Inside   ♠♠

Content: Light, Romance, Adventure, Action, High Fantasy, Struggle

Setting: Just like the manhwa, the world is separated into two 'tribes' which is the demon tribe and the human community. The demon community conquers the east side of the world while the humans take over the west. In short, they divided themselves as so to avoid conflicting a feud. Though sadly, feuds among the two had been frequent. This world have limited technology, with the humans depending more on resources while the demons depend on their magical powers.

Story: Lord Akira the Seventh had died for uncertain reason. The demon tribe had become worried as they need a new king to rule over the land. Even more, when the other demonic royalty begun to fight each other for the throne. It had been eighteen years since the throne was left empty and the Royal Court leading the tribe. Now it was time. The Royal Court decided to send their most trusted lieutenant to bring the supposed reincarnation of their Lord. But what he found was what not he or anybody expected. The supposed cruel and merciless Lord seemed to reincarnate into a young form of a female. She was too innocent, too sweet, too kind but yet she seemed to possess the powerful magical powers of the previous Lord. Now the trusted lieutenant have to teach this female to become a proper ruler of the demon tribe as well as protect her from any harm. For certain, there must be some prying eyes upon the female after all.

What I'm Looking For: Guess it's apparent that I'm looking for someone to play the council's most trusted lieutenant who would bring the reincarnation of their Lord back to the Demon Kingdom. Of course, he would be surprised to see that the reincarnation turned out to be a female this time, when previously; the previous Lords had always been males. So he becomes her mentor, teaching her magic and trying to tutor her to be a proper ruler while for her, she was trying to get used to the whole change and destiny been thrown right at her without any chance to consider everything.

Of course, they would fall in love eventually, but problem would be that, the lieutenant could not act on his feelings and he's bound to his rank; to serve the royal line so he would be torn between his emotions and his loyalty to his kingdom.

Note: I got this idea from the manhwa 'Diaries of a Demon King', except now I will gender-bender the main character and twist the story a bit more to become more dark, to simply put. The demons actually look somewhat like human beings, except some of them have pointed ears and mostly all of them have dark hair, and have either red, golden, or very bright colours. (The only demon who had silver eyes would be Lord Akira.)

For Your Utmost Pleasure
For Your Utmost Pleasure   ♠♠♠

Content: Historical, Consensual, Casual, Potentially Different Cultures

Setting: Alternate world with aesthetics similar to historical Japan during the Meiji Period. I'm flexible with this though, if anybody would like to suggest anything else.

Story: In the red-light district, men and women would usually go to these very districts in hopes to find pleasure which would be more wilder than their wildest dreams. Men and women working in these districts were willing to sell love, ensuring their customers will have the utmost pleasure throughout the night while granting them their most deepest desires.

One lonely soul ventured to the district without really being uncertain of themselves. One single building had attracted their attention, especially for the very traditional decorum along with the very alluring aura which managed to snare them. Once entering, they would be presented with a very pleasant aroma of burning incense along with soothing music being played in the background. What would they find within the pleasure district? Would they find a pleasurable night, or perhaps something more?

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the newest guest who came upon a rather popular brothel, and end up having to spend a night with my character. My character would be considered the top courtesan within the building, as well as the district. We can definitely discuss on the whole story-wise but I am just generally wanting to play a Japanese courtesan really, especially with the setting in mind.

Monochromatic Perspective
Monochrome Perspective   

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Setting: Modern times, whichever city, perhaps Los Angeles or New York

Story: A handsome grim reaper, or an 'Angel of Death' would descend on the surface of the earth just seven days before a person would die from an unexpected death. His duty was to observe the said person during those seven days, and then to decide whether the person should be executed or to be passed over and given a second chance in life. But what if, this time, the person he has to observe manage to perk a certain curiosity within him, and even more, manage to actually move his almost still heart after so many eons ago of losing his humanity? Even more, he actually took all the way to actually make himself a part of this person's life during those seven days, to get to know this person and to see why this person might perk such a curiosity within him.

Note: This idea was inspired by such an incredible movie named 'Accuracy of Death' or 'Sweet Rain'. I just love this movie so much, and always wondered more on the main character. On why he became a Grim Reaper; on why he actually allowed the woman to live and pass over, and also the connections of different people and their lives. The movie and the book themselves are so brilliant, and I would recommend to anyone to watch it really.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play as the person who perked the Grim Reaper's interest. I'm looking for a female character who's actually really interesting and different from other people. I would be flexible if this person was a male instead, but I'm mainly for the M x F kind of deal for now. So when it comes to this idea, I have to see on what you manage to come up with and please do PM me on what you have, and we'll see if our characters would be compatible or not.

Your Hands In Mine
Your Hands In Mine   ♠♠

Content: Romance, Struggle, Vanilla

Setting: Either modern times, or maybe even in the 1970's maybe, in a high school

Story: For some reason, this idea was really inspired by the song 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighbourhood. Whenever I listen to the song, I just have this idea and have the very sudden urge to just play a very bad-arse kind of dude. So.. here's the idea I have then.

He was always different. Different as in, he was a true rebel; never taking orders from anyone, never taking shit from anybody and had only been living for himself ever since he could remember. He was considered a 'bad boy'; one young man which every young girls should avoid but couldn't help wanting to, at least, have a taste of him. Then came a day a young woman managed to get his interest, and even better, keep his interest, which is a rare thing for himself and anybody.

What I'm Looking For: A person to play the woman that my male character would be interested. I am hoping for the woman to be interesting, in where, she's different from the others, though can still be innocent and proper, and the likes. Just have to see if anybody manage to perk my interest with the description of the character they are going for.

The Wizard's Apprentice

The Wizard's Apprentice   ♠♠

Content: Light, Romance, Magic, High Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Mentor x Apprentice

Setting: Alternate fantasy world where magic still exists, though behind closed doors.

Story: There was a story in where the powerful magician, rumored to had his hand on the very event which befell on the kingdom many years ago. During the time of trials and chaos, the said magician had assisted the very King and ended the very war which brought victory to their kingdom. From then on, the kingdom prospered and came the reign of peace. Now the rumors had spread that the very magician is looking out for an apprentice — one who had a remarkable gift of magic. For what purpose though, it was not said but it seemed the magician was desperately searching.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone to play the new apprentice the magician would find and take under his wing. I don't mind the apprentice being either a female or male character really.

For Thy Kingdom
For Thy Kingdom   ♠♠♠

Content: High Fantasy, Action, Adventure, War, Struggle, Romance, Historical Fantasy

Setting: A highly fantasy setting resembling Persia

Story: The kingdom of Pars had been taken over by the neighboring nation of Lusitania after their very king, Lord Andragoras, fell victim to a treacherous plot led by one of his most trusted retainers. His only child and only daughter had managed to barely escape with her life intact, all thanks to her most loyalest servant and personal bodyguard. With a few trusted companions, the very sole surviving of the Pars royalty have to assemble an army strong enough to counter the very Lusitanian army led by the ambiguous warrior named 'Silvermark'.

Note: This idea is inspired by The Heroic Legend of Arslan and I wanted to borrow the story and the setting for this very idea. Instead though, the main character would be a female. Unlike what others might perceive, the main character is actually a very kind soul, which I would like to implement into this character I would like to play.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play personal bodyguard who had sworn his loyalty and sword to serve the very princess of the Pars royalty. I was hoping for them both to be something like high respect between them as the guard is slightly older than the princess, but soon gradually become comfortable friends and then to eventually them falling in love soon after. For this idea too, there would be some NPCs which I hope my writing partner wouldn't mind writing alongside me for the story-wise. Nevertheless, we can discuss on the very idea and the setting if anybody is interested.

Indulgence Is Ever Sinful

Indulgence Is Ever Sinful   ♠♠

Content: High Fantasy, Action, Dark Romance, Emotional Struggle, Adventure, Forbidden Love, Primarily F/F but open to M/F

Setting: An alternate fantasy world where magic still exist. However, the only beings who could wield magic were considered as deities, which men and women would worship to be granted their blessings.

Story: Ever since the dawn of the old age, there had been the very definite line between men and deities. The humans were to worship the deities, while the deities would use their powers to ensure their world remain in peace and harmony. It was very well known that a relationship between a deity and a human was considered forbidden and a taboo, especially to both humans and to the deities. Even then, one deity couldn't help herself as she fell for one human — a woman, and even more, this very woman was in her service as her sole bodyguard. Despite knowing that it was forbidden, the deity couldn't deny her emotions — especially when she soon realized her sole bodyguard had been in love with her this whole time.

Could they truly be together though, as a human and a deity? Could they allow themselves to be together, knowing they will have both humans and the deities looking down at them?

What I'm Looking For: A person to write the female deity for this story. I made this story with the very intention on trying my hands with a F X F pairing, inspired by this very image, of course. I don't mind trying a M X F pairing instead, with a male deity and me playing the female bodyguard if anybody's interested.

More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets The Eye   ♠♠♠

Content: Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Light Romance, Consensual, Supernatural, Action

Setting: Alternate world during the medieval times where magic does exist but is considered forbidden and taboo.

Story: For many years, the royal family of de Silvia had decreed to lock themselves within their castle and to never venture out of their castle grounds. It had been rumored that it was because that their oldest daughter, Princess Deidre de Silvia was doomed to be ill for her entire life and was not well to even step out of the castle. Yet, there were rumors spread that the Princess was cursed, instead of ill, with the ability to be able to play with the taboo arts of magic. Magic had been considered taboo, in where the wizards and witches were exiled from their kingdom, saved for a certain few who could remain within their castle but with many restrictions placed upon them.

Yet, for every rumor, there was always a hint of truth within them. Even then, she yearned for her freedom — to step outside of the castle and to see the world beyond the walls of the confining castle.

And it seemed Princess Deidre's destiny was already planned out for her, without her even truly realizing her worth. Especially when an evil force had considered her a true threat and sent assassins after her. With no one to look to, she had to depend on a lone soul she randomly encountered — to be her true guide and her sole protector.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the random stranger she meets after her escape. The person could be anything really; maybe a knight, a lone ranger, or an adventurer. Nevertheless, the Princess will be depending on him to be able to lead her to a faraway place where the ancient wizard would be waiting for them. I'm hoping for them to go into a long adventure, then gradually falling in love as they get to know each other more.

Beauty From The East
Beauty From The East   ♠♠♠

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Consensual, Casual, Different Ethnics and Culture, Historical

Setting: London, England during the Victorian era. Rather flexible with this one, but I would rather have the almost similar aesthetics to the era.

Story: It begins with a Japanese beauty arriving to London as she had traveled far across the oceans to move to the buzzling country of England. Foreigners from overseas were becoming a common sight though they still stand out among the people as they walk among the crowds, but this woman was very different from the rest. Despite being in London, the woman had always kept wearing her beautiful kimonos and wearing her wooden geta even in public. She had never made any move to blend within the people, but rather still keep her customs, traditions and her culture with her.

Of course, the exotic beauty would attract attention and this time, it's from her gentleman friend who had been absolutely kind to her all this while.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the handsome Victorian gentleman who became responsible for her as she begin to adjust her life within London. I was thinking to have that the Japanese woman becomes something like an ambassador, or perhaps coming to London to become a teacher when it comes to her country and teaching her language while having this gentleman to act as her guardian in some ways. If anybody is interested in this idea, we can definitely discuss on what to do with both characters but I'm hoping for a gradual friendship with them; maybe showing how the woman adjust to her new life and home, then maybe become a bit overwhelmed with the culture and such within London. Of course they would eventually fall in love, but that would happen within time.

Song of the Last March

Song of the Last March   ♠♠♠

Content: Historical China, Light or Dark Romance, Consensual, Deception, Action, Adventure, War, Struggle

Setting: During the Tang Dynasty of China, so it would be a take-back on the history. Really though, I am not too familiar with the Tang Dynasty nor that familiar with the history of China that much, so I am entirely flexible and won't be very picky on how we conduct the setting other than making certain we keep it slightly realistic, at least.

Story: She was born to the second Crown Prince of the Tang Dynasty, and as the sole princess, her father had made certain she was molded to be the perfect candidate for marriage once she was truly old enough. However, her daughter was highly intelligent and had greater interest in combat fighting with the sword as well as war strategies. But then, everything was taken away from her as her uncle took a revolt against his own brother. He killed her family but she managed to escape, though almost barely with her life.

Swearing on revenge and treading the path of catastrophe and tragedy, the only thing she could do was to hide her identity, live a life as a man and gather people around her to help her on her quest of destruction. However, she didn't expect for her path to lead to dealing and actually cooperating with the sole enemy of her on country — the Turkic Khan, and not only that, but the very son of the Great Khan himself. The oddest of partnerships was formed between them as the very son made use of the disguised woman's intelligence in battle while she tried to earn his trust and, to her very best, hide her darkest secret.

Note: This idea was definitely inspired by a Chinese manhwa/manga called 'Chang Ge Xing', or the English title is 'Song of the Last March'. I just really enjoy the comic a lot and wanted to incorporate the idea into a roleplay thread. Though the whole plot would be very interesting and seriously, historical china will always have a spot within my heart.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the very Prince of the Turkic Khan. I am flexible with how you would play the character though initially, the character was meant to be rather loyal to his father and want nothing more but to expand the Khan power. Initially the Han and the Khan are enemies because of them being territorial, but yes. Really though, we could definitely discuss about the whole thing.

Bringing The Rain
[/floatright]Bringing The Rain   ♠♠

Content: Supernatural, Action, Mystery, Psychological Struggle, Dark Romance, Magic(?)

Setting: Modern times, in a modern city.

Story: A young adult female had been considered 'infamous' in the town she lives in, especially with her interesting ability to see the dead and communicating with them. What's more was that because she was born with heterochromia; a difference in eye color, with her right eye being crimson red like blood. Hearing about this, a young man decides to seek her out; mostly to see whether it was true and also, if it was, he needed to seek her help and perhaps be able to form an odd partnership with her.

Note: This idea was inspired after watching an anime called 'Shinrei Tantei Yakumo', though I gender-bendered both main characters and wanted to pursue a more darker approach to this idea.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the male character who approached the young woman, and wanted her help to solve perhaps a mystery or a crime which could had been to rescue his relative or perhaps a close friend who was being framed. Actually, I had wanted that the male character have a very interesting gift of his own where he can actually perform exorcism, and have the curious ability to 'dispel' weaker spirits away from him.

The female character I would play does not have any gift like so; just the ability to see the dead with her right eye and be able to communicate with them, which would be frustrating for the female since she could do nothing more than that. For the male, it would be frustrating that he has the gift to deter the spirits and such, even the knowledge but would not know where to look. So this idea would be about how the two would have to work together, despite the clashes between personalities between them both; like how the male would perceived the dead spirits as nuisance and need to be rid off, while for the female, she dislike the male's ways and treat the spirits as sort of a human.

Fire May Save You
Fire May Save You   ♠♠♠

Content: Mafia, Gangster, Violence, Action, Dark Romance, Possible NC, Consensual, Modern, Drug Abuse

Setting: Modern times in New York

Story: When one was to survive within the darker and nastier parts of the city, they would usually resort in selling illegal items and the likes in order to survive in a such harsh environment. One young man managed to build his little empire with his own effort, as he formed connections while climbing higher in the ladder to earn himself a very good spot. Not a lot of people dared to challenge him, out of fear on getting themselves killed the very next day if they ever tried.

He thought he was happy with his carefree lifestyle, but it was far from the very truth. Something was missing and he felt himself empty as days passed by. Nothing seemed to excite or interest him anymore. It was until he met a rather strange lady, who managed to perk his interest as he tried to find company for himself. He never would thought he would find himself falling in love with her the more he spend time with her.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone to write the female character who managed to get my male character's interest. She could be someone who has a more innocent background with her life, or she could be from a more dreary and bleak life, but retained some optimism. I'm just only asking for the woman to be very interesting in her personality, maybe a tad aggressive and confident and such. We can definitely discuss if anybody's interested.

All For Vengeance
All for Vengeance   ♠♠

Content: Dark Romance, Futuristic, Fantasy, Consensual, Action, Deceit, Manipulation

Setting: A world with many aesthetics of France in the 19th century, particularly in regard to social classes and wealth, yet still have many science-fiction elements into it, like space traveling, computer systems, robots and etc.

Story: Really, the idea really does base on the anime Gankutsuou, which is loosely based on the french novel of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. I was thinking it would be interesting to play a female version of the main character, as in a woman in which the Count would be interested and manipulate to make the woman infatuated with him; but all in the order to become a tool for the Count to immerse himself in the Parisian society.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play as 'The Count', who want to takes vengeance and deciding to use my character as his tool. There could be romance between them (which I'm hoping for), but it's not necessary. For this idea though, I'm open to playing the female version of 'The Count' instead, and letting my writing partner play as the more vulnerable and manipulated character, but I really rather have the former.

To Kill A Star

To Kill A Star   ♠♠♠

Content: Modern Fantasy, Dark Romance, Magic, Supernatural, Beauty and Beast, Sorcery, Consent, Emotional Struggle, Slice Of Life

Setting: A modern world like much ours except the supernatural elements seemed to be unseen by normal human eyes and remained behind a veil of shadow. There is another world beyond human's comprehension but it's very much present, as much as magic do truly exist with the supernatural beings.

Story: She was unwanted. Never knowing of human warmth or perhaps she had forgotten what it was like to be treated with kindness, she had always been shunned by others around her because of her very peculiar behavior. None of them ever realized on her curse in where she could see things no other could see. Seeing very strange and frightening creatures around her everyday and they even sometimes chased her for some reason which she couldn't fathom. All she ever wanted was a place to feel belonged; a place which she could call home. She never thought she would find it when she sold herself in a very odd auction, and even more, someone actually purchased her for such a high bidding price to begin with. Even more, her purchaser wasn't necessarily a human especially with how he looked rather monstrous to begin with.

Still, she thought she found her place. Maybe she was satisfied. After all, he was the only one who stretched his hand to her and welcomed her to his home. He's the first and only person to ever show kindness to her and gave her a place to stay. She then decided; she would stay and remained by his side until he would be rid of her. Despite that decision, however, she never realized how special she truly was and even more, there were many prying eyes upon her because of her unique background. Even more, it seemed that her buyer had full intentions of making her his apprentice — an apprentice of a sorcerer.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play her purchaser and her mentor. This is definitely based on the manga named The Ancient Magus' Bride and I had read the whole manga thus far. I just had to borrow the whole concept especially when there is such a rich lore behind the manga, really. You don't necessarily need to read the manga but I highly recommend it mostly because it's such a good read. Nonetheless, I was hoping that the mentor was played in a way that he's very knowledgeable when it comes to magic and the likes but he is very lacking in understanding of human emotions.

Additional Imagery: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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Not Available/Taken:

In Exile
In Exile   ♠♠♠

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, Futuristic, Sci-Fi

Setting: Either a sci-fi or fantasy world

Story: It happened all too sudden. The very attack upon her own home planet along with the murder of the King and Queen — her very own father and mother — happened before her very eyes. Her most trusted guardian had managed to save her younger siblings and herself as they escaped through a secret and hidden passage and having to flee from their very home. Except she had to separate from them, taking a different airship to deter the enemies away from the remaining family she has left and drew the enemies attention upon her as she did her retreat. Her ship took some damaging hits, but she managed to plunge into overdrive and jumped from her galaxy to a random one.

That is what she only remembered then. As she arose from unconsciousness, she had realized her ship had crashed onto an unknown planet — one which seemed primitive, but with full of plants and nature unlike her own. Getting herself out of the ship was a challenge, especially once she realized she was rather injured. Once she managed to release herself, she found out she was not alone.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the creature/alien/whichever my character would meet as she was now in a new world. With whoever is interested, I'll definitely discuss with you on the plot-wise and what I had in mind.

Under This Neon Sky

Under This Neon Sky   ♠♠♠

Content: Action, Emotional and Mental Struggle, Forbidden Love, Futuristic, Opposing Gangs, Futuristic Romeo and Juliet, Dystopian Future

Setting: Futuristic setting with cyberpunk elements, perhaps in the futuristic of Tokyo, Hong Kong or even New York.

Story: In the crumbling inner city, sex kills. The urban landscape is split in two — men on one side, women on the other— opposing each other. COEVO seems to be the only hope: a government medical treatment developed to cure every single citizen except that those wearables haven't produced the expected results yet.

Born among this lost generation of frustrated gangs, two souls would meet — a man and a woman; and they would defy anyone as they realized on the blossoming love between them. They then have to decide between loyalty and love; between love or their kinds. In their flamboyant relationship lies the premises of a revolution against the authorities, the vicious Mediators and their mysterious separatist laws.

Note: This is definitely inspired by Urbance and I really just like the concept. I highly recommend watching the trailer to get a very good vibe of the elements when it comes to the setting-wise.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the male character and the love interest of the female character. As much as the story does resemble Romeo and Juliet, I am hoping that their falling in love and such was more of gradual and them learning to know each other rather than falling in love at first sight. We can definitely discuss on the whole scenario if anybody's interested.

Dancing With Devils
Dancing With Devils   ♠♠♠

Content: Adventure, High Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Sorcery, Dark Romance, Sexual Tension, Medieval

Setting: A fantasy world heavily inspired by 'The Witcher' series

Story: People were talking. Rumors were spreading. One particular gossip had taken much attention within the city and even spreading like wildfire. A contract was nailed onto the notice board at Novigrad, asking for a brave soul who would dare to take an adventure of a lifetime. Oddly enough, the person who assigned the contract was no other than a sorceress. Not just any sorceress too, especially when the name had become somewhat famed especially being known as the former advisor for one late king of a far-away kingdom.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the witcher who would take the contract unknowing that he would be delving into more than just a simple task. The male character doesn't necessarily need to be a witcher however, but that would be my first preference. How the interested party plays the male character is up to them, but I'm hoping for him to be able to stand equally with my female character, especially when I plan to portray her as a very feisty, sarcastic yet witty woman.

Additional Imagery: 1 | 2

Note: I admit that I had only played 'The Witcher 3' so far and I only just completes the main storyline. But I was very inspired by the whole setting of the game that I couldn't really resist. Despite this story would be highly influenced by the games and the books, we don't necessarily have to follow them up to the very little details. I don't mind changing things here and there, though I would just like to borrow the concept of the Witchers and the Sorceresses most of all. But with that said, I definitely don't mind reading and researching to make certain we could be as accurate as possible, if needed.

Meant For Something Greater
Meant For Something Greater   ♠♠♠

Content: Action, Romance, High Fantasy, Magic, Light, Supernatural, Medieval, Sorcery

Setting: Medieval times, where magic is very profound, and fantasical creatures do exist

Story: A true warrior at heart, she was regarded as the strongest and the bravest there was. As a heroine, she was loved by her people and was even given an honour by her liege. But something unexpected came when the King had then brought a mission to her. He wanted to extend her hand in marriage to a prince from a neighbouring country as a sign of a peace treaty between two countries. At first, she was very reluctant but had followed her King's wishes despite any ill emotions of the circumstances. It was around that time, that an evil had come forth. Something huger and bigger than anything she had fought with, and realized she couldn't defeat this new evil by herself.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the neighboring prince who was forced into marriage with the female warrior. He could be someone with great magic or anything like that, if you wish. The prince would had dislike the idea of marriage completely, especially someone of a lower status of his, even if she was a great heroine of the country, as well that, I would expect, he would wanted to marry someone he was in love instead. So what I was hoping was that, they would go on a journey to fight this evil and perhaps gather some comrades along the way, and then both of them getting to know each other more before falling in love slowly.
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Discontinued Threads:

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Writing muse had been kicking quite a bit. Added 'Meant For Something Greater'.

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Updated taken threads and inserted a new idea, based on the anime Kill la Kill. Really would love to do this idea, as I'm really yearning to do a thread inspired by this anime.

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Added a new idea 'A Time Apart'.

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Added 'Between Gray Morals' and 'Checkmate, My King'.

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Updated my request thread. Added sections for ideas with me playing female characters, as well as a section for me playing male characters.

Added 'Monochrome Perspective' and 'Your Hands In Mine'.
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