Freak Show (or Welcome to the Circus!)

Started by Sho, April 14, 2009, 07:50:48 PM

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The circus has always been a mystical, magical thing. Always traveling, never in one place long enough to actually settle down. This plot would take place in an era when freak shows were part of the regular circus, and not considered illegal anymore. The entire circus (tentatively named the Stardust Circus), is run by a clown. He acts on behalf of a ringmaster who only comes out of his decadent trailer for showtime, making sure that all of the performers are 'playing nice'...or at least not damaging each other enough to make the show suffer. Violence is usual, sex is everywhere, and everyone wants to stay on the clown's good side. There are plenty of directions that this could go in. What I'm looking for in a one-on-one would be a malexmale plot, or a homosexual pairing, preferably between the sadistic clown running the whole show, and a young man brought in recently for the freak show.

The young man brought in would have been 'imported' from Asia, which (during the era of this plot which could be modern day but in a different universe as our own, or in the past) would make him a hot commodity. Smuggled all the way across Europe in order to arrive at the circus, he would be an amalgam of multiple cultures - Chinese, Japanese, Korean - picking the flashiest parts of each to constitute his dress and hair. He would be an acrobat by trade, and a thief at heart. For the moment, he'd be nicknamed 'Gloom', despite his rather sharp attitude, mostly because he prefers to keep his name to himself and liked the sound of the word 'gloom'. I'd love to find someone to play a sadistic man running the circus in lieu of the actual owner, taking his desires out on the performers. Gloom, in turn, would be more than willing to trade a few physical favors in return for the safety of having the clown running the show taking care of him.


This plot sounds like a blast!  I'd love to discuss this further. Feel free to PM me should you like. :)
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Still looking for takers on this plot!


PMed you :) Go check your inbox *winks* xD
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