One on One, Exploring a Medieval Set up

Started by ginevra, December 24, 2005, 10:35:16 PM

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A friend of mine lent me a set of books called the Lioness series - I liked the romantic subplots. Being the writer that I am, I've considered a spinoffish plot based on it, and now it's an entirely separate world of its own (I can't stand to be unoriginal.)

I'm new to the boards, so this may be a little bit milder than what you're used to... ah well, I decided I'd post and see if anyone was interested. I've gone and written up a description, but the story doesn't HAVE to fit my mold EXACTLY. It's just a set of guidelines to get someone else inspired to think about how they might play the second role.

I hope it doesn't seem selfish to make this one-on-one for now, but what I'm really looking for is someone to bounce ideas off of and just have a good time writing and exploring the world set up. This being set in a medieval time period with an entirely different outlook on sex etc. seems like a really interesting environment to try writing in! I'm looking for someone who wants to explore that too. Who knows how it could end up with - horse reins as wrist ties? Going after each other in high grass fields near the castle moat? Fun in the king's throne room? Dealing with a blasted poofy skirt when your tensions are in high gear? Haha, the possibilities are endless.

And, the best part is, there can be more than just that to keep the storyline going. There's more info below, but basically something else to keep the plot progressing is the idea of a princess and a rogue having secret trysts (which of course would have been appalling at the time.) And I'm starting to like the idea of incorporating magic and rituals and different races and whatnot into the plot.

If we get bored, there's really no pressure to keep the game going. But this doesn't seem like an idea I'd get tired of easily.

Are you a creative, fun writer? Does this picque your interest? Let me know and I would love to set up a game :)

The QUICK and SIMPLE explanation: a princess (Kate) and a rogue "prince" who were friends in their childhood and separated by their paths in life, meet again and find the chemistry brewing between themselves. Both free spirits, they are drawn to each other - at first due to lust and infatuation, but eventually, love. Kate is extremely hesitant though, wishing to follow a life of the knighthood she'll never gain - and is frightened by the growing romance. (Rogue) attempts to tame the wild spirit of Kate, the only girl he's actually ever cared for deeply.

IN-DEPTH details:
Kate: 19, Buxom yet sleek build, fair-skinned, green-eyes, very long, wavy red hair,
Kathryn is the feisty, strong-willed daughter of King Steven of Brisaval. She is the second youngest of five children, three brothers and one sister. Her parents attempt to mold her into a perfect lady, she rebels and loves everything she shouldn't - though forbidden because of her gender, she aspires to knighthood, has an extreme knowledge of weaponry and fighting tactics, and engages in behavior that is inappropriate for her princess status -  mischievous adventures with her older brothers who shamelessly encourage her rowdy behavior, drinking, playing cards and dice, mingling with ruffians. She's a quick learner, and was one of the brightest in her studies.She has fended off suitors and commitment for years, to the frustration of her parents. Known for her adventurous, wanderlust-driven exploits, Kate has also been the star of rumors for her unusual sexual appetite and expertise in some gossip circles.

Rogue Character: 25ish?, Your own name and description
(Rogue) is the son of Gregory Flint of Alspar, infamous "Lord of Thieves" of an underground network of bandits and rogues. Though they hold no allegiance to anyone but their own, the thieves have gone to war on the King's behalf, but due to reasons that particularly suited them. (Rogue) is a nimble, cunning thief/pickpocket, notorious womanizer, drunk, and excellent swordsman who helps his father rule. He and Kate were dear friends in their childhood (to the dismay of the Queen) and in the past years have naturally progressed on their own paths. One day, their paths cross, and the two quickly find themselves catching up and comfortable with each other like they had never parted ways. Kate is intrigued by (Rogue)'s level of cunning and skill, and soon they begin discreetly meeting up to go on adventures and so he can show her a few tricks of the trade. As time flies by, the secret outings turn into trysts unspeakable for Kate's princess status.
Female, straight. Will take bisexual roles if requested. I suppose I'm a rather midtones type myself, but that doesn't have to be boring at all ;)


Hmm, the more I read in this forum, the more I find that other people are looking for similar storylines. I'm still keeping this one open though, as it's a little bit different and open ended :)
Female, straight. Will take bisexual roles if requested. I suppose I'm a rather midtones type myself, but that doesn't have to be boring at all ;)


Don't give up hope, there are lots of others who aren't posting at the moment who will look and think on it. *smiles*
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building



It sounds rather fun I think, actually. If you're still interested in finding someone, I'd like to give it a shot. At the very least, let's discuss it more, eh?

And one more thing. Excellent job on the description of the game.
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Yes, excellant description on the game. I'm interested in such a game - setting and all fits my type. Let me know what the current deal on the game is.

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