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Started by Aragem, March 29, 2009, 12:53:13 PM

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Miko is a special girl with a unqiue gift.  She can travel through space and time and can break through dimensional barriers into other worlds, timelines, and alternate universes.

However, there is a price for such a gift. . . .

Each time she transcendes time and space, she looses her earliest memories. 

Thus she is a traveler without a home or destination.  She is aware of her memory loss and it torments her that she knows not of her home world or dimension.  She doesn't remember how she acquired this gift or curse.  Was it part of a science experiment?  Was it something she was born with?  Was her people able to travel through dimensions?   

And a dark shape follows her wherever she goes.  A predator that is forever baying at her heels and for what dark purpose does it persue her for?  She knows not.

She hopes that one day she would descend into her own dimension and all her questions will be answered.  Until then. . .


This games opens up to a wide range of possibilities for fandom, fantasy, science fiction, and even real life historical events.  Miko can go from flee British Soldiers during the War of Independence in American history to being seduced by a demon in a fantasy world, to even being used in a game of political intrigue in a galactic empire.

The worlds are up to you.  However, there are some rules.


As for what is acceptable sexual, read my ons and offs.

As for what I want in writing style, I want to be able to sense, taste, hear, smell, and touch in the story.  I want to feel what the characters are feeling and I will give as much as I am given.  So if I write out several long detailed paragraphs, and you give me a three line paragraph; I will NOT be happy. 

Also, Miko is submissive, but in special circumstances, she could be a dominate.  But only in SPECIAL circumstances. 

Once Miko descends into a dimension, she has to wait three days before she can do so again.  Then after three days time, she can descend again if she so chooses or stay longer.  Three days is enough time for her to meet people and get into situations.

Each player doesn't have to present one world by his/herself.  Each world can be a joint effort and people are free to play more than one character, in fact it is encouraged. 


Now Miko look like a normal girl or another creature, but she will be very humanoid in appearance.  I'm thinking like something along the lines of Haibane Renmei.  She could have little angel wings on her back without the halo.  The wings could be a source of her descend through time and space.

Ideas and stories, along with questions are welcomed.


What a fascinating game idea.

Once she leaves a place after around three days though, those characters will no longer be in the game.

So the weak point of this game, as I understand it, is your character would continue, as would that of her mystery pursuer, while all other characters would be very limited in gameplay/development.

Did you have something in mind to counter that?


Yes, I sorta do, but it can complicate things.

She can descend with someone in tow and as long as that person is with her, she can ascend back to their deminsion, however, there are limits to it.

In order to ascend back to a Dimension, she has to wait 5 days in order to take that person back and ONLY if that person is with her at the moment.


I actually really like this idea, plenty of possibilities all over! Although, if you haven't seen Tsubasa Chronicles and Kino's Journey, the idea is similar. I think she should be able to bring people with her, but not return them. Then a lot of people that do get attached to her have a huge decision to make, whether to stick with her, let her go, leave their home, etc.

Let me know if this takes off, I'd love to take on a character (or more)!
I'm sorry all, but life has caught up to me and all the workload associated. I will try to get back to the stories ASAP!

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I did in fact did see Kino's Journey and I love it!  I always wanted to do something similar to it.