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October 17, 2021, 02:23:06 am

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Author Topic: Eva's Cravings LF Slow Burn🔥  (Read 570 times)

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Eva's Cravings LF Slow Burn🔥
« on: July 11, 2021, 08:26:32 am »
Short sweet and to the point.
I'm looking for a literate partner interested in sticking around for a while to satisfy some current cravings.
My main thread is in my Signature if you're interested in some more info but otherwise I'm mainly interested in these pairings but I might be convinced otherwise.
Some of these I have a plot in mind (Which can be flexible), others I'd like to brainstorm with someone. Bold is who I would like to play otherwise I can play either character.
Please send me a PM instead of posting in this thread. Thank you.

Bigger Craving = ~~   

Himura Kenshin x Kamiya Kaoru

Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye
『Always got your back』
❝Ishval and Amestris have made peace politically, but they aren’t the only ones that have a past each other. Random refugees fleeing Drachma are looking for amnesty, but Roy has a strange feeling about the whole thing.❞

Yu Yu Hakusho OC x OC

~~Captain Harlock x Miime

John Constantine x Zatanna / Kit Ryan
『It wasn’t my fault this time』
❝John is used to fucking things up. He’s used to walking away too, he’s a professional at it. But when all magic is at risk and Zatanna's life is on the line, walking away isn't an option.❞

Jason Blood x OC

~~F!Lavellan x Solas
『Parade of masks』
❝She doesn't remember them even though they know her name and only one of them knows her language.❞

Bloodhound x Mirage /Fuse

FFXIV OC x OC (Hyur or Elezen preferably)

~~Takemura x F!V
『Running From Freedom』
❝V declines the offer from Hanako, instead wishing to live out her days as a Nomad. What she doesn’t expect is for Goro to tag along- and for Hanako to betray them.❞

~~Original Stories:
Kings Advisor x Princess
『Don't Turn Your Back』
❝The Great War is the least of their concerns when the Kingdom’s mage and advisor becomes completely shut in, even to the point where the Kingdoms beloved Princess cannot reach him. Supposedly he has an idea that will help win the war, but whose side is he really fighting for?❞

Royal x Maiden
『All Hail The Queen』
❝Trying to figure out your place in the Kingdom is one thing. Realizing you are not the Queen’s real son is another. ❞

Mob Boss x bystander/undercover cop (could be modern or fantasy, maybe both)
『Secrets That We Keep』
(In this story I imagine the Mob Boss is renown for one of the largest syndicates in the country. Your character could possibly be an undercover cop or maybe just an innocent bystander. Either way she is in too deep and perhaps realizes that she has a few options. If she's an undercover cop maybe she betrays him (as she originally intended) him despite all they've been through. If she's an innocent bystander maybe she decides to kill him herself.
Or will she fall head over heels for him to help him achieve his goal?)


Slow burn
Light bondage
Build up and denial

Hard fetish
Perverting nature
Pain and torture

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Re: Eva's Cravings LF Slow Burn🔥
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2021, 05:06:23 am »
Updated with new pairings.