Jane Austen and Regency Roleplaying (F/F)

Started by evilnerf, June 12, 2021, 05:31:53 PM

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Hello!  I'm currently really interested in some RP taking place during the Regency Era.  You may know this as the time period of the Napoleonic Wars, the time of Pride and Prejudice or the time of frame of Bridgerton.

I've got two categories of stories I'm looking for: Ones directly related to the works of Jane Austen, and ones that feature original characters taking place in the time period.  I have a slight preference for the former rather than the latter, but I'm currently looking for all comers. Here are some ideas I've had, but I am also open to others.   I'd be open to playing either role unless I say otherwise, but I may have a preference.

Austen Works
Note that I am fine if you don't have perfect knowledge of the source material.  Even if you simply have a cursory knowledge or just watched an adaptation or two, that's just fine by me as we'll be telling our own story in the margins of the original.

Lizzie and Caroline Bingley [Pride and Prejudice] - Taking place in the midst of novel, what if Caroline's hostility arose from latent lust she held Lizzie?  Maybe after the Ball at Netherfield, the two of them finally really connect as people and fall in love?  How would this change the rest of the novel?  How would the two find a way to be together?  Is their relationship still contentious even after their feelings have been revealed to each other?

Lizzie and Georgiana Darcy [Pride and Prejudice] - Taking place after the end of the novel, what if Georgiana (aged 18 at this point) comes to her sister-in-law with a confession.  She feels a perhaps 'unnatural' draw towards women.  Lizzie, having always felt similar feelings towards women as well as men, offers to help her explore these feelings.

Emma and Harriet Smith [Emma] - Taking place during the novel, Emma takes Harriet Smith under her wing.  The handsome, clever and rich woman has untoward intentions for her friend though.  She wishes to explore her body, and exercise full control over the girl. This one would probably include BDSM, but I'd be open to discussing a more vanilla romance between the two as well.

Emma and Jane Fairfax [Emma] - I would love to play out an 'Enemies to Lovers' plot between these two.  The haughty Emma and the accomplished Jane Fairfax decide to leave their messy relationships with men behind as they pursue a relationship between the two of them instead.

Catherine Morland and Eleanor Tilney [Northanger Abbey] - What if instead of travelling to Northanger Abbey to grow closer to to his sister instead?  The two of them sneak around Northanger Abbey looking for stolen moments with each other, all the while pretending to simply be friends with each other.

Catherine Morland and Isabella Thorpe - Catherine Morland is new in Bath without friend or acquaintance to her name. She is just naive enough to believe that Isabella has her best interests in heart, even as Isabella grows more confident of taking scandalous advantage of her new friend.

Fanny Price and Mary Crawford [Mansfield Park] - While the Crawford siblings are staying at Mansfield Park, the elegant and witty Mary Crawford takes an interest in poor trod upon Fanny Price. She decides to put her seduction skills to the test and see what she can get away with.  She toys with Fanny and causes the poor girl to fall in love with her.  Maybe the feelings are soon reciprocated and the two of them decide to run away together.

Original Ideas
These ideas are not tied to any specific novel and are certainly open for discussion. I am absolutely fine playing any of these in an accurate historical setting, or something a bit different such as the diverse Regency of Bridgerton.

A Gentlewoman and her Future Sister-In-Law
A young woman becomes engaged to a gentleman.  What she doesn't know at first though, is that his sister is incredibly jealous.  At first, it seems like it may just be a personality conflict, but it soon becomes revealed that she loves her brother's fiance, and wishes with all of hear heart that it was they who were getting married instead.  After a tense love confession, the two of them fall in love and have to figure out a way to be together forever.

A Gentlewoman and her Maid
A young woman is withdrawn and uninterested in marrying anyone.  The truth is that she has no interest in men. Instead though, she is in love with her Ladies maid who takes care of her and helps her dress.  One day, confessions are made and the two of them have a secret affair, hidden from the rest of the family.

Two friends from Finishing School
Two young ladies, perhaps of different class, attend the same finishing school. They are working together on their education and loving life. Discussion includes the men they intend to marry.  However, the discussion turns sour when the two realize that neither of them truly wants to marry anyone.  Instead, they only wish to remain together in these halcyon days.

These are some of my ideas, but I'm open to others.  These are only starting points and there are lots of directions we can go.  Message me and we can flesh out things.  I'm also open to playing on forum or on Discord.