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February 28, 2017, 01:57:06 AM

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Author Topic: My Plot Ideas! (Mostly F/F, some F/M)  (Read 164 times)

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Offline evilnerfTopic starter

My Plot Ideas! (Mostly F/F, some F/M)
« on: September 01, 2016, 03:14:29 PM »
Hello, normally, I prefer roleplayng by IM but here are some plots that I am willing to play on the boards as well! Let me know if you're interested, and just so you know, I prefer a pretty quick reply speed.

Rivals F/F
Two girls on the field hockey team hate each other.  They are always trying to one up each other on the field and one off.  One day, that animosity combusts into a love affair.  This doesn't mean they like each, other but they can't help but have sex anywhere they can manage.
Alternatively, they could be political interns, young attorneys, cheerleaders or Olympic athletes.

The Harem F/F
After the death of the emperor, the nation is surprised when the Queen Regent does not dismiss her husbands Harem.  Instead, she takes advantage of her position.  The slaves inside, gathered from all corners of the world are surprised as well.  How will they adjust to their Empress' visits?
I originally pictured this as taking place in Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire, but I am also open to China, India, Japan, or a middle eastern sultanate set in the past.

Missionaries F/F or F/M
Mormon missionaries are seperated by gender, and it's unsaid that your mission the place to find your husband.  What happens when two girls fall in love?  Will they lose their faith?
I'd also be up for this being two Muslims, devout Catholics, or perhaps members of some kind of hyper religious cult.

Hidden love F/F
A variation the above.  The two of us are devout muslims.  The younger one, a bit of a rebel and in college, knows she is a lesbian and has a huge crush on her brothers new wife.  She may not even realize yet she's attracted to women.  Together, the two of them begin a torrid affair, hiding it from her husband and the rest of their family.

Star Wars: Master and Apprentice F/F or F/M
During the time of the old republic, a master takes an apprentice as his padawan.  Unfortunately for both of them, they fall in love with each other.  Will their love truly be the path to the dark side and even if not, can they keep it a secret from the Jedi Council?

Star Trek: Logic F/F or F/M
A lower decks roleplay.  My character is a Vulcan who doesn't feel emotions, but still feels the pangs of arousal.  She attempts to remain emotionally distant while trying to hide her deepest desires.

The Queen and the Princess F/F
Based on Cersei's relationship with Sansa and Margery, I'd like to play a game where a Queen is insecure in her power, so she decides to take the younger, more beautiful princess threatens her power, she decides to take the princess in hand and manipulate her into her devoted plaything.   This can be either directly Game of Thrones Cersei and Margery and/or Sansa, or original characters.

The Princess and the Knight F/F
In order to protect his daughters virginity, a Lord or king takes the drastic step of assigning her an armed and armored Lady Knight.  What the king doesn't know is that the princess has never had any such interest in men, but she feels VERY different about the Lady Knight chosen for her protector.

The Queens Confidante F/F  A queen, insecure on her throan and even more insecure in her sexuality takes has a handmaiden or retrained quite a bit more confident and knowledgeable then her.  The handmaiden begins to exploit the queens desire in order to further her own station.

The Queen's Lady F/F - Game of Thrones  When Cersei and Robert ride north to Winterfell, Cersei and Catelyn Stark rekindle a romance that they had had when they were younger, with Catelyn yearning to be dominated and taken by the Queen.

Her Sister's Keeper F/F  A woman and her older sister have always been very close.  What outsiders don't know is that the younger sister was born and raised to serve her older sister in all things, including to help sate her sexual desires.
Possible Settings
Love to set this in the Kushiel's Dart universe, or ancient Egypt, or even a modern day Christian cult.

Settings I'm eager to play in with original or Canon characters:
- Game of Thrones
- Kushiel's Dart
- Amagami
- Harry Potter
- Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra
- Star Trek
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