A Series of Desired Scenes (One-on-Ones)

Started by timethian, December 21, 2005, 12:59:11 AM

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Seeking some one-on-one RP of the more vanilla or fantasy-scenario type -- Male/Female only, please. I'm willing to take suggestions, and can fit myself into most any role. Can play more than one NPC at once, too, if desired.

Frankly, scenario, as long as it's consentual and 'light' right now is more than welcome, and very much up in the air.

I tend to enjoy more prosaic interaction... poses that offer senuous description as well as putting across the current action. An example:

QuoteOlivar nods, smiling softly at you, and moves as requested, sitting down next to you. He shifts his loincloth for continued modesty as he does so, although the movement does offer the slightest glimpse of the prize held underneath. He clears his throat, and begins to relate the 'story' as best he can, "We call it Auguve, a rich, red liquid known to give the people of the earth access to the sight of our ancestors. It was given to us by the people of the air, made from the juice of the Maed fruit, which only grows in the tallest reaches of the dragonspine mountains. It... is sweet, but goes down like fire... and sets the chest and eyes ablaze. You can see... so much more after you have had enough, but too much can addle and slow the senses, so it is only allowed when insight is necessary." He grins, "We brew it in rough..." he makes a motion of a circle with his hands... as if he doesn't know the word he's trying to relate, "...made of the bark given by the hometrees of the long-eared ones. It is held in the hands, and sipped," he makes his hands into a bowl, "Like so."

If interested, message me here, send me a PM, whatever. ;)


I should note, I like playing 'fantastic' (magical, extra-normal, super-powered) people just as much as normal, everyday joes. :)


I've been informed that I would capture more attention with a list of scene ideas myself... which certainly makes sense. I, of course, am not averse to working within the fantasies of others in this medium... but here are a few basic scene ideas:

EDIT: Descriptions now in new post below:

That should do for now... we'll see if we get any takers. :)


Haha. This is pretty vanilla, I suppose. I don't know if it's like what you're interested in, but might as well run it by you!


Basic idea... medieval times, princess and rogue have forbidden love affairs. Entirely more thrilling if you read my description at the above link. :P
Female, straight. Will take bisexual roles if requested. I suppose I'm a rather midtones type myself, but that doesn't have to be boring at all ;)


Still looking for people interested in one of the two scenes described above. Would willingly start them if I had someone interested in them.

I'm still self-searching for more exotic ideas, although a few have come out:

EDIT: Descriptions now in new post below:


I'll have a go at 'Pandoras box' (number three) beware of what you teach her.....*grins*
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


Oooh... what a perfect title. A little /twist/, and... (I'll PM you when I have the initial post set).


You'll never know what you'll get when you open the box and find Elvi in it......there are so many facets.....
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


Well... that's one of the joys of allowing the other person some say on their character. ;)


Since the list has gotten longer, I've compiled it again here. :)

1) Series of Scenes: Kevin is a high school senior, transferred this year to a new school. He's young, mildly athletic, but certainly will never be star quality -- likely because he also has himself fully entrenched in the arts. You are a female teacher (age, department, and specifics your own) who has caught his eye a number of times during class -- who is notorious for scenting out and 'deflowering' inexperienced young men. Thread would be a progression of seductions (either by the one teacher, or perhaps a number of different females throughout) while he discovers himself sexually. You could /be/ this progression of people, or just a limited number of shots within the storyline. 

2) One-shot scene. Pastoral setting. A man who appears perhaps in his late thirties is sitting alone in a clearing. Nearby, a waterfall pounds mercilessly into the large pool nearby. Bored, and nearing the end of a long period of forced celibacy, he has decided to end it by means of a purchase. A call is made to the local Salver's guild, and an order put in for a willing, receptive partner. Will include a bit of story-building and foreplay.

3) Average Joe buys a strange looking box (about the size of a regular music box) at a flea market. Nothing special about it, to look at it -- something about it simply moves him to purchase. However, when he takes it home, the box comes alive, taking a sample of his DNA. From this, and from a scan of his mind, it creates the perfect counterpart for him -- a woman built to be his dream... but at the same time something of a blank slate. How much she knows, how much she can learn, her temperament, and her 'eagerness' are all up to you.Taken by Elvi -- thanks!

4) In a world torn apart by war, mankind has had to flee to massive cites underground. The only way to get around this -- and honestly to have a semblance of living a normal life, is through the use of rented 'VR Rooms'. Usually safeguarded so that only one user can use them at a time (preserving privacy, as well as preventing unfortunate misunderstandings), this time it's failed. Our protagonist is a labor worker -- spending most of his time in the heat mines, but on a three-day pass. He logs in to a personal favorite of his -- a bordello set in the early 21st century, where he has his pick of the crop to do with as he will. You are a woman who came to the room rental unit shortly after he did, choosing the same program -- liking to put yourself in the position of one of the ladies working there. The two choose each other, blissfully unaware from the start that neither is a digital being...Taken by Nariel -- thanks!

5) One of my more... 'wild' fantasies (as opposed to my typical 'vannilla' meanderings) actually would require the assistance of two ladies. Simply put: iRL I've always wanted to be consensually bound and 'used' by two women. Nothing heavy... no S&M inasmuch as simple bondage -- the complete loss of control to a pair of loving ladies. Their own interactions with each other at the time, as well, could be whatever they would comfortable with. That said, the roleplaying aspect of this could take in any number of scenarios, meaning that my initiating it in this manner would fulfill the 'consensual' factor, if two ladies want to 'waylay' an unsuspecting male in-scene. I'd be very open to full input with those involved on the specifics of the scene before creation.


As well, I'm still open to playing off of other's fantasies, so invites of that sort are more than welcome.

Now that I've been on here for a while, some examples of my writing ability can be found in these three threads:

https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=3421.0 - Petrenko's Box
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Please see the above posts. Still certainly interested in willing partners for one-on-ones. Can create, or can join one already created. :)


Since it apparently has caused someone I was RPing with a bit of distress, I'd like to note that I'm /not/ a 'post every 10 minutes' player. I do have a full-time job, which requires me to be on the road and at work at least 11 hours a day, plus I need my 8 hours of sleep. This leaves, typically, about 5 hours a day to do /everything/ else -- dinner, social life, internet.

That, and I'm not always 100% at a point where I can get in an RP mindset. Especially for a place like here.

If we're both on at the same time, I /might/ be able to ping pong with you for a bit. Otherwise, you might have to wait 24 hours to 36 hours on days when my schedule is insane for a response. Please be patient with me. I would hope what I offer when I /do/ post is recompense enough.



It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


Hun, we all have real life.. or at least I would like to think we all do. As I said a while back, I'm around, I enjoy ping pong with you when we can. At the same time, as I have written on PM's before life as been kooky for me also and sometimes it's not even that I don't have the time, it's the fact I'm not in the mood to write, just read.

We are here sweetie, please don't be discouraged! *hugs time, and gently flutters to sit on his shoulder wings gently wrapping around in another hug* 
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