M lf F for Warcraft themed male to female transformation.

Started by Orochimaru, April 27, 2021, 06:35:37 PM

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So, I was talking to a friend who plays Warcraft and he likes the whole changing sexs; male to female via magic or potions. Which got me thinking too. So, your character will be male, but for a short time, before becoming female. So, I have a few ideas. These will be mostly smut at base though, but if something can be discussed for ideas to add more story. I am open to it.

1. This idea is partly inspired by an image.
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So, your character is a night elf male that has been captured and bound by my goblin warlock. MC can be an orc, but I prefer playing my goblin. This captive is part of an experiment by the warlock to become his new pet/minion. Demon hunters are elves who accept and taking in and control the soul of a demon to gain special abilities. Thus, the warlock is attempting to make his own. Thus, there will be a bit of MxM as he could fuck him to induce pleasure in part of his preparation, but also a way to mind break him with slight use of magic. Anyways, the demon he plans on using is his own personal fel succubus. When the merging happens, he becomes female, but still has his cock. His personality shifts to a wanton succubus, but does become a demon hunter. Though, he, now she can clearly fight, she wants pleasure. There is a slight hiccup though, the male is still inside, struggling for control against the succubus. Hence, the nearly, but not quite transformation. In the end, his soul loses and the warlock gets his toy and guardian.

2. This one is more consensual as it is two goblins, best friends or they could even be brothers. MC is a goblin rogue and alchemist and a well known one at that amongst the horde. Him and his friend have known each other since they were children, but there is a problem. His friend never really felt like he was the right gender, even telling his friend about it. His friend also likes MC a bit more than a friend, but dares not say that. Which, MC still accepts him, despite that. Friends will always be friends in his mind. One day, he crafts a new potion, but it ends up not working as intended. Instead, his animal test subject actually changed genders. This is where YC drinks it, making him into a female goblin, thick in the right places and beautiful and with no negative effects on personality. Cept, his, now her feelings for MC are amplified with a impact on a goblins already high Lobito.

Kinks wise, I am very flexible and I am willing for MC to go through cock and ball growth too if you so wanted. Thses are to be short ish, but on the fun side of things. ^^

PM me if you are interested. No knowledge of warcraft is really needed either.