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October 17, 2021, 04:24:37 am

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Author Topic: No Lancer is a Wallflower. (Lancer, system. F/Any. Seeking GM).  (Read 294 times)

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They told me don’t go walking slow
The devil’s on the loose.

– Creedence Clearwater Revival, Run Through The Jungle

But I fear bodies, I tremble to meet them. What is this Titan that has
possession of me? Talk of mysteries! Think of our life in nature, – daily
to be shown matter, to come in contact with it, – rocks, trees, wind on
our cheeks! The solid earth! The actual world! The common sense!
Contact! Contact! Who are we? Where are we?

– Henry David Thoreau, Ktaadn

War Never Changes. No matter what age, what faction, what justification. It always comes down to people killing people. Even in the distant future, long after our current nations have been lost to the sands of time and are nothing more than the curious interests of historians, mankind still fights one another among the stars and brings with it some of the same crimes of its past. Even in the time of Union, which seeks to create a perfect utopia for all mankind that will last into eternity, humanity must sometimes be forced to look at its own sins. They must be resolved, and dealt with before they can open old wounds, and fester into a cancer that threatens to eat away at the utopian dream of Union, and corrupt it all the way back to the homeworld of Cradle (once known as Earth).

Union isn't always successful, not is it always in the right, but its dreams and efforts are the closest thing that the Human species has (or maybe ever will) come to achieving the unattainable....paradise.

There are many places where this can happen, many worlds that could become flashpoints for conflict, and so many factions that would end Union's dream. Either unknowingly, or out of hatred for the Utopian efforts of Union. Among those flashpoints, is the recently rediscovered world of Hercynia. Once rich with biodiverse life, the Second Committee transformed Hercynia into the proving ground for the first mechanized chassis Now, it is a healing world, buried and forgotten in the administrative chaos of the Third Committee’s successful revolution. Only rediscovered as the new bureaucracy addresses the loose ends left behind by its imperial predecessor, you will soon find that Hercynia holds secrets that will shock the galaxy.

A scarred world is about to tell the story of its wounds…

Its ironic in a way. As one of the saviors of this world has her own set of scars from war. Scars that she carries on her body, as much as she carries them on her soul. But perhaps an old adage holds true now, that sometimes you need to reopen old wounds for them to heal properly.

Rosa Carmen Cereja (Now Rosa Carmen Maxwell) was not originally a citizen of the Union of Earth (or Cradle as these weirdos call it now). No, she was once a proud member of the seven world alliance known as the Orion Commonwealth. She spent most of her life just being happy with what she had, and her professional career consisted of piloting industrial mechs for construction jobs. Then there came conflict between the Commonwealth and Union. Tensions that had existed before boiled over into fighting as the Commonwealth refused anyone's leash on their neck and flexed its muscles against interstellar mega-corporations, by bombing them as if they were an insurgent force, forcing the Union's hand as it now threatened intergalactic trade and supply routes.

The war between Union and the Orion Commonwealth is nothing more than a police action in the grand scheme of things. To the Union it was a way to smack down the Commonwealth and teach them that their actions had consequences, while for the Commonwealth it was a way to establish their autonomy and individuality, against both the Union and the corporations that had threatened it. To the Commonwealth, they were fighting for their right to exist and for their self determination, while for Union, it was a slap on the wrist to get them to behave, and not flip the dinner table again.

The end result was a white peace, and a return to normality, with more cooperation being fostered between the two governments and sanctions on the Megacorps to get them to behave in Commonwealth space. Beneficial for just about everyone, save for the thousands that died in a pissing match between two nations.

Sometimes Rosa truly hates herself for having enlisted as mech pilot, the nightmares will eat at her mind, and her body will itch with scars she knows are not there, as her soul sobs for the lives she's taken. But the war also had its good points. She met some people who became as brothers and sisters to her. She served honorably under a good commander, and earned some distinction for her bravery, until her desire to do good had her crossing a DMZ (and causing quite the political shitstorm) to rescue some Union civilians in trouble.

They might have been the enemy before the cease fire, but she was a soldier. She protected those that couldn't otherwise protect themselves, as much as she fought the enemies of her nation. That little act of kindness and human decency got her to face some administrative punishments and eventually to be discharged (it was only her previously impressive service that kept her from being dishonored). Little did she know, that act would also lead her to the love of her life.

Among those civilians she aided was the son of a Union mining company (Thankfully not a Megacorp, but he certainly had enough money to live comfortably). Groomed to one day take over a portion of his father's company. Richard Casimir Maxwell had always spent his life within Union or Union aligned territory, and fell for the illusion that those not under Union's banner were little better than barbarians, until the day one of those 'barbarians' saved his family from drowning in a raging river when their AI driven car took a wrong turn.

His immediate family would have all died, had it not been for her, and when he found out she'd been left without employment and close to destitute, he went out of his way to sponsor her citizenship within the Union (where she'd never have to worry about job security, healthcare, and housing again), as well as offering her a job within his family's company. It was the least that he could do after what she did for him and his family.

A single act of humanity led to another, and eventually led to undying love, and a marriage proposal. Richard and Rosa found joy, comfort, and passion in their marriage. Two people who were born lightyears apart might as well have had their love written in the stars themselves.

Sometimes Rosa misses her homeworld, the Commonwealth, and the rest of her family. But she wouldn't trade her time with Maxwell for anything in the world. But the scars of the war are always there. She itches to get back into a mech suit, to feel the comforting weight of a weapon in her hands, to be the weapon.

But there isn't all that much use for a mech pilot at Maxwell Mining & Manufacturing (MM&M, or sometimes called 'Triple M'). Save for recently as the Long Rim, where much of Triple M's business is coducted, has become more violent as of late. Enough so that Richard one day asked his wife if she'd be okay with him filling out the paperwork to make her the head of her own Mercenary company. Just a small thing, a four person squadron of mechs and armaments that he'd pay for. He only asked because he needed someone he could trust for his latest mission on behalf of the family business, and he knew that his wife was a skilled pilot. Rosa knew what he meant, and agreed to much because she wanted to ensure his safety as to just get back to piloting a mech.

It was a half truth though. Richard did it because he felt it would be good for her to see the universe a bit, since it might help heal her scars from the war to be in a mech and not see any combat (since he is sure their mission to Hercynia will just be about trade talks and nothing too serious).

She won't admit it (not even to herself) but Richard knows she's been having nightmares, refusing to see a doctor, and sometimes gets anxious for no reason. He wants what's best for her, but he also used it as a way to kill two birds with one stone. Triple M is not a big company (when compared to most megacorps) and the universe is a dangerous place on the borders of Union control. As one of only three immediate heirs to Maxwell Mining & Manufacturing, Richard has a target on his back. While he is sure his brother and sister would never kill him, there are others he isn't sure about.

He needed some protection with him and choses to go through the trouble of setting up a small offshoot of M,M&M known as Cerejan Interplanetary Security (CIS). He and his wife are both co-owners to the small mercenary start up. He handles the money and she handles the rough stuff. Of which he hopes there will be none. It makes a wonderful tax write off and also gave his wife a way to work out her problems, and maybe finally come to terms with it all.

Together, Rosa and Richard set off to Hercynia, with a small cadre of lawyers, technicians, and the three other members of CIS. It should be a peaceful trip, and allow Rosa some time to get some closure with piloting a mech, as rusty as she might be. Hercynia itself is a beautiful world, and when their work is complete Richard hopes to treat his wife to a nice dinner under the stars before they return home.

But business always comes before pelasure. Rosa and her husband Richard find themselves on Hercynia for business that was first started off by one of his family members. Richard's second cousin managed to negotiate a deal for mining rights on the planet some time ago. It is part of a joint venture with Landmark Colonial (LC), the company tasked with colonizing and civilizing the planet. All worlds have something of value. Be it Rare Earth Elements, common nuclear isotopes, or even simple things that only work for luxury items. Whatever it is, they are all of use and Triple M simply cut out the middle man, by handling manufacturing and smelting of these minerals. They have certain patents they paid for and some they made themselves (most notably being a cheap and easy to maintain assault rifle) that always keeps the money comin in, and is only rivaled by their mining exo-suits and mining drills.

Its that very assault rifle which Hercynia wants, as well as some other industrial and heavy duty mechs and machines that they can get at a better price than if they tried to buy from IPSN or one of the other Megacorporations, and at a faster shipping rate due to the proximity of Triple M. So the deal was that in exchange for the resources, Hercynia would get the manufactured goods at a wholesale price and with less of the waiting time.

Triple M has not been receiving the shipments of ore that were asked of, and yet LC still wants the goods. As the ancient people of Earth would say 'No money, no honey". And yet this isn't good enough for the Hercynians, who are threatening to end the contract (consequences be damned) unless they can talk to a representative of Triple M and work out a deal. Hence the need for Maxwell to show up in person.

They claim that they need the weapons and equipment due to unspecified issues they have been having, and are asking for special dispensations and around and around it goes, leading to nearly a week long debate between Maxwell and the LC representative, giving Rosa some time to walk around the colony on the planet and explore, get to know her new merc squad, maybe find some nice knick knacks to take back home (or give to Richard)....until the air raid sirens all start blaring.

Something...something has gone horribly wrong. The invasion alarm is ringing and an alert goes out to everyone who has any experience piloting a mech in combat or using a gun. The colony is under attack, and the once lush and peaceful colony becomes the site of a desperate urban defense by anyone willing to take up arms, against a foe no one could have ever seen coming.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lancer, its pretty much what happens when you take Star Trek, Dune, Gundam, and Titanfall, mash them together and add a dash of Chemical X.  ;D I'd recommend giving one of these two videos a look if you'd like to know more.

Vid One

Vid Two

If you are familiar with Lancer and still here, I am looking to play within the new sourcebook 'No Room For A Wallflower'. Its pretty new still and I have had an itch for a while now to play within Lancer, either within a The Chaotic Rim (An addition to the Long Rim that I came up with, and also serves as the CS/worldbuilding thread with more info on Rosa), or in NRFAW. I have however avoided reading too deeply into No Room For A Wallflower, in order to preserve my own sense of surprise as this game is more narratively driven and has a plotline to its adventure.

All I know about it is that it is cool, is a more narrative driven experience, serves as a starting point for new players, and (judging by the cover) almost looks like its dealing with a Lancer version of the Necromongers invading a colony.

I am familiar with Lancer but have never gotten to play it (and know the setting more than I know the rules and system) so anyone playing with me might have to be patient as I learn the ropes, but NRFAW is also perfect for this as it directly states that it serves as a good jumping on point for Level 0 characters. I'd also be okay with toning down the system a little bit to make it less crunchy and work more for playing by post on a forum like E.

If you are interested in running the game and playing with someone who is still kind of new to the setting and system, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss things and work out any details we need to.
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