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Author Topic: Clearinghouse of F/F Requests - Women with Women, Girls with Girls, and ...  (Read 436 times)

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F/F Slice of Life and More

I am looking for at least one good story about love and passion between women. My hopes are for something slow-burning, in terms of sexual content, where character-development and some narrative takes a dominant turn, where we would take our time in exploring secondary characters and their relationship with our mains, and let the context of their twin lives settle in.

I am absolutely in here for the smutty content, but this will come, variably, in the guise of fresh, new love, or rivals realizing they are really into each other, or other factors must be overcome.

Hopes for good content on both sides, including about 4-5 paras a blow, could be more, could be less. Updating maybe once every few days, but can be up to a week. RL has precedence, of course.

I think detail is king (er, queen). I fucking love when a writer comes up with nifty details about a restaurant meal or, say, if a character is a novelist or screenwriter, titles for their major works. That fucking rocks. Fun or interesting dialogue, believable characters circled all around. I really love face claims, but are not necessary, and I only want to play in threads.

While these are slice of life -- sometimes with action added -- I have modern fantasy ideas, as well, in other threads (see my signature), including f/f, and f/GM.

I do not usually care to be dominant or submissive. Often I find being pressed into dominance means I have to drive the narrative completely. That's not fun. I also don't like to be submissive, as by nature I like to do things to my lovers. However, I do really enjoy switching playfully back and forth. That's pretty great.

Please respond to this thread. Please, no 'whatsup? play?' kinds of responses with no content. I took some time putting this together and I seek to do the same when I respond to others.

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Re: Female on Female -- Looking for Good Stories
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2020, 02:24:44 am »

Instead of belaboring the plots as I normally do, I'll list out ideas with some general information. I am up for similar set-ups, just give me a shot.

Themes to look out for include rivals turned lovers, distrust turned to romance, internal struggle turned into purpose, straight or dubious women realizing their true joy, straight relationships left behind, the difference between public and private lives. My vast tendency is toward redemption and happiness and away from cruelty, although some of these ideas can be darker. (I realize abandoning established straight relationships is cruel, but I have RL reasons to explore the kink.)

Speaking of kinks, we can discuss. Some of these will be very vanilla -- romance and kissing and snuggling before the actual sex -- but others can get more frisky.

  • Two professional women at a conference, snowed-in, spending time at the large hotel, finally showing the appreciation they've harbored for each other. Or... perhaps they've hidden their appreciation behind office politics and squabbling.
  • Two attaches during international negotiations; perhaps they are on the same side, or are colleagues otherwise, but the vast backdrop of so many nationalities in a place like Brussels, etc., catches their romantic spirit.
  • Actresses on the same GoT style enterprise, huge and involved, shooting in an Eastern European country. Perhaps they have sedimented public lives, maybe even portrayed as squabbling, but something else is going on...
  • Like above, the actresses are in a movie like Blue is the Warmest Color where they are supposed to practice and then simulate love on camera. Thing is... they're really starting to feel it, but cannot admit to each other or to the established lives.
  • Two women find each other online and chat together after long days of work and chores around the home (putting the kdis to bed, hanging out with hubby) but then start really enjoying each other's company on the webcam. May lead to extreme kinkiness on or off camera.
  • Students on a study abroad trip fall for each other...
  • Roommates are forced into cam modeling in order to make ends meet. They don't start off attracted to each other, but once they realize how lucrative sexual content can be, it opens up new things between them that will really shake things up.
  • Members of a girl group are starting to have feelings for each other. Given the morals clause and demand to appear 'available' to their legions of fans, their growing affection - and more - cannot possibly be known by anyone.
  • Always up for the right set-up for a high school romance. The cheerleader with the artist, the daughter of immigrants with the class president, anything.
  • High school, but between two teachers, or... a teacher and the principal...
  • Two girls on a co-ed ski trip start issuing challenges to each other involving what clothes... and devices... to wear under their ski outfits...
  • Victims of trafficking free themselves and set up a way to start entrapping and taking out those who took advantage of them, and more. This can take place in a location like Las Vegas.
  • Or internationally, in seedy Marseilles or Athens or Dubai.
  • Hired individually to maintain anonymity, one of the robbers and the getaway driver make eye contact at they get in during a bank heist. In an instant they know they're going the fuck the others over and abscond with the loot.
  • A police officer and one of the street scum she's brought in realize there's corruption shared between the precinct and local mobsters; either they're pressed onto the lam or deviously try to subvert and overcome the wickedness -- to make good, or take over.
  • A mercenary escort and a regional 'tribal' princess must trek across the ruined waste to deliver the latter to an arranged marriage after the apocalypse. But things go... wrong.
  • Like the movie Bound, two women conspire to take over the ill-gotten gains of corporate mobsters in a corporate high rise. One may be a corporate drone, a lawyer, assistant to the gross CEO; the other could be a contractor renovating the offices on the same floor, or also in the firm.
  • The frontier against terrorism, a place like Niger or Chad, a British or American soldier is cut off with the diplomat who was there to monitor what was going on, forcing them to sneak and fight their way to safety.
  • Girls at the end of their rope decided to work as drug mules, crossing the US/Mexico border. For some insane reason, they decide to book it with the goods, either to make a larger score or in a bit of conscience.
  • A long-time resident of the sultan's harem takes the new girl under her wing to teach her how to be a better lover, including getting her ready to be opened up in a certain place. This can be a modern or post-apocalyptic harem, with slavery an issue.
  • Sunshine noir, two women on a tropical vacation recognize smuggling elements operating in the area/these islands, are maybe kidnapped, or otherwise thrown into the mix.
  • Friends get caught up in some instigating event, becoming superheroes in some fashion (indestructable, or something else), although this draws the attention of some equal and opposing force...[/i]

So, those get reliably more narrative-focused and genre-ish as they go on. Again, a sweet or opening romance is key to what I am after, but the more kinetic plotlines are also interesting!

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Re: Female on Female -- Looking for Good Stories
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2020, 04:53:42 pm »
Name: A New Kind of Connection

Content: f/f, toy play, fetishes, solo and then together

Scenario: Boredom has lead two women to find each other on a private webcam site. Each is married and/or in straight relationships and may have struck up a friendship discussing other things. Almost by accident they start making sexual requests of each other and before long the veil of private technology gets them to explore kinks and desires they didn't even know they had. They thirst for contact with each other, cooking up creative tasks during humdrum days, new things to buy, harnesses, suction cup dildos, new naughtiness, masturbate for each other on command and more. They are going crazy together, hiding this from those in their ordinary lives, until they finally want to meet up somewhere in between.

To mix things up, they could show their naughtiness to each other in their workplaces and elsewhere. One could be a sports reporter, or a teacher, or fitness instructor, where they go pantyless or wear a plug...

Setting: Two different cities, yet not so far apart...

Notes: Detail is wonderful, getting into their regular lives, contrasting these private moments vs. the doldrums of what has lead them here. Loveless marriages, too many responsibilities. I'd love to even explore how they hide their nifty new toys from their husbands and kids along with how this is fulfilling a part of them they never knew existed. The guilt but also the joy.

Name: Us, As Cam Models

Scenario: They're friends. They're roommates. They're... broke. Really, really fucking broke. As in, "may not make the next month's rent" broke, and their retail or service industry or whatever jobs are not going to cut it. Or maybe they're not quite so hard-luck, but are still in trouble. The car notes, the student loans, the need for better clothes for interviews. They need to do something, and so they start cam modelling (OnlyFans, etc.), shooting each other solo, to joining in, to more and more. This is great! It's certainly making things easier... but at what cost to their relationships -- to each other, or others?

Ideas: It'd be fun to sort of set targets, how much each owes, plans, how plans go awry. Maybe they go on a shopping splurge and realize they're further in the hole. It'd also be fun to get into the particulars of the set-ups, discussing what they will do, the equipment, and embodying the reactions of the faceless people on the other side. Anyway, the appeal is in these two young women getting to know each other more intimately than they ever expected. Secrecy could be a thing for the story, so playing this against their menial jobs (even taking cameras to work) could be an element.

Note: I'd be open to them perhaps being sisters. Perhaps.

Name: The City Creatures

Scenario: Massive sprawl of a megalopolis in the near future, with somewhat advanced technology. The city-state is a tangle of pristine high rises, decrepit decaying docklands, lush mountains, humdrum bedroom communities, ramshackle historic districts, trainyards, medical islands, public transportation of ranging quality. A popular pasttime of the underground are "urban explorers": young women and men who sneak into various places for artistic, often sexual shots of themselves or others. Seeking to one-up each other, they are funded by patrons, issued challenges, raising resources, rated, to see what they can get away with -- often wearing masks or hoods to hide their identities, but otherwise nude.

Ideas: Copious public nudity, but the contrast between exploration and creativity. The city would be a mix of megaTokyo types of anime settings (although I do not like anime as a visual impression on elliquiy) and whatever other urban tangles we can imagine. Two women, friends, compatriots, or rivals who have formed a new team. We can play the patrons, the fans. Since legality and policing are important, we can distract precincts, seduce guards, pay them off for fame and fortune. Technology can include drones and zip lines and invisibility cloaks, or... not.

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Re: Female on Female -- Looking for Good Stories
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2020, 04:56:08 pm »
F/F One-on-One Scenarios

These scenarios are my bread and butter, generally modern setting, often with some shift in circumstance that leads two women to realize how much they love each other among the possibilities of sapphic bliss. Previously straight women realizing they are not so straight is a common theme (though not necessary). I am up for interracial possibilities and in some cases age differences.

Name: Connecting...

Scenario: Two women hit it off late at night not only on chat lines but in video conferencing with each other. Each has too much to lose with this kind of relationship -- they have careers, marriages, family -- but confiding with a fellow stranger and then a friend is providing something enormous to each of them they did not have before. Worse... or better... this errupts into a sexual relationship across the Internet, masturbating for each other, even giving dares.

Characters: As mentioned, my hopes are to give each foils to work against, sneaking downstairs into the laundry room to do this, that sort of thing. Quietly desperate, but finding a new truth between them. Depending on how we handle, they could take things out of the household with a series of dares and challenges, pantyless or toys in public and showing each other. Be cool if they had jobs like one is a sports reporter, that sort of thing. There's something too static about simply staying home, but again it depends. Attention should be paid to what's off-camera (those obligations) as it heightens what happens between them.

Name: In Too Deep

Content: Slice of life, vanilla, sweet f/f romance

Scenario: Looking for a sweet if anxious lesbian romance between high school friends. Tension arises between them, within themselves, from concern about friends and family. Not looking for a tremendously conservative environment, only big questions about what this means about who they are as they grow up together, but driven by tremendous affection for each other.

Setting: Modern suburbs, sunwashed Californian city, that sort of thing.

Requirements: A writer of any gender who is deeply committed to characterization, someone who would enjoy a fairly expansive look at their worlds. Detailed environment and richly drawn NPCs would make for a strong story. The girls would be experienced with boys, probably very good friends, conducting a new clandestine affection under the eyes of the unsuspecting. Experienced writer sought who loves character, posting length of 3-5 paras, and a moderate pace. Should you answer, I'd love to hear your ideas!

Name: The Wreck of Flight 1181

Scenario: A passenger jet goes down in a remote area, likely overgrown regions in South America like Peru or Venezuela or something, and there are only two survivors. Unable to use craft equipment to locate themselves to others, they realize they need to strike out and find elements of civilization on their own. This scenario will be more action-oriented and plotty than others, perhaps, with survivalist elements and reaction to the event itself being important. I suppose it might be less smexy-sexy, but we can find ways to not only depend on each other, but find time for canoodling as their exhaustion and distress moves them into each others' arms. In old pot boiler tradition (Romancing the Stone, etc.) there can be bandits or evildoers who start tracking them.

Characters: Seems to be rather open, but one can be a flight attendant, the other a graduate student or professor or business leader or pretty much anything. A real chance to do different ages or types and self-discovery can be enjoyable to engage in (I... huff puff... killed... that boar...). As always, what happens once they reach figurative daylight with blankets wrapped around their shoulder and warm meals in their tummies, what next?

The Worst Timing in the World

Scenario: What happens when, on the eve of her wedding, the bride-to-be realizes how much she's in love with her best friend? Could be the bridesmaid, could be right at the altar! But in the course of a stressful few days leading to the resort wedding, or wedding wherever, one woman realizes the life she imagined she wanted is right there in front of her -- not far away from the groom.

Characters: I am presently playing this one and it's been fantastic. We're not too far from the climax (so to speak) and I'd love to start up another. In this one, I'm playing the bride, which I could do again, but wouldn't mind switching. Back story between the two would need to be established through the course of the tale, plus a decent amount of coreography to make sure the big reveal(s) happen at the most dramatic moments.

Name: Mothers and Daughters

Scenario: Two girls fall in love. Well, so do their mothers. At the same time, unknown to each other. The first two are friends in high school -- or the local college -- and don't think their parents would handle this well. Meanwhile... following some personal disaster, a husband who has passed, a separation, something else, their mothers have been growing closer and closer, until...

Game: We'd each play one of each couple, narratively moving back and forth to explore how they match up and drift and slip into romance. Part of the fun will be how they intend to hide this from their loved ones until it all blows up, with one girl walking in on the mothers making out (or worse), that sort of thing.

Tone: Fun, slice of life-ish. I'd like to get a sense of the neighborhood and school and so on. How are they hiding this? How are they finding their moments together? Some angst -- is this really who I am now?

Notes: Some complication in narrative is to be expected as we move back and forth between the couples. I am up for cross-matching interracially, one mother-daughter pair being black, the other being white. I'm also up for switching things up -- mother/daughter romance vs. mother/daughter romance. Of course the mothers should be foxy.

Name: A Stressful Workplace

Scenario: Two young women working at an extremely high-stress office. Lawyers, event planners, the like. High-stress, it's gone even worse lately. In their efforts to get through, they've started 'testing' each other... sexually. As in, within the workplace, giving each other tasks, wearing plugs, clamping their nipples, donning harnesses under their clothes, meeting each other in the supply closet, or in the boss's office once everyone else has gone home. Amazingly, it seems to work. It's keeping them sane, at least, but at what price?

Setting: Midtown Manhattan sort of locale. A short-lived variation had the women work as event planners for expensive clients (giving a wealth of environments).

Tone and Smut: Can they keep this from all the older folks in their division? Ensure those little butt-wriggles in their seats and knowing glances go undetected?

Note: As mentioned high above, characterization would be lovely here. Would like to see these two women in terms of their fiances and/or husbands, their 'normal' lives and expectations vis-a-vis what they are now gleefully doing to each other. Oh, and I'm very switchy. I'd want both girls to play as domme/subs, posing things as challenges.

Name: Mercy, Mercy Me

Scenario: Two actresses have taken roles in a film in which they portray women who fall in love, despite expectations. The director is known for grueling psychological depths and realism. The actresses are well-known and honored. Not A-list, top of the line, but have drawn many great notices. One or both may have high-profile marriages. One may be a bit more famous. Anyway, in the midst of intense rehearsals and scene blocking, including the pair trying to 'get to the heart' of their characters, they fall in love.

Tone: A mix of some paparazzi and glitz, but also the rigors and headaches, as well as the sincere craft and work of acting, and the lightness and dread of what they're going through. Public persona vs. private.

Notes: I do like to use faceclaims but I should say I'd rather not play actual actresses for this. Or, I don't think. This may be seen as more of a one-shot, with some end point reached at the end of the filming, the press junkets, and so on, when they have to decide what to do moving forward. Of course the world is much more open to gay or bisexual actresses (if not actors), but what does this mean to their own lives?

Name: The News Station

Scenario: A variant on "A Stressful Workplace," coworkers at an incredibly difficult news station start issuing covert and naughty challenges to each other throughout their workdays to blow off steam. One might be a weather woman, the other a sports on on-location reporter (to get her out and moving around). They require each other to use clamps, toys, ointments, other various kinky stuff under their clothes while on air and on interviews. Starts with "go without panties" and similar and builds from therer.

Notes and Tone: Fun, saucy, whether these girls become romantically involved or sort of falling into it in some other bizarre way. Open to m/f set-ups, like the boss goading them on, or exterior challenges like finding a guy who matches certain characteristics to screw and report back to the other. Ultimately, their secret sexually charged challenges are what let them survive staffing cuts, their domineering boss, the asshole head anchor, etc...
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Re: Clearinghouse of Ladies - Women with Women, Girls with Girls, and ...
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2020, 05:20:40 pm »
Scenario: Bae Driver

Synopsis: A heist. Jewelry or bank. Anything. An insert team, got the goods, running to the getaway car. The team has been slipped together by some éminence grise; until this moment they have been strangers to each other. The robbers pile into the car, slam their doors, tugging the balaclavas off of their heads. That's when their eyes meet. The tough-ass demolitions woman and the ace driver. Without a word, suddenly they know: they're going to throw everybody over. Take the loot. Take it somewhere. Together. This is love.

Looking for: Player of any gender. Wanting action but also sexiness. A good deal of improv as we go. How are they going to ditch their partners? The kingpin will be after them. Also, the police. They're going by the seat of their pants, but they're driven by lust and desire. No time for thinking! I think I'm feeling the getaway driver, but would be up for either.

Notes: The title comes from the Edgar Wright movie Baby Driver. Nobody's gotten this! This idea is somewhat rare in that we may not plan a huge amount, just letting it fly...

Name: Revenge, Cold

Scenario: Two young girls/women have escaped the sex trafficking trade, freeing themselves from the grips of men and savagery. But instead of finding new lives, together or separate, they've turned back, seeking to destroy the horrors from within. They start small, pimping each other out, only to rob and steal, slowly gathering enough strength and information to discover and knock out the highest figures in the dark trade.

Tone: Gritty, rugged, at times gleeful, sadistic, an exploitation flick writ large.

Setting: Modern underbelly of America like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York.

Notes: We could share GM/story duties as the women two-time the unsuspecting until they start learning who it was that forced them into prostitution. In the midst, they may save other women, may gain allies, may draw the attention of the law. There certainly is a component of m/f here, if we want to play it.

Further Notes: While the image is of two white women in an older time frame, I like the mood quite a lot. Our characters could be of mixed races, younger (within age), from very rough backgrounds, or one character can be more genteel, the other tougher. They could be sisters or not know each other at all. They could become lovers. I imagine a street-level to penthouse scope.

Two 'Witches'

Scenario: Two women, college students, young professionals, are acolytes in an order of witches. They have been freshly 'assigned' to each other, their gathering intimacy with each other's body key to their roles in the larger scheme of things. Their advancing sexual exploits (cunnilingus, tribbing, analingus, toys) generate for them increased power and perhaps knowledge over their world and situation. The women have never met before and may be from very different walks of life, i.e. different races and backgrounds. They may have no experience with women or have hitherto believed they were straight.

Setting: Modern day. Few people know about magic; in fact, perhaps only they do. I'd like the women to be equivalent in age, but am open. They could be students at the same college or young professionals in a large city. I am open to cheating narratives, for example, one has a fiancé.

Notes: I am NOT looking for 'one's ghetto, the other's from Beverly Hills!' dynamics, or class resentment, or whatever. I'm looking for two beautiful girls having to accept each other far more deeply than expected. Contrasts are fun. I'd be up to a young married mother vs. a young professional, those sorts of dynamics. The cult may be so secretive they don't even have direct contact with them (having found a book in the library, for example, or eldritch messages), or they may only have single 'sponsors' that are shrouded or direct. They will learn more as they develop...

Wrinkles and Variations: The girls may not actually know what the witches' coven is actually about. They may have independently discovered pages from an ancient text that leads them down a path of small sorcery: If they do certain tasks, they will be rewarded (can afford the car note that month, finish their project quickly), and this ramps up to them meeting up, having become believers. OR, the coven can be known to them, but secretive, and they have to go through this long initiation before they can progress. Sex as spells is something I'd be into exploring. Extra variation: The girls may not even know each other for a while, but instead meet and 'play with' each other in darkened rooms, blindfolded.

Tone: Realistic. I'd like to get into their everyday lives and how this is changing who they normally would be. Are they having to sneak behind roommates' backs? How are they navigating their own expectations? Do they not really like or trust each other at first, but with rewarded sex, they increasingly grow dependent on each other. I am looking for a larger narrative, that they're being put through this for a reason, which we can discuss.

Name: The Gauntlet

Scenario: Sorority hazing time! How much do you want it? Our girl(s) are put through the wringer, from blindfolded-and-naked traipses through the courtyard all the way to sleeping with the dean. All manner of intermediary fun is on the menu, from servicing their elder sorors to using double d's on each other. It's crazy, it's wild, at the end is the ultimate prize: membership into Greek life.

Tone: Very smutty and raunchy. Could be over one afternoon and night, over a weekend, or more.

Setting: A sorority in a major state school (etc.) may be obvious, but someone came up with a wizard academy or a space fleet academy as options.

Other stuff: Many ways to go with this. I figure we could each play one of the girls and run them through the same obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, and fuckfests. We'd both play the older girls. Or, one of us could play one or more of the incomings, the other could play the older girls. This is highly smutty, but good writing, description, and some characterization is necessary.

Name: Broken Wings (taken)

Scenario: A woman working with NGOs and aid organizations that are dedicated to stopping the international sex trade has taken in a young woman rescued in one of their operations. Whether this is wise or not, she wanted to provide some domestic safety and balance to the broken young thing as they try to rehabilitate her. She finds herself deeply attracted to the wild, hurt creature, which disturbs her. Like a damaged animal, reciprocates in ways that are not the healthiest.

Tone: Potentially intense character drama. Level of darkness/lightness to be discussed, as well as potential direction.

Notes: I figure this can take place in a 'neutral' area close to trafficking areas, such as the Mediterranean, in a company apartments. The older woman might bring in her own versions of pain, such as a broken marriage, and is shocked by her own irresponsibility. The younger woman, of course, will be above age, and can be from a variety of backgrounds. I'd be interested in deeper themes of liberal advocacy, 'do-gooder-ism', whether such damage can be repaired, the veneer of society and savagery.

I had this going for several posts with someone who is unfortunately suffering from RL issues. Here are my initial posts, just as display:

Three Posts
Milan was more spectacular than she expected. For some reason, Madeline Therrault had expected a dour, industrial city, a far cry from the glories of Venice and Rome and certainly from the dazzling splendor of Tuscany, but the Alps were already present, giving the city a wonderful backdrop, even a dramatic one. As an expat American, she found the paperwork in renting a large flat in the far-flung suburb of Porta Venezia rather easy to manage. She had help from Medicins san Frontieres, the anti-trafficking organization Never Again (Jamais), and the U.S. State Department, for whom she was ostensibly a representative. Although fluent in French, among the Romance languages, she was able to piece together the Italian she had at Georgetown so many years ago and get along on a daily basis.

Today, she was out for groceries. Her sabbatical was anything but -- after fieldwork in Israel, Dubai, Egypt, and the Balkans, she'd begged for two months away in order to handle a huge amount of paperwork, including the collation of vectors in the sex trade, north-south generally from the old Soviet Republics (and Russia itself) into the Middle East, and then east-west vectors including more Filipina and Thai women than you'd like to consider.

The respite was relaxing, in part. The streets, vibrant. The neighborhood was remote and quiet, but filled with diversity, pensioners, young families, foreigners such as herself. In this first week, she'd been able to identify where to get her breads, sausages, milks and juices, all things. She was not cooking and grabbing meals, that is, simply for herself: she had taken on a boarder, of sorts.

Anna was a fragile young woman from an unclear Slavic country. She was reminiscent of a pound puppy, filled with grief and unidentified trauma. Pulled from a container with five other women outside Cyprus, she was in need of extreme rehabilitation, nothing of which Maddie could handle herself. But, while the other, older women were able to be returned to their home nations (Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania), it was unknown where 'Anna' was from. The various organizations, unable to deal with her at the moment, were happy to have Madeline take her on for a couple months. There was little seen as remarkable about this situation. Once international authorities could locate more information, she would be informed. There were offices not far away in Florence and psychologists would be able to check in, as needed.

Ultimately, to tell the truth, the constellation of NGOs were too keen to let this well-respected woman take on a fosterling for a little bit of time. Her time combatting the horrors of the sex trade had shown hers to be remarkably committed, tenacious, but also patient and, in a sense, wise.

Madeline returned to the apartment cheerful, with a mind for buying a bicycle for exercise and rounding up her groceries faster. The nice thing about Europe (or the nicer parts) -- different shops for different things, a butcher's, a baker's, a pastry shop. Idly she thought about getting a second bicycle for Anna, but this was a crazy idea. In a vague sense, she was uncertain about the girl's sanity, these initial days. Wondered if she should lock up the knives. Wondered what she'd been doing.

But then the girl was nice enough, just wounded. Knew plenty of English to get along. (There were reasons they taught her English, the lingua franca of sex tourism.) At the base of the building, looking up the three flights of stairs it would take to get to their apartments, she thought about her own children. Whether, first of all, they might come out for a visit. Kendra was at University of Pennsylvania, Cal was at John Hopkins for graduate work, sometimes with his father, the thought of whom gave her a stabbing pain in the heart and belly. Was it cruel to hope William got crushed by a steam-loader somehow? Was she unfair in wishing Cal would study medicine somewhere else?

Sighing, she clenched the cloth straps for her sacks and climbed up, calling out in a moderate voice when she unlocked the big, wooden door, squeaky on its hinges. "Anna? Home. I... uh, there's things to eat...?"

Maddy was just on the other side of fifty, but was mistaken for five to ten years younger. Only about 5'6", well, average height, really, she was both slender and trim, with the flared hips of a mother of two and an ample, if not unwieldy, bosom. Her rich brunette hair was going gray and she wasn't bothering with fighting it at the moment; this failed to age her, in truth, only lending to the soft, pretty features of her face an added warmth and maturity in addition to providing an echo of the slight tinge of grey in her hazel eyes. She tended to wear jeans and light sweaters in layers, but at departmental and state functions, wearing a gown, she was like a flower sodden with nectar for the gents of these agencies. Back in the day, growing up in North Carolina, they used to call it 'cleaning up good.'

Mostly, she liked how the Italians here in Milan rarely picked her out for an American. At least not until the somewhat sloppy Italian spilled out of her mouth. She liked to blend in.

"Anna? There's bread, cold cuts, juice. The juice is heavy to carry, I have to tell you. Cereal, milk. Cheese. Fruit. I'd really like you to eat some fruit."

The sound of the young woman coming from the bedroom reminded Madeline immediately of a dog. A pet. Eager to please, scampering when her owner entered the door. Sure, there was the grogginess of thought as the girl realized she was there, but then it was instantly coming to her. How different it was to have teenagers, even grown children, back in the states. How used to petulance and dopey rejoinders she was instead. Anna was like another creature entirely.

Which wasn't a good thing. She regarded her young charge as the girl attended to the groceries, putting them away.

"You can slow down," she said, a start, but uncertain where to go. "Really, dear. This... this is your home. I don't want you to... I don't know. Honestly, I want you to be comfortable. You don't need to be so spooked all the time. So... afraid. I know... I know you've been through a lot, but here, right now, you're supposed to just fit in. You don't need to come running."

Unsure how to continue, she was standing back as the supplies were put away, unconsciously underlining their relationship, if a little. "That said, I do want to set up a routine. Would you like to cook dinner tonight? Do you know how? When in Rome... and all that... I figured we can make a big pot of spaghetti to last several days. Uh, I can help, of course. I just don't know what you know how to do."

Accomplishment, first of all, something to let this girl know she was good at something other than... other than... you know, what she was doing for a barely adequate living for God knows how long...

Name: In the Bush

Scenario: An older politician or NGO-type (as above) is off-the-grid in order to check on clandestine joint operations between nations, say in Chad or other areas of the world where nations like France and Britain and the U.S. are pitching in to combat terrorism. There, one of the young soldiers catches her eye -- and vice versa -- in time for everything to go pear shaped.

The two women are forced to go on the run, separated from forward operating base, trying to make it through difficult and dangerous territory.

Tone: Exhilarating, in more ways than one.

Notes: A world exactly like ours; one like ours that is crumbling even more. A change to write action as well as romance. Fun stuff would include realizing they've been exposed on purpose and/or their home governments have agents that mean the worst for them, creating even more strife.

Name: One Last Time

Content:  f/f, basically vanilla, high romance content, potential toy play, older woman/younger woman

Setting:  Modern, Washington D.C. or other similar city

Description:  Madeleine Connors has come to Washington D.C. twice a year for a good number of years, once for a conference, and then for follow-up.  It has become her practice to discretely hire an escort to meet her in her classy hotel to unwind.  The escort he has specifically asked for is Sophia Yeung, a beautiful, intelligent Asian-American.  They've talked, they've fucked, and over these several years have grown to like and care for each other, but now Madeleine's business is shifting and she will no longer be coming to the East Coast.  This trip is one last time.

Scenario:  I really want and expect this to be relatively short in real time: one evening, after hours, with Madeleine not daring to be seen in public with another woman (she is married).  But I'd like to explore these women in some depth.  Who are they?  What do they really know about each other?  How much are they willing to share with the other?  What do they mean to each other?  What does it mean that this secret relationship has come to an end?

Requirements:  Partner's gender is not important, but I do want someone comfortable with bringing a character to life.  I'd like to play Madeleine, so you would pick up Sophie.  I'm looking for improvisation.  I don't want to plan this to death, I want it to be alive and organic.  Posting rate is daily to every two to three days.  Posting size should be at least three good paras.

Bonus for anyone who can teach me better coding!

The images below are launching pads.  Not quite right, but right-ish.  I think of Sophia as a bit older and maybe Madeleine as less expressly beautiful as these models, but...  we can discuss...

Madeleine Image Possibilities

Sophia Image Possibilities

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Name: The Business Trip / Nights in Another City

Scenario: Two women, perhaps colleagues or simply associates in the same industry, attend a conference in another city. Or are working on a week-long business deal. Presentations and panels during the long day, followed by dinners and drinks, where they find themselves outlasting their compatriots and starting to spend more time together. The hotel lounge. The wine bar across the street. Eventually... one of their rooms.

Notes: They could be attendees at different conferences, crossing paths. To add a thematic element, this could be Minneapolis or something, where they are snowed in.

Characters: I would be open to age differences or sticking close in age -- younger women starting their professional careers, women who are married and have children at home,  women a bit past middle age who may be igniting a second life. Whether they are coworkers rervealing long-held attraction or utter strangers, I'd really, really love to do some character work here and if you're up to concocting corporate argot and chatter as this pair starts exposing themselves in a neutral environment in ways they probably wouldn't otherwise. I want to capture the mix of business class comfort and alienation, pierced by their warmth. Not opposed ot something like boss/subordinate.

Name: Galentines / Valentines Day & Night

Scenario: A passel of female coworkers join the throngs of a 'reverse' Valentine's Day event at a Midtown watering hole. The crew had this planned for  while: whether irritated by boyfriend and husband, or unattached, the ladies decided to simply have fun with each other this year, hitting Happy Hour and just having fun. A big trend this year, I suppose, to the dismay of local restaurants. The busy buzzing crowd (women only!), the darkened corners, the dancing, the fuck-it attitude as cocktails spill... The group dwindles into the wee small hours and... two of them discover themselves sharing the same bed in the morning.

Characters: Thinking younger women for this one, unestablished, world-by-the-tail, excited, starting their reputation at the firm/corporation, maybe dating or having boyfriends. Unlike the previous idea, the work here is less in backstory and context of their lives - though exploring there would be wonderful - but in the aftermath (of course playing the snogging and sex). Waking up together, figuring out what the fuck this means, having to dress and go back to work, unsure if anyone saw them.

Name: The Tourist (Love at First Sight)

Scenario: A young woman is visiting a European city like Prague... or Vienna... or wherever... and finds herself lost. Asking a nearby native for directions, a woman her age, the latter decides to show her around for the afternoon. They wind up hitting it off. Beyond hitting it off, they wind up at the second woman's apartment that evening and, even more unexpectedly, spending much of the duration of the first woman's trip together.

But there's more: It's a hard departure after a crazy whirlwind of days, but... their story isn't over. Almost impossibly, this chance encounter may have changed their lives irrevocably. They haven't stopped thinking about each other, have stayed in touch, and...

Notes: I'd like this to not simply be a distaff version of Before Sunrise, I'd like this to become two women trying to figure out how to join their lives together even beyond a cross-Atlantic romance. Almost from the start they were head-over-heels, with geography, family, and life and careers as obstructions.

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Name: Til Human Voices Wake Us

Scenario: A shipwrecked traveler is marooned on an unmapped island in the Pacific. Little does she know, she was rescued by a strange, female creature there who has taken a great interest -- who looks essentially human but is not. Life, it turns out, is pretty great. But is the woman hiding a secret? Is she a prisoner and every means of returning broken along the way?

Tone: Languid, blissful, strange, but...

Notes: There could be a human smuggling operation on the other side of the verdant isle, a Conradian set of gruff men that the sea-creature needs the woman's help to vanquish; so, other than the liquid, lovely love between the two, we have the urging of violence. The tension of wanting to return to her old life balanced with the possibility of leaving this sweet new one. (I am open to one or both using seduction to virtually disarm then wipe out the encroaching bad guys, so, yes, some m/f.)