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Author Topic: Interest Check: Dead Space [looking for someone to play TG character]  (Read 848 times)

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Offline BardingTopic starter

Okay, unlike most of my threads posted here, this'll be a really short one. I can't guarantee that a roleplay idea, let alone a roleplay, will even stem from it, especially given that I think I've just about reached my point of comfort with regards to currently running games.

However, I'd love to get to know a few people through this thread who might be interested in, some day, producing something along the following lines.

In other words, I'm looking for roleplayers, preferably females (or, at the very least, those willing to play females or something close to them) who'd be interested in, at some point, conducting a roleplay based around the setting featured in the Dead Space game and animated film.

I'd prefer it if this were something of a survival horror roleplay, involving a developing romantic attachment between two characters; one male (played by me) and one female or close to it (played by you, the reader) having to struggle to stay alive and, what seems like more importantly, stay together in a situation (probably a complex of some kind, whether the USG Ishimura or not) dominated by the Necromorphs featured in both renderings of the setting.

There'd be plenty of cowering together in places that seem safe for the moment, holding one another as the only things either character has left, after a passionate romantic attachment has developed between the two as a result of the difficulties shared by both characters together.

That's about how far I've got so far though. Apart from that, you'll have to tell me if you're interested and we can talk about it. Just remember I can't guarantee a roleplay RIGHT NOW, but in the future, yeah, sure.

Oh, also, if you wanna see my parameters for roleplays in general and some examples of the kind of characters I play, do check out the link in my signature to my ideas and characters thread. It was updated recently, so it should be pretty informative...I hope.

P.S. I'm ONLY looking for literate - advanced literate roleplayers. Advanced literate would be distinctly preferred. I want to be intimidated by someone else's writing again. It hasn't happened in FAR too long.

Thank you.


I will now state that I am also ONLY looking for a player that would be comfortable with, or would like to experiment with playing a transgendered character. I will not mince my words. In this case, that means a character who is female, for all intents and purposes, psychologically and physically, except for in one single way. Between her legs she would have male genitalia, INSTEAD of female genitalia. This would be a fact of which she is conscious and yet very shy, very secretive and not at all proud. Rather, she sees herself as a woman and sees this particular aspect of her physicality as a barrier between her and the gender that is rightfully hers. My character's job, when physical intimacy arises (life or death situations and fear often up the sex drive according to past evidence and also accelerates the formation of bonds between people if experiences are shared) would be to teach her comfort with herself where, previously, she may have gone into medical science in one way or another in hopes of, one day, 'fixing' herself.

Here, as a bit of a sample of my writing and a goad to coax you into this RP, is the character I'd be playing:

Quote from: CECL Personnel Database, USG Ishimura

Searched terms: ‘Rust’.

Found Matches (1)…

Quote from: Results
RUST, Edward PHD– Psychiatric Officer under KYNE, Charles PHD

Name: Dr. Edward Rust
Date of Birth: 14/02/2089
Method of birth/conception: Natural [birth assisted by: diamorphine, administered by presiding medical officials]
Calculated Age: 27
Gender: Male
Position aboard the USG Ishimura: Junior Psychiatric Officer [second degree]
Date of ascent to current position: 17/04/2116
Calculated time in current position: 4 months, 21 days, 11 hours
Previous positions aboard the USG Ishimura: Junior Psychiatric Officer [third degree], Senior Psychiatric Understudy, Psychiatric Understudy
Previous positions, other: Citizen of the WEC* [specified: citizen of England], Student [degree: psychology], PHD student [grad: psychology – thesis written on ‘potentially hysterical effects of Shockpoint travel and sustained extra-terrestrial living’], PHD Citizen of the WEC* [specified: citizen of England]

Exhibited signs of extra-terrestrial hysteria: N/A
Exhibited/discovered persistent illnesses: Dyspraxia [degree: mild – potential risk to crewmember concerned: negligible – potential risk to others: largely negligible]

Calculated total time on board the USG Ishimura: Seven months, 16 days, 19 hours

Physical Description:

Striking a tall and gangling silhouette, Dr. Rust’s very shadow seems nervous at being attached to him. His shoulders, while narrow and seeming to be padded with little but the clothes that lay upon them, their angles almost protruding from the thin, chill-retardant synthetic material of his RIG suit, almost wing-like in their insistence upon doing so. However, his features are far more apologetic than angelic. The nature of his body seems to almost curve in upon itself, his spine emphasising this most of all, as if trying to minimise the curse of his having been formed with a particularly tall stature. Shyly, he seems to hide from the idea of himself as he walks, speaks and simply exists.

His eyes are large, almost to the extent of being owl-like and yet, despite this, they seem to take in very little. However, this originates more from an unwillingness to actually look at people, especially while speaking to them and while they would be aware of his doing so than from any kind of perceptual deficiency. Instead, his greyish gaze focuses largely on objects, seeming to find some degree of intrigue in their designs and textures…or simply liking the fact that they don’t look back. Contrary to what one might expect, however, he is an avid people watcher when his practising this occupation would be generally unknown to those he watches. As a psychiatrist, a certain degree of aptitude with regards to the mannerisms of people is entirely necessary.

The rest of his facial features are sharp but not obtrusively so. His nose is somewhat long, but not so much so as to be anything close to an identifying feature. His lips are thin and of a pale, coral pink colour, revealing even, healthy teeth if he smiles. When he does so, while his teeth are regular, the curl of his lips themselves is lopsided. He seems only to smile with one side of his face, as if the left side were afraid someone might take offense at its following the example set by its twin.

His hair is of a suitably nondescript mousy colour, not greying before its time but not exactly a lustrous, chocolate brown in any case. Like his smile, it falls lopsided, cropped close to his head on the sides and at the back but longer on the top and certainly moreso towards the right of his face, falling, when not controlled, into an unruly fringe.

His hair seems to be the one eccentric thing about him as far as appearances go, not only its alternative styling but the barely tamed, occasionally twisting locks of its volume that comprise it being not quite what one would expect of someone so apparently straight-laced. Even his RIG suit is distinctly conventional, its blue, one-piece design clinging vaguely to the slender contours of his body, two pockets marking its hips and a thin, metal wrist array, comprising mostly of a variety of pills for easy prescription wraps itself around his left arm in a characteristically non-descript manner. Two Greek crosses dot the left side of his chest, just above his identification badge. Similarly, a small holographic strip sits just below the suit’s collar to present digitally represented information on demand from Dr. Rust.

Trivia and details:

• Edward grew up in Brighton, England, part of the WEC (the Western European Coalition) and studied psychology at King’s Academy, London.
• After the completion of his PHD, its nature caught the interest of a Concordance Extraction Company operative. From this point onward, he underwent training for the prevention of extra-terrestrial hysteria and delusion syndrome in a practical sense, before being posted on board the USG Ishimura. He has adhered to this posting, on and off, for close to a year.
• He speaks Japanese and English.
• When forced to make eye contact, Dr. Rust has a tendency to speak with a stutter, or, at least, to speak hesitantly. Aside from this, however, his voice is largely calm, especially where his actual job is concerned.
• While company policy states that all sessions are to be recorded, Edward secretly views this as a violation of basic human rights to privacy, especially in light of such sensitive situations as he is occasionally privy to, as a Junior Psychiatric Officer. Often, he ‘forgets’ to record sessions on grounds of morality.
• He is the type of person to take medication for almost everything. With the advances in medical science made during his lifespan, his parents were firmly seated in the belief that medication, non-prescription or otherwise, could cure anything. For the mildest of headaches, he takes two paracetamol caplets. For stomach pains, he takes dialythin. For muscle cramps, he takes aspiritin.
• He tends to eat very little and rather slowly.
• He is compulsively tidy, organising complete sets of notes on patients both digitally and manually and keeping the contents of both his living quarters and his psychiatric studio spotless and orderly.
• He prefers objects with straight edges to lie at parallel angles to similar objects near them.
• He doesn’t tend towards telling a great deal of people his birthday, or work towards reminding them on the day itself.
• Contrary to expectations, his social life is existent. He simply keeps it fairly close to his chest in what he justifies as an attempt to prevent its interfering with his work.
• He compulsively feels a crippling sympathy towards those afflicted by irrational psychological conditions etc.
• In sexual terms, he is shy and generally finds it difficult to differentiate between platonic conversation and flirting, less from a lack of perceptual skill but more from an unwillingness to admit to himself that he is the object of another’s affections.
• As a result of the above, he values his own privacy a large amount and masturbates regularly to relieve the repression he has felt as far as sexuality goes since leaving university finally.
• He tends towards speaking rather quickly, and has slow but neat handwriting.
• He is unable to master any form of shorthand as he prefers to make detailed notes in full.
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Offline Shihong

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 01:31:39 PM »
I'll keep this brief, for once in my life!  You already know my interest in the matter, but I certainly don't want to seem as though I'm attempting to hoard you or something!  It does seem I'm responding to plenty of your ideas in my short time on these boards...  In any event, whether I'm the one to join you in this endeavor or not, I am more than willing to brainstorm possible plots, settings, and obstacles with you.

Offline Halcyon

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2009, 01:38:56 PM »
This idea really, really interests me - I adore anything of the horror/macabre nature, and this is right up my alley! I haven't watched the animated movie, though if you link me to it on veoh/youtube I'll gladly do so - it sounds brilliant. I, like you, also like to be challenged - I can easily write 4,000 words for an introduction and it would be a pleasure to have someone to really 'go to the extremes' with - I haven't had that pleasure for a long time. Contact me on AIM or on MSN any time, and we can chat more, if you're interested.

Offline BardingTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2009, 12:53:21 PM »
Right, I'm sorry to say that I'm looking again.

Offline BardingTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2009, 06:29:37 AM »
Bump! ;D

Offline Allison

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #5 on: April 08, 2009, 10:30:11 PM »
I'm a little bit of a newb here at E, but I am far from new at the nuances of writing and description. Frankly this storyline excites me and already has bubbles of imagination floating toward the surface of my mind. It has been a few months since I have role-played, but I would like to express some definite interest in fulfilling the female role in this situation. I tend to give as much as I get, and if you give me the chance, maybe I can surprise you.


Offline BardingTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Dead Space
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2009, 04:51:41 PM »
It seems that, after another complete disappearance worthy of Soviet Russia, I'm looking again. Please read the note as to specifically what I'm looking for now. It's in the first post.

Now, I hope someone, somewhere, will hear my plea.