The In-between (F for Dom M character, any gender writer) Please, pretty please!

Started by LamentingQuill, August 27, 2020, 06:33:02 PM

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Now, when I say Gothic Romance, I don’t necessarily mean literal Goth people, it’s more of a genre…  I am more thinking in terms of a romance set within a very spooky and eerie setting/place/world… for example… imagine a spooky old mansion tucked away within a forest consumed by thick white fog… a thunderstorm seeming to go on perpetually booms overhead… lightning zigzagging violently across the pitch black night sky filled the dirty glass window with brief flashes of blinding gold light… as you race through the darkness of the halls… a silky malevolent voice echoing through the halls, calling your name in a taunting singsong tone…

Mmm, mmm, mmm… yes please! I love this shit.

I will present a pitch here with the pictures that inspired it… I love visuals, the best ones are those that might seem simple to one person, but invoke an entire story within the mind of another person…

Let’s take a walk through my own dark imagination, hm? ^.^

Lucy Rickman is transported to a world between worlds, where past and present collide in an eerie almost slumbering reality and she meets a dark and semi-unhinged man of eerie beauty that seems to hunt and stalk her everywhere she goes... Don’t be swallowed by the fog along the way…

For my partner, I'm not sure if they'll have ever been human or if they are something else entirely. However, there are some things about the In-between I realized my partner ought to know...

People lured in and trapped in the world between worlds, the In-between... they gradually become more like spirits as they spend more and more time there, they gain powers as well that will grow stronger and stronger the longer they've been there... some individuals come to like these powers so much that they don't want to leave anymore and delight in setting themselves up as 'big dogs' within the In-Between.

That said, time spent does matter... but so does spiritual potential... if an individual has a strong spirit, they often end up being more powerful than others, even those that may have been there a lot longer. Those are the types that usually end up being treated like 'big dogs' or 'head honchos' or whatever term you'd like to use, basically they are feared and respected by other residents of the In-between, no one fucks with them.

However, new arrivals are next to impossible be able to rise to the stuff of a long term resident that has spent all that time honing and growing their powers.

The inspirations for this pitch


I'll just leave these here.

A few fine gents