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June 27, 2022, 12:06:43 am

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Author Topic: Barbara's Cravings (F Looking M,F, Futa)  (Read 525 times)

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Barbara's Cravings (F Looking M,F, Futa)
« on: July 29, 2020, 04:23:22 am »
Thanks for stopping by and reading.

As you can see I like to play powerful character who are transformed into submissive. I like rough and descriptive play. I'm pretty open to most play, but scatt, snuff, and gore.

I've included a few picture for my characters in a few of the stories

The Wager:

Looking for : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Group Sex, Forced Exhibitionism, Bukkake.
  I would Play:: 1) Mistress Rose or 2) Her Rival ( one of the few I like toplay the Dom)
Mistress Rose Briarwood

I would play Mistress Rose a strong willed and successful Dom. I’m well educated, wealthy (old money) and have looks and curves (I am especially proud of my breast) to match. I’ve spend year making myself the undisputed “Queen of Mean” in the area. Recently I allow my ego to get the best of me and lost a “foolish” bet and now must be a slave for 2 months. My ego won’t allow me to welsh on the bet. I’m convinced I can endure whatever is coming with my usual conceit and vanity.

You (role opened to Males or Females) are a professional rival, and fellow Dom. You’ve always pretended to be on good terms with me, but have always dreamed of breaking me and presenting me as your new pet/sex toy. Perhaps the result of a past slight I have long ago forgot, but you never will. You opportunity has arrived. What will you do, for starter…everything is up to you. You will not be satisfied till I am at your feet naked humiliated and broken for all our mutual acquaintances to see and enjoy.
I see this as a battles of will, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Perhaps my character will begin to enjoy being a sex slave. As her life spiral from humiliation and depravity, but wither she does or not she can’t escape. but one thing for sure my days as a Dom are over!!!!!!!

If you have ideas or are interested send me a PM, please don't post here. thanks for taking a peek

A Rude awakening

Looking for : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Group Sex, Forced Exhibitionism, Bukkake.
I would Play:: Former Mistress Black

Mistress Victoria Von Black #1
Mistress Victoria Von Black  #2

Mistress Victoria Von Black #3
Mistress Victoria Von Black #4

So here she was sitting again in a strange bar and sipped her drink, some man and sometimes even a woman would buy her a drink, maybe she have some fun, or just tease him, one was much like the other these days. Victoria wore one of her favorite outfit, a black outfit little more than lingerie with a few frills thrown in, She had wrapped it all in a black coat. It made it easy to flash someone to send some prude running for cover or some man for the bathroom to release his urges. The wickedness of it add a little spice to a dreary night.  She tried to sit back and tried to relax. That when she notice the other woman at the bar. She seemed younger but she had a certain predatory look to her, like a hunter on the hunt. They had apparently sighted each other at nearly the same time. They exchanged drinks with each other. Soon were having a conversation. They teased and swapped erotically baiting questions for hours. It was obvious the woman was another dominate. She guessed that made a sexual encounter unlikely. Two tops hardly ever really got on well enough, both trying to take charge of the relationship, even for one night. Victoria did consider breaking her, sometimes it was fun to transform a dom into a sub, the look as they submitted and realized they would be a bottom for the rest of their lives. She really didn't have the time for such a game, at least that what Victoria thought.

She seldom if ever overindulged but she was soon feeling light headed, and maybe even a bit tipsy. The last thing she remembered was her new friend, who name she hadn’t even asked for was telling her, she would see her back to her hotel room.

..............................IN THE MORNING...........................................

Victoria awoke in a strange room, the place had the look of a once upper crust hotel that had seen better days. She shifted and found her arms and legs shackled tightly to the iron frame of the bed. She looked around and found she was still wearing her outfit, but the coat was laying over a chair across the room. The chair was against the door, pinned under the door knob. She could hear water running from behind what she assumed was the bathroom door. She first thought was to yell for help, but she held back trying to get a better read on what was going on, Victoria was also questioning what kind of help might breakdown the door to help her, as she was secured to the bed. That’s when She hears the door to the bathroom opening.

Victoria watched as her “new” friend from the bar opened the door and walked in, She smiles and says “great your awake. So we can get started, we are going to be such great friends and we’re going to have such fun, my sweet pathetic little Submissive”. Victoria watched her in shock as she let her towel fall to the floor and exposed her tight, tight hot physique, pert breast and enormous cock…..Victoria Black Announcing in shock and a far less self-confident tone, “I not a Submissive”, The Mysterious woman smiles and replies, “I guess will need to change that”   

Well that's it for know if you are interested just send a message to me, but please don't post on this thread, thanks for taking the time to read my ideas

These are the Elements I was looking for in these Stories

Ons/Ideas/Offs ( in most of them)
On's or Thing you can do to my Character:
BDSM- Tied and Tortured
Exhibitionism– forced to perform in public, …..park, maybe in a mall bathroom/changing room while someone/ or group watch.
Forced Sex/Rape- maybe with another slave as well as her new Mistress, maybe with a group of strangers
Humiliation- The more extreme the better
Forced Prostitution– Put her to work Fucking and Sucking, Selling her body while she makes you money
Impregnation– by her captures or maybe a few random bums
Incest - Getting Sexually Friendly with Family
Lactation/Milking Dripping Nipples and daily Millings ( Can be caused by something other than pregnancy)
Puppy girl Train to be a playful Pet for her Mistress
Bukkake The Japaneses art of covering a woman in Cum, best done in public can look this one up on-line
Bimbo training Made into a Big Breasted Air head, who craves sex, but I think we all know what that is
Bestiality Fun with Animal like Bulls, Big Dog, Donkeys, and Horses, Oh my!!
Body Modification:
Extreme Piercing
Extreme Tattooing
Forced haircut/head shaving
Forced Weight gain
Extreme Tattooing
Off's/No goes:
Bad Writing You knew this was going to be in here

Thanks for reading ( and hopefully considering) and maybe we can spice up each others lives. So if your interested send me a message, please don't reply here
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