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February 26, 2021, 09:05:35 am

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Author Topic: Story 'Seeds' for breeding, impregnation, & Enslavement! M seeking F's  (Read 961 times)

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Offline TheDarkAdonisTopic starter

Edit: bumping this, as I'm coming back to this site after an extended hiatus.

I'm new to this site, and looking to start a few roleplays. I'm not new to this; I've been roleplaying in one form or another for 10+ years. Currently, I'm hoping to be able to post every 2-3 days, but it might be as long as a week depending on how much time is available. Forum play is my preference but I'm open to notes, too.

Please see my ons and offs link in my signature and let me know if you have questions. I generally play the male role in my stories, but I can occasionally play the female character instead.


Cursed! (Adventure, transformation, breast expansion)
I play a large, barbarian male who enjoys drinking, women, and fighting. Your character should be a strong female adventurer of some kind. They are partners in the adventuring business--they've dealt with cultists, ravaging monsters, and more in the few weeks-months they've worked together, and have some sort of mutual respect. My character enjoys teasing yours, but she's always quick to make it clear that behavior won't be tolerated.

Then, one day she is hit by a strange curse that transforms her into a smaller, softer version of herself. Maybe she regresses in age a few years, until she's in the 16-18 range, or maybe she just becomes a petite, bustier version of herself. Her new form makes it difficult to fight, with her enlarged breasts getting in the way and throwing off her balance. Her lean, fit muscle has been replaced by the soft skin of a concubine. If she was a magic user of some sort, her magic is greatly impaired by the curse as well.

My character finds this hilarious, much to her dismay. He will, of course, help her lift the curse, but it's quite a journey to the nearest temple, and all sorts of things could happen along the way. And he will take every opportunity to tempt her into enjoying his protective embrace, and frightfully large cock.

The Minotaur (Enslavement, breeding, Consensual to non-consensual)
I'm looking for a story where I play a minotaur or half-minotaur character. He can be a warrior or barbarian, in which case we can use a plot similar to above, or I'm interested in playing a different sort of minotaur who is a sort of merchant king amongst his people. Your character would be an envoy sent to him from the human/elven/whatever civilization. Under his leadership, the minotaurs have become a powerful nation--they are growing wealthy, and powerful, and your character could be an assassin sent to kill him, or a diplomat sent to mislead him. Either way, he's shrewd enough to know what's going on, and will work to turn your character into a slave for him (and perhaps his men, too.)

Captured and Enslaved (Enslavement, Non-con, breeding, bondage)
This is more of a short-term idea. You would play a female warrior, sorceress, or some other such capable woman from a nation that places exceptionally high value on it's female fighters. She helps defend her city against the attack of a barbarian tribe. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, they are overwhelmed by the towering, muscular brutes. My character, their leader, decides to take you as his slave, and the story will focus on their interaction as he slowly breaks her.

The invaders can be human barbarians, or they can be more bestial races--orcs, ogres, mintoaurs, and even giants (7-8 feet tall or so) are fine with me.

Science Fiction
I'm looking to play a genetically-enhanced male who is designed to be superior to normal humans in almost every way. He's large, strong, deceptively intelligent, and most of all, dangerously potent. Settings and pairings can vary, but some ideas include...
-A colony ship on it's way to a distant star system. Your character could be a female officer on board the ship. Perhaps breeding is an integral part of the ship's mission, or perhaps not, but that's not going to stop him.
-A cyberpunk city, where my character has escaped from a lab to become a powerful underworld leader. Your character could be a police officer or federal agent trying to capture him, but ends up getting captured herself.
-A post-apocalyptic world where my character has survived the destruction and created a cult of female followers around him. Your character could be a drifter or soldier who stumbles onto the cult and gets swept up into before realizing what it's all about--worshiping this perfect specimen of masculinity and being seeded by him.

If you have other ideas along these lines, feel free to message me. I enjoy brainstorming. I'll be updating this with additional inspirational pictures as I find them(recommendations welcome!)
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Offline TheDarkAdonisTopic starter

Bumping this after a hiatus. Ideas still stand though.

Online Haibane

Hi, just FYI most of your Imgur links have broken, only Nos.1, 2, 3 and 6 still work.

I'm sending you a PM about your Minotaur idea.

Offline MingMing

Heya, nice to see this thread active again! 

I'm interested in two of your scenarios, foremost the "CAPTURED" one, but the "Cursed Partner" seems like it might be fun shorter one-shot scenario.

I tend to have limited time at my comp these days, so super long posts are harder to manage regularly.  But if you're willing to work with shorter back and forth posts, on my tablet I can manage 1-3 sentences per paragraph on average, I can make up for in more short paragraphs what might have been fewer long paraposts.  We'd  get more posts back and forth this way, if you're  game?