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March 01, 2021, 11:03:29 pm

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Author Topic: ❥ Peachy's One Off | College Drama [M Character for M or F]  (Read 315 times)

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Offline xPeachyPuffTopic starter

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

I created this thread solely for this particular idea that I'm currently craving. Please DM me if you feel inspired by the idea.
All details, bar my character idea/face, are completely malleable. I welcome and value your ideas and input.

About the Writer
○ I lean towards writing female character opposite male characters, but I'm currently craving this idea and have had experience writing males in the past.
○ I write in third person and check my spelling & grammar to the best of my ability.
○ I try to post at least once a week, though some times it can take longer and I would appreciate patience (as well as offer it to my partners.)
○ I enjoy slow-burn romances.
○ I will not write only smut.
○ I prefer long-term stories.
○ I enjoy communicating with my partners and continuing to bounce around ideas, either through DMs or on Discord.
○ I enjoy writing emotion in my characters and would love to be made to feel the emotions of the other character through my partners writing.
○ I enjoy formatting my posts and using visual references, though this is not expected in return.
○ Please check my O/O's thread as well as my Original Request thread in order to find out more about me.
○ Also feel free to check my recent posts for examples of my writing and to see if my writing style matches yours.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

My Character [M]:
A new student who has just transferred mid-semester. He comes off as cold and mysterious to his peers, with a 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' attitude. Rumours circulate almost immediately, with him becoming the new 'hot topic' on the campus; his family are in crazy debt, he works part time to help cover his tuition, his fathers in jail, his mother died and left him alone, he's done jail time himself and that's why he had to transfer. Whatever you can think of, its been said about him, though nobody really knows if any of it is true. People don't tend to approach him due to the vibes he puts out but its obvious his demeanour is intentional and he seems content being left alone.

Opposing Character [Either M or F]:
A student from a wealthier background. Someone who takes interest in MC for whatever reason; they could immediately turn their nose up at him and we could have them be in some sort of antagonistic relationship at the start of the story. (I always love a good love/hate thing to begin with.) Or they could simply be curious about him; perhaps they aren't so popular themselves and connect with him being an outcast. (That being said, he's not going to warm up to them straight away regardless.) Your character is completely your own, of course, as is their backstory and personality, and while they may be wealthier with a better upbringing, they will still suffer with their own inner or family issues. It would be interesting to see two characters who are very different on the outside have something in common to connect over and help each other over time.

Story: This is obviously going to be an angsty-teen-drama-romance sort of story, so perhaps it will be a little cliche in some aspects, but I'm open to any ideas you have and I'd like the game to be long running and deeply emotional.
Character Roles: As stated above, I'm looking to play a male character opposite either a male or female character. I would be willing to take on one story per gender (so one male story, one female story) depending on the interest I receive.
Setting: I'm aiming for a college set in the USA. The state is completely up in the air. The character ages would be around 18 - 22.
Story Themes/Inspirations: College, Drama, K-Drama, Romance, Rich Kid vs Rebel/Poor Upbringing, New Student, Growing Up, Getting To Know Yourself (I'd also be open to other themes, such as Urban Supernatural: Werewolves/Vampires/Hunters etc, and any ideas you might have/want to include.)

Take Care,

○ ○ ○     (・・)    ○ ○ ○
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Re: ❥ Peachy's One Off | College Drama [M Character for M or F]
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Updated some information here.