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Started by xPeachyPuff, July 13, 2020, 09:43:57 AM

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I created this thread solely for this particular idea that I'm currently craving. Please DM me if you feel inspired by the idea.
All details are completely malleable. I welcome and value your ideas and input.

About the Writer
○ I lean towards writing female character opposite male characters, but I'm currently craving this idea and have had experience writing males in the past.
○ I write in third person and check my spelling & grammar to the best of my ability.
○ I try to post at least once a week, though some times it can take longer and I would appreciate patience (as well as offer it to my partners.)
○ I enjoy slow-burn romances.
○ I will not write only smut.
○ I prefer long-term stories.
○ I enjoy communicating with my partners and continuing to bounce around ideas, either through DMs or on Discord.
○ I enjoy writing emotion in my characters and would love to be made to feel the emotions of the other character through my partners writing.
○ I enjoy formatting my posts and using visual references, though this is not expected in return.
○ Please check my O/O's thread as well as my Original Request thread in order to find out more about me.
○ Also feel free to check my recent posts for examples of my writing and to see if my writing style matches yours.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

C H A R A C T E R S [ M x M ] :
Character A is the new kid; fresh in the area, has developed only a couple of friendships in his neighbourhood on break, and is gay. He's teased and bullied, it was why he moved school in the first place, but he's somewhat gone through a stage of acceptance; he's out, and he can't avoid that, so despite having a new start at a new school, he doesn't reject it...Though he doesn't admit it to anyone either...Is that being out? Whatever, its good enough for him. He's either strong willed in his own, stoic way, or he's the type that keeps his head down and gets on with things, uncomfortable as they are.

Character B is someone who has been in the area all his life. He's popular, he's sporty, he has lots of friends and a busy social life. He also has a lot of girls hearts, although he's a bit oblivious to see that aspect completely. He's the type whose always just 'gone with the flow' and behaved how his peers have behaved, how they expect him to behave, despite him repressing some of his personality to do so. Its been such a long time that he doesn't even realise he's doing it anymore; this is where he thinks he belongs. Even though he maybe goes along with things he shouldn't though, he's kind and warm; its not surprise he has so many friends.

S T O R Y :
[ Heavily inspired by 'Heartstopper' on Netflix. ]
Their worlds collide together when they're partnered in one of their classes and are assigned in a buddy system after school break. They become fast friends from just their small interactions throughout the day, Character A may even develop a crush early on in their friendship while B is destined to become more and more confused over their feelings and desires over the course of the story.

This is obviously going to be an angsty, teen-drama, slice of life romance story, so perhaps it will be a little cliché in some aspects, but I'm open to any ideas you have and I'd like the game to be long running and deeply emotional.

R O L E S :
As stated above, I'm looking to play a male character opposite another male character. I have a slight preference for Character B, however I'm completely open to playing Character A also. I only ask that I'm able to play more of the 'bottom' role in spicy scenes, of at least a 'switch' at the very least.

S E T T I N G :
I'm aiming for a college setting, though where its based is completely open. I'm thinking that the US or UK would maybe be the easier options. The character ages would be around 18 - 22.

T H E M E S :
Slice-of-Life, College, Drama, Heavy Romance, Slow-Burn New Student, Growing Up, Getting To Know Yourself, Exploring Sexuality, Bullying, Angst, All the juicy teen shit

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Take Care,

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