Oh! To be governed by Sun and Moon...[VAN]

Started by PearlRuby, March 11, 2009, 12:01:46 PM

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Mkay...I've been raiding through a bunch of fantasy films lately and stumbled across the fairly inspirational 'LadyHawke,' (Dir. Richard Donner,1985) starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer. It doesn't matter if you've seen the film or not, since I'm only really drawing one particular plot device from it. Scrap the awful mis-match of 80s music against a catholic, medieval french/italian, fantasy setting! Though, other inspirations might be drawn from the tale of Bisclavret , and the tale of Yonec.

Anyway. The story evolves around two characters; an already established, very much in love male and female. It is their shared curse however, or rather their desire to break the curse, if such a thing is even possible, which drives the plot forwards. Through their curse, they are tied to each other, which really tests the depth of their love.

I should probably explain the 'curse.' The sun and moon play an important part in how these character's physical appearance takes shape. From sunrise to sunset, the male is completely human. However, as soon as the sun sets, he takes the complete form of an animal. I'm thinking a wolf or perhaps a bear, at least; something that walks on four legs, and is quite doglike. I'll leave this at the other writer's discretion. Whereas, the female is only in her human form in the phase of the moon, once the sun has set. As soon as the sun rises, she takes her form as either a hawk or falcon...something bird-like. So the two can never be together in human form, and even in animal form, they are not compatible in the slightest manner. How tragic!  >:)

Of course, the two lovers were never always this way, and how the curse was cast upon them will probably be shown during the opening posts and throughout the roleplay, more in the form of flashbacks, bitter memories and wishful thinking... Might even toy with the idea of there being a solar eclipse, granting the two cursed ones a moment, or even just a few precious minutes of time together, in their true, human forms.
I might also want to work with cliche stereotypes, such as the male character being quite chivalrous. Perhaps, going along a Rapunzel type plot; he rescued the female character from enslavement to a nasty 'witch' or perhaps forced betrothal to a jealous and conniving wizard. Though I'm therefore planning on a fantasy background, I'm also open to ideas.

That's the general, bare-bones idea. I'd rather discuss the characters in more depth via PM/IM with whoever chooses to join this RP. I've just brainstormed ideas in an effort to attract attention >.>

  • Though I think I'd prefer to actually play the female part here, I don't mind playing the male either.
  • Whoever likes this idea should be comfortable switching between pure animal and pure human form, and an actual lack of sexual content in the total scheme of things.
  • As you can imagine, romance is going to be almost painfully drawn out, to the point of frustration and perhaps even anger.
  • Multi-roling with other, minor characters, might also be involved.

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