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Author Topic: A Box of Rubies and Pearls (F seeking M characters)  (Read 680 times)

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A Box of Rubies and Pearls (F seeking M characters)
« on: October 19, 2014, 04:48:08 PM »
Greetings and Salutations,

After a rather long break, I've returned to the lovely Elliquiy. Before diving in any further though in search of my wanted roleplays and cravings, here are just a few things you need to know about me:

  • I'm a 28yr old, female writer, who prefers to write a plethora of varied, female characters.
  • I mostly seek M/F pairings, but I'm occasionally tempted by F/F pairings.
  • The gender of my writing partner has absolutely no bearing on my decision to roleplay with them. Males written by females and vice versa is perfectly welcome in my books.
  • Location also doesn't matter to me. I live in England, so you can generally expect posts in the early morning/afternoon if you're across the pond somewhere. My schedule is unpredictable though, since i often work evenings and nights, so sometimes the same can be said if you live in Europe.
  • I write in third person, value a good plot, and absolutely adore detail and description. An average post for me is roughly 700+ words, and though I don't always expect my partner to match my posts, I can't abide by one-liners or one paragraph replies. I just need a little more substance to hold my interest.
  • Obviously I'm happy to write smut, but ultimately the plot and character development comes first.
  • I'm only here for post-by-post, forum RP, so please don't ask me to write via IMs, chat, etc.
  • I wouldn't call myself a rapid fire or speed-poster. Sometimes I can write a response immediately, and sometimes I need time to think or just recover from RL. As I said, I have an unpredictable schedule – one week I might have loads of free time, and the next I'll be gagging for a break. The longest I'll ever leave a thread waiting though is one week. If this bothers you then I might not be the best person to write with.
  • I love to use images for inspiration, and have a habit of casting my characters using real people, be it an actor, model, musician, etc. Anime pictures are fine for initial inspiration, but for characters, I'd rather you developed the inspiration into an actual face.
  • Constant communication every day isn't vital. In fact I'm quite a private person, but I do like to discuss the Roleplay first before jumping into posts. If you don't contact me once we've started writing, then I'll assume that you're happy with how things are going. Please let me know if you want to mix things up. Unfortunately I can't read minds :( If you want to add me to Yahoo Messenger for easier contact, feel free.

For a more detailed list of Ons/Offs, see here.

Finally, please don't reply to this thread! If you're interested in a story here, just shoot me a nice PM, so I can keep this thread nice and organised. Thanks ^.^

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Re: A Box of Rubies and Pearls (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2014, 04:51:13 PM »
Current RP Ideas/Requests:

Please send a PM if an idea appeals to you. Note that nothing is firmly set in stone, and I'm generally quite flexible.

Ideas here are always listed by highest craving to lowest.

I'm currently only very tentatively accepting new roleplays. Several cravings have been fulfilled, and I have very limited time to adopt a new thread. If one of my ideas appeals to you though, please still send me a PM. I will not however, be actively searching for roleplays or responding to random ideas.

Last Updated: 27th December 2014

Chasing Fairy Tales

~ Arranged/Forced Partnership
~ Cliches (for comedy effect)
~ Fantasy World
~ Magic, Myths & Legends
~ Opposites Attract
~ Romance

As the second-born child to the King and Queen of Amaranthine, Prince Bastian (played by Henry Cavill) never once rebelled against the fact that he would (probably) never be King. That title was always reserved for his starched older brother, and though he was still raised to possess all the makings of a future leader, he never once took his studies seriously. Now, at twenty-nine years old, he's become an arrogant thrill-seeker and freedom-worshipper. To his subjects, Prince Bastian is regarded as the royal wild-card, and despite soon approaching his thirtieth year, he has every intention of living up to his title.

Unfortunately, his older brother – now the King – is intent to reign on his parade. The beautiful and exotic Princess Amara of the neighbouring Kingdom of Zirconia, has yet to choose a suitor – mostly because she's incredibly spoilt and picky. Her father is very ill though, and never bore a male heir, so the lucky man she chooses will inevitably inherit the Zirconian throne. To Bastian's brother, it's an opportunity that will benefit both Kingdoms – especially with the Kingdom of Tourmaline casting their warmongering eye over the neighbouring lands. Zirconia is renowned for its riches, and he quite fancies the idea of expanding his own Kingdom. Eventually, he convinces Bastian that it's time to settle down. Or at least give the illusion of being settled. After all, a duty to serve his King and country still runs thick within Bastian's royal blood... even if the King he must serve is his pain in the arse brother.

Despite Bastian's charms, the Princess Amara proves to be not an easy heart to win. Not only is she incredibly vain and high-strung; she also demands that her suitors present her with a gift. So the competitive Prince (also a sore loser) concludes that he must win her heart (and feed his epic-ego) by finding her the rarest of Jewels. The only problem is, the Jewel is said to be guarded by a mighty Fire Wyrm. Others say an ancient Dragon, but either way, Bastian doesn't believe in magic or fairy tales. Besides, there's nothing that his sword-arm can't handle.

In an effort to aid his brother on his ridiculously ambitious quest, the King assigns the Royal Grand Magister to assist him. Bastian never asked for or needed help (in his opinion) and to add further insult to injury, the Grand Magister puts Ione (Alexandra Daddario), his young, female apprentice to the task! Efforts to shake the young woman off are met in vain, and so Bastian accepts that if anything, she can look after his saddlebags and cook a hearty meal each night whilst he focuses on his epic quest. Too bad she can't cook to save her life...

Ultimately, this is a comical roleplay set in a fantasy (and slightly clichéd for comic value) world. It's also a love story, as it focuses on two unlikely characters (who start off hating/disliking one another) forced to work together against the odds. The main aim of course is to locate the Jewel, but there's no reason why the bumbling pair can't get side-tracked along the way. Bastian does after all, have an epic ego to match the scale of his quest. He's used to getting what he wants, especially from the numerous women who've thrown themselves at his feet. The quest will force him to acknowledge his weaknesses, particularly his ignorance when it comes to the world of magic and legend. There will be certain tasks and enemies that he cannot conquer, purely because his brute strength is not enough. Meanwhile, Ione's role is far more necessary then both he and she first realise. Though a powerful Mage in the making, her confidence and self-esteem often suffers – especially as a result of Bastian's lack of trust in her abilities. When the pair work together though, is when they're capable of incredible feats. We can definitely have fun with bringing various known and unknown myths and legends to life, inventing magical creatures and little side-quests.

Behind Closed Doors

~ Arranged Marriage
~ Age differences
~ BDSM (Elements)
~ Culture Clash
~ Modern setting
~ Power play (Dom M / Dom F)
~ Romance
~ Tradition
~ Wealth (old vs new money)

(NOTE: Names are definitely subject to change!)

'Michael' didn't always hold a place amongst the the rich and famous. In fact, his parents lived on the poverty line, and so he experienced the toils and troubles of the working class from a young age. Through hard work and perservance though, not to mention the invaluable help of his large family, he found his way into 'new' money. Now, he rather comfortably sits as the chairman of his own, multi-million dollar business empire. Recently though, in an effort to expand further, he's set his eye on the plummetting shares and assets owned by former millionaire-tycoon - Carson Bryant.

Despite being struck by ill health and family issues, Carson refuses to simply sell up his branch of highly successful hotels, especially without some form of insurance. He hails from a family with old money, whose assets have been in the family for generations. Without a male heir to take over though (his son recently died), he's caught in a tragic web of tradition versus neccessity. With his daughter 'Phoebe' as his last trump card, he stubbornly clings to the old-fashioned idea that he can salvage the family name through a merger insured by marriage and the promise of future heirs.

Phoebe doesn't believe in arranged marriages though, and besides, her reputation as a wild and party-loving socialite is enough to turn most suitors away. Despite her desire to escape tradition, all she's ever known is wealth and privilidge. Her attempts to leave her family behind and live a 'normal' life resulted in her credit cards being cancelled, and her former, rock star boyfriend leaving her in debt after the cash dried up. Naturally, her father bailed her out of the mess, and now she owes him, big time.

Michael isn't too hot on the idea of an arranged marriage either, especially to a bratty wild-child with a bad reputation. He can hardly picture Phoebe as a wife, let alone the future mother of their inevitable offspring. At thirty-something years old, his kinks and his taste in women are very particular, to the point where others question his sexuality. Rarely seen out and about with women, his reputation is as clean as his morally-grounded business deals, and yet he is still renowned for being a cutthroat contender in the business world. When competition shows interest in the marriage offer though, he's pushed to beat his rivals to the chase. His intended bride may be a little rough around the edges, but as a virile and dominant male, he's confident he can mould her into the perfect wife. One who brings the dowry of a hotel chain certain to boost the reach of his empire and more importantly, secure the financial security of his family for generations to come.

Yet as he agrees to dinner with Phoebe and her father, he's eventually left alone with his future bride, and the pair finally lay out their terms and conditions. Though perhaps they are both guilty of leaving out the essential small print? ...

This is an incredibly modern and romantic, mills & boon inspired plot, so I'd really love for my writing partner to understand the intricacies of a story centered around the interactions of the two, main characters. The responsibility of writing any additional, minor roles will be shared. It's the type of plot where we don't need to downplay the 'smut' side, but we also don't neccessarily need to rush into it. Most of all, when it comes to writing, description is a major turn on for me. I'm craving a very layered attention to detail here, and the ability to drive the plot forward as these characters discover each other and eventually fall in love. Back story is going to play a major part in that, so the character building needs to be pretty in-depth. Also, I'm looking for someone who feels comfortable and confident writing a dominant male type. If you like, you could go a little 'shades of grey' with Michael by adding a BDSM kink or two, but ultimately he's a very headstrong man who knows (or thinks he knows) what he likes.

Contrary to a number of arranged marriage plots, the main characters won't be getting hitched straight away. A large part of the initial plot is their getting to know each other, and deciding if they want to sign the contract that will bind their personal and business lives together.

There's plenty more I could say, but I'll leave that to PMs with whoever might be interested in taking this plot :)

Ulterior Motives

~ Age differences
~ Culture Clash
~ Intrigue
~ Morals
~ Secrecy
~ Specific Setting
~ Species Clash
~ Unexpected Romance
~ World of Warcraft (Setting & Lore)

The plot centres on two Paladins* from rival factions - One a Human, the other a Blood Elf. Though both are seemingly now devoted to the Argent Dawn, they also both possess an ulterior motive.

The Human* was once (and still secretly is) a member of Scarlet Crusade, so aside from a Paladin, he could easily be a warrior, priest, hunter, monk or mage type instead. Charged with a mission to infiltrate the Argent Dawn as an ongoing informant, he struggles to maintain his cover identity, as he's forced to associate with those deemed to be 'enemies' of the Crusade.

Meanwhile, the Blood Elf Paladin remains ever loyal to Quel'thalas. In her bid to ultimately rid her homeland of the Scourge, she recently joined ranks with the Argent Dawn, hoping to fight the disease at the source / learn more about the scourge weaknesses. As a horde figure amongst the alliance though, she struggles to see eye-to-eye with those who pre-judge her intentions, despite having proved her dedication to the cause time and time again.

Yet both characters have more in common than they realise, as the revelation of an ancient holy weapon will question the motives of both characters. As they are forced to work together to locate and seize the artifact, they inevitably reveal their true intentions.

This is all just a very vague idea, but it does require someone who has good knowledge of the Warcraft lore. I think there's a lot of scope for some epic-level quests in the search for the holy weapon, and plenty of opportunity for the two characters to develop a more romantic relationship along the way. Or maybe one already has a guilt-ridden crush on the other to add that extra layer of angst to the mix? (Especially if it's the human crushing on the blood elf ^.^) Ideally this plot needs someone who can add their own plot hooks into the mix. Also please note that the image here is just for inspiration. Feel free to use a face of your choosing for the male character!

All Beer and Skittles
~ OPEN ~

~ Arranged Marriage
~ AU Shakespeare
~ Blackmail
~ BDSM (Light to Moderate)
~ Dom M/Sub F or Dom M/Dom F
~ Gambling, Alcohol and Debauchery
~ Old Western/Frontier Era

"Why, there's a wench! Come on, and kiss me, Kate."

Katherine (played by ???) is the unmarried, eldest daughter of the town Sheriff, and at thirty-two years old, she's known as the town Shrew. Desperate to get her married and off his hands, her father keeps upping the anti on her dowry, but it seems that not a dime in the whole Frontier is enough to tempt a man to tame the violent, gun-toting shrew.

Until Petruchio (played by ???), a forty-something outlaw on the run with various unpaid gambling bets, comes to town. After a run-in with the Shrew herself, he hears about the Sheriff's conundrum, and the wheels in his head begin to turn. If he marries the shrew, all his debts will be repaid in one fell swoop. At first, it sounds like the perfect arrangement – too perfect, in fact. His attempts to 'woo' the shrew only result in her giving him an ultimatum: get hitched, split the money, and skedaddle. So a farcical wedding ensures, but the silver-tongued Petruchio is a gambling man, and one heck of an opportunist. Katherine however, never could hold her drink. After a night of bets and drunken debauchery ensures, she soon learns that her new husband has played her for a fool. He had no intention of giving up the money, not to mention his new 'get out of jail free' card. Being married to the sheriff's impossible daughter does have it's perks, after all. So if she wants her share of the money, she's either going to have to do exactly what he wants, or play him at his own game...

Technically this is a literature/movie cross-over. 'All Beer and Skittles' is Wild Western slang for 'Unpleasant' and 'not so happy'. The main premise of this RP, is to take the main protagonists from Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, and place them within a Wild West setting. Think CatBallou meets Calamity Jane, some sort of Doris Day/Jane Foda-esque, gun-tooting cowgirl/saloon girl heroine, featured as the role of 'Kate - the Shrew'. She's a loud, open-minded, free-spirited and rebellious woman, who bows to no man. In fact, she deems herself superior in every way.

Whereas 'Petruchio - the Tamer' would be some type of Eastwood/Wayne outlaw, with a chip on his shoulder and a gambling problem. Preferably somewhere in his early late thirties/early forties, he considers himself to be very attractive in his male prime, and the living definition of pure masculinity. Maybe not the most 'just' of men though - he plays by his own rules, often unfair to all but himself.

Of course, I don't want the plot line to completely follow the play. That part can be open to a completely new interpretation. I could definitely see this plot involving some light BDSM themes – especially humiliation. Ultimately I think Petruchio gets a kick out of seeing how far Kate will go to beat him at his own game.

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Re: A Box of Rubies and Pearls (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2014, 11:30:47 PM »
Update #1: 30th October 2014
Added 2 new plots for the taking - 'Behind Closed Doors' and 'Ulterior Motives'

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Re: A Box of Rubies and Pearls (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2014, 09:48:57 AM »
Update #2: 27th December 2014
Cheeky bump for the holidays, and last update of the year, gosh! I only really have 1 RP slot currently, and since the majority of my RPs are based on other people's wanted ads, I'd really like to try putting one of my own ideas forward as the story base.

Right now, I'm really really craving one of the following:

'Chasing Fairy Tales'
'Ulterior Motives'
'Behind Closed Doors'

If any of these ideas appeal to you, just shoot me a PM and we'll talk :) Honesty is often the best policy though, so I will warn you that I am going to be quite picky about who I write any of these stories with. Please check my Ons/Offs to make sure that we're compatible writers before you PM me, and make sure you can offer something to add to the story concept.