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June 29, 2022, 01:22:10 am

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Author Topic: Warehouse 23: New Inventory. (GURPS. System. F/Any. Seeking GM.)  (Read 770 times)

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From the Council of 13 to the newest member of Majestic 12 (FBC Division): Welcome. You likely have many questions about your new employment and your tasks. Don't bother asking them. You will learn on the job as you head to your first assignment and duty station. Learn from your coworkers, obey orders and instructions. They will keep you alive. If you ever have doubts, stick to your oath to defend mankind from threats mundane and extradimensional. It will give you guidance for the future. If you ever worry about motivation, just think of all the lives you are saving with your work, or the respectable retirement package that awaits you.

There is no room for indecision or cowardice now. You are part of an elite cadre of the most trusted agents and operators on Earth, your jurisdiction is only within where your own branch of Majestic 12 operates, but your authority is absolute, surpassed only by your own superiors.

You are free of the system that you once served. Above it, beyond it even. The laws of Earth are guidelines for us, but they are not binding. We serve a greater cause than just maintaining the peace. The mundane issues of murders, drugs, and public opinion don't matter to us. We deal in nightmares and extinction risks. We keep them sleeping, contained, locked away, and we pray that they don't get out.

Because we all know what happens when we fail. Reality itself could collapse. Entropy could be sped up and lead to a rapid destruction of the universe, or horrors that do not exist in our universe could get their many angled talons upon our immortal souls. See to it that you prevent such things from happening.

Your first duty station will be at Warehouse 23 under the United States branch of Majestic-12. A respectable first posting. A secure area with a storied history and meritorious service in the name of Majestic-12. Upon arrival you will report to your future supervisor and learn the tasks of your posting. Learn your duties, love your duties, serve your posting to the best of your abilities, and serve mankind with the same devotion. Majestic remembers those who serve with distinction, and those who fail or betray their oaths.

Warehouse 23 is a facility run by the mysterious Majestic 12. A group founded and funded by 12 nations with 12 separate secret organizations during the Cold War. Originally none of them ever acted together, and were at times directly enemies. But overtime tensions lessened in the face of larger threats posed by non human entities and the ever present stranglehold groups like the Illuminati had upon the world. Eventually truces and alliances were made with the leaders of these various organizations calling for better organization and for each faction to share the load, along with dropping hints about the need for less governmental oversight.

Eventually the chance for true unification came immediately after the incident at Roswell. It wasn't the first time that any nation had come into contact with the unnatural or otherworldly. It was just the first time that none of them could keep it hidden anymore, or just pass it off as a natural phenomenon.

Majestic was formed soon after, as the threat of life from other worlds became just as real as the threat of demons, goblins, ghouls, elder gods, and other horrors that the world deals with on a daily basis. Of the 12 founding nations, they divided power, funding and jurisdiction among the various groups, forcing some smaller groups to unify or be disbanded, so that each nation could govern and police itself against paranormal threats without stepping on the toes of any of the others.

As is typical for the US Government, whenever faced with a new threat or issue, it simply created a new agency with its own three letter acronym. It was assigned a budget, a set of facilities, personnel, and an emblem for itself. Every year its annual budget is just a line on some senate committee's report.

Strange how no one remembers or can find any evidence of this agency now.

But such tends to be the case for things connected to Majestic 12. It bribes, discredits, or silences those that become a threat to its existence, if it cant just get them to come over to its side. In many ways it is not all that different from its main rival in the Illuminati. Some even wonder if Majestic isn't really the Illuminati, or under its control. Surely there must be spies in its midst. Why would the Illuminati allow them to exist? Perhaps to ensure all of their rivals would be under one banner before it destroyed them? Or to have them act as a guard dog for their New World Order? One can never know.

From Majestic we get the infamous Men In Black, who are not always Majestic agents. Sometimes the black suits are really agents of the Illuminati, aliens in disguise or other things that have yet to be categorized. Majestic is not made up of saints. It doesn't always make the right decision, and can at times do things for its own benefit alone, to ensure its survival or personal gain. Its not uncommon for some agents to wonder what the point of it all is, or if they are even on the right side. While others justify their actions, or find evidence that proves to them Majestic is ultimately the lesser evil.

Warehouse 23 I one of the few postings that has that luxury. Originally starting out as a Cold War survival bunker, it was taken over by Majestic and retooled as one of the many bases known to MJ-12. Anomalies and entities are sealed within, studied and dissected in the hope of furthering Majestic's mission and making life on Earth easier for all. Certain advanced medical practices can be traced back to the warehouse. Many horrible events have been prevented thanks to the agents who work and live within the warehouse and even when they fail, the agents have given their lives to at least limit the damage caused by that failure. As such, the staff of Warehouse 23 has gained a reputation among the other Majestic agents and members of the FBC who jokingly refer to them as 'Boyscouts', 'Do-gooders' 'Goodie two shoes' at best, and at worst thinking of them as dangerously naïve and unable to perform the darker aspects of their employment that are an inevitability when manning the trenches that ensure the world doesn't fall into either total destruction, slavery, or a new dark age.

One of the first major victories of the agents of Warehouse 23 over the forces of disorder, was back during the middle years of the Cold War. A rogue Axis scientist had escaped to America and been conducting experiments in secret, under orders of the Illuminati. He originally began his work in Germany and was now working in America's heartland, unleashing his own inner Dr. Moreau with household cats bred, dissected, modified over rapidly grown generations into being his minions. Unthinking, ruthless, easily programmed to think how the Illuminati wanted them to think. All perfect tools, a slave army that could act as perfect infiltrators and workers when needed.

It might have been funny how cartoonishly evil the doctor. was. If it weren't for the way he would butcher his failures, have his successes go out to kidnap human victims, sometimes sending pets to go after their previous family. Many escaped the mad doctor and it was these escapees that even today perpetuate the myth of cat people in North America. Among those escapees Majestic managed to find a few capable of speech and was able to shut down the Illuminati's plans.

In a rare moment of mercy, Majestic decided not to terminate the mutants. Instead they were brought to Warehouse 23, setting the stage for the kind of behavior this branch of the FBC would be known for.

The Catfolk are still around today, and an active part of Warehouse 23 and a few other facilities that are more tolerant of nonhumans working on their payroll. They have nowhere else to go, and by serving Majestic, they ensure their own survival so long as the conspiracy itself survives. Better to be the useful housecat that is fed and sheltered, instead of the mountain lion that is shot on sight. Its not so bad though. Now they have purpose, and even their own home.

Aside from being a storage place for strange objects and entities, Warehouse 23 also serves as the home for the Catfolk, where they can live, grow, find enjoyment in movies, music, and living out their lives. While they mainly exist within the 5th floor of the underground facility (designed as one of many doomsday bunkers and fashioned to look like an old Golden Age American town) the Catfolk do not sit idle. They were freed from their bonds and the shackles of the Illuminati, given a place to live and thrive. But they know the Illuminati is still out there, and by helping Majestic, they are ensuring their own survival.

For the catfolk that reside within Warehouse 23, they find comfort in continuing their routines and being helpful to Majestic for giving them a home. They participate in experiments with science staff, work logistics/technical support for MJ-12 during night shifts, help with internal security and in maintaining the facility. For some of them it is all that they have ever known and they are quite adept at their tasks, even if some of the systems within the old warehouse are quite antiquated.

In all honesty, they prefer it. While some may be forced to learn and study the modern world to better assist MJ-12 agents, they enjoy the simplicity of the time era that most resembles that of when the facility was originally built and furnished. The outside world changes too fast for their liking and there is power in old objects that have been maintained.

A few have even been lucky enough to be selected for the Night-Stalkers. The only real strike force for Majestic that allows their kind to participate. Mostly due to their more nocturnal nature, superior night sight, and general feline agility and stealth.

Adopting non-humans is a rare thing, but it does happen among many groups, not just Majestic. The English Order of Blades has their Owlmen. The French have their undead Templars, the Chinese has Terracotta soldiers, and Russia has its Baba-Yaga. The Illuminati has quite the menagerie to use against Majestic. So every bit of an advantage MJ-12 can have, it will use. Hence the importance of warehouse 23.

Not everything that is within it can be used immediately. Some things require a great deal of study before they can be applicable in Majestic's war. The Warehouse handles many things that must be maintained, guarded, protected, studied, until it is determined to be safe enough to send elsewhere or a practical use has been found for it. Sometimes its better to just bury it in concrete and forget about it.

Either way, it will be handled with discretion and by the top men, women, and cats, that the bureau has to offer for Majestic in its eternal war to ensure the safety of our little world.

Welcome to Majestic, Welcome to the Bureau, Welcome to Warehouse 23.

So now down to the nitty gritty. You are probably wondering what this is about if all that came above was too confusing. Part of this was me just wanting to appease my muse which as of late has been hungry for Men In Black like stories and similar tales from the perspective of the suits instead of plucky nosey people trying to unravel the conspiracy. But I wouldn't mind playing out a story as I detailed above and will explain below.

I'm interested in playing a game set within and using the GURPS book 'Warehouse 23'. Maybe GURPS Illuminati, Black Ops, Conspiracy X (The superior version of the X-Files) and other books of theirs that may be applicable to this kind of setting and idea could also be very good to toss in as well. The Illuminati will be one of the main antagonists, as will be aliens, monsters, demons. But I don't want this to become super serious and Grimdark. Let there be a level of humor to it. If you've ever seen the Men In Black movies, think of it like that but with slightly darker tones to it and more than just aliens.

A lot of inspiration for this comes from the FBC from the Remedy game 'Control'. I really love the tone, aesthetics, and atmosphere of the Bureau in that game, and I just couldn't help but want to emulate it. I took the same name and emblem of the group, but the Oldest House and the events of the game do not exist within this setting I have headcannoned.

I am interested in playing out a campaign as a new Majestic/Federal Bureau of Control agent, and all that entails. I am hoping to find a partner willing to GM it for me and possibly help me learn and play the system. Now I am still getting used to System Games in general and will likely make many mistakes. So some patience is required.

I am looking for a game where roleplaying is just as important as the actual rolls, not a constant dungeon crawl or having to make a roll for things as simple as opening a door. I may just be being paranoid but the way I have always liked it is like this 'No rolls needed for just driving a car from point A to B. But a roll is needed to do tricks, race through traffic or tail someone while driving'. I'd like character interaction to be a thing and exploring the Warehouse when there is downtime between missions.
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