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Hello! I am Wenterburn, and this is my thread.
Mostly, on E, I write stories about characters
who undergo a male-to-female transformation,
usually through magical or sci-fi means. (MTF TG, or TFTF)

I have many lovely partners and many exciting threads...
But I am also greedy. I always want more.  ::)
If these ideas interest you -- PM me! Don't write your replies here.

Sometimes an idea will strike, or an image will inspire me.
Rather than let it rattle around my (empty) skull,
I'd rather write it down.

Presenting: 101 TG Plots.


001: Race Ace to Trophy

A promising up-and-coming racecar driver is caught in a horrific driving accident.
Laid up in hospital with burns and broken bones, his rival offers him a second chance in life -- and a way to stay on the track.
With no other options, he makes a deal with the devil and says yes.

When he wakes up, he's a beautiful blue-eyed blonde-haired babe... and female!
His rival has turned him into the perfect trophy wife, and though he still allows her to race,
Her job is now simply to look pretty, cheer him on like a cheerleader... and watch her rival win race after race...

Wearing revealing dresses, by his side smiling...just a trophy.

What Inspired Me? Lindsay Marie Brewer, who started as a pretty decent amateur racing driver...
Racing Driver
She regularly posts photos of herself in a bikini to instagram...
Instagram Babe

And now has her own OnlyFans / pay-for-photos fan site.
I think she literally has gone from Race Ace to Babe.


002: "My Butt is all over the Internet"

It's been a couple years. Almost long enough for you to forget, and for everything to become normal again.
The first time when you woke up, and had to put on a thong. When you realised you'd gone from wearing boxers to wearing panties for the rest of your life.

The shock. The humiliation. The shame.
The strange feel of lace and silk and stretchingness around your hips. The gentle cupping between your legs. The wedgie -- but then you had so much more butt now.
And then, of course, there were the bras. You had breasts now. They bounced, they shifted, they jiggled, they drew the attention and gazes of men and women.

After that, they told you what your new life was going to be. The underwear, the lingerie wasn't just going to be your private humiliation, your own personal indignity.
Oh no. You were going to be a lingerie model. The world was going to see you in them, be motivated to shop based on pictures of you, jerk off to pictures of you.
You were going to be an underwear model. Held up in front of the world, packaged as the epitome of feminine beauty and sensuality.

Day after day, putting on clothes to take them off in front of a crew of make-up artists, photographers and stylists.
Wearing just a bra, or a matched lingerie set, or just a thong with your hands covering the rest.
Like muscle memory, but the other way. You forgot what it was like to wear clothes, almost.

So when the picture is snapped, and the controversy begins, you realise -- you're in too deep.

You've forgotten what it was like to be a man.

Your butt is all over the internet.

What Inspired Me? That very picture, off the Instagrams. It caused a minor controversy and Lorena asked "What's the difference? I'm an underwear model. My butt is already all over the internet".


003: Romantic Holiday

"It's a free holiday, think of it as your honeymoon. And all you'll need to do is to look lovey-dovey and pose for selfies!"

It sounded too good to be true. Your friend wanted us to be models for a tropical photo shoot.
She had some pills which would give us the Perfect Body, and she'd only need us for two days out of the week.
(well, maybe three for you -- she had some bikini and lingerie shoots to do as well).

You really wanted to have a holiday, and were willing to do the extra day of bikini shoots.
"Besides, it's not our real faces or our bodies."
We took the pills and fell asleep on the flight...

...but when we woke up, you had the perfect, muscular, masculine male body
And I was in the beautiful, busty body of a gorgeous bikini model...

"Oh well, we're here already, let's just pose for a few photos...
"I'll be the man, and you be the woman. How hard could it be?"

So we posed and we posed, and we posed...
Revealing bikinis. Alluring nightgowns. Romantic poses...

...time to take it to the bedroom.

What Inspired Me? The instagram account of https://www.instagram.com/rohol_official1/, a Korean clothing shop that sells couplewear and bikinis.
They post a ton of bikini pictures (and almost no men), which got me thinking about the story...


004a: eSports to e-Thot

A small time streamer, desperate for the big time, makes a bet with his streamers.
1,000 subscribers, and he would do the next stream in drag.
Not only does he hit his subscription goal, but he also gets a bunch of donations.

The one-off becomes a running joke.
His viewers start making bets with him: get hair extensions, get nails, start wearing make-up.
Slowly, he gets a P.O. Box and his fans start sending him clothes.

Then, the bets escalate.
Only wear panties. Feminine pajamas only. Throw away all your male clothes. Corset. Fake boobs. Lashes.
And slowly...he's starting to like it.

004b: eSports to eGirl -- Two Player Edition
He's a retired eSports pro who needs to make money from streaming.
She's a make-up and beauty artist who's losing viewers too.

When he makes a bet to crossdress on stream, she knocks on his door and proposes a deal.
She helps him with his make-up, feminine clothing, and dressing as a girl.
Meanwhile, her stream visitors teach her about fitness, working out and eating right.

By the end of the three month period, he looks like a girly-girl...

What Inspired Me? F1nn5ter, whose entire story seems to be this, as people send him lingerie and make bets with him to only wear skirts and so forth. edit: his latest bet is to wear boobs for a month, which sounds fun.
But before him, famously, was C9 Sneaky, who not only enjoys crossplaying but whose girlfriend is a pro cosplayer/makeup artist...
eSports to Cosplay


The Dancer

"Oh, I think we know what your job really is. Dancing for tips, not wearing very much... what do you call yourself again? A performing artist?"


"Every man has his price, you see. And you owe me a debt. I don't care how you pay it off, but every day you have a debt is another day you're stuck in that soft, bouncy, sexy body and not your own.

"So keep doing your videogame streams. Or better yet, do more of those dance stream. I heard you got a few thousand dollars just from tips alone. Could be pretty lucrative if you let them chose your outfit...and teased them to pay for you to take it off. Oh, yeah. A little like a stripper...

"It's your fault for owing your debt to the mob. Now it's time to collect. And you can do it on stream, or on your back. Better get dancing..."


What Inspired Me? The modern phenomenon of streamers, especially Korean Broadcast Jockeys ("BJs") who, uh, have a certain flavour of streaming. Gif1 Gif2


The Purse
or, Piece by Piecemeal

It started with a woman's handbag, small and innocuous, that appeared out of nowhere. It was, somehow, yours. Then more things changed. Running tights became cute short shorts. Boxers became boy shorts.


The changes were never very big, never very drastic. A bra. A thong. A nightie. Small items, nothing crazy, just little changes from day to day.


Couldn't be that anything magical, or out-of-the ordinary was happening, right? You might as well wear stockings with lingerie. Heels went nicely with dresses. And the swimsuit was for swimming, right?


And then one day you woke up, and you couldn't remember why it felt so natural to be wearing underwear all the time. Why wearing a bikini felt like the most natural thing. And  you couldn't really remember, but hadn't you been a man before all this?

How did you become a woman?


What Inspired Me? Several stories, including Hikaro's Twisting My Life, which goes from The Purse to The Wedding Ring; and the classic, The Facsimile Machine
Facsimile Machine Spoilers

      , where each 'Fax' is a change that arrives for the protagonist.



It started with a strange, guilty-pleasure: listening to ASMR. Using those in-ear earphones really made it feel like they were there, whispering to you. And those content creators were shrewd and smart, starting to create roleplays. Like this one, with the big sister listening to you and being comforting. Or this one, with a big sister offering to do your makeup...

A guilty pleasure became an obsession. Started listening to more and more roleplays. Started putting together playlists. Prom dress fitting. You upgrade your headphones to bone-conduction software. You try out sensory deprivation baths. And you get a pair of VR goggles so you can watch the video as if you were seeing it with your own eyes, making the roleplay as real as possible...

They say to be careful. You are what you eat; you assume what you consume.

And the more you listen, the more these little moments become hypnotic suggestions and patterns in your head, taking over your life, turning dreams into reality...


008aMid-Career Change

Just a quick jot this time for one of my favourite stories:
Corporate meddling causes things to turn a little weird.

There are several variations:


008bUnder New Womanagement
Corporate Setting; Changed & Stuck, Consequences#8b[/center]

“Please,” I begged and panted. “Do it. Seal the changes, make the spell permanent. Finish me, fuck me. Please!”

I had experienced too much; the spell was too strong. What was left of my mind had been overwhelmed by the sensations and suggestions and spellwork. There was nothing left to do; I felt powerless. I just had to accept the changes. I was resigned to becoming the typical office secretary for the rest of my life.

And that was the moment when the office door flew open and Fion came in.

Trevor was so shocked he went down easily to the taser. I screamed, of course, then Fiona wrapped me in a towel and I blacked out.

“What am I going to do with you?” she sighed. Her eyes roved over my naked form, on the hotel bed. Even with just her in the room my instincts were to put myself on show. Shyly, I tried to cover up, but only shifted my thighs invitingly, opening for her, while a hand clutched to my chest pushing out my perfect breasts. Fion's eyes reflected a mix of emotions running through her. There was a touch of envy -- my body was sculpted like a sensual goddess, inviting and appealing to all types. Pity, perhaps, at my diminished state and squandered potential. But also a kind of sympathy and pain -- we had been dating, after all. And suddenly, resolve and hope? She had an idea.

“Look, I — I dated a few girls but I wanted to marry a man. I don’t think we can change you but I can amp up my own interest in women… and make more changes to you. I’m not into the blonde busty bimbo nympho type.

“I’m not a bimbo,” I protested, which made her crack a smirk.

So now she made me her vivacious, curvy redheaded trophy wife. I’m an underwear model slash submissive secretary type. I make a mean coffee and sometimes have extra-long "one-on-ones" with her in her office. I never quite got that promotion or made it higher than Personal Assistant. But I'm happy and now I'm married to Fion.

I suppose life was simpler Under New Womanagement.

What Inspired Me? A series of "Corporate Setting Sex Changes";

  • Imperator Mentus' Unbalanced Ecosystem, where employees are turned into sexy trophy wives
  • ThePrincessLink's Sam's New Life, Where once again the boss turns his employees into hot women, but the victim (and her girlfriend) have a happy life
  • The Professor/TheMightFenek's Daeva: Corporate Culture Trilogy, where employees are turned into sexy women, but there's also a happy ending.


Destination: Girl
Changed, Stuck, Changing

For a man to turn into a woman is terrifying. For a man to turn into a teenage girl is even scarier.


Not only does he become younger; lighter; softer; female -- but the trouble is not over, not by far. First, his body changed into that of a girl; then, it starts to change into that of a woman. A double whammy. Change, after change. No respite for the transformed; one change complete, another change is already in progress.

At eighteen, the cusp of adulthood and the end of teenagehood; things are still in flux. High school becomes College. You're still in school, but also treated as an adult. Your body hasn't quite finished changing, maturing, becoming its permanent adult form; yet you're still a child, a cocoon, a caterpillar in metamorphosis.


And the physical changes are just one aspect of it. The social aspect is another. You're told what to do. How to behave. How to dress. Your behaviour is expected and enforced - by peers, by parents, by authority figures like teachers. All of a sudden, you're restricted by people you could ignore. You've lost control. Don't swear. Don't be crude. Don't dress to distract the boys. What are you wearing, young lady? You're patronised and condescended to within an inch of your life.

And speaking of dress... Dresses and skirts. No pockets, nothing practical like that, you've got to carry a purse or sling a handbag. Shoes barely fit or pinch at the heels and toes. And don't get started on bras -- you'll have to wear one the rest of your life...


What Inspired Me? I've always been a fan of TG and AR, and I just like the idea of the age-regression gender-change double whammy :)

Excerpts from Lisa Change 1

He was too busy staring at the girl he now was.

She was ever so slightly chubby, in a puppy fat sort of way, but she wore it well, and the overall effect was cute; the face of a pretty, girl-next-door type who you might want to marry and have babies with. She was short – way shorter than Alex was used to being – but not excessively so.

Her hips were wide, curvy. Her fingers ended in longish nails painted a light shade of green. Her lips were big and soft, her ears tiny, her nose a cute little button. But it was her breasts that really drew his eyes.

Attached to him, they felt huge. Two big, ripe things that strained at the fabric of her pajama top, creating distinctive swells even when – like now – she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Alex could feel them, dangling from his new chest. Jiggling slightly every time he moved, every time the car went over a bump. Taunting him. Reminding him of his newfound femininity,
reminding him that he was now a shy, pretty teen girl just starting to blossom into womanhood.

With a feeling of vertigo, Alex took in the two fleshy bumps, poking out from his frame, announcing to the world that he was a girl. That his male form was long gone, now the property
of somebody else.

And then he saw the clothes Lena had kicked off beside her bed the night before, not bothering to pack them away. The pile of skirts and shirts and socks, with a little pair of lacy panties and a large, delicate looking bra lying on top. A bra just like those he would now be forced to wear, every single day until the day he died.

Unless Alex could figure a way out of this fast, he was going to spend the rest of his life as a cute, miserable schoolgirl.
Excerpts from Lisa Change 2

At that moment, something seemed to click in Simon’s mind. A strange switch was flicked, and he suddenly became horribly aware of several things at once.

The first was how much smaller he suddenly was. His body, too seemed to take up less space.

“Sofia…? Sofia, are you…?”

There were other things, too. A slight weight on his head and a tickling on the back of his neck from where his very long, very dark hair now fell past his
shoulder blades in a waterfall.

What the-?!

Barely had he begun to form the thought when he suddenly became aware how chilly his legs were, and realized it was because he was now wearing a
pale pink patterned summer dress that stopped above his knees. He automatically reached up to touch his body and felt the fabric of the dark blue
cardigan he’d worn over it.

Then his trembling new hands touched his narrow shoulders, and the whole world seemed to go spinning away into madness. There, under the fabric of his cardigan and light dress, he could feel the raised bump of two straps, nestled snugly over his shoulders, holding his bra in place.

Trembling all over, trying not to scream, Simon slowly lowered his head, looked down at his own body. Took in its slender, hairless legs, its swollen
hips, already beginning to push outwards as puberty took its course, its narrowing waist. As he did so, he realized he now felt different, too. Realized he could now
feel the way his new breasts nestled in their bra cups. Realized he could feel the impossibly thin panties clinging to his curves.

Took in the gentle swell of his two budding breasts, finally past the training bra stage and starting to show, to show the woman he was only a few short years away from becoming.

For a moment, Simon simply stared in uncomprehending terror at his strange new body, at the body of the teenage girl he was now trapped as. At the teenage body of Sofia.

For a moment, he simply stared. It was only when that moment had passed that he started to scream.
Excerpts from Lisa Change 3

Trembling, the cursed man staggered back into his bedroom. Threw open his closet, started frantically digging through.

Less than 90 seconds had passed when he let out his first scream.

All of his clothes had changed, or were changing, reforming themselves as slowly, as inexorably as his body.

His jeans were all skinny now, mostly with trendy little rips and holes down the front, so tight they looked like you’d have to fight to get into them.

His casual t-shirts were all changing shape, becoming tank tops of various sizes. The two smart shirts he kept for meeting clients now looked more like blouses.

His underpants had all shrank, become flimsier, taking on the appearance of panties. His socks were all becoming either tiny, flimsy ankle socks, or growing longer and turning into stockings.

Finally, at the back, Jessie found something that almost made him burst into hysterical laughter. Neatly stacked at the very rear of his closet, a set of seven bras were slowly pulling themselves into existence, knitting together out of nothing, their cups already half-formed.

Quietly, Jessie picked one up. Felt it in his hands. How real it was.

He sat down slowly on the edge of his bed. Looked at what he was wearing. Of how his body was changing.

There was no longer any denying it. No longer any need to pretend the obvious wasn’t happening.

He saw the gently budding breasts now growing from his chest. The way his waist was tighter, the way he dressed with a slip of stomach on display.

But that wasn’t the most striking set of changes. No, to see those, you’d have to look much closer.
See the way Jessie’s hips swell outwards somewhat, still growing and changing as they grow towards womanhood?
See Jessie’s B cup breasts, still developing, swelling out from their chest, bouncing slightly as they walk?
See Jessie’s face, now not only round and feminine, but younger, too?

Somehow, against all the laws of God and nature… …Jessie was turning into a woman.
Excerpts from Writing.com

"W-what are we doing here?" I asked timidly.

"Shopping duh." Amanda says pulling me in with her. We scampered past some other girls my age looking at various clothing. I noticed all the racks of training and normal (albeit small) bras hanging. Amanda pulls a clerk over to us.

"Yeah, my sister here started uh, growing up there. She needs a fitting."

"This her first real one?" the clerk asks.

"Yep." Amanda gleefully says. The clerk then takes me by the hand and into a dressing room. I can hear my two sisters whispering back and forth outside.

"Ok, I need you take your shirt off." she asked me. "We need to fit you, it's ok to be a little embarrassed, all girls have to go through it."

The clerk came back shortly with a bright pink bra with her. I slide it up and she tells me to lean over while she hooks it up.The cups around my buds as she finishes adjusting the shoulder straps. This feels good. My chest feels better, my back doesn't ache and my body seemed to accept it naturally. I tug on the shoulders slightly and feel my small chest rise with the bra.

"A perfect fit." the clerk says. "I know, it's a bit awkward at first. You'll get used to it." she tries to reassure me.

"I-I don't want to get used to this." I mumble.

"Well, whether you want to or not, you'll have to get used to it. Your breasts are going to be there your entire life." she continues to talk.

And then I realized how deep those words stung. The rest of my life, and not only that, they were going to get bigger! I was going to have every man's affections bouncing off my chest forever! Suddenly the bra became oddly tight, I felt trapped as if I were in a cage. I became totally weak. I was a girl, and the parts that made me such were stuffed in this piece of clothing only meant for girls, and I was trapped in this...maybe forever.

I meekly stood there in the pink bra, unable to make a decision on what to do. My sisters spoke to the clerk and bought a variety of bras in different colors and patterns. I objected of course, but my sisters would have none of it. They bought them all and we headed home.

Whenever I tried to speak my mind or explain myself, I felt it. For some reason breathing slightly heavier to talk made me feel it. It sat there on my chest holding me down. I'd try to speak my mind but then I'd feel it, and immediately become embarrassed and quiet down. I couldn't be myself because it was there, pinning me in a corner and reminding me of what had happened.

The next day my bra felt tight, and I noticed my chest had grown. Back to the mall, another size up.

After a long shower and hair straightening, I went to get dressed. I went to my dresser and into the underwear drawer. Of course, there they were. Colorful ones, frilly ones, sports ones, strapless ones. Why did I own so many of these again? I pulled a soft pink plain one. I always felt the need to have one like this around. I slung my arms through, pulled it up, and clasped it in the back. The "other" twins lifted and separated, as I tugged and adjusted the shoulder straps. I looked down, unable to see past my chest. Sorry girls, I can't let you out. It's just the way. Things had gotten weird so fast I didn't notice them all at once. Then I noticed the time and had to hurry to get to school.

Oh, I'm a D by the way....just barely.


The Hailee Nightmare
Changed, Stuck, Changing#10

"What the hell is going on, Hailee?!"

"It's not nice for a future young lady to swear," Hailee beamed back. "And you are going to be a young lady.

"By Monday Morning, you're going to wake up as me...Hailee. A cute, strawberry blonde in high school. Boys gawking at your legs, parents giving you chores and curfews, and nobody taking you seriously. You can deal with the rest of my life, when I steal yours. Oh, before I forget. Here's all my clothes and things...and this small bag here's my underwear. I mean, your underwear Hailee."

The Hailee Nightmare starts when someone, out of nowhere, with no explanation, marches right up to you and says: You're going to become a girl.

Specifically, her; Hailee. It's happening, there's no way out.

What do you do when your identity is taken from you, and you're squeezed into someone else's life, forever?

What Inspired Me? Following on from Destination: Girl, this is an excellent, specific execution by Mikkelm in his superlative (unfinished) series, the Katy Nightmare


Busted to Basics: Booty Camp
Army Setting; Reality Change; Permanent#11a

In grim darkness of the future, there is only war.
For war you need soldiers; but you don't need all that testosterone sloshing around, wreaking havoc and defiance up the command line.
So our best eggheads did something with genetics and economics and figured out one way to have more compliant soldiers...is to just make bootcamp female-only.

Four Scenes From Boot Camp

“Listen, ladies,” barked Drill Sergeant Beast, her voice like a foghorn. Behind her, Captain Ada tried to keep a straight face. “You’re in the Army now, and you WILL do your duty to the nation.

“Our top eggheads say your dicks get you in trouble during boot camp.  Excess aggression, high risk appetite and rebellion against authority. We can’t have that.

“So each and every one of you mother sons is going to walk into that Role Exchanger and come out with a clean, cute coochie tonight. Graduate boot camp, you’ll make private and get your privates back. Get pregnant … and you’ll serve the Mother Corps. Fall in!

“Recruit Forrest, I thought I was here to lead PT, not judge a wet T-shirt contest. Why can I see your titties?”

Forrest, a god-fearing farmboy from the South,  was crying. Tears were rolling down his face and splashing on his heaving bosom. He just couldn’t do it. Beast reached out and cupped Forrest between his jelly legs. She then put Forrest’s hands between her own thighs.

“Back in the day, they gave sergeants a Baton of Office. A Big Stick that shows they’re in charge. This is my Stick, understand, soldier? And if you want yours back, you will by god put on your government-issued Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra right now.”

Forrest was on his knees, sucking off Sergeant Beast. She grunted, and Forrest turned and lifted his hips, offering it to her. When they said Sgt Beast took her privates seriously, they weren't kidding. She seriously took Forrest right there and then.

I’d seen enough. I dashed back out into the hallway and collided with Captain Ada. I saw the focus in her eyes, and then they wandered down to my chest, and then back up to my eyes again.

That night, we had dinner in the Officer’s mess.

“I’m joining the Mother Corps,” beamed Forrest, looking like a Southern Belle. Sergeant Beast had to wipe away a few tears as she pinned the insignia to his uniform, right above his swollen belly.

“They’re moving me to Chanel Base,” explained Captain Ada, as she pinned BEST RECRUIT under my tits. “I’ll need an orderly. Someone to manage my office, clean my rooms, iron my uniforms.”

“Are you asking me?” I batted my lashes coyly. Hey, I was a private now. Make up was allowed. Captain Ada had secured a special outfit for me, one with standard-issue heels, but a blouse one size too small, and a skirt two inches too short.

“There’ll be a uniform inspection every day. And I was thinking…” Captain Ada moved closer, guiding my hands to the front of her skirt. “I was thinking you could keep that pussy of yours.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Pink is the New Black
Prison Setting; Reality Change; Permanent#11b

Another place where testosterone is deeply unnecessary? Prison.
All these convicts with long sentences and nothing to do.
People riot, fight, die and cost the state a lot of money. And they all try to work out to fight better, which means more food and more cost.

Much easier, then, just to turn them all into women. Lower biomass means less food, and suppressed testosterone means no muscle.
About the worse they can do is pull hair or land scratches. But in the meantime, subtle conditioning means they fight in different ways; gossiping, being catty and emotionally manipulative, toying with fashion and make-up...

Of course, this means all the prison guards have to be women too; either voluntarily or otherwise. And if the genetic history of the convict happens to be accidentally deleted before they're let out...


Boss Babe
Reality Change; Permanent;#12


Small Town Girl
Reality Change; Sweet & Sentimental; Permanent#13

They say you can never go home again; but you can if you came from Reminisce Valley.

I left behind my graduating class for college; my high school sweetheart Jennifer for a career; and my niece Julie to move to the big city. But when a random invite brought me back to the Reminisce, i found things had changed.

Little Julie was all grown up, and a teacher at the local high school. Jennifer had become Mayor Wyrdey, and she was out to create the best small town in the country. She invited me into a room in her office, and when I woke up, I was young again. Back in high school. But a girl.

Now, Mayor Wyrdey is having me re-live her life as the perfect small town girl in high school, achieving her dreams, being captain of the cheerleading team...and settling down with my high school sweetheart. Gulp.

What Inspired Me? People obsessed with creating a small town. It's a theme that's everywhere from Stepford Wives to Hot Fuzz, but also in Beachhead.

Excerpts from The Professor's Beachhead

I was sitting up now, my attention suddenly drawn to the odd sensations on my chest as two perfectly-formed breasts swayed just at the bottom of my line of vision. I had never seen breasts from such an angle before. I found myself studying them, as if they were some detached exhibit placed in front of me. From my perspective, they were absolutely huge, although I was to learn later, they were quite in proportion to the rest of me. My addled mind found their appearance completely fascinating, partially browned in an even tan, then white as my gaze moved more toward the nipples. A bikini line, I reasoned, examining a few tiny moles.

The voice said calmly. “Why not stand up and take a look in the mirror? We can talk later.”

The girl looking back at me in the mirror was attractive – not beautiful, but she would still turn more than a few heads. Her face was cute. Even without makeup, the face was attractive. Her eyes were large and blue, with dark, arched eyebrows raised in surprise. The hair was chestnut brown, flowing down in front in soft waves nearly to the nipples of my breasts.

Yes, breasts.

I could feel the long hair brushing down my back as well, but the sensation of the hair caressing the tops of my breasts was far more overpowering than the feeling of hair running past my shoulder blades. The breasts were large without being obscenely huge. They swayed as I moved and seemed to have a personality of their own, given the large pinkish nipples and pronounced shape. I was to learn later that they were 34C’s – not overly large for my new five- five frame – but they were the most spectacular I have ever seen up close and personal.

“Everybody has a role to play here in our community. I guess it was decided that you’d be a sweet young thing. Take a look.” She held out an ID. I snatched it out of her hand and looked at it. This one had the name “Amanda Mae Stone” printed on it.

I practically got ill as I saw the “F” for female, followed by a birth date. It was the right day but the wrong year. According to my new ID, I was barely eighteen. The occupation said “Student – Senior Hawthorne City High.”


Perfect Partner
Physical & Personality Change; Process Permanent #14a

A spell goes wrong, technology goes awry, and a man is changed into a Perfect Partner for someone -- but as a woman.

What Inspired Me? Several ideas going on at the same time;

  • RH Music's The Perfect Match, where VR tech changes behaviour and thinking, and the bodily changes then follow
  • Anon Allsop's The Linking Spell, where a boy is 'Linked' to his friend, and takes on the characteristics of what his friend is attracted too
  • Also, Anon Allsop's Prolfiic Scorer, where a boy assembles the perfect body by copying the traits of his classmates. A sweet, silly little story


Clothes Make the Girl
Physical Change; Detailed Process; Permanent #14a

One of my favourite tropes and processes; clothes fly out of a closet, slowly transforming a man into a girl.

What Inspired Me? Many, too many to name. Here are some well done ones.

  • From Fiction Branches, a story where a niece puts together several pieces of clothing to make her uncle the perfect cheerleader
  • SapphireFoxx has a variety of animations - my favourite being Loyal Customers, although The Coed Curse and You Take It You Wear It are also great


Just Pictures

There's no plot here; just a ton of incredibly sexy pictures by Ariadna (@ari-maj).
The pictures just capture a sense of utter femininity that's hot and sensual and gets my engines going.
You could almost tell a story with these images; of a man transformed into a woman, struggling with the feminine trappings of lace and lingerie and skirts.

The new girl struggling with learning why breezes and skirts don't mix; why women wear bras and sit with their knees together, or why wearing lingerie to bed feels so good...


And then slowly, a little more teasing. Experimenting with a low-cut top and short skirt. 'Accidentally' sitting with legs apart, and 'forgetting' to wear a bra. Trying out lingerie, first as a joke, and then as habit. Without even thinking, she's becoming someone a little more confident, exploring their sexuality, letting the femininity embrace them...


And ending up with a girl confident in herself, accepting of her sex and sexuality, and even teasing...


A picture tells a thousand words, after all...

What Inspired Me? Obviously, the images.



I was looking up a young, upcoming model when I saw this on her portfolio:


And just like that, I thought, she had been pigeonholed and trapped into a career of bikinis and lingerie.


Imagine spending an entire day, primping and posing, taking thousand of pictures as part of your career, and when they are finally published, your face isn't even in the pictures. You're not even a person -- you're a pair of tits.


They say if you're not paying for it -- you're the product. But they're just using you to sell the product; you're just the mannequin. The pair of breasts to drape the bra on.


And casting videos all become... https://gfycat.com/querulousmasculinegoose-elizabeth-turner


The Babysitter

(to be added)

What Inspired Me? Many, too many to name. Here are some well done ones.

  • From TG Storytime, NurseTingle's Transitions in Babysitting. A boy takes up the role of babysitter, finds himself growing breasts and turning into a girl, because the baby has magic powers and is warping reality...


Brand Babe
#18; Boss Babe 2

Lingerie was designed for men.
Oh, women wear it; but it's their men who get to enjoy it, who fantasise about it, who get enthralled about it.
That's why 'underwear model' is still a fantasy for men.

If given a chance, the men would fill their women's wardrobe with lingerie and nothing else...

You wake one moment, in a familiar bed, with her beside you. What's unfamiliar is what you're wearing, how well it fits you and what your body looks like now.

"W-what happened to me?"
"You've become your own fantasy. You're an underwear model...


"Is this a joke?"
"Not at all. This is all the sexy underwear you've thought about buying for me ... now all in your wardrobe. It's yours to wear now. Oh, and the outfits too."


"See through dresses, bodysuits as tight as corsets, tops that come off easily, skirts that are so short...
"Nothing touches your body but softest silk or smoothest satin thinnest lace. Bows and patterns and flowers everywhere...


"Time to walk a mile in my stockings..."

What Inspired Me? Obviously, the images by babe @still_need. https://www.asian-sirens.net/wp/2020/12/kang-hye-ji-still_need/ https://jeenus.com/%EA%B0%95%ED%98%9C%EC%A7%80still_need/


The Becomer
#19; Slow Body Swap

The Becomer is a simple talisman that allows two people to Become each other.
My girlfriend has used the family heirloom to become different versions of herself, and now she needs to be male for a weekend.

On the first day, she made me put on a pair of her thong and lace bralettes. By night time, I was starting to shrink and losing weight, and she looked stronger and taller.
On day two, reality began to shift, as people started treating us as our new genders.
On day three, our personal preferences began to shift, and we began to remember things as if they were always like this.

What Inspired Me? A specific chapter of the story Pastorale in E by Sunflower.


Daddy-Daughter Bra Shopping
#20; Slow body change, role swap

Through some situation or other, her father has been transformed. No longer in his older, stringer, bigger, masculine body, he's now a body that's decidedly smaller and weaker and more feminine. Daddy looks more like a daughter now -- more like a younger sister, in fact.

So it falls on her to take 'daddy' shopping for bras and panties and girly underwear. And in a strange way, she decides to take revenge and push her daddy's buttons. No boring boy shorts or T-shirt bras for daddy -- it's all frilly lacy stuff and push-up bras and skimpy thongs, all the underwear he forbade her to wear...

And of course, he's got to carry the bright pink paper bag home.

What Inspired Me?
I saw a lady sauntering past in shorts and the neon pink bag of a lingerie brand, and realised for her, it was just another day shopping for underwear. But if a gent had to do so, it'd be embarrassing and humiliating in different ways.

Much of the work of Cheryl Anderson, which includes New Family Dynamic and Prom Wish recently, but also Daughter's Curse and Big Sister

Scene from New Family Dynamic

"Libby, don't we have enough?" I remember him saying, when I handed him another bra.

"Trust me Julia, you'll want some frilly bras and matching thongs for certain outfits." The truth was I didn't know that, but it seemed a shame to only embarrass him with standard while t-shirt bras. He said he couldn't figure out how to put a bra on, which was just passive aggressive. So I boldly went into his changing room and arranged the bra over his shoulders and did the front clasp. I gave him a look like, "really? You couldn't figure this out?" And he stamped his foot a little and blushed. So cute. He said it didn't fit, and I reached into the cups and settled his perky boobies into the cups.
Scene from Prom Wish

Jenny's didn't fit, and I didn't see the point of buying a wardrobe for two weeks. The one issue was bras. I was a 34dd, but and Daniela was a 32c. So after a humiliating trip to Victoria's Secret I was outfitted with half a dozen bras, including a strapless pushup one in case I needed it for prom, and a dozen panties. I just wanted plain, but Amanda slipped in some lacy thongs, "for prom," she said. And every time she invoked prom, I went into a little trance. She recognized that and used it over and over.

After the humiliation with Jenny in Victoria's Secret, where she teased me mercilessly, and insisted on coming in the dressing room with me to show me how to put on bras and how to "arrange your boobies" properly, which involved me bending over and putting a hand in a cup and settling them in, she then took me to a salon on the pretense to have some bangs cut to get the hair out of my eyes, but instead had them do a full cut and perm and highlights session ($350!) so my already pretty hair was now this gorgeous, flowing mane, I had had enough of my daughter. And if anything, the bangs and layers made me look younger. There was no getting away with the fact I was "a hottie," as the beautician called me. I wasn't beautiful like Amanda, I was just drop-dead cute. They put some pink ribbons in my hair and made little high pigtails before I could object.


Superhero to Damsel in Distress
#21; role swap / role reversal

(to be completed)



The Prince as Bride
#22; Physical change TG, forced to play a new role

   "Hello, my Prince."

"Forgive me, I should refer to you as my princess. Perhaps you prefer my beloved? Or my bride-to-be...

"Have you chosen a dress yet? Each one softest silk and luscious lace, delicate and yielding just like your new feminine curves. So very unlike the mighty steel and armour you used to wear..."


"I'm sure you've noticed there's no escape from this room. The only way out is into the throne room, where the empire will witness our marriage. You may keep the tiara, but I shall be the one wearing the crown.


"To the victor go the spoils, and once I have my final victory, I shall spoil you very much, indeed. You shall preen and be pretty, and all shall admire and gawk and lust after your beauty, knowing that you belong to me, in mind, body, and soul...thanks to the collar."


"Pout all you wish, my princess. I suppose it is the last ounce of resistance you can muster, especially since we turned your little sword into flowers. When you are ready to submit, you know what you must do. I look forward to your conquest...

"My princess."


What Inspired Me? There are many stories of the Prince-turned-into-Princess or Knight-into-princess story.

I was inspired by the first shot of the lady in bridal lingerie and a tiara, and the numerous dresses around her.

Original product listing: https://chuu.co.kr/product/%EC%9B%A8%EB%94%A9%EB%A7%88%EC%B9%98-brapantie-set/28967/?page_6=2


A Simple Job
#23; role swap / life change

It was a simple wish; you just wished for a simple job.

And then you got greedy.

You wished for a simple job, but you began to want more. Life had been unkind, but you could want a job which helped you keep fit, instead of destroying your health, right? Maybe you could wish for a job that paid well. Maybe, even, you weren't wrong to wish for a job that gave you opportunities, like the chance to travel, meet new people, and maybe even got you a bit of fame and where you got free stuff and sponsor and all that sort of thing.

Be careful what you wish for...

Now, your job is so simple anybody could do it. You even get paid to attend cool events. And you're always in the company of gorgeous women. All you need is to smile...


Smile, and shake your pom-poms, and dance in not very much not clothing, in front of quite a lot of people. All of whom would gladly pay you, for all kinds of things, none of which you want to do for them...

People are always giving you free stuff too, and even the clothes you wear to work...


Your job is as simple as can be: look gorgeous, so people can ogle you.


Your job is as simple as can be: look gorgeous, so people can ogle you.

What Inspired Me? Many, too many to name. Here are some well done ones.

  • Title cribbed from mirali's A nice simple job. A man wishes for a simple job...and also ends up as a dancer.
  • Pictures are taken from real-life cheerleading/dance crew LuxyGirls, who apparently are paid to look amazing and dance, professionally. Can't say I'm not envious.