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Author Topic: WENTERBURN'S THREAD: TG transformations!  (Read 1014 times)

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WENTERBURN'S THREAD: TG transformations!
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:58:48 AM »
Hello! I am Wenterburn, and this is my thread.
On E, I'm here mainly to write roleplays involving gender change; basically male-to-female (TG) transformations.
However, bring me an interesting plot, and let's have a chat and discuss what might work :)

My favourite stories and ideas come from bouncing off someone else, tweaking and rebuilding something that suits all parties.
With that being said, here are some of my favourite themes/settings.

Hello! I am Wenterburn, and here are some recent requests.
On E, I write roleplays involving gender change; basically male-to-female (TG) transformations - and so in the threads below, I'd prefer to play the transformee.
If you'd like to be transformed also, PM me -- let's work something out!

Wolfram Steel was a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist who also happened to be a superhero. Saffron 'Saffie' Sage was an ingenue, his secretary who ended up his lover, running the company and picking up after him. A villainous ploy transforms his body into that of a young girl, locking him out of the suit that gave him his superpowers. As Saffron juggles both superheroics and company duties, she needs an assistant - and the roles are reversed for Wolfram.
// What happens when the roles of Superhero and Damsel are reversed? This combines your ole' CEO/Secretary role reversal with a secret life as superheroes.


// I don't actually have a plot yet - I just think mixing both TG stories and tropes and Mean Girls might be rather interesting to write.

Superheroes & Power Rangers & Magical Girls::
+ In the future, superheroes are like athletes or celebrities; sponsored and managed by corporations. Would you take a sponsorship to be a superhero, if it meant giving up your image rights and gender?
+ The world is in trouble! Five teenagers with attitude receive power coins, only one of the boys gets a pink one, and one of the girls get a blue one...
+ Superhero comics are a little bit unfair to women: they're either sidekicks or damsels in distress or eye candy. What happens when a superhero becomes a damsel...?

Fantasy: Knights & Princesses::
+ There's a dragon that can only be slain by a princess. Is it easier to train a princess to be a knight, or to turn a knight into a princess?
+ A vengeful curse hits a knight, turning an armoured killing machine into the fairest in the land, beloved and lusted after by all.

Schools & Uniforms::
+ AR/TG A doctoral candidate/postgrad finds himself backsliding through age and becoming more feminine. Why's everyone patronising him for his age? And what's with the girl's school uniform in his closet?
+ It started with a bit of crossdressing and ended up somewhere deeper...

Sci-Fi & Robots::
+ Ingynoid: Male mind. Male body dying. Female robot body. Answer?

Here are some keywords so they appear in search: sex change, gender swap, male to female, feminization, feminisation, gender bender, MtF transformation, M2F, boy to girl.

Inspirational images:
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Suddenly Popular, from Blackshirtboy - exactly the plot I'd love

Unknown model. Would love to end up like her:

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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 05:59:13 AM »
Here are some of my lingering favourite ideas; there's just something cool about these plots or ideas.

Role - Reversal / Power Loss
These scenarios lend themselves to 1-on-1, or even two who go through a similar situation.
+ Stepford : Wife tricks husband, swapping their roles and genders. Now the manly man's man becomes a girly-girl, and goes from wearing the pants in the relationship to wearing the panties.
+ Suit to Secretary: Similarly an age regression/tg/downward status tale: an executive becomes a young secretary or intern.
+ #likeagirl: Boyfriend and girlfriend try to swap sports, then start swapping clothes, and end up swapping roles and gender. Athlete/cheerleader or simply basketball v netball!

Sweet & Pretty
...I just want to feel pretty sometimes, OK? I guess part of it is there's something faintly mysterious and feminine about the girl's school uniform/cheerleading outfit/ballet tights. And it plays a little into humiliating the boy-turned-girl, which is a nice kickkink :)
+ Lingerie Model: I like ogling lingerie models; what must it be like, to be gorgeous and have to flaunt it globally? I'd like to find out.
+ Blondie's Lost Summer/Year: #Spoilers# The short of this is a boy is forced to crossdress as a girl as part of a witness protection/disguise. The long is his aunt actively feminizes him; from providing hormones and shapewear to luring him to enroll in a pageant. There are several elements of this I like; a soft domme, a gradual/slow/process feminization, and a strong reason to act and remain female. That the character somehow develops massive breasts which draw massive attention is hilarious and exciting to me.
+ Something involving a girl's school/cheerleading/ballet. I can't figure out all the plots!

Extra Credit
+ Fantasy Adventure: The Ranger is a story about a D&D ranger who puts on a ring and slowly becomes a little girl. It's vivid for the worldbuilding and slow burn transformation. Something similar, set in a D&D/RPG/fantasy world would be pretty cool.
+ META: The Roleplayers: A roleplay about roleplayers and the torments we put our characters through. What if they turn the tables on us, and torment us instead?
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« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2014, 05:59:35 AM »
Some sample writing.
An original setting, but spiritually in Zhor, a fantasy world, where barbarian pirates and Earthman merchants become pleasure slaves at the prick of a syringe. Some genre-defining tales: A Lancer's Tale and A New Lancer's Tale (superb)
We tried our own take on it using Alien technology!

A bumbling bloke offends classy sisters who use magic to help him learn all about America - and growing up as a teenage girl, too! Like it or not, he's spending his gap year - girl!

A witch and her friends decide to play with a little black magic. Twelve girls, twelve pieces of clothing, twelve feminine traits -- and one unsuspecting clueless boy! Will he figure things out before the twelfth change, at the twelfth hour? Is he going to be stuck as a cute little princess, just like Cinderella? And why do they always become cheerleaders in these things? A fluffy homage to Morpheus' Thirteen Names.

Another bestselling pulp adventure featuring the intrepid Captain Fleshmann and the inimitable Lord Butterworth!
In this tale of action and adventure, Fleshmann and Lord Butterworth journey to discover the secrets of the Fertile Valleys of Shambala! Cultists! Airships! Mysterious naked women! And at the centre of it all, a holy pool that holds the secret of paradise - or armageddon instead! Don't miss out on our heroes' latest installment!

Absolute geeks that they are, Ursula and Ellison fill up a playlist of VR scenarios, hit randomize, and jack in. A bug prevents them from jacking out til they complete the playlist, with some questionable scenarios while logged in as each other! They've been a high school prom queen and her beau, a femme fatale assassin and a vampire lord, and now a raging barbarian and the vestal priestess...what's next?

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