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September 20, 2017, 07:55:21 AM
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Author Topic: WENTERBURN'S THREAD: TG transformations!  (Read 811 times)

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WENTERBURN'S THREAD: TG transformations!
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:58:48 AM »
Hello! I am Wenterburn, and this is my thread.
On E, I'm here mainly to write roleplays involving gender change; basically male-to-female (TG) transformations.
However, bring me an interesting plot, and let's have a chat and discuss what might work :)

My favourite stories and ideas come from bouncing off someone else, tweaking and rebuilding something that suits all parties.
With that being said, here are some of my favourite themes/settings.

Hello! I am Wenterburn, and here are some recent requests.
On E, I write roleplays involving gender change; basically male-to-female (TG) transformations - and so in the threads below, I'd prefer to play the transformee.
If you'd like to be transformed also, PM me -- let's work something out!

Wolfram Steel was a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist who also happened to be a superhero. Saffron 'Saffie' Sage was an ingenue, his secretary who ended up his lover, running the company and picking up after him. A villainous ploy transforms his body into that of a young girl, locking him out of the suit that gave him his superpowers. As Saffron juggles both superheroics and company duties, she needs an assistant - and the roles are reversed for Wolfram.
// What happens when the roles of Superhero and Damsel are reversed? This combines your ole' CEO/Secretary role reversal with a secret life as superheroes.


// I don't actually have a plot yet - I just think mixing both TG stories and tropes and Mean Girls might be rather interesting to write.

Superheroes & Power Rangers & Magical Girls::
+ In the future, superheroes are like athletes or celebrities; sponsored and managed by corporations. Would you take a sponsorship to be a superhero, if it meant giving up your image rights and gender?
+ The world is in trouble! Five teenagers with attitude receive power coins, only one of the boys gets a pink one, and one of the girls get a blue one...
+ Superhero comics are a little bit unfair to women: they're either sidekicks or damsels in distress or eye candy. What happens when a superhero becomes a damsel...?

Fantasy: Knights & Princesses::
+ There's a dragon that can only be slain by a princess. Is it easier to train a princess to be a knight, or to turn a knight into a princess?
+ A vengeful curse hits a knight, turning an armoured killing machine into the fairest in the land, beloved and lusted after by all.

Schools & Uniforms::
+ AR/TG A doctoral candidate/postgrad finds himself backsliding through age and becoming more feminine. Why's everyone patronising him for his age? And what's with the girl's school uniform in his closet?
+ It started with a bit of crossdressing and ended up somewhere deeper...

Sci-Fi & Robots::
+ Ingynoid: Male mind. Male body dying. Female robot body. Answer?

Here are some keywords so they appear in search: sex change, gender swap, male to female, feminization, feminisation, gender bender, MtF transformation, M2F, boy to girl.

Inspirational images:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Suddenly Popular, from Blackshirtboy - exactly the plot I'd love

Unknown model. Would love to end up like her:

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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 05:59:13 AM »
Here are some of my lingering favourite ideas; there's just something cool about these plots or ideas.

Role - Reversal / Power Loss
These scenarios lend themselves to 1-on-1, or even two who go through a similar situation.
+ Stepford : Wife tricks husband, swapping their roles and genders. Now the manly man's man becomes a girly-girl, and goes from wearing the pants in the relationship to wearing the panties.
+ Suit to Secretary: Similarly an age regression/tg/downward status tale: an executive becomes a young secretary or intern.
+ #likeagirl: Boyfriend and girlfriend try to swap sports, then start swapping clothes, and end up swapping roles and gender. Athlete/cheerleader or simply basketball v netball!

Sweet & Pretty
...I just want to feel pretty sometimes, OK? I guess part of it is there's something faintly mysterious and feminine about the girl's school uniform/cheerleading outfit/ballet tights. And it plays a little into humiliating the boy-turned-girl, which is a nice kickkink :)
+ Lingerie Model: I like ogling lingerie models; what must it be like, to be gorgeous and have to flaunt it globally? I'd like to find out.
+ Blondie's Lost Summer/Year: #Spoilers# The short of this is a boy is forced to crossdress as a girl as part of a witness protection/disguise. The long is his aunt actively feminizes him; from providing hormones and shapewear to luring him to enroll in a pageant. There are several elements of this I like; a soft domme, a gradual/slow/process feminization, and a strong reason to act and remain female. That the character somehow develops massive breasts which draw massive attention is hilarious and exciting to me.
+ Something involving a girl's school/cheerleading/ballet. I can't figure out all the plots!

Extra Credit
+ Fantasy Adventure: The Ranger is a story about a D&D ranger who puts on a ring and slowly becomes a little girl. It's vivid for the worldbuilding and slow burn transformation. Something similar, set in a D&D/RPG/fantasy world would be pretty cool.
+ META: The Roleplayers: A roleplay about roleplayers and the torments we put our characters through. What if they turn the tables on us, and torment us instead?
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« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2014, 05:59:35 AM »
Some sample writing.
An original setting, but spiritually in Zhor, a fantasy world, where barbarian pirates and Earthman merchants become pleasure slaves at the prick of a syringe. Some genre-defining tales: A Lancer's Tale and A New Lancer's Tale (superb)
We tried our own take on it using Alien technology!

A bumbling bloke offends classy sisters who use magic to help him learn all about America - and growing up as a teenage girl, too! Like it or not, he's spending his gap year - girl!

A witch and her friends decide to play with a little black magic. Twelve girls, twelve pieces of clothing, twelve feminine traits -- and one unsuspecting clueless boy! Will he figure things out before the twelfth change, at the twelfth hour? Is he going to be stuck as a cute little princess, just like Cinderella? And why do they always become cheerleaders in these things? A fluffy homage to Morpheus' Thirteen Names.

Another bestselling pulp adventure featuring the intrepid Captain Fleshmann and the inimitable Lord Butterworth!
In this tale of action and adventure, Fleshmann and Lord Butterworth journey to discover the secrets of the Fertile Valleys of Shambala! Cultists! Airships! Mysterious naked women! And at the centre of it all, a holy pool that holds the secret of paradise - or armageddon instead! Don't miss out on our heroes' latest installment!

Absolute geeks that they are, Ursula and Ellison fill up a playlist of VR scenarios, hit randomize, and jack in. A bug prevents them from jacking out til they complete the playlist, with some questionable scenarios while logged in as each other! They've been a high school prom queen and her beau, a femme fatale assassin and a vampire lord, and now a raging barbarian and the vestal priestess...what's next?

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« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2014, 09:15:27 AM »
Cosplay Bodysuit (w/Crosswire)

The Story Thus Far:
Getting Ready for the Con
Barry Keaton let out a yawn as he walked into the doors of the Mimic Hotel, his duffle bag slung over his shoulder and his hair a mess. He was exhausted from the car ride over, but thankfully he got to sleep most of the way due in part to his bad driving skills and the fact he co-owned the car with an acquaintance that was going to Miami for the week.

Since he was in Miami Barry decided he might as well catch the last day of “Micon” one of the smaller conventions in Miami. While not as long running, large, or as well hosted as the other Miami convention “Supercon” it was notably more lax in terms of rules and regulations, meaning there was a lot more mature costumes and activities. Barry saw no reason to pass up a chance to have some fun and see some smoking hot co-players. It was the last day of the con, but the day was still young and the last day of anything always tended to be the best.

After getting his room key he called the elevator and got in. He was about to ride it to his floor when someone called to hold the elevator...


"Hey, wait!"

Ellison Quinn got in the elevator, duffle bag slumped over his own shoulder. "Aren't we sharin' the room? Not trying to lock me out, are you?"

In the double-room, Ellison claimed the bed closer to the bathroom. By necessity, because of the popularity of Micon, all the two acquaintances could manage was a cramped double-room they had to share for the week. Still, reasoned Ellison, they weren't going to spend much time. First Micon, then the beach, then the massive Cardgame: The Trading tournament thereafter for Ellison. This looked like it was going to be fun.

"You remember our agreement, right?" Ellison grinned wickedly, producing what looked like a fat sleeping-bag roll. "We swap costumes, yes? This one's yours. I'm going to put my on in the bathroom, dibs."


"I wouldn't dream of it, I'm just eager to get to the room and drop my bag off." Keaton said as the two road the elevator to their floor and got off. The room was small, but Ellison had sound reasoning, they weren't going to but there very long and it mostly served as a place to put their stuff and crashed when they were done having fun. He didn't mind having the bed next to the window, they were on the fifth floor so unless someone was really determined, he wouldn't have to worry about anyone peaking in at them.

He was unloading his bag when Ellis brought up the costumes. Keaton sighed and nodded his head, quickly digging through his bag for his stuff.

"Yeah I remember. I still think this is odd though.The costumes themselves are great but these suits are a bit weird. They feel amazing to touch and I'll admit I can't resist trying one on like in our agreement, but we were sent them by accident. What happens when the person who actually ordered them comes looking for them?" Keaton fished out the neatly folded up costume pieces and set his flesh colored roll on top, handing his over to Ellis as he spoke.


"They did say it was specifically for MiCon. Anyway, if the owners are here, they'll recognise the costumes and we can just say we got them by mistake and just decided to wear it."

Ellis grabbed his costume pack and held out a fist for Keaton to bump. "No chickening out, let's do this!"

He disappeared into the restroom and locked the door. A few moments later, a loud, "Oh, you bastard! Damn! Payback is a bitch." emerged from the bathroom. "Fine, I'll wear it, if you wear yours!"

The flesh-coloured skinsuit seemed strangely lifelike; the skin looked more realistic in texture and detail than Keaton's own. Keaton found an instruction sheet scrawled over in Korean, with small figure sketches of how to put on the costume properly. Something clicked staring at the various pieces of black leather, the shape of the costume and the heels on the boots.

The costume...seemed to be made for a woman.


Keaton fist bumped Ellis and smiled "You have a point, I doubt we'll get shot over a simple mix up. He took his own package and began opening it. It wasn't until he heard Ellis's cry that he let out a small laugh, thinking he had tricked his friend into wearing a female costume. However it wasn't till he opened his own that he realized he was in the same boat as friend, since the costume was obviously made for a women.

"Don't worry I will, so you can't back out ether." Keaton said.

Ellis's costume was made up of six pieces. A long, flowing white cape and neck covering, a white thong, a white corset, a pair of silky white gloves, and a pair of white thigh high heeled boots. The last part of the costume was a skin like bodysuit that after being unrolled, was obviously that of a women.

The features were difficult to make out due to being empty and flaccid, but the suit seemed to be made up of a very fair, skin like material with incredibly realistic golden blond hair coming from the top of the head and good female 'assets'. It came with a small pamphlet written in what looked like Polish, with no diagrams or pictures to follow.  However there was a slit in the back of the bodysuit, from the base of the neck to just above the crack of the ass, allowing Ellis at least work out how to get it on.

As Ellis looked over his costume, Keaton looked over his own. He was going to discard the instructions after seeing they were in Korean but saw they had pictures on what to do. He looked them over as he gave his costume a closer look...

Wearing the Costumes

Ellis frowned. Emma Frost was his best guess. To be honest, most of the costume hardly looked like it'd fit, especially the...chest bit, which definitely needed some sort of anti-gravity device to stay on. Ellis stripped naked and put a foot into the suit and tried to step into the boots. No dice.

Sighing, regretting his scheme, Ellis climbed into the rest of the suit, aligned the eyeholes, got himself all tucked in downstairs, and failed to reach the zip by himself. Looks like he needed help...

Ellis looked like some half-made plasticine man in the mirror. Huh. Guess the suit only works once the zip was up.


Outside, Keaton noted that the costume had four pieces:

1. a tiny choker with an actual golden bell, as you would see on a pet cat,
2. a facemask/cowl with cat ears and red goggles (hmm, wonder who Ellis had chosen?)
3. a full body black plastic-latex looking bodysuit that came in one entire piece, with gloves and heels. Keaton noted the single zip from the collar down to just above the crotch, which was the only way in or out of the suit. Going to the bathroom was going to be fun, huh?
4. the fleshy full-bodysuit he was playing with before. Keaton noticed the amazing details on the fingers (painted) and face (long eyelashes, fully made-up) and breasts (stiff, protruding nipples, as if excited). The head and neck flopped forward, leaving only a small hole in the neck area for Keaton to enter.

The instructions depicted a tiny woman pulling open the neck-hole, pulling on the bodysuit, and sealing the neck. Another stick figure (a man) would help do up the clasps which held the bodysuit closed. It seemed the bodysuit needed a friend to open, as the woman was depicted scrabbling for her neck helplessly, before the friend came to free her.


Looking at the suit Barry took a deep breath and stripped out of his clothes. Grabbing the suit by the hole in the neck, Barry brought it down to below his knees and stretched the opening so he could slide his legs in. At first he was worried he would rip the suit, but his worries were dashed when the skin stretched in a very elastic manner. Feeding his legs into the hole he worked them down into the suit until they were in the feet. After adjusting them and giving his toes a good wiggle he began to pull the suit up over his legs.

The suit was incredibly tight but the inside was slick, almost organic feeling in a way. He worked the suit up to his waist with ease, slipping his member into a small pouch inside the suit that seemed to constrict around it once it was inside. After a few more minutes he managed to get the suit on up to his neck, leaving only the head to put on. It was difficult to put on, especially with the long black hair attached to the suits head. Even after tugging it down over his head and lining his eyes, ears, and mouth up with the head he could feel it didn't fit right on him, just like the rest of the suit.

After Ellis stepped out of the bathroom Barry sighed. "We look ridiculous. Well, we should at least seal the suits up before we give up on them. I need help with mine, I assume yours is the same way?"

Barry walked over to Ellis and reached around his back, Ellis doing the same for Barry. As Barry 'zipped up' the back of Ellis's suit, Ellis sealed up the neck of Barry's suit...

Once Ellis's suit was sealed, a wave of extreme warmth washed over his body and he could feel the suit getting tighter and tighter around him. The pressure around his feet intensified and they shrank, becoming dainty and fair, small enough to slip into a pair of high heels. The changes traveled up his legs as the suit warped around them, making them slender and graceful with plump thighs and wide hips.

Ellis lost all feeling in his dick and instead began to feel a strange warmth and sensitivity from the hole between his legs. As that feeling came into play the suit tightened around his waist, squeezing him into an hourglass figure. The flaccid breasts and ass of the suit seemed to come to life. The ass swelled up, becoming firm and smack-able and the breasts went from looking like deflated balloons to large, grab-able c-cup breasts.

His fingers became thin and agile, his arms slender and quick, and his face became that of the suit, a beautiful blond haired women. The final change was in the voice, which went from a gruff male one to a soft, seductive tone.

Even after the changes stopped Ellis's body seemed to tingle for quite a while afterwards.


Ellis clasped Barry's suit shut at the neck and immediately disappeared into the bathroom. The snap of the final clasp rang in Barry's ears, as his body went numb almost instantly. Barry stood paralysed for a brief moment, the rise and fall of his chest the only movement in the room.

Slowly, sensation returned. Invisible fingers seemed to rub his own, squeezing and rolling his flesh out into dainty, slim fingers, sculpting perfectly cut nails, tiny hands, and well-toned, slender arms.

His legs became like batter, flowing slowly, his legs flowing into tiny, arched feet, shapely ankles, gorgeously curved calves and soft, fleshy thighs. Barry could see the room expanding around him, watch lashes growing on the edge of his vision, see his bangs and fringe curling around his face while his body shrank.

Hands. The invisible hands returned, cupping his bottom, pinching his flesh, stretching out his hip bones, curving his spine, squashing his shoulders, sculpting a gorgeous hourglass into his waist. The room grew bigger around him again as Barry's torso shortened in relation to his legs, giving him the shape of a curvy gymnast. A pair of hands began groping and teasing the front of his chest, mashing and moulding his pectorals. They swelled into globes and dropped, sitting proudly on his chest, and continued swelling into double-doubled Ds. Barry could feel a tug in his collarbones, and suddenly his breasts perked up. Fingers poked the inside of his skin, puckering nipples that poked sharply out into the cold air of the room.

The hands tugged on his cheekbones, rubbed his jaw, yanked his hair, plumped his lips. Barry felt his face become beautiful. Along with his face, Barry could feel his skin come to life, every square inch of his smooth hairless skin suddenly becoming so much more sensitized, sending sensations from his entire body. Barry thought he could hear Ellis gasping softly in the bathroom, and running his hands over his body. Outside the door, it sounded like an attendant was pushing a room service trolley past their door.

A final change remained. A small, dainty hand cupped his balls, guiding them into his body, while another hand gently pressed his dick inside of Barry. The sensations were replaced by a warm, pleasant sensation between his legs. Barry thought the changes were over, until a male hand smacked him on the bottom. There was a loud crack, Barry felt his body jiggling all over pleasantly, and Barry fell forward unto his bed and the costume.

The costume looked like stretchy latex, but felt light insubstantial in his hands. Barry could feel every crease and wrinkle in the bed-sheet underneath, as if the costume was part of his skin. The sensation forced a gasp out of Barry, confirming his voice -- his new voice -- was low and sexual and husky.

Barry stayed on the bed for a couple moments, letting the new feelings of his body sink in. The smoothness of his skin, the gracefulness and agility that filled every moment, and the practically overwhelming sensitivity was a lot to take in. "If we do run into the folks these suits were for, I don't know if I'll be able to give mine back..." Barry said to herself in her new, husky, and oh so feminine voice.

Getting off the bed she grabbed the costume pieces and admired them for a moment. They were beautifully made and crafted from very high quality materials, everything from the type of latex and leather used to the tint of the goggles was perfect. These seemed liked the garments the real Catwomen would wear on a heist.

Grinning like a cat Barry slipped into the catsuit, pushing her dainty feet down into the heeled boots before pulling the suit up to her waist. The latex/leather combo was amazing, skin tight to show off every curve and perk of her body while allowing her skin to breath. All the worries of turning into a sweating mess from just walking around was dashed from her mind as she pushed her arms into the sleeves of the suit and pulled on the gloves.

Zipping up the front of the suit she grabbed her own ass and groped her own breasts, noting that the suit was so light and her body so sensitive that someone could easily do nasty things to her through the suit.
Reaching up she gave her own nipples a tweak through the latex of the suit, immediately falling on her hands and knees in an explosion of pleasure.

“Oooooooh, I wouldn’t mind someone doing nasty things to me in this body…” Barry said to herself with an ecstatic laugh before getting to her feet and throwing on the choker. She gave the golden bell on the chocker a flick, purring at the sound of the ring. After pulling the facemask/cowl over her head and positioning the tinted goggles over her eyes, Barry strutted over to full length mirror and looked her new body over.

Her mouth practically watered at the sight of herself. The breasts, the hips, the curves, the tight black suit, she was every cosplayer’s wet dream including her own.

“This ComicCon is going to be a lot more exciting than I thought…” Barry said to herself mischievously.


The door clicked shut behind Ellis and he gasped. Well, she gasped. Bright blue eyes widened, perfectly plucked eyebrows lifted, soft, kissable lips opened invitingly.

Ellis pressed his back against the wall and tried to breathe. In the mirror, Emma Frost (probably an AU version, maybe early twenties?) panted as she leaned against the wall. Her breasts heaved with every breath, looking magnificent. Every inch of her skin seemed perfect, unblemished, smooth as a diamond, while down between her legs...

Ellis reached down. It was exactly what he expected to find, and two unexpected things: perfectly manicured nails, and how high and sultry his gasps now sounded.

Emma, not Ellis, Emma,, he thought to himself, making a mental shift. I'm Emma Frost, cosplayed by...Allison. Allie Quinn. Yup.

Allie gave herself a quick grope, promising she'd spend some quality time later on with this body before the end of the day. Her body seemed to be sculpted from marble, perfection and curves everywhere...oh no, the costume! Allie groaned as she picked over the items and confirmed her memories. There was a thong that went under a pair of shorts (cut like bikini bottoms) and some sort of ...corset-bra thing that didn't cover very much at all. Allie wriggled into the not-really clothes, noting how tight and well-fitting they were, and pulled on the thigh-high stocking boots and opera-gloves as well.

The effect in the mirror was stunning, and thoughts raced in a torrent through Allie's mind.

My god, my face, it's beautiful. Never mind that, my body, it's gorgeous. Never mind that, my costume, it's's not there! There's not enough costume! There are tables with more cloth on them than I do!

Barry, how could you do this to me, you evil, twisted man, Barry, you're a genius, a wonderful, awesome genius. Wow.

Everyone will stop to look at me. My god. Everybody will be looking at me. Why am I excited by this? All those geeks and nerds, ugh...and maybe some hot girls, too. Yeah, the girls will definitely look. Hopefully some of them ask for my number. Hmm, I wonder what Barry looks like.

A laugh and a bell brought Allie out of her reverie. Gotta stop staring at myself. My gorgeous self... Allie shook her head and stepped out of the bathroom.

Barry stood there, posing in front of the mirror, looking extremely pleased with herself. Good gods, that suit! It's practically painted on, I can see her hip bones, and her nipples, and her... Allie gulped and cleared her throat.

"Wow. That is a gorgeous Catwoman outfit." Allie tried to cover herself as Barry turned and looked at her, then decided it wasn't worth it. She twirled on one foot, instead. "Tadaa! There's not much costume here, but the bodysuit is excellent."

Allie stalked over to her bag, realising how high the heels on her boots were, and how much she swayed her hips and shifted her chest as she walked. Maybe I should just stay indoors all day...with Catwoman. Now there's a thought. Aloud, she said, "D'you mind carrying the money and our passes? I don't have pockets or a belt, like you do." Secretly, Allie envied Barry's costume. Despite the material, most of his body was covered up, and had the pretense of modesty. Allie was surprised now that Barry seemed to be slightly taller than her, although both were clearly shorter than before.

Well, maybe more people would be staring at the Catwoman's butt than Emma Frost's boobs. If we walk side-by-side nobody will know where to look! Fingers crossed.

"So...where do you wanna go first?"

Image References
The Bodysuits
Barry Keaton
Catwoman (a mix of the three)

"Allie" / Ellison Quinn
Emma Frost:

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