WTH did I get into?! (F Mage for two M vampire lords) -any gender partner-

Started by LamentingQuill, February 23, 2020, 02:34:14 PM

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Looking for a talented partner to play two very different vampire clan leaders.

Supernatural society has their own world parallel to the human world, safe from having to worry about being exposed to humans and able to just be themselves. However… they are not without problems, not even in the slightest measure.

While they do not have to be concerned about humans… they do have to be concerned about each other…

You see, the individual races and species of the supernatural have claimed territories that are overseen by an Alpha or Clan leader as the case may be for some races.

Most times they just deal with each other and stay within their territories.

Except with the case of the Mage community and two different clans of vampires…

The two vampire clans have been at each other’s throats for decades now over who knows what anymore, there is always something they hate each other about and now they both want to lay claim to each other’s territory… and guess who is caught in the middle? The Mages.

The mages territory lay smack dab in the middle of the two vampire territories… the leader of the mages, the wise mage king Antonidas, has tried getting the two leaders of the clans to enter into peace talks, but they refuse, they always refuse no matter how persuasion is attempted…

So there is one option left to the mages… they need to make an ally of one of the clans, to protect themselves and end this wretched feud by putting both territories in one set of hands.

Lady Liliana, the young twenty one year old niece of Antonidas, is sent to discuss a potential alliance with the northern clan first… but it will not go as the young mage thinks…

What I’d like to see happen is that when she goes to talk with the leader of the northern vampire clan (the more traditional evil kind of vampire), he takes a shine to her feisty spirit and spunky personality, decides he wants to make her his bride, she refuses and a struggle ensues… right as the Southern vampire clan is attacking the Northern leader’s mansion…

Southern territory clan leader rescues Liliana and from there, it’s a clear slate for us to fill together :)

I'm even open to tweaks, so long as it doesn't change my hopes too much.