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October 28, 2021, 01:27:02 pm

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Author Topic: Blood. Death. Sex. Magic. (Masculine presenting characters wanted for same)  (Read 327 times)

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The City is a heaving mass of bodies - fighting, fucking, jostling against one another. It's a melting pot, with different cultures and species joining together in a cosmopolitan capitalist dream. It's a nightmare, prone to riot, murder and disease. It's magic, it's mundane, it is everything and nothing, depending on where one is standing. It is in constant flux, changing in ways both small and large day after day.

In the midst of all this chaos, there is one constant. Death comes for everyone, from the poorest urchin to the richest nobleman. There's a whole industry around it of course. Funerary rites. Mediums who speak with the dead. And of course, the necromancers who seek to control death, to stave it off or make it work for them.

And this is where you come in...


I'm looking to start a slow-paced, slow burn of a story involving at least one necromancer, possibly more, revolving around a main pair of characters but with the potential to bring in other lovers, colleagues, antagonists... I could go on. As the title indicates, I'm looking for masculine characters, at least at the core of it; genital configuration doesn't matter so much as the aesthetic, which should be delightfully queer. The setting? A city, of course, but what a city - magic warring with technology, a squalid pit of debauchery and pristine beauty with New Weird and steampunk elements. Beyond that, I generally prefer to work things out with a partner, so no fully-formed story here prior to collaboration. There are elements I might like, as below:

- At least one non-human character.
- Sexual flexibility and fluidity - no strict top/bottom or D/s please. I like my characters to be kinky and switchy as hell.
- Body horror, either with the main pair or with their creations and cohort.
- Political intrigue! I love it so.
- Betrayal! Also beautiful.
- Smog, grime, slime, and fantasy bespoke fashion. One must look good while elbow-deep in a bloated corpse after all.
- Probably in the Extreme board, but more due to non-sexual content than extreme kinks.

I will warn you up front that my IC posting will be somewhat erratic, though consistently slow. I might post once a week, or once every month. I will keep you updated, but do not expect me to be a quick, prolific poster outside of PMs. Quality and longevity over quantity is my MO, as I am currently beset by RL and career shiz.

Inspirations include China Mieville's Bas-Lag series, Swordspoint, Neverwhere, and searching for necromancers on Pinterest.

Interested? Drop me a line!
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