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June 21, 2018, 09:11:59 PM

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Author Topic: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All (mostly MxMish)  (Read 1669 times)

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Offline OuroborosTopic starter

Hello! And thank you for taking the time to look over my (SFW) thread. Go on and read this on your smartphone, you won't be flashing anyone. ;)

Current Status:

Currently I am most interested in MxM or non-cis pairings. While not opposed to one on one pairings with cis-female characters I am not feeling that at the moment and will need a lot of convincing. Pacing is also going to be relaxed. Let's say weekly at best? I may have some work things that will be coming up in the near future and I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

As a note, I am genderfluid and attracted to a wide range of individuals myself. My tastes do fluctuate and I might be more inclined toward one type of pairing or the other over time. For simplicity's sake I'll be presenting as a neutral/nongendered person here so you don't have to worry about my current status and preferred pronouns. I don't care about the gender of the person I'm writing opposite, and I particularly don't mind if you are writing a character that's not your gender unless you get things egregiously weird/wrong.

If you are interested in writing with me, please PM me! I'll primarily be coming back to this thread to update it, and I will not notice if you post anything here.

Now that that's out of the way...


I do like plot, I must admit. I'll be listing a few bare-bones starter plots, but I am by no means limited to those. I will show preference to proposed plots involving non-Western settings and nonwhite characters. There's a whole world out there and a whole rainbow of awesome, interesting people, and I'd like to experience it all! Seriously. Differing body types are also of interest - basically I want diversity, and I want it now. ;)

Also, My current O/O section (the site-generated one, not my O/O thread)  also does not take into account that something I "dislike" or am neutral about might work in the context of a given story. However, there are a few bright line NO WAY things. So let me summarize...

AW YISS: People over 25, unique concepts, tension and power plays, various BDSM activities, getting rough and passionate as well as loving and sensual, NC of various types but not all and very dependent on story/comfort level with the player(s) involved. MMF threesomes (with multiple partners, to avoid putting the burden of plot on one person).
Meh, whatever: Fandom, "worship" of various body parts, super perfunctory writing, teenagers. Not that I have anything against teens IRL, I'm just old(er) and prefer characters closer to my age. While I enjoy trans characters of all types, "futa" characters generally make me uncomfortable because more often than not they are treated more as a fetish than a person. I also do not want to be playing a dominant/"top" character 100% of the time.
Absolutely NOT: people under 18, offensive objectification of races/sexualities/genders, needles, scat, watersports, homonym abuse. Doormats.

Current Cravings updated 1/28/16

Political activism. All sexy-like. No particular idea here, just wishful thinking about successfully fighting the things that literally keep me up at night.

Breeches and cravats. GIVE THEM TO ME.

MMF threesome plot. If you're game, I got a situation that might be up your alley...

As far as plots, I am no stranger to one-on-one RP, and I prefer to start from a brief, simple framework and expand from there with the partner rather than presenting characters and the entire plot already fully formed. I've tossed up a few ideas for things that I think would be fun right now, but if you have ideas or variations that you think would be fun then I'm willing and happy to negotiate.

No fandoms, please. While I may list relevant pop cultural references below, this is only so there's a frame of reference.

Just a few ideas, by no means indicative of my only interests:

Three's Company
Anything MMF - anything.

Basically, I really want to get a MMF game going. Right now, I know there's a need for a female character in this request thread, which I would really, really love to get off the ground, but I am really down for anything involving two dudes and a lady, or fantastically queer non-cis people in that same general formulation. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DUDES MUST ALSO BE INVOLVED WITH EACH OTHER. I'd be most interested in playing a male character. I'd also be interested in switchy drama, kink, and conflict. Genre-wise? I'm flexible. Part of me wants to see this happen in a setting where homosexuality is taboo; part of me wants to see this in a future sci-fi setting. Or in standard fantasy. Or in a gritty crime drama. Or an homage to Black Sails. Or...

Well. You get the picture. Give to me the poly threesome stories.

Space Fantasy/Opera
Science? What science?
all potential pairings

I'm kind of in the mood for something involving space travel and high drama. Don't expect hard science with this - I'm looking for scientifically-impossible travel, varied settings, and cool goings-on. Think along the lines of The Fifth Element - lots of things going on, science so advanced it's practically magic, futuristic and cool. Plot-wise, I'd be down for most anything. Perhaps a stowaway is found on a ship, and shenanigans ensue? Someone has discovered a dire threat that must be stopped before it takes over the entire galaxy? Space pirates? There are many ways this could go, and I'm open to most of them. I am not interested in sexy space slavery, it should be noted. None of that, thanks.

Scheming, brutal, Machiavellian jerkfaces getting all sexy with one another
All potential pairings

Lately I have been missing World of Darkness vampire games. I know I don't have the energy to really get into a group game, but I do want to scratch that itch. If you're into vampires, scheming, dark urban settings, a bit of sadomasochism, and a lot of questionably ethical actions, then this might be of interest. For those of you familiar with WoD, I really adore Ventrue. It's a failing of mine. For those of you who don't, I'm totally into the rich, powerful and amoral scheming that comes with having eternity stretch before you, and the multi-layered plans that take decades or centuries to enact. Potentially with a dash of American Psycho (the movie anyway) because who doesn't like the Huey Lewis and the News scene? The business card scene also catches a bit of the feel as well - subtle nuance taking on monumental importance.

The End of All Things
Lovecraftian spy thriller? Yes, yes indeed.
all potential pairings

Along the lines of Charles Stross' "Lanudry" series or his novella "A Colder War," if you'd like a reference. The Lovecraftian mythos has a basis in reality, and while most are unaware of the truth there are those who know what lies beyond. Against a backdrop of cosmic horror and intrigue, two characters will interact with each other as breakthroughs become more common. Perhaps there's a romantic connection. Perhaps a purely sexual one. Are they allies or rivals? It's totally up for discussion, I just want the backdrop of dread, the sense of nihilism, and occasional moments of bowel-watering horror to be there as well.

Penny Dreadfuls
Gothic Horror and pulp lit shout-outs!
all potential pairings

Note: I have not actually seen Penny Dreadful, but it's probably what I'm thinking of. See also: A Night in the Lonesome October, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Gothic horror and established characters making cameo appearances. What's not to like? This is a very loose idea that could go in a number of ways - think of it more like a framing device than anything for feel, style, and a bit of coy melodrama.

Alternate history Mongols with Magic!
Pretty people, atypical magic, and moments of occasional brutality.
all potential pairings

I'm hoping that the Netflix series "Marco Polo" will awaken some interest in this, even though the show kind of sucks because Marco Polo is a boring-ass white dude and the pacing is crap. (However, it IS full of hot people... oh my. Oh my.) I'd be totally down for something during the period where the Mongols were ascendant or extrapolating from what would have happened if Mongol rule extended into the Renaissance era, in a world where magic existed. So basically pure fantasy, but humor me here. Plots could range from warfare and politics to the development of magic in a society where it's looked down upon, or something else entirely. Also hot people, racial diversity, etc.

Probably not as interested in this, but still available...
All letter writing, all the time
all potential pairings but would prefer something taboo

This would be a story told entirely in letters between characters. Yes, this means that if the characters ended up having sex, it wouldn't be written out. Now that I've lost your interest... I'd be very much into exploring how two lovers might express their feelings for one another and develop/deepen their relationship via letters despite their love being criminalized. Perhaps they're gay, or else their relationship would run afoul of miscegenation laws. Maybe one of the individuals is a person of note, and if anything got out it would ruin them. Point is, I'm looking for wordplay, subtext, and emotion within a specific format.
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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2016, 07:15:02 PM »
Hey all! Bumping the thread as I am looking to perhaps add one 1x1 story to my current story load. If you are interested please let me know!

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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2016, 08:58:26 PM »
Bumpin' this thread. A couple of ideas have been added as well.

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Updated with the new hotness.