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Author Topic: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All  (Read 704 times)

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An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« on: December 08, 2014, 04:47:44 AM »
Hello! And thank you for taking the time to look over my (SFW) thread. Go on and read this on your smartphone, you won't be flashing anyone. ;)

It's been a while since I bumped this thread, and it's about time to give it a nudge. I've been here for about half a year now and am looking to add a few new stories. Generally I am capable of playing a wide range of characters with a wide range of individuals, and am open to a number of different story types. From completely story-driven plots to sexy scenarios to straight up smut, I'm game. I prefer to play solely on the site in PMs and forums, with more extreme or unfamiliar plots in PM for my comfort level. Currently I am most interested in MxM or nonbinary pairings, though I could be talked into a story involving women with enough encouragement.

As a note, I am genderfluid and attracted to a wide range of individuals myself. My tastes do fluctuate and I might be more inclined toward one type of pairing or the other over time. (See: my current glut of MxM stories.) For simplicity's sake I'll be presenting as a neutral/nongendered person here so you don't have to worry about my current status and preferred pronouns. I don't care about the gender of the person I'm writing opposite, and I particularly don't mind if you are writing a character that's not your gender unless you get things egregiously weird/wrong.

If you are interested in writing with me, please PM me! I'll primarily be coming back to this thread to update it, and I will not notice if you post anything here.

Now that that's out of the way...

Interests! I do like plot, I must admit. I'll be listing a few starter plots, but I am by no means limited to those.

I will show preference to non-Western settings and nonwhite characters. There's a whole world out there and a whole rainbow of awesome, interesting people, and I'd like to experience it all! Seriously. Differing body types are also of interest - basically I want diversity, and I want it now. ;)

Also, My current O/O section (the site-generated one, not my O/O thread)  also does not take into account that something I "dislike" or am neutral about might work in the context of a given story. However, there are a few bright line NO WAY things. So let me summarize...

AW YISS: People over 25, unique concepts, tension and power plays, various BDSM activities, getting rough and passionate as well as loving and sensual, NC of various types but not all.
Meh, whatever: Fandom, "worship" of various body parts, super perfunctory writing, teenagers. Not that I have anything against teens IRL, I'm just old(er) and prefer characters closer to my age.
Absolutely NOT: people under 18, offensive objectification of races/sexualities/genders, needles (I'm severely phobic IRL), scat, watersports, homonym abuse.

Current Cravings updated 5/15/15

Period. Cravats. GIVE THEM TO ME.

I am looking for some trans characters. Particularly those who incorporate aspects of androgyny and genderfuck attitudes/appearances. Less in the sense of "feminization," which seems to have misogynistic overtones in a lot of the implementation that I have seen, and more like awesome people or humanoids screwing with binary gender/gender roles all sexy-like.

And yes I did mention that I don't do fandom usually, but I kind of want to play The Corinthian from Sandman? Maybe? (Not as a tragic Bad Boy or anything; he is a nightmare personified who kills people and eats their eyes, come on.) Or something similar, I just find the imagery evocative at present.

Any questions? I'm always happy to talk if you'd like clarification on any point.

As far as plots, I am no stranger to one-on-one RP, and I prefer to start from a brief, simple framework and expand from there with the partner rather than presenting characters and the entire plot already fully formed. I've tossed up a few ideas for things that I think would be fun right now, but if you have ideas or variations that you think would be fun then I'm willing and happy to negotiate.

Just a few long term ideas, by no means indicative of my only interests:

The Man with the Yellow Hat - Mx?
Guess who has been watching a lot of a certain kid's show lately

There is just some subtext to this show y'all, at least in the newer version. I'm like 99% convinced that TMWTYH is asexual, but that might not necessarily be the case in what I am thinking here, which is some sort of eldritch horror situation. Because obviously TMWTYH is totally involved with/working for Hastur, and his "monkey" is one of the Old God's operatives or spawn, and they are up to Shenanigans. Does the other character involved want to watch the world burn? Or are they trying to stop TMWTYH despite his deadly allure?

...yes, I know it is deeply silly. Just go with it.

I don't even know, but...

I kind of want to use this Clickhole as the basis for something.




All potential pairings - Penny Dreadfuls
Gothic Horror and pulp lit shout-outs!

Note: I have not actually seen Penny Dreadful, but it's probably what I'm thinking of. See also: A Night in the Lonesome October, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Gothic horror and established characters making cameo appearances. What's not to like?

All potential pairings - alternate history Mongols with Magic!
Pretty wide open, all things considered. More of a setting request than anything.

I'm hoping that the Netflix series "Marco Polo" will awaken some interest in this, even though the show kind of sucks because Marco Polo is a boring-ass white dude and the pacing is crap. (However, it IS full of hot people... oh my. Oh my.) I'd be totally down for something during the period where the Mongols were ascendant or extrapolating from what would have happened if Mongol rule extended into the Renaissance era, in a world where magic existed. Plots could range from warfare and politics to the development of magic in a society where it's looked down upon, or something else entirely. Also hot people, racial diversity, etc.

Any, with a preference for nonbinary characters - Wicked Fabulous
Plot? What plot?

Seriously I am so plot thin on this that I am just going to link some rad songs that might be inspirational. I make no apologies for my taste in music. Especially where Big Freedia is concerned.

Maybe they are bartenders in New York? Performers in Tokyo? Dealing with being utterly fabulous in an oppressive culture? Or maybe it's the future. The important thing is being fierce and fabulous. Possibly while being witches or something? I DON'T KNOW. Qwear is a good visual resource for this...

Any pairings - Fading Suns/Space Feudalism
Stick sci-fi and fantasy in a blender, and let that baby chug along for a while.

Guilds and nobles, forgotten tech and space travel. Is it silly? Yes, but I like the aesthetic. Not so interested in Warhammer 40k though.

Any pairings - Low-powered/street level supers/vigilantes
Guess who recently watched Daredevil...

Like it says. Low powered/no powered dealing with local-level things. Think Netflix-Daredevil or Jacqueline Carey's Santa Olivia (which I highly recommend); minor boosts used in interesting ways. Not necessarily the same old "beat up bad guys and do heroic stuff" either. I mean the big goals in the two examples I used? Basically fighting gentrification in NYC (never mind that Hell's Kitchen is already hella gentrified) or winning a boxing match. Mmhmm.

Any pairings - Vampires
Near Dark-inspired, so pretty dark and violent

I love the vampires of the movie "Near Dark." Amoral, violent, not particularly ~sexy~ like the paranormal romance-produced strain that's popular today. (Alternately for you WoD types out there, Sabbat/Belial's Brood vamps. Yeah, you know what I mean.) I'd be down to run a pair of vamps cutting a bloody swath through small towns and basically living it up being a pair of amoral assholes, possibly going up against vampire hunters or more established, calm vampires in larger cities.

I would also be very interested in Vampires During a Zombie Apocalypse, suddenly faced with a food shortage in addition to the usual vampire issues. This would probably be less sexy and more plotty though.

Any Pairing - Afrofuturism
This is a long shot...

What this is not: so-called "interracial" fantasies about well-endowed Black men having sex with white women. What this is: Science fiction from a Black perspective, featuring Black characters. Basically this is an "if you know what I'm talking about, then you probably get it" sort of situation.

Currently In Use or Not Quite as Interested, though I could be convinced...
MxM or mutable gender pairings - Near Future SF
Ramp up the sexy on this one...

Shadowrun. The works of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Cyberpunk. Netrunner. A few decades forward, humanity has grown more and more integrated with its machines, and hijinks could ensue. Data couriers in dangerous situations? Digitized/simulated sex and body mods allowing people to be capable of things that were beyond the bounds of biology before? Industrial espionage and conspiracies? Oh yes please.

Any Pairing, with a leaning toward MxM - Regency Fantasy
Manners, society, magic.

Have you read Mary Robinette Kowal's "Shades of Milk and Honey" series? Something along those lines - Regency England, minor magic, upper-middle to upper class families, drama over seating arrangements and marrying off one's offspring and maybe, just maybe, a little espionage.

OK, actually, I'm developing the above as an Edwardian tale, but it's close enough to be "taken.'

FxF - Cat Ladies
Not kawaii young women with tails and ears, but rather older women who have cats, no families, and a nose for trouble.

Is it bad that I kind of want to do a sweet sort of romantic thing between characters based off of the Older Woman Detective model? Probably not, though it might be unusual. They meet up, they solve crimes, they have cats and drink tea and talk about books they've read. They might discover feelings previously unexplored, they might move in together, they might work through old fears or run into new ones. But what happens when their cats dislike one another? Is it time to break out the Feliway, or is the SPCA in some kitty's future?

Any pairings - Fae
Think Changeling: the Lost or dark fantasy here.

What it says on the tin. There's so many ways that this could go that I'll just leave it open to interpretation. Dreamy, creepy, magical.
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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 02:12:19 AM »
This isn't so much a longer ongoing story so much as a series of one-shots.

Sea Shanties

This is a work in progress, mostly due to the fact that I have been listening to a lot of old Decemberists songs lately. However, I like the idea of running a series of nautical one shots, possibly linked, possibly by different authors, with the theme of Events on Boats. It could be a keelhauling after someone drinks all the rum. It could be a last minute confession in the middle of a storm, or an encounter between the first mate and the cabin boy. It could be 110% pure sex or completely celibate. All I ask is vaguely historical, on a ship with sails, with some sea salty elements to it.
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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2015, 03:57:37 AM »
All you ladies get your paper and pens, so we can write stories without determined ends
All you fellas get your ideas in,
It's been a month and this thread is bumpin', bumpin'...

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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2015, 01:22:57 AM »
Hey! Monthly bump. Throw some ideas my way or look over what I have going right now. I am always open for brainstorming. :D

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Re: An Ever-Changing List of Desires - Story Ideas, Open to All
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2015, 06:52:13 PM »
It looks like the trends at present are dark and silly (or both). And non-binary/dudes. Bumping as it's been a few months.