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November 30, 2020, 04:13:22 AM

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Author Topic: Create a man (taken) and Echoes of the Past -F for Dom M Yandere characters-  (Read 576 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Create a man- Futuristic Sci-fi TAKEN

Aaria Washburn is the daughter of the leading scientist in the field of artificial life in the 35th century, her parents and their team successfully developed technology capable of creating artificial people, enhanced human beings completely and totally designable to the preferences of clients.

However, even with all the vast technological advancements made throughout the years, nothing could be done to figure the mystery to a very big problem… in the last 50 years, it’s become quite rare for males to be born naturally, the Earth’s population is now 80% female. The concerns this brings for the future of the human race are phenomenal...

At first it began as a way for sterile couples to have a baby based on their own genetic makeup… but as of this Valentines Day, the facility this technology calls home has released an announcement to the public…

For one year, on a trial time period to see how it will work out… the facility will open up business to females to create themselves their ideal mate..

If the trial goes well, the facility will keep the program going for females to use until the female to male ratio is evened out.

Aaria is among a small group of women volunteering to give the technology a chance… so she creates her man…

Her desires are very simple in her mind.

He’s tall… beautiful… elegant… so intelligent, a brilliant mind... a perfect gentleman… yet strong… he’s just the right amount of possessive and would get jealous without being obnoxious about it… he would be romantic and he’d love to cuddle with his sweetheart…

My idea is that this doesn’t go as Aaria planned… her man has darkness lurking beneath his shiny beautiful surface. I envision Aaria becoming something of a prisoner to her creation.
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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Echoes of the Past (F for Dom M Yandere, any gender writer)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2020, 08:45:31 AM »
Very, very loose Snow White inspiration.

A tale of ages past:

A long time ago, there was a princess… she was beautiful, intelligent, kind, courageous and more than a little bit stubborn when her mind was made up… her people and her family adored her and she adored them.

However, the princess’s father believed that after a year since the untimely death of his wife, that his family was incomplete… he longed for companionship and for his daughter to have a mother figure again… the princess was largely in support of this, she too wished to see her father’s eyes alight with joy again from the bliss of love. Plus, a baby sibling would be great.

The king eventually found love with a beautiful widowed countess living on the edges of their fair kingdom, he wooed her and very soon married her, adding as well to their family the countess’s son, whom was the same age as the princess.
For two years, all seemed well in their new family, the new queen was good and loving to the king and treated the princess with tender kindness… though her behavior around her son was strange, almost like how somehow behaved when they felt like they needed to constantly look over their shoulder for peril… which struck the princess (her father never seemed to notice) as very odd, given that her stepbrother had never been anything than a perfect polite gentleman towards her since the beginning.

It was the morning of the princess’s eighteenth birthday, the day she was of age to wed, when everything fell apart…

The princess awoke to her stepbrother standing at the foot of her bed… the gentleness gone from his eyes, replaced with a deranged and excited quality… and desire… he looked at her like he was ready to jump her at any moment…

He told her that the time had come for his love to come to fruition, but their parents would have gotten in the way… that was why he had to get rid of them…

Horrified, the princess quickly darted out of the room before her stepbrother could catch her and raced for their parents room, praying it was all just an out of character sick joke and she could punch him in the arm for it later… but alas, she arrived to find both of them lying in bed dead, arrows sticking out of them… dangerous looking men wielding crossbows standing within, looking at her with confused and stunned expressions…

Hearing her stepbrother hollering behind her as he caught up to her, the princess feld further in the only direction available to her, which was up the tower towards the rooftop terrace…

He chased her all the way up relentlessly, shouting at her the whole way about it would be so much easier on her if she would just submit to him and love him like he loved her.

Cornered, frightened and heartbroken, the princess threw herself off the roof, plummeting to her death.

The stepbrother was sentenced to hang for the murders of the king and his mother and indirect murder of his stepsister.

Modern day:

Aaria Pendergast is an eighteen year old high school senior, she has maintained pretty decent grades and is looking forward to a bright future as she applies to colleges for her aspirations of becoming a chef.

She has no idea whatsoever that she is the reincarnation of an ill fated princess… or that the reincarnation of the ill fated princess’s stepbrother happens to be the senior class president and the son of the Mayor… or that his memories unlocked themselves to him two weeks ago… and he is watching her…

I didn’t want to plan any further than this, to give my partner and I some freedom to plot further together.

I'm open to changing my FC if my parter does not like the one chosen, but I am very much set on the FC for the reincarnated stepbrother, I absolutely love Valentin Lucien Winter. So beautiful <3

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: Create a man (futuristic) -F for Dom M creation, any gender partner-
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2020, 07:34:20 PM »
Still looking. Please make sure to read my on's and off's, I appreciate that so much :)

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: Echoes of the Past (F for Dom M Yandere, any gender writer)
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2020, 04:21:11 PM »
Seriously in the mood for this

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Still looking