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May 14, 2021, 10:13:11 pm

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Author Topic: Pellanestra's Playground (Updated, F lf M characters)  (Read 455 times)

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Pellanestra's Playground (Updated, F lf M characters)
« on: December 23, 2019, 12:44:45 am »
Greetings Fellow Rp Enthusiasts

I am relatively new to Elliquiy and am currently seeking like-minded writers to explore various genres, stories, and settings. While I prefer to write in response to male characters at this time, I welcome anyone if they are interested in crafting an interesting, fun story. I do write romance and smut, although I prefer a story to not focus only on those elements but that they occur as a part of the evolving storylines.

I only ask that if you are unable to reply for any length of time you let me know. I understand if you can't reply multiple times a day, we all have real life responsibilities to deal with that take precedent and expecting a couple of dozen replies in one day is tough for most people. I can reply at the minimum of once a day with hopes that I can reply more. If I have any events come up that interrupt my ability to reply I will let my partners know as well.

I thoroughly enjoy working as partners on setting up events in the rp as well, my partners are always welcome to PM me with ideas, or to ask about clarifications for anything I may write. I am a firm believer in communication being key to a great rp and that brainstorming is one of the best ways to keep stories fresh and exciting.

Being new to Elliquiy I am currently exploring my ons/offs. At this time my offs are:
- no killing my character
- no godmoding (i.e. complete seizure and control of my character is a big no--but I must add I do understand small movements and shiftings for the purpose of the story which is acceptable)
- no underage characters
- nothing that belongs in a toilet.

Currently I have a craving for the following stories:

The Mandalorian

     M/C is a an undercover New Republic spy on a mission to discover why there was a huge bounty on a small green being. The interest being shown in such an unlikely thing as a reputed child has garnered the attention of the New Republic. She'll have to figure out how to get close to the Mandalorian that's protecting the creature.  Intrigue, adventure, romance, smut are all possible (and let's face it, I'm sure I'm not the only one curious if the Mando would leave his helmet on for everything).

Marvel Cinematic Universe

      I have to admit, I love all the Marvel movies and that Endgame had me both crying and celebrating at how it ended. But there are a couple of things I would thoroughly enjoy exploring that may deviate from the MCU. I'm not going to put a lot of plot detail in these descriptions because I'd enjoy being able to develop the ideas with a writing partner. I'm open to exploring romance, smut, violence with these story lines.
    1. Captain America created an alternative time line when he chose to stay with Peggy rather than returning to where the surviving Avengers were waiting for him. M/C goes after him, trying to fix the time lines and convince him that his fate isn't in the past. . TAKEN
     2. Winter Soldier is starting to help recruit the next team of  Avengers.  He tries to convince M/C to join.  TAKEN


     I love a good fantasy story! Elves, wizards, witches, valiant knights or paladins, bards, rogues, anything of the fantasy genre is good!

Science Fiction

     Humans have finally slipped free of the Earth. Humanity has a need to reach out to the stars to find new homes for an ever-growing population in order to try to prevent the Earth from reaching a point in which not only all life, but the stability of the Earth's environment, will be destroyed.  Several planets in neighboring galaxies have been identified as suitable for humans to live upon, and the nations of Earth come together to build ships capable of housing the several generations it will take for the ships to arrive at their destinations.  Now, a generation who has never seen Earth is preparing for planetfall. They have only known what life was like onboard ship. They have never felt real wind on their faces, nor the touch of sunshine. Some dread stepping into the unknown world awaiting them, others relish the promise of discovery.
     This story can be written multiple ways. Are you a soldier on the ship? Scientist? Politician? Teacher? Are you perhaps a native of the planet the humans don't realize inhabit it, facing an unexpected influx of immigrants from a world your society believed to be too underdeveloped to ever reach the stars? (Among other potentialities)

I realize this isn't a long list of options, I'll definitely be adding more to this list overtime.

Thanks for reading this and if you're interested in any of the above, or have an idea for an rp, please respond via PM.

~ Pellanestra

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