Looking to Get Fucked - MxM, FxM, FxF

Started by suddenlyskies, November 09, 2019, 03:20:29 PM

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Hey guys.

I'll keep this pretty brief. I'm looking mostly for one shots, one night stands, quick sexytimes, that sort of thing. Preferably we'll stick to the forums.

I'm down for MxM, FxM, or FxF. In straight pairings I will be playing the lady/ladies, and I generally prefer the more bottom/submissive role. I can and will play multiple characters.

On's include but are not limited to:

- light bondage
- lots of foreplay
- mild exhibitionism
- magic
- humanoids (elves, cat people, etc)
- threesomes
- orgies
- dub-con

Off's include but are not limited to:

- rape
- noncon
- vore
- gore

Ask about anything you're into that isn't listed. Chances are good that I'll at least give it a try.

I have a few plot ideas. They're mainly just for one shots but if we decide we want to explore the story more, I'm open to the idea.

While I am specifying the characters I'd prefer to play these choices aren't set in stone. Feel free to ask if you'd like to switch the roles or genders around.


-medieval fantasy
-modern fantasy
etc feel free to suggest stuff.


- Girl Gone Wild [f x f only]
There's a party in a college dorm. Your character is a pretty notorious lesbian on campus. My character is pretty sure that she's straight, but she might just get drunk enough at this party to explore some repressed interests.

- Not What I Intended
My character is a witch attempting to summon a minor demon to help her with chores and basic magical tasks. She gets the spell wrong, and summons something much more powerful - and more attractive - than she was expecting...

- Serendipity [f x f only]
When a camping trip goes wrong, my character ends up lost in the woods. Fortunately she stumbles across your character, who happens to be a wood nymph. YC is willing to help MC back to civilization... for a price, of course.

These are just what I have in mind at the moment. If you've got other ideas you're wanting to try, I'm open to suggestions.

PM me if you're interested, and Happy Hunting

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Hello skies. Would your not what I intended plot be still up for grabs? I would love to play tye demon in this. Do you have a preference on what type of demon or genders?

Let me know



Yeah absolutely. Send me a PM and we'll discuss it further :)

Status: Searching for new partners
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