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Author Topic: Hourglass: Historical and Historical Fantasy Craved! [Non-Con, M/M, F/M, F/F]  (Read 1048 times)

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  • A review on a fic I wrote called me the “Queen of Dark, Gruesome Non-con.” I think that fits. Bi as hell. Enjoys nice butts. All butts welcome.
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Knowledge of the History Not Necessary! Historical Accuracy's Nice, But Unnecessary!
Or, in other words, if you're interested in a historical or historical fantasy prompt but you have no idea what the Qing Dynasty is, I don't care at all, approach me anyway!


Oh my God, I can't even tell you. I LOVE history, the more obscure the better. Please, partner, write me something historical. I'm a huge history buff. Some of my favorite cultures include the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuk Sultanate, Ancient Persia, Qing Dynasty China, the Wagadou Empire, Renaissance or Medieval Europe, the Mexica Empire (Aztecs), the Iroquois Confederacy, the Islamic Empire, but really, I love history so much I will probably be fine no matter where you set it, so long as it's not modern. For character tropes, I would absolutely love to have one character, at least one, who's a big guy, with some kind of honor, but not complete or faultless. If he's a fighter-for-hire or a mercenary, I'll be especially pleased. Other character types I like include the classic Robin Hood trickster-with-morals, particularly if they're running away from a dark past, and at least one despotic lord/sultan/shogun/godking/guy in power.

LGBTIQ+/queer characters, any end of the sexuality and gender spectrum, really.
LGBTIQ+/queer relationships, and please do inquire about my lady characters if you'd like to play as wlw (women loving women), I just don't have them up because I'm a little more hesitant about M/F games as the F. Happy to do M/F games as the M, though!
poly relationships, because I firmly believe every good love triangle should end in a threesome.
—I have a massive size kink that can run with any combination of genders, though a large, burly man with a slimmer, smaller man or woman (trans or cis), genderqueer or intersex person, just a small character, often makes me the happiest
non-consensual, particularly if it's done realistically and respectfully. I prefer being the victim, but I do have some characters who can be the aggressor, too—inquire about them if you're interested!
spanking, whipping, paddling, some kind of beating with hands, belts, crops, whatever moves you (MC giving or recieving)
erotic-asphyxiation (giving or recieving)
humiliation (submissive behaviors like boot-licking, lowering one's eyes, kneeling for master, abasement in general) (MC exhibiting these behaviors, particularly, but also demanding them)
inability to communicate, either through mutilation, sorcery, or a simple language difference
rough sex
Dominant/submissive, consensual or non-consensual—both maledom AND always up for a good femdom. Intelligent, powerful women are my absolute favorites for femdom—give me your regnant queens (queens reigning without a king), your empresses.
december/may relationships, also known as ageplay. Underage characters that follow the rules of Elliquiy are okay with me!
incest in all its forms
blackmail is a big fave
torture is never an issue
stark, often brutal realism is generally my go-to writing style
petplay is love
beastiality is just fine with me
sentient non-human creatures are great too!
—really any kind of bondage

Clichés I enjoy: Slavery. Servitude. Political power games. Rich world-building. Several people in love with one person. For loving relationships, two people who see each other as equals, who respect each other enough to find out what the other likes and wants, two people with genuine care behind them, but whose relationship is flawed. Blood pacts. Guilds. Thieves. Piracy. Street gangs. Mass hysteria.

forced feminization, especially in excess. Don't refer to my male character as she, or put him in a dress to humilate him. I just don't think being feminine is humiliating!
constant references to a character's cock being small or unimpressive, or other insinuations that they're not giving her pleasure, unless warranted or it fits a particular scene.
cuckolding isn't a kink for me. I'm okay with cheating plots, but if your character is cheating on mine with half the universe, it's not interesting to me unless it's permissive poly.
—absolutely no race play; I'm happy to write stories of characters battling racism or wrestling with its impact on their lives, but it's not a kink for me in the slightest.



Green Grows the Holly
The struggle was over as he was grabbed by his loose linen pants and shalwar tunic spun of cotton and hefted bodily into place. The clothing were expensive gifts that signified the respects of a wealthy patron, cousin on a mother's side to a caliph, whose son's arm Karim had mended after a riding accident while staying over in the hill-fort.

They were comfortable and new and he wore them nigh daily, but now they had a red stain from the puddle of Karluk's blood.

Karim had a thought to his copy of the Holy Quran, another gift, and his small notebook of writing practice and plants, given to him by an Imam who had come to offer him schooling, paid for by a local caliph.

Undoubtedly, both were lost to the flames.

He did not look back. He wanted not to think about nor see the fact that a storeroom would be his mother's only pyre.

The man swung up into the saddle with embarrassing ease, fluid as water. His arms near wrapped around Karim's body as he took the reins.

Karim clung to the edge of the saddle with all his might, his seat terrible. Behind him, the knight moved automatically, using his knees to rise and fall in the saddle. Karim felt the heathen's waist and legs moving in perfect rhythm to the horse.

Karim on the other hand clung to the lip of the saddle and bounced like a sack of turnips on the back of an ass, nearly flying right over the horse's front once or twice, clinging to it with his knees and to the saddle with his hands. His head covering bounced off and fell and was lost, showing his soft halo of brown curls.

The horse was kicked faster, and Karim found himself on a hillock he had walked and played often from a boy on up, a place he knew well, overlooking his town.

The town was gone. The last building standing, the storeroom, was now torched as well. Karim closed his eyes, ignoring the laughter and banter he did not understand, whispering a prayer for the souls of his friends, enemies, acquaintances, and family, erased in only two hours.

With no warning, the horse was kicked off again, towards the hill-fort that Karim had gone to during raids by Christians for most of his life. The pace was chafing Karim's thighs raw, having not the slightest idea of how to sit on a horse.

Smoke and the remnants of the brief siege were everywhere, as were corpses—but only of Muslims. The Christian men were being lined up respectfully to the right, one of their priests praying over them, swinging a smoking ball on a chain that must hold incense.

Karim was looking around at the bodies of his countrymen, disrespectfully ignored, and the careful treatment of the dead invaders.

Everything upended. He hit the ground with a sickening thump.

A man was brought out on a blanket carried between four men, his face white and green. He breathed, still, and was alive still.

One of the priests came over, making a strange sign with his hands that Karim didn't recognize.

Karim staggered upright, barely hearing the commander for his sudden focus. He half staggered to the men's sides, none of them noticing the young infidel until he knelt down next to the priest with a wince and reached out to touch the man's wrist.

The man tried to jerk it away, but was too weak. The men shouted, but Karim couldn't understand nor make them understand, so he kept his eyes closed. One of the men pulled out his boot knife and grabbed Karim by the hair, pressing the blade to his neck, shouting more incomprehensible gibberish.

The dying man, who was no longer dying, sat up. He touched his stomach. He said something sharp—and much stronger than previous words—to the man about to slit Karim's throat, wonder in his eyes.

The man hissed and took back the dagger, shoving Karim forward at the wounded man.

Before their eyes, he unwrapped the bandage—examining the rent. It was a gut wound, a delicate and difficult process that Karim could easily fail at, but he gently pushed his patient back with a reassuring smile until he lay flat, never letting go of his wrist.

Before all of their eyes, the rent healed, from the inside out. It took some minutes—the sun was higher in the sky than it had been—but there was now pink new flesh where the gaping rent had been.

Karim smiled, and let the man go, sitting back with a gasp. He motioned for the man to stand.

The healed soldier stood and walked away from the blanket he'd thought he would die on. Grateful tears fell down his cheeks.

He ruffled the young man's head and pat his shoulders. He went to drink from a well. He would be thirsty, then hungry, then sleepy.

The smile slid from Karim's face and he collapsed, slumping forward, prone on the ground in a faint.

I tend to write as much as moves me. I never match length. But I also love to have fun and watch my partners have fun, so I will be checking in with you a lot to make sure things are fun.

Other prompts welcome, particularly non-con, kidnapping, abuse, or torture!
Just contact me if you have any desire for it, I can plot out something unique to us easily.
If you want prompts:



I read an excellent webcomic called Killing Stalking and now I am nearly frantic for a real, violent kidnapping. Some possible plotlines: my character stole from yours, and your character pays him back with interest. Traditional stalking that ends in kidnap. Blackmail of a police officer. Blackmail of a family member, ending in Lima Syndrome so my character becomes too important to kill. Just, an actually awful character and duct tape and a basement—or something more sophisticated, or pre-modern, you do you. Bring on your serial killers! Make it hurt.


This could be modern, historical, high fantasy, sci fi, wherever. Just, my character being dragged into a cult. Whether the cult is the state religion and my character can't escape it (think: The Handmaid's Tale), or whether it's a group of crazies isolating their members from real life, cults are fun. Particularly interested in a boy being born and raised in a cult. The cult can be magic or it can be like any abusive fringe religion. It's whatever! Just, cults.  8-)


Basically any story in which you want to play an abusive dom for my boys is appreciated. Did Gareth cheat on your character? Is Karim an easy victim? Give me your abusive doms and I'll love you forever.


Mean old pimp gets his hands on one of my boys, and sells their bodies and their souls by the hour, with brutal retribution for failing to satisfy or not bringing in enough money.


There's a tendency in media that explores matriarchal societies to either make them kind of men's fantasy worlds where tall, ball-busting women kind of all exist as leather dommes that fulfill every subby man's fantasies. I'm not so interested in that. There's also a tendency to view them as some kind of utopia, without war or prejudice, where racism and classism and certainly sexism is cured and mankind joins hands to fulfill a peaceful future. I'm not at all interested in that, either. I'm interested in something far closer to the actual matrilineal societies that have existed and continue to exist in many places today.

Here's an example of how it would look in a modern Western or Westernized society: Femininity is powerful. The positions and ideals of power are feminine. It's a world where when someone thinks who historically rules a country, they think, of course, a queen. A world where every leader of your country since its birth as a nation was a woman, and people debate whether it's time for a man, whether the country's ready for a man. Where men and maleness are casually linked to weakness and eroticism, to beauty and objecthood. Where people think a man who stays at home to watch the children is being a good father, but a woman who does so is compromising her career. Where nobody looks twice at a fit, waxed, attractive man with an overweight, unkempt woman, on TV or in real life, but it's something of a revelation when a larger man even gets a part in a romance, let alone a leading role. Where a male actor will be cast in romantic roles until he's about 28, and then be moved into doddering father or even grandfather roles, whereas a woman in her 60's will still be starring with twenty-year-old men. All of the houses of congress, all three branches of government, nearly every fortune five hundred company has a woman at its helm. When men fight for equal rights, they're told they never faced the draft, even though nobody has faced that for 70 years and when they did, it was women who instated the draft, instigated the war, and controlled all aspects of the battles that were fought, not to mention penalized the draft dodgers.

You can sort of fit this into any patriarchal society mold and come out with what I'm talking about. I've used modern America for the formula, but you can put it anywhere and the shoe will fit. This doesn't have to be on Earth, though I would especially love playing an alternative history where, for one reason or another, women just became socially dominant over men. It could be high fantasy, where we make a new world, maybe even a new species of creature, like the excellent series of novels by Martha Wells, the Raksura Chronicles, starting with the Cloud Roads, which deals with a matriarchal group in which breeding males are objectified, sexualized, and seen as weak and needing protection.

The manga Ooku is a good example of this, and a model for how we could do this: in that manga, a plague called the Red-Faced Pox wiped out 65% or so of the population of men in Japan. This actually has a historical precedent: the black plague disproportionately affected young men in Europe and Asia. The Red-Faced Pox was just so specific to men that it led to a lowering of the men's population in relation to women's. Naturally, the whole world flipped upside down. If sons don't often live to adulthood, daughters by necessity must be the inheritors--and then they're the only inheritors legally allowed. With no men, why would anyone buy women prostitutes? But male prostitutes--many women can't afford to have a husband. There just aren't enough men going around. If you want a kid, you need semen. If you want semen, a prostitute is a very cost-effective solution for the poor. (Also, women in power can commodify sexuality the same as men in power often have.) Honestly, male prostitutes make more sense than women--no risk of pregnancy to stop work for periods. Since everyone is terrified of their sons getting sick, sons aren't put to work, certainly not to hard labor. In only one or two generations, this leads to the social perception that men are too weak and fragile to handle such things, exactly as happened to women historically. Culturally, what people believe is often what is so for us. Then we end up with a world in which men are the ones sold to their wife's families for dowries, and an infertile, poor or ugly husband might be mistreated or even killed (see: bride burnings in India). Men are under constant sexual threat, and socialized not to learn to fight, and afraid of ending up in the brothels. A lot of societal norms we take for granted would be turned on their head, don't you think?

Anyway, I want to explore that. Historical, high fantasy, modern, really any iteration you want to create with me, just a society where the default gender is women, and in which I play one of my boys.

Note: This one will take some real world-building, and a really unique and interesting female character. This one isn't one I'll be fully satisfied with just straight porn, I preference about 70 story / 30 porn for it, and I will be pickier than the others on this list who I write it with. But please, if you're interested, hit me up! I'd love to talk to you about it.


RUINED - 1800 A.D., China [DOM M WANTED]

In Qing Dynasty China (I'm talking our real world's history right now), sexuality between two men was called jijian, and it was sharply divided. A man who topped another man was a normal man. He could marry, he was free from any persecution by the law or really society, he was sort of understood as a man who just liked sex so much he even turned to men. As long as he still married and preformed for his wife at times, there was no disconnect and hardly any shame.

In contrast, any man who allowed a cock into his body was extremely shamed. He was thereafter viewed as having become a woman in his family line. He no longer could marry: if he wasn't married, he never would be. If he was married, his wife's family would often have a divorce, because the shame was far greater than even the shame of marrying a second time as a woman. He'd committed a crime against his ancestors.

Rape between men in Qing Dynasty China was also completely unprosecutable and not considered a crime—it was assumed that if a man was fucked, well, he would have been able to stop it if it wasn't what he wanted. It was only ever prosecuted at all when there was a significant age gap, so basically a man and a child. Otherwise, there was no conception whatsoever that a man couldn't consent to sex.

This is all the real history, by the way.

Taiga was beautiful, the youngest son of a respected old Mongol family. Arrogant, too—a man who made the people around him miserable. You make enemies that way. Enemies who would delight in seeing your downfall.

They say you can't rape a man, but YC knew how. It was staged, from beginning to end, humiliating and public.

It permanently ruined Taiga immediately, but also put him somewhat on your character's conscience—more accurately, in his control. Shunned by society, shamed in his family, YC pulled off the truest revenge.

But why stop there?

CHASTE WIDOW - 1744 A.D., China [F WANTED]

In China, there are only two ways a woman can be seen as heroic: by being a chaste martyr (and you have to die for that) or by being a chaste widow. Being a chaste widow, in YC's opinion, was much nicer.

A chaste widow's husband died while she was young and beautiful. She could have remarried - it would be easier, having a man's protection. So society said. But if she stayed true to his family line, raised his children, never had intercourse again, then she got to keep his land, his money, his peasants, his estate, and live the lifestyle she would have lived as his wife. She also got a commendation from the government as a virtuous woman.

An easy choice, so long as your husband was rich enough to have an estate that could support a woman, who couldn't work.

But YC wasn't the only one who stood to benefit from her dearly departed husband's estate. He has family, two younger brothers, who want what she has. They arrange a way to disgrace her - the only way to disgrace her.

They arrange for her to once again be awoken to lust.

They gift her a slave of Japanese descent, young Taiga Hisoka. He's handsome, strong, a good worker - it should all be easy. They tell him he'll have money if he brings the young lady to bed, and has proof of it.

He has a mission, but things get complicated. It would take a heart of stone not to see what this will do to this young woman [and her children, if you want her to have any]. Taiga might not be as black as they paint.

VIKINGS - 820 A.D., Ireland-to-Scandanavia [DOM M WANTED]

Father Luca was only visiting, coming to help get a new Irish saint ordained as a fact-finding mission. He should have known to be more careful—the monastery he was staying at was sacked by Vikings, and Luca was carried off from the wreckage. YC, the Viking raider, has a lot to do to a handsome young priest of a religion he doesn't follow. Anyway, if back at the lodges in Scandanavia Luca offends YC, well, it's never too late to cut a slave up and feed them to his pigs.


Set in Kowloon Walled City ( / Kowloon Walled City was run by crime syndicates. It was entirely lawless: the government of Hong Kong left it totally alone, the only thing they provided was mail service. More brothels than schools in it, and it was always dark, unless you had a place on the walls or next to the roof. It was constructed without the aid of a single solitary engineer. 50,000 people lived there. People ran from the law into it a lot. I've been really considering Taiga and Crow spending their whole goddamn lives in that six-block radius, owned by the triad.

THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN - 1556–1599 A.D., Lisbon, Portugal [DOM M WANTED]

It's the sixteenth century, and the Nanban boeki, the trade of Japanese goods and slaves to Portuguese sailors, is well underway. Crow Masayoshi and his little sister Hana are two such slaves who make the grueling trip beyond the ocean in the hold of a Portuguese seafaring vessel. In Lisbon, the culture is alien, and the status of them as slaves is a special humiliation for the young man. It's made no easier by the attentions of the Portuguese captain who intends to get rich off of training and selling Crow and his sister.

How easily, then, things go awry.


She is the regnant queen, a term which means she reigns the country without any king by her side. The day-to-day minutia of the country and the court are rarely easy burdens. She's called the Virgin Queen—a term that's put to the test when she finds the presence of one of her young gardeners, Karim Mahmoud Magdi, soothing.

WILD WILD WEST AU1859 A.D., West of the Mississippi [F OR M WANTED, ANY ROLE]

You grow up Jewish in New York, you have a community. That's what being Jewish is all about: community. We're all the diaspora. Israel is barred to us, by God's will. We must suffer, for we were chosen by God and we failed him.

G-d, isn't it a depressing story?

Ezra Konitzer had enough of depressing stories as a boy. That's my real name: I got Gareth Maddox from a book somewhere, a real potboiler. I think it's Welsh, which I am not. When I escaped from my German-Jewish family's house, which was warm and caring and not at all run by an emasculated, henpecked father, thanks, I set out to make a better name for myself. And to keep from flashing my dick, so I could live without gentiles sneering down their noses at me.

Sometimes I curse the Mohel who took my foreskin. Sometimes I bless him. Regardless, I've never taken a person to bed in a miserable attempt to keep my secret, well, secret.

I didn't want to sell things, but my father was a banker and I had money to buy. More money than anyone makes prospecting, let me tell you that much.

But I wanted to go out west. I wanted to see the sites that had been painted about, the herds of buffalo free-roaming. I wanted, so much and so passionately.

And now I'm here and half the world has the pox, and the other half has the plague. And all of them are dope fiends. Hoo boy. Isn't that a kicker?

These are simple folk. Common clay. People of the land.

You know.


I sell what I can and keep my faith private and who knows if I really believe it, anymore. Don't ask me about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but I'm not the only bible-thumper out here who doesn't have a firm grasp of the back half.

Speaking of, I have a lovely deal on family Bibles, sir—if you'd like to buy.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— No non-con needed!
— Gareth needs to have his first partner.
— Romance seems possible.
— Male or female characters welcome. Gareth is a switch, and can top or bottom.

KNIGHT ERRANTMiddle Ages, Many Possible Locations [DOM M WANTED]

Lorne is an Irish servant to a knight on the crusades, when, alas and alack, his master is killed! What's a winsome little redhead supposed to do on these long, lonely marches without his master's protections? Well, find himself a new master, o'course - only this one might not be so kind and gentlehearted as his last.

HIS LITTLE WIFE1094, al-Andalus/Muslim Spain [DOM M & F WANTED]

These damn Taifa do everything backwards. For starters, they force their women to veil, instead of the men, as is done among the Almoravids. The veil is a damned nuisance to Fadma bint Yusuf. An even bigger nuisance is her new husband—so old and cruel and not at all to her liking. Fadma would like to spend as much time as possible hiding in the harem and ignoring her father's desire for her to influence her husband to do this or that by stone-cold avoiding him to play with his cute young sons. Maybe marriage won't be all bad when she has a few of these little tykes running around.

Besides, it's an excuse to spend time with his gorgeous first wife. Fadma doesn't know how to talk about it to anyone—oh dear, no—but she's falling in love.

Not with her husband, God, no.

With his other wife.

[Someone willing to play both an abusive rapist husband and a wife for Fadma to fall in love with desired. The wife can also be his third wife, and there can be a first wife who's dead in childbirth /handwaves that the husband deeply misses. Bi poly relationship or consensual/non-consensual triangle desired.]



The Mongols have torn Baghdad open and raped her of her prizes. Karim Mahmoud Magdi was a young fennec fox shifter in the great city, here visiting from Egypt when the Mongols came to the gates of the city. YC is a Mongol warrior who has claimed him as his prize after the city's sacking.

CRUSADES - 1099 A.D., al-Andalus/Spain [DOM M WANTED]

 It's the year 1099, and magic is real. Most of it is done by the writing of spells, the contracting of demons, and enchanted objects. A rare few humans are born true mages, humans who have magic in their blood. The first crusade has just concluded with the sack and subsequent reclaiming of Jerusalem by the holy forces of Christendom. Crusaders, looking for a place to swing their swords, are flooding the Iberian peninsula—what Christians call the rightful kingdom of Spain—in order to take back the land from the Muslims who've ruled it since the 700's. Karim is a young mage in an Islamic village and Christian knights who are fighting in the Reconquista, just back from the crusade, burn his village to the ground and take him as a captive. Since he's a healer and a plant mage who can secure them food, the knight commander keeps him personally. Slowly, humanity is recognized through different cultures and religions, and something inside him tempts a good Christian knight into sodomy with a heretic—liable to get him shunned, and lose him his position, his reputation, his family and his estate.


Magic is done through the bondage and servitude of magical creatures. Familiars, of which a mage can have just one or several, have unequal rights. British mages compete to contract the most splendid creatures, and put them to the most difficult uses, to make the most magnificent mechanical creations that will win the British Empire its rightful ascendant place over the upstart Germans and Americans, and keep the rest of the world in thrall. [YC is a mage. Young, inexperienced, ambitious? Old and exacting? Arrogant and hard-headed? The choice is yours. MC or Characters is/are familiar/s of YC.]

FREAK SHOW AU1850 A.D., London Fairgrounds [M/GENDERQUEER, M/M or F/M][/s]

Beast (genderfluid, any pronouns are fine for her) was a curious little thing—demons often are. When he went to England at the height of the Victorian Age to see the brand-new inventions—trains—he was disappointed. Wandering the streets, he found a traveling Freak Show at the London Fairgrounds. Little did she know, the Freaks at the show were a little more real than they seemed—the ringmaster, of course, was an exorcist, imprisoning demons, ghouls and spirits to put them to work for him. Beast quickly finds himself in a very sticky situation, imprisoned in the middle of the circus, with a cage, as the winged boy. At night, the ringmaster offers more interesting services to those who desire them—use of the various freaks in a cheap bordello behind the tents. Who is YC? Are they the ringmaster? Are they the ringmaster's young apprentice? Are they a fellow freak? Any are open! I'm also willing to play this story with more than one character for both of us—Tisu could be a strongman and fellow demon, a djinn bound to the service of the ringmaster.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— Beast up at barely-dawn sewing up their costume after it's been torn off, because they have to wear it again the next night.
— People willing to pay to do things to the strongman/have the strongman do things to them
— Beast sneaking into the dancing bear's cage to sleep curled up against it because she feels safer there
— Beast badly injuring a human child who stuck his hand into the cage.


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Hello Sekah,

I enjoy historical fantasy, as well as most of the kinks you mentioned. I am almost 100% sub though, just a fair warning. If you're still interested, feel free to PM me.

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  • A review on a fic I wrote called me the “Queen of Dark, Gruesome Non-con.” I think that fits. Bi as hell. Enjoys nice butts. All butts welcome.
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Bumping this! Very excited for new partners, come at me!

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  • A review on a fic I wrote called me the “Queen of Dark, Gruesome Non-con.” I think that fits. Bi as hell. Enjoys nice butts. All butts welcome.
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New plot prompt: Chaste Widow! Get it while it's hot.
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  • A review on a fic I wrote called me the “Queen of Dark, Gruesome Non-con.” I think that fits. Bi as hell. Enjoys nice butts. All butts welcome.
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New plot prompt — His Little Wife.