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Author Topic: Sekah's Requests [M/M, F/M, Genderqueer, Fantasy, History, Sci Fi, Slavery]  (Read 1438 times)

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Name's Sekah (most of my friends and my boyfriend call me Sekah in RL too)! I'm a junior in college studying creative writing and history, and a cis-gender girl. I love stories, that's all I have to say about that. I wanted to be an author originally, but realized being a penniless writer was not going to be a lucrative stage of my life, and anyway I'm a long way from ever considering myself good enough to submit to a publisher. I'm disabled, I'm bisexual, and it's actually surprising that I'm telling you all this, because for a long time I wasn't upfront about those parts of my identity. I'm a nerd. I need to get shoved in a locker.

I have never finished a video game, interesting fact about me. I own a lot of gaming devices and have never so much as completed a pokemon. There are games I've played since I was seven I haven't ever finished. Oh yeah and I'm new-ish to roleplaying, a few years since my first-ever roleplay. It's so crazy. You're all crazy.

Note: All art pictured are commissions I've bought or presents I've received!


I'm looking for partners willing to play literally anything or anyone they want with my characters. I'll bring the character, you just bring your own character(s) and ideas to the table, and I guarantee we can work something out. I'm willing to play with OCs, canons (animated and not), really any character you can think of. Pitch it to me, I'm easy.

This is primarily an M/M post, largely because that's what I've been feeling most of late, but I'm also open to playing against female characters, especially if they're dominant. Femdom is love. <3 For M/M, I can play top or bottom or switch but prefer bottom. What I need most clearly and dearly are non-con and slavery plots with my character as the victim—I've been starved of them and I really need that to end.



Clockwork Hearts
The Red Teahouse was a high-end place, and most of the whores employed there were reasonably happy with their lot. Protections were good, money was flowing, clients could be scholar-officials and Manchu notables even in this remote outpost, largely controlled by the pirates. Taiga was not happy or content, and that was why the guards outside his door weren't, as the madame told everyone who asked, for his protection.

Taiga was everything a madame hopes for in a starring number. He was beautiful—he was that, with a cut jaw and a classically handsome face and body that reminded of paintings and stories, a loveliness and clarity of masculinity that turned heads and captured hearts. He was exotic—not Canton-born, with a refined accent on his Cantonese and Mandarin that marked him as a native of the elusive and mysterious Japan. What was known of his past was the perfect sales tool, if not quite believed by anyone who heard it—he swore up and down his father was a lord of Japan. Most importantly, he was good at his job, no matter how reluctant—this boy could make a poor miner believe he was the abandoned son of a nobleman too, with imperial titles that went back to the Song Dynasty at least. He had that quality of charisma and an expressive and easily controlled face. In an hour appointment, he made paupers feel like emperors and the money was pouring in.

Which meant his attempts to escape so far had been painful failures.

Taiga was between clients. His hair was cropped short and slicked back from his head, making his profile look bald as a snake. But it accentuated his full lips and handsome features just fine. He frowned into the china bowl he was dipping a rag in, sitting off the edge of the bed with his easily-removed silk robes hiked up to wash the cum off his lean thighs. His teeth grit. He threw the cloth into the water, uncaring of the droplets that sprayed and soaked into his gaudy robes. The brothel was also a teahouse and Taiga was allowed out into the restaurant to solicit customers.

He had something different in mind.

He had heard through the management that today, about this time, something dangerous was happening. Two rival airships, both pirates of some note, would be in town. This brothel was likely to attract them both, at the same time. Management warned everyone to keep the groups separate, and to keep all male prostitutes away from Captain Ling, a converted Christian who spent too much time listening to British missionaries and thought cut-sleeve boys—men who loved or simply slept with other men—were immoral to his God.

Surely something could come of this.

The teahouse was a mixed crowd, with the captain of the airship Zhu eyeing Captain Ling, who had his boots resting up on a cushioned ottoman and his eyes passing over the prostitutes who came near, all of them women—his preferences were known. No one wanted trouble.

No one but Taiga, that is. Taiga walked over to the captain of Zhu, who had a scraggly beard and an ill-tempered look about him, and was known to favor boys. Zhu smiled and revealed a snaggle tooth at the attention of Taiga.

"I hope you're enjoying your meal, sir," Taiga purred, and he probably was, this was the best food in miles in every direction. Plenty in this crowded teahouse weren't here for a whore. There were locals and travelers all over the place.

Zhu cupped his hand on Taiga's ass and said, "Got something better to eat later, I bet." He kneaded Taiga's ass to punctuate his crude insinuation and lazily glanced over at the other captain, which was perfect. Taiga looked at him too.

Ling saw their gazes and glared back. He was a big, hulking brute with a barrel chest and a thin black moustache like the British wore. He didn't even dress like a Chinese, with trousers and a waistcoat that must be a million degrees in the humid air of Canton.

Taiga was let go and left to the kitchens.

This could go very badly, but it could also go very well. Either way, it was too good an opportunity to give up.

"Yuyue, I'll relieve you of that tea. Where's it going?" he asked a server.

"Thanks, Taiga," she said, too overworked to question Taiga's motives. "It's going to the man in the corner. You see him? He came in alone, in a private airship. Seems like a military guy. Try to arc around that stuck-up captain to reach him, it wouldn't do to get too close to him, for you."

"Of course," he said.

She didn't question it, sliding back into the kitchen, which was full of the clatter of dishes.

Taiga walked past the woman plucking the strings of her pipa on the stage and singing, her voice caterwauling as he walked straight towards Captain Ling, who out of pure luck was turned away from the entry and discussing something in animated snarls with a member of his crew, who was looking down at his plate under his captain's berating with a sallow-eyed expression.

"Captain Ling," Taiga said, putting the teacup before the infamous pirate captain. "The honorable captain of the Zhu has paid for a full night with me, for you." He smoothed his hand over his shoulder, watching the disgust on his face. "Shall we retire?"

One second, Taiga was smiling upright. The next, he was smashed to the ground by a huge fist, the teapot and cups shattering at the feet of the man he was supposed to be delivering to.

Taiga looked up, rubbing his bruised chin. Ling was stomping across the teashop, his men leaping up to come too, knives and weapons appearing on both sides.

Taiga crawled back into the area with the lone traveler he'd really been intended to serve as Ling threw the first punch and was tackled.

People were running outside the building, the security were leaping forward, a man was thrown through a silk screen.

If Taiga failed to escape from this, it was over.

Taiga slid around the backs of the security and the pirates, milling with the others attempting escape from the fighting.

Outside the press of the crowd at the doors, the walls muting the noises of shattering pots and ripping and splintering, along with human screams and the thunk of flesh on flesh, Taiga immediately began heading down to where the airships were docked.

A fist clenched on his wrist, spinning him around.

"Where do you think you're going," Hanxi said. He was security, taller than Taiga and solid.

"Let me go," Taiga growled, trying to yank away.

"I'm sure the Madame will be very interested in why you're causing trouble and trying to escape again, Taiga." He began dragging him around the back, to the hole, a horrible cage for disobedient prostitutes in the back of the teahouse, where customers didn't go.

"No!" Taiga shouted, digging in his heels and pulling. "Let me go! Please!"

Hanxi sneered, stronger than Taiga, cuffing him when he tried to claw at his hand. Taiga was momentarily knocked off his feet, groaning.

I tend to write as much as moves me. I never match length. But I also love to have fun and watch my partners have fun, so I will be checking in with you a lot to make sure things are fun.



See the character list in the next post to read more about the characters listed here!

Sci Fi

SPLICE PROJECT AU [M/M (PREFERRED) or F/M] — The Earth is overpopulated; resources are running out. A certain quota every year are allowed to be humans—to live as full citizens of the Earth and own property. The excess are captured, sterilized, and experimented on, culled in times of drought or lack of plenty. They're then resold as slaves. The most common experiments include gene splicing projects, mixing humans with animals. Common animals like dogs and cats are especially easy, because of the wide pool of genetics to choose from. The rarer an animal is, the more likely the resulting splice is to fail and kill the spliced person, so the successful splices of endangered and extinct animals are the most important. VERY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ONE TO MULTIPLE WRITERS, AS IT'S JUST A SETTING. Vision in my head is more human with animal ears and tails than a full-on anthro.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
Taiga is a splice with a South China Tiger, rare and heavily experimented on as the only existent South China Tiger splice.
Karim is a fennec fox splice, somewhat rare and very cuddly.
Crow is a splice with a raven, with a pair of flexing wings that can't support his body weight.
Gareth is a domestic cat splice who lived a comfortable life until his previous owner's daughter fell in love with him, and the family's father sold him to keep her from doing anything crazy, like trying to free him. His new master, YC, is a lot less kind to a spoiled housecat.

ALIEN CROW AU [M/M]Crow is a somewhat common race of avian people with a lot of human blood. He has a pair of crippled wings on his back. He was born unwanted, and so was his little sister. With a lot of work, when he was fifteen he got his seven-year-old sister a family, a wealthy couple who were excited about a new little girl. They didn't want to raise a teenager, though. He remained in care until he was sixteen and then was turned out. Soon enough, he became the property of slavers. His first sale he was highly coveted for his beauty, but his master abused him mercilessly and left his back and wings heavily scarred. That drove down his price, and now, at thirty-one, he works in a brothel at a mining community in a massive skull called Nowhere (circa Marvel Cinematic Universe). He has a couple of venereal diseases, curable, if anyone spent the money on him, and hears that a man called asking for the slave. Crow is bought by a new master, and finds him strange and unknowable, not as brutal as previous masters, but still frightening. Crow realizes over time that he wants his master to see him as a person: complete, flawed, and broken, but not an object.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— Maybe YC bought Crow out of altruism—like adopting the pup that is worst-off at the shelter. Maybe Crow isn't exactly what appeals to him sexually for that.
— The lack of outright brutality could compound Crow's self-esteem problems. "He isn't even cruel and I still can't please him - it must be me"

SPACE PIRATES AU [M/M]Gareth Maddox is a pirate extraordinaire, a member of the Kyashiin race. Cat ears and a cat tail are the only things that divide him from humans, thanks to all the intermixing of human and Kyashiin DNA. He runs a small galley through the galaxy. Is YC his partner in crime? His new slave? Another pirate he owes money to (Jabba the Hutt + Han Solo)? The world is your oyster!

SHE WAS PERFECT AU [M/M or M/F]Tisu Bagci is a Kyashiin, a race of humanoids with cat ears and cat tails. His wife passed away three years ago, and nothing has turned his eyes since then. That's when YC came along. He or she was a slave gifted to Tisu by a well-meaning friend trying to force him to move on. He doesn't want YC, but he can't refuse a gift—it's an ultimate taboo in Kyashiin culture. Trying not to neglect YC but very much wanting to, over time they find meaning in each other.

GRIEF AU [M/M, M/F, M/GENDERQUEER OR THIRD GENDER]Inspired by Firefly. Tisu Bagci is a human who set out on a colony ship with seed crops and essentials, wanting to start a new life on a new planet. The pirates who raided his ship killed his wife and enslaved him, dragging him heartbroken to the slaver's block. He towers over the race of the world he's sold to, but still wishes he had a chance to see his wife—bury her, at least. A family buys him as a guard for their child (son, daughter, third gender/genderqueer all welcome). What business does a slave have forming a relationship with the young master?

SPACE STATION AU [M/M]Taiga Hisoka is a goddamn scientist, not your whore. Well, he was a scientist, before his peaceful mission of human academics looking to increase knowledge was taken over. Most of them were too ugly to sell, and were ransomed back to their families. Taiga? Taiga was pretty enough for the market, that much is clear. But what does that matter, when he has no business being here.


MEDIEVAL AFRICA AU [M/M]1067 AD. Koumbi Saleh, the capital of the Empire of Ghana/Wagadou Empire (a medieval trading empire in northwestern Africa), has been divided into two separate and unequal parts: the palace of the rulers, El Ghaba, and the Muslim market and trading post an hour's walk away, where the goods are shipped and the wealth of various empires, the Islamic Empire not the least of it, flows through. Islam forbids homosexuality, and what began for one Tuareg teen Akil as a struggle to understand himself is poisoned by his choice of partners: the spoilt Prince.

Note: It's really important to me that this setting not fetishize or exoticize its characters. If you have questions about what I mean by that, lmk!

VIKINGS AU [M/M]820 AD. Father Luca was only visiting, coming to help get a new Irish saint ordained as a fact-finding mission. He should have been known to be more careful—the monastery he was staying at was sacked by Vikings, and Luca was carried off from the wreckage. YC, the Viking raider, has a lot to do to a handsome young priest of a religion he doesn't follow. Anyway, if back at the lodges in Scandanavia Luca offends YC, well, it's never too late to cut a slave up and feed them to his pigs.

WILD WILD WEST AU [M/M or F/M]1859 AD. You grow up Jewish in New York, you have a community. That's what being Jewish is all about: community. We're all the diaspora. Israel is barred to us, by God's will. We must suffer, for we were chosen by God and we failed him.

G-d, isn't it a depressing story?

Ezra Konitzer had enough of depressing stories as a boy. That's my real name: I got Gareth Maddox from a book somewhere, a real potboiler. I think it's Welsh, which I am not. When I escaped from my German-Jewish family's house, which was warm and caring and not at all run by an emasculated, henpecked father, thanks, I set out to make a better name for myself. And to keep from flashing my dick, so I could live without gentiles sneering down their noses at me.

Sometimes I curse the Mohel who took my foreskin. Sometimes I bless him. Regardless, I've never taken a person to bed in a miserable attempt to keep my secret, well, secret.

I didn't want to sell things, but my father was a banker and I had money to buy. More money than anyone makes prospecting, let me tell you that much.

But I wanted to go out west. I wanted to see the sites that had been painted about, the herds of buffalo free-roaming. I wanted, so much and so passionately.

And now I'm here and half the world has the pox, and the other half has the plague. And all of them are dope fiends. Hoo boy. Isn't that a kicker?

These are simple folk. Common clay. People of the land.

You know.


I sell what I can and keep my faith private and who knows if I really believe it, anymore. Don't ask me about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but I'm not the only bible-thumper out here who doesn't have a firm grasp of the back half.

Speaking of, I have a lovely deal on family Bibles, sir—if you'd like to buy.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— No non-con needed!
— Gareth needs to have his first partner.
— Romance seems possible.
— Male or female characters welcome. Gareth is a switch, and can top or bottom.

Historical Fantasy

THE SIEGE OF BAGHDAD [M/M]1258 AD. The Mongols have torn Baghdad open and raped her of her prizes. Karim Mahmoud Magdi was a young fennec fox shifter in the great city, here visiting from Egypt when the Mongols came to the gates of the city. YC is a Mongol warrior who has claimed him as his prize after the city's sacking.

FREAK SHOW AU [M/GENDERQUEER, M/M or F/M]1850 AD. Beast (genderfluid, any pronouns are fine for her) was a curious little thing—demons often are. When he went to England at the height of the Victorian Age to see the brand-new inventions—trains—he was disappointed. Wandering the streets, he found a traveling Freak Show at the London Fairgrounds. Little did she know, the Freaks at the show were a little more real than they seemed—the ringmaster, of course, was an exorcist, imprisoning demons, ghouls and spirits to put them to work for him. Beast quickly finds himself in a very sticky situation, imprisoned in the middle of the circus, with a cage, as the winged boy. At night, the ringmaster offers more interesting services to those who desire them—use of the various freaks in a cheap bordello behind the tents. Who is YC? Are they the ringmaster? Are they the ringmaster's young apprentice? Are they a fellow freak? Any are open! I'm also willing to play this story with more than one character for both of us—Tisu could be a strongman and fellow demon, a djinn bound to the service of the ringmaster.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— Beast up at barely-dawn sewing up their costume after it's been torn off, because they have to wear it again the next night.
— People willing to pay to do things to the strongman/have the strongman do things to them
— Beast sneaking into the dancing bear's cage to sleep curled up against it because she feels safer there
— Beast badly injuring a human child who stuck his hand into the cage.

TIME TRAVEL AU [M/M]500 BCE. A magical xxx (insert thing here) summons a man who has Everything Required to be their Godking (leader guy whatever). Very ordinary 21st century character ends up in a foreign land tryna find out how the fuck he's supposed to rule in a nest of snakes. We'll make loads of antagonists and have tons of political shit. Anyway, first order of business is finding out how to dispose of a foreign prince from a captured kingdom—good old Taiga. Since he's royal blood, he's technically supposed to become the personal slave of the Godking (we will make a different name if that doesn't appeal, I have historical titles out the wazoo), and his blood is captive currency to keep his father and five elder brothers from going to war.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
— Conniving vizier plans to keep YC weak and powerless so they can rule unchecked without worrying about their non-royal lineage.
— Taiga going toe-to-toe with the vizier and protecting YC from assassination attempts
— Taiga manipulating YC to no end.
— Maybe Taiga betraying their trust?

Modern Fantasy

MAGIC IS OPPRESSED AU [M/M OR F/M] — Borrowed from the amazing fic The Affairs of Wizards. Imagine a world where people born with the ability to manipulate magic are forced to choose between being second-class citizens and working for the government in what amounts to modern slavery. Nothing is more dangerous than being an unregistered magic user, except perhaps being a registered one.

Random smattering of ideas for this:
Taiga is a crime boss who runs a prostitution ring. He was a prostitute himself, but the favorite of the former boss. He became his second-in-command and then killed him and took over the family. He's also an unregistered magic user.

High Fantasy

DRAGON AU [M/M]Tisu was once a ferocious dragon, a leader of armies. People quaked before his path. But that was years ago. He fell in love with a woman who was murdered—shutting himself away, thinking there was nothing to enjoy in life anymore, he bought a slave to help him return to daily life. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

FANTASY SLAVERY AU [M/M] — Slavery is the basis of our entire economy.


DRUG KINGPIN AU [M/M] — Set in the background of international drug cartels, two people meet and form an unlikely, if forced relationship. Taiga met YC and didn't respect him. YC had something to say to a young upstart meeting him without proper kowtowing.

TUTORING AN ASSHOLE AU [M/M] — YC is an important legacy student with a mother who's the dean of Hana's school and a father who's boss of the place Hana's doing an internship at. Crow loves his little sister Hana—he became the legal caretaker of her when she was ten and he was eighteen. Mostly, he's tried to keep her safe from the life he lives, and where their money comes from—he's a hooker, not a fashion model, as he's told Hana. YC finds out about his double life, illegal as it is, and uses it to blackmail Crow. If YC talks, Crow goes to jail for prostitution. If YC's father is angered, Hana loses her important internship, and maybe faces repercussions at school. Crow allows things to get way out of hand, trying to protect Hana.


Commission and presents of my characters from SammyHarlan and Adashtra.
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Added a fun new idea based on an excellent fic—MAGIC IS OPPRESSED AU.

State-sanctioned slavery and underground magician revolts come together here. Lot of chance for a fun, sweeping world. I'd also like to combine with the Cops and Robbers prompt—the Cop is an unregistered magic user and so is Taiga.

Hit me up if it sounds fun! Or with anything else, either. I'm really actively searching for new partners!

Offline SekahTopic starter

I've updated the post with a great deal more of my characters to choose from! I hope you all enjoy these new choices. Will soon think through some more prompts for partners!

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Bump! Still very much open for partners!

Offline SekahTopic starter

Bump! Partners always appreciated.

Offline SekahTopic starter

I have COMPLETELY redone the way my requests thread works, and I want everyone reading this to know, I'm open for partners, very friendly, love new people, and want to make it work with you!

Hit me up if you're at all curious! Don't be hesitant!

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Added a new character for y'all! If you're interested in Gareth, let me know.

Offline SekahTopic starter

Bump! Actively looking for new partners!

Offline SekahTopic starter

I've just added a shitton of new plots, including a lot in which my character is the top or I'm fully willing to play against a woman! Also redid my character section to be in my O/O's—check out this sleek new linking ability, it's sexy.

I am so open, so excited to write with you, hit me up, I'd love to hear from you!