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April 17, 2021, 03:01:50 am

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Author Topic: [MxM] Attack of the tropes - historical, modern and magic plots [lit]  (Read 561 times)

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Offline DaggermouthTopic starter

I'm looking for detailed, descriptive posts, three-dimensional characters and a killer plot that always comes first. Almost everything else is negotiable. Read my O/Os for a general idea of what I'm looking for, and PM me if you've got a plot in mind- I might surprise you. If there's a role you'd like to make your own, nothing is set in stone.

Right now I'm really craving modern/fantasy MxM with a nice balance of drama and smut and a hint of a happy ending. Give me a tough, outspoken switch/sub with a killer sense of humour, who'll run his pretty mouth and give MC a hard time.

What I'm after looks a bit like...

I'm also craving anything remotely to do with magic and monsters: werewolves, hedge witches and warlocks, botanists and potions and witch marks... bring me your maddest magic plots.

Seeking: YC would be the character in bold

A pampered prince is promised in a political marriage. He's a rarity in his conquering nation-state, the son of a warrior king with a preference for music and art, revels and misrule. His father is keen to get him quietly married off, and pairs him up with an older man, a faithful general, to serve as bodyguard and babysitter and perhaps give him some guidance in the marital arts... which doesn't exactly go according to plan.

A powerful warlock in a modern city with a magical underbelly drops everything when he scents an enticing new magic, something he's never felt before. He hunts the newcomer down, expecting a turf war, to find YC: young, human, new to the city, blissfully unaware of his power. MC can't leave him alone, can't stop sensing the strange magic buried inside him. Is it the seed of something remarkable, or an unexploded bomb?

TW: self-harm : This might be a bit fucked up, but anyone up for a modern/maybe-magical story based on this image?
YC is younger, a hot mess, MC should know better. There's scope for a paranormal angle, PM if that speaks to you!

A talented medical student agrees to act as field medic to a mysterious stranger in return for quick cash. But MC and his friends are strange, even for this very unusual town, and YC is too smart not to wonder who (and what) they are. Will he let himself be drawn into their crazy magical war?

A terminal patient trawling the internet for miracle cures is alarmed when a stranger turns up in his hospital room with a life-or-death proposition. It can't be real, but what has he got to lose?

After a tragedy leaves his nephew orphaned a young man who never thought he'd have kids steps up, inexpertly, becoming a father overnight. To say it's incompatible with his lifestyle is an understatement. He's clueless and deep in grief and doing the best he can, and help comes in the form of YC, who's his kid's favourite teacher and so very off-limits.

An addict in recovery has left his old life behind to get clean and stay that way, but when he realises the boy next door is going through a messy withdrawal, he finds himself pulled in to the chaos of someone else's addiction. Empathy is a dangerous thing, and he isn't sure he trusts himself to take care of someone vulnerable without taking advantage of them. What happens when his shiny new self control starts to slip?

Stray sci-fi plot! The captain of a beleaguered frontier vessel loses his pilot in an ambush and puts the word out that he needs another one. It's a skilled job, dangerous, but no-one out here enjoys much of a life expectancy. The crew of six are all members of the old guard, hardened ex-military types with pasts they don't talk about. But when the new pilot shows up, he... well, he's something else. An academy kid gone rogue, blue blood, trouble on two legs. He must be running from something. But he's something of a savant, the most talented pilot he's ever seen... so damn good, in fact, that the captain has no choice but to take the risk and take him on. Why would a kid like that take a hard job on a godforsaken world like this one? And does he realise what a temptation he is?

A survivor goes to group therapy after a traumatic event, spending a few nights a week with a handful of other damaged people in a draughty church hall. Sitting across the circle is a soldier with PTSD who believes in the group thing and wants to see everyone make it work, although he doesn't talk about his own life much. There's a funny sort of spark. Can they save each other? And will he break the cardinal rule of group?

A smart young detective with a bright future lets a violent man go free because he did a really bad thing for a really good reason. A bad case comes up and he calls on his old connection to get some dirty work done in secret. Maybe more than once. What does it mean for his career, his calling, if it takes a criminal to do what the law can't? And why does he keep coming back, with his old debt so long paid? I'm looking for a smart, principled city cop ready to take his first step into the grey area between wrong and right

A prison newbie who never thought he'd end up here is assigned a bunk alongside one of the old guard, who's tough enough to keep an eye on him and doing life, who shouldn't be any trouble. He's straight, or thought he was, and a principled man who never saw himself running a protection racket, who's never wanted to. Can he pass up what might be his last chance at a sweet young thing?

A successful young doctor with a secret gets a call from someone from his gangland past, someone he hoped had forgotten or moved on or let go. Against his better judgment he agrees to do a little moonlighting. Despite everything there's a spark. It's been a long time. Can he stop before dragging his old flame back into a world he'd given up? If you can give me a snarky young surgeon for this one, you're my favourite.

A highly sought-after exotic dancer in a gentleman's club is assigned an escort to keep him safe from rich clients wanting more than just a private dance. The escort is selected from among the club's doormen, one of those men you can find downtown in every city, who seem to have no past and no second name. Somewhere between driving him to work and to private parties, seeing him home safely afterwards, he becomes something of a confidant to the kid he's supposed to be protecting... and maybe something more than a confidant.

But he works for dangerous people, and the dancer is a valuable prize. There's a lot at stake... can he keep himself in line?

A gifted student isolates himself when adolescence brings him strange and frightening superhuman abilities that he cannot control. He runs and hides, resigning himself to a life devoid of human contact. However, he's not the only one. When a lab in the city gets word of the rogue, they send one of their own to bring him in and teach him how to live with the powers he has.

It quickly gets more complicated than that; he's the only person YC can safely touch, and the younger man senses in him the strain of a lifetime of reining in his own deadly abilities... can he ignore their mutual attraction and do his job?

An ex-military man takes a post as bodyguard to a young man: perhaps a talented celebrity, a politician's son or minor royalty. He's under a lot of media scrutiny, and when he flies the nest to leave for college his family employs a bodyguard with a stellar reputation. At first the younger man hates the idea, but when MC can prove he's not keeping tabs on him for his father, he warms to his minder. They start getting closer, maybe a little too close, and he has to decide whether he can resist crossing the line.

Apex mutation: An experiment to create the perfect soldier has broken down after society rejected such dramatic genetic engineering. After the demonstrations closed down the lab, the subjects were rounded up for rehabilitation, given a substantial pay-off, and encouraged to disappear.

Years later, an ambitious young journalist (YC) sets out to track down the altered subjects and tell their story. He's smart as fuck and he's done his research, but is he prepared for what happens when he finds one?

PM me rather than posting here if you're interested, please. It's all up for grabs and I'm flexible and friendly.

A few house rules: third person only, no pre-mades, no pics required, and I can do without wacky formatting- dialogue in bold, random italics, that kind of thing.
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Re: [MxM] Attack of the tropes - modern/fantasy plots up for adoption [lit]
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Edit: 13th October. Added a weird modern prompt

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Re: [MxM] Attack of the tropes - historical, modern and magic plots [lit]
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My pampered prince plot is brand spanking new.