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Author Topic: [M for F] WLTM creative, involved writers for plot-heavy, modern 1x1s [M for M]  (Read 3434 times)

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Offline DaggermouthTopic starter

I'm looking for detailed, descriptive posts, three-dimensional characters and a killer plot. Almost everything else is negotiable. Read my O/Os for a general idea of what I'm looking for, and PM me if you've got a plot in mind- I might surprise you.

I've got several slightly dark modern intrigue, action and fantasy pairings in mind currently. I'll go into a little detail below, but if there's a role you'd like to make your own the details are all yours. Most of the pronouns are flexible. I've promoted my current favourites to the top of the list: enquire about any of those and you'll make me a very happy man.

An addict in recovery has left his old life behind to get clean and stay that way, but when he realises the girl (or boy) next door is going through a messy withdrawal, he finds himself pulled in to the chaos of someone else's addiction. Empathy is a dangerous thing, and he isn't sure he trusts himself to take care of someone vulnerable without taking advantage of them. What happens when his shiny new self control starts to slip? In my mind, it looks a bit like...

MxM Modern/drama craving, hot off the press! I'm looking for a polished mysterious M character from a better side of the tracks for lots of backstory, slow burn romance with the option of drama/grit/fireworks. MC is a trainer at a boxing gym in the worst part of town, retired from the circuit, putting the up-and-comers through their paces in a grimy, venerable city institution. He knows all the faces and everyone knows him- and then in walks YC, the last person in the world you'd expect to see here, all pretty city clothes and clean hands. What he's doing there is really up to you, but one thing's obvious: maybe for the first time in his life, he thinks he might need to fight for it.

Stray sci-fi plot! The captain of a beleaguered frontier vessel loses his pilot in one of the shoot-outs which are a routine part of life around the border worlds, and puts the word out that he needs another one. It's a skilled job, dangerous, but no-one out here enjoys much a life-expectancy. The crew of six are all men, members of the old guard, hardened ex-military types with pasts they don't like to talk about. But when the new pilot shows up, he... well, he's a she. A young woman. And she's something of a savant, the most natural rider he's ever seen... so damn good, in fact, that the captain has no choice but to break the habit of a lifetime and take her on. Why would a girl like that take a hard job on a godforsaken world like this one? And does she realise what a temptation she is, a lone young woman in a world of military men?

A survivor goes to group therapy after a traumatic event, spending a few nights a week with a handful of other damaged people in a draughty church hall. Sitting across the circle is a soldier with PTSD who believes in the group thing and wants to see everyone make it work, although he doesn't talk about his own life much. There's a funny sort of spark. Can they save each other? And will he break the cardinal rule of group?

A smart young detective with a bright future lets a violent man go free because he did a really bad thing for a really good reason. A bad case comes up and she calls on her old connection to get some dirty work done in secret. Maybe more than once. What does it mean for her career, her calling, if it takes a criminal to do what the law can't? What does it make her? And why does he keep coming back, with his old debt so long paid? I'm looking for a smart, principled city cop ready to take her (or his!) step into the grey area between wrong and right

A prison newbie who never thought he'd end up here is assigned a bunk alongside one of the old guard, who's tough enough to keep an eye on him and doing life, who shouldn't be any trouble. He's straight, or thought he was, and a principled man who never saw himself running a protection racket, who's never wanted to. Can he pass up what might be his last chance at a sweet young thing?

A successful young doctor with a secret gets a call from someone from her gangland past, someone she hoped had forgotten her. He needs her to stitch up one of his boys, and he could ruin her reputation, so against her better judgment she agrees to do a little moonlighting, even when it turns into a regular thing. The man she's patching up falls hard for her, but can he have her without dragging her back into a world she'd given up? If you can give me a snarky young surgeon for this one- male or female- you're my favourite.

A highly sought-after exotic dancer in a gentleman's club is assigned an escort to keep her safe from rich clients wanting more than just a private dance. The escort is selected from among the club's doormen, one of those men you can find downtown in any dirty city, who seem to have no past and no second name. Somewhere between driving her to work and to private parties, seeing her home safely afterwards, he becomes something of a confidant to the girl he's supposed to be protecting... and maybe something more than a confidant.

But he works for dangerous people, and she's a valuable prize. There's a lot at stake... can he keep himself in line?

A gifted young woman isolates herself when adolescence brings her strange and frightening superhuman abilities that she cannot control. She runs and hides, resigning herself to a life devoid of human contact. However, she's not the only one. When a lab in the city gets word of the whispers surrounding her story- unexplained deaths in a trail across the desert- they send one of their own to track her down. His job is to bring her in, and teach her how to live with the powers she has.

It quickly gets more complicated than that; he's the only person she can safely touch, and she senses in him the strain of a lifetime of reining in his own deadly abilities... can he ignore his attraction to her and do his job? Or will she talk him around?

A convict comes out of jail with nothing; no money, no car, and no family. With no job and no prospect of getting one, he wanders the suburbs where people can afford to pay someone to do the things they don't like to do, taking odd jobs. Along the way he meets a local girl, a college kid back for the summer or a frustrated trophy wife with a lot more to her than her uptight white-bread husband realises.

There are a few ways this can go; could be that one day he's up on the roof doing some work for a pretty local girl when he sees something he shouldn't have done, and finds himself in a position to blackmail her, or it could be much lighter than that; exploring the dynamic between them, how different they are... and maybe how the news goes down when her friends find out who the new guy in her life is, and who he used to be.

An ex-military man takes a post as bodyguard to a young woman who is considered at risk. Feel free to imagine why; perhaps she's a talented celebrity, a politician's daughter, or minor royalty. She's under a lot of media scrutiny, and when she flies the nest to leave for college her family employs a bodyguard to protect her. At first she hates the idea, but when he can prove he's on her side and not keeping tabs on her for her father, she warms to him. They start getting closer, maybe a little too close, and he has to decide whether he can resist crossing the line, knowing that he risks his career to be with her.

Apex mutation: Think a slightly edgier modern-day X-Men: I'm not an expert, so I'd like to use the comics as a shorthand rather than following a pre-existing plot. The idea is that an experiment to create the perfect soldier has broken down after society rejected such dramatic genetic engineering. After the demonstrations closed down the lab, the subjects were rounded up for rehabilitation, given a substantial pay-off, and encouraged to disappear.

Years later, a trail of vigilante killings in a major city leads one of the original team of scientists to suspect that one of their subjects has gone feral. She decides to fly under the radar to go after him and try and bring him in, but when she finds him he's not going to come quietly. Maybe she starts to sympathise with him, or maybe he's less than pleased to see one of the people who made him this way and has his own agenda... what happens next, as ever, is up to you.

A frustrated young wife wakes up one morning in her pretty suburban home and decides that her husband has to die. Her motivation is up to you: maybe she married him for the money and despises him, maybe he's abusive and she can't see a way out. Either way, she realises that a divorce just isn't an option, and instead she seeks a hitman. There's a bar in the wrong part of town where you can buy almost anything, and she finds her way there, only to find that the man she intended to hire has something entirely different in mind...

This could be a blackmail situation; he does the deed and wants something in return to keep her quiet, or something a little more vanilla, in which they fall for one another when it's all over with.

An undercover agent is assigned the mission of shadowing a foreign warlord's pretty young wife in the hope of persuading her to turn traitor and work against her husband. Befriending her as a fellow diplomat is easy, but watching her be mistreated by her husband is not. Against all professional judgment, he finds himself developing a personal interest in the mission. The girl feels trapped, and hates and fears her husband, meaning it's only too easy to talk her into leaving his side... but it means putting her in grave danger. Left with an impossible choice, will he betray his country and extract her to save her life, or will he let her die for the sake of operation? More importantly, when they end up on the run together, will he be able to keep his hands off her?

PM me rather than posting here if you're interested, please. A few house rules: third person only, no pre-mades, no pics required, and I can do without wacky formatting- dialogue in bold, random italics, that kind of thing.
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Re: [M for F] WLTM creative, involved writers for plot-heavy, modern 1x1s
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2012, 07:49:39 AM »
edit: Removed some plots which have been claimed, and added the latest craving to the list.
The ex-con angle is inspired by this photo; ... any takers? Any prison-based or post-incarceration plot will do, heh.
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January 22nd, for the first time in months: Added two new plots I'm really into, right at the top of the list.

Offline DaggermouthTopic starter

Anyone up for a zombie apocalypse type setting? Just watched Zombieland, getting started on Z Nation, and it's got me in the mood for some last-two-people-in-the-world action.

I've got a sketch of a plot if anyone's interested- PM please.
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Sci-fi craving, red alert

I'm in the mood for space opera: world-building, shoot-outs, big old ships, close quarters...

Based slightly on the excellent-yet-rubbish Netflix special Killjoys. Any takers?

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Bump city!

Really craving modern MxM: drama, plot and dark humour. The jail and the boxing plots in the top post are just the start.