M for F, short term story request

Started by Remec, May 05, 2019, 02:57:24 PM

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Hey there!

I've been using the EllWriMo thread to kind of kick start my muse and one of this month's mini-challenges (well, two of them, if you want to be technical) is to write a one on one story completely within the month of May. There's a challenge for writing with someone else who is doing EllWriMo and another for writing with someone who isn't.

I'm pretty sure my O/O is up to date, even if my actual request thread is a bit behindm but if you think you might be interested, just drop me a PM and let's talk (as it were). I'm open to almost anything except real extreme noncon, but tend to prefer things that move with a bit of plot in the romantic or seductive vein--incest can be a plus, but not a necessity. And I'm more comfortable with modern, sci/fi, and fantasy world settings. Not so sure of my handle on any established settings except maybe comic book themed.