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Author Topic: Wild stories for curious minds. (FxM, wild modern, DBZ & SAO fandom)  (Read 504 times)

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Offline NorticWitchTopic starter

Come little Children I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment. Come little Children, the times come to play. Here in my garden of shadows.

Follow sweet children, I'll show thee the way. Through all the pain and the sorrow. Weep not poor children, for life is this way. Murdering, beauty and passion.

Hush now dear children, It must be this way. To weary of life and deception. Rest now my children, for soon we'll away, into the calm and the quiet.

Come little Children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment. Come little children, the times come to play. Here in my garden of Shadows.


Welcome to my humble abode. Please, take a seat by my fire and take drink of my warm wine. This is my request thread that you have stumbled on, and my name is NorticWitch, but you are more than welcome to call me Witch. I am new to this little site, but not new to other sites OR new to role playing. I have been role playing since the time of dial up internet and chat rooms. It sparked a love for writing that I already had as a kid and has only grown. I've writing stories outside of these sites, but I enjoy these types of sites as I get to talk to people, make friends, and write with someone else which is always fun.

I know I need to list On's and Off's, things like that, which I will have at the bottom of this thread as I believe that writing a story together is more important than all that. Of course we need to respect each other's On's and Off's but I'd rather talk about some idea's first.

I am a detailed writer, expect a written scene. From sights, smells, colors and lights. I am not going to dump out tons of paragraphs, but I am also not a one liner, not by a long shot. I like someone to be able to write a good meaty 4-5 paragraphs. Not every time, but it just shows literary.



*~*Come Little Children*~*

Setting- 16th Century America.

Influences- The Vvitch (the Witch)

Concepts- Horror, murder, supernatural, incest.

Partner Role- The Younger Brother

Idea- A family lives just outside of their small village as they own a decent amount of farm land that helps support their village with crops. They are a few miles out of town and closer to the lining of the forest. There is always a threat of Indians but the Blaker family isn't to concerned about that as they focus on their lives and their farm. Happy to no longer be under the thumb of the English. Yes, they were still a part of England but with a large sea between them it seems more free. The family includes the mother and father, and their four children. The eldest is their daughter, Elizabeth. Their Son (Your character slot, which I will not name him that is up for my partner.) and two other children, another boy and girl that are young, only about 8 years old. The eldest daughter is seventeen and her brother is sixteen. They live their families life without issues, and enjoy their lives. Till one night the eldest daughter is plagued with nightmares and sleep walking. Her brother catches her walking out towards the woods and runs after her. What they encounter there is something out of their nightmares.

*~*It Had to be this Way*~*


Influences- Kickass? Gangs of New York? --Lots of ideas in one I guess.

Concepts- Romance, Murder, Powers.

Partner Role- Vengeful Son.

Idea-A city if ran by crime, but what city isn't. In this city, only a few large crime families run everything, from the banks to the politics. The leader of these crime groups, is the Dannin Family. Their leader is the vice mayor but he should just be the mayor. What people don't know, is that he really is. The mayor is his puppet because the Father of the Dannin Family can control minds and make people do what he wants. Everything from passing laws to killing themselves. He rules this city with an iron fist. But there was someone, someone that stood up to him. A man name Jamson. He too was gifted with the ability to let things pass through him. Bullets, cars, etc. He trained and worked hard, gaining and running the lower crime groups to try and rise up against the Dannin family's heavy foot. His son was at his father foot steps all the way. His father was his hero, and the day the uprising went up against the Dannin Family, they thought it would be victory. His son was to stay home, but he sneaks out and followed his father to this gang war. Only to watch his father lose to Ruther Dannin, the leader of the Dannin Family. Controlling Jamson's mind to not use his powers, and shot himself. The young boy, saw this and launched out to save his father only to phase through Ruther Dannin, learning he had his father power. Ruther Dannin only laughed at the boy and allowed his men to beat him up before leaving.

Years later, the young boy is now at one of the most pretigious schools in the city. Having gotten a grant to go there due to his high grades. He was determined to do better than his community, better than his father. He would kill Ruther Dannin, even if it killed him. But, that meant he had to be the best. But now, now his plan was coming to action as he sat in the same class room was Alaura Dannin......Ruther's daughter.

If he could get close to her, he could get close to Ruther. What he doesn't know, is he isn't the only one that's special.

*~*Who's Adventure is This?*~*

Setting: Modern Fantasy

Influences- None.

Concepts- Romance, mild Monster, Adventure.

Partner Role: Bored and Curious young man.

Idea- A young man lived with his grandmother his whole life, only being told his parents passed away on a trip they took to a land far away. Now that his grandmother has passed away, her large victorian home and all the gardens around the home are his. He had always been told that he could not go into an area of the garden that was blocked off and locked. Even if he got the stones out of the way, he didnt ever have the key that his grandmother kept around her neck. Now that she passed away, he was given everything, even the key. For awhile he didnt go against her wishes, even in her death. But one lonely rainy day, he is drinking his coffee and keeps looking at the key. Grabbing it off the table he goes out there. Moving all the stones in the rain till he could slid by the stones and unlock the door. Unlocking the door opens into a world of a dream till something decides it wants to go into his world.

Dragonball Z idea is simple. This is a massive fandom but I am seeking a smaller idea. The pairing is Goten and Bulla as teens. Bulla wants to fight but trunks feels bad when he practices with her and gets in trouble as vegeta doesnt want his princess hurt. Set in the Super universe to give us wiggle room on growth and character. But Goten doesnt want any Sayian to miss out of being more powerful so he agrees to train her.

My next love is Sword Art Online, and I'd love to play something with Asuna and Kirito, but it is not something I have to do if my partner isn't interested. Totally fine. I just wanted to toss out that I like it and looking for it. So if you'd like please message about it.

That's it for right now in the ways of ideas, I will be adding more as I think over them. I really wanted to get some idea's out on to my thread that I had in my head. I wanted to putting in more, but my mind told me I was forcing it and I needed to let it be and add as I go. Cant push the muse.

I'm going to discuss with you my limits, as I am open to many things, my OFF list is WAY shorter than my On list. So, I'll discuss On's with you via message.

No Go's-

No bathroom play

No full on furries. I'm ok with the idea of mostly human monster creatures. But not walking around animals.

No controlling my Character.

No one liners

No Killing my Character without asking or talking about it.


That concludes my thread, I hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope to hear from you all soon. Please feel free to message me and chat it up! I cant wait to talk things over with you. I'll be happy to talk about On's and Off's more when a story jumps out at you! I'm very open!

Thank you!


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