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September 30, 2020, 04:25:33 PM

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Author Topic: RedEve's story ideas  (Read 1200 times)

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RedEve's story ideas
« on: April 14, 2019, 04:52:40 AM »
A Day at the Beach

My character is a young woman (depending on my partner's preference I see her as either a HS senior or a college freshman) who is spending a day at the beach.
Whilst there, she gets the attention of an older man and her day ends up including her first sexual experience with a much older individual.
Prior to this I see her as having exclusively slept with boys her own age.
This is likely going to be more of a short/one-shot type scenario, unless we can find some way to expand it beyond the single scene.
The age of her partner for this day can be discussed but I was thinking of something along the 40-45 years old range.
Exact character details are up for discussion.

The Sacrificial Bride

This would be a medieval setting (either historical or more fantasy based).
We can discuss the plot in more detail once I find an interested party, but the rough outlines of the story are this:
After the successful Reign of King Randall II, he is succeeded by his son Patrek I, a young King who is deemed as inferior to his father in all regards (intelligence, strength of character, political nous, judgment, ...).
Thankfully for Patrek, his father left the Realm in a good enough state that there is no immediate risk of a rebellion against his rule.
He really only has one problem: A Northern Lord, Lord Alliser Northam, has something of a claim to the throne himself. His claim is rather weak and during the Reign of the well-liked King Randall II, there was little chance of him staging a successful rebellion, even though he has the largest standing army of all of the Lords of the realm. There is some belief that Alliser's ambitions will be reignited now that the weaker Patrek is sitting on the throne. Only Patrek - upon the guidance of some of his father's remaining advisers - tries to nip the problem in the bud by offering his younger sister Genovieve as a bride to Lord Alliser. This puts the Lord into a conundrum. He realizes that the marriage is meant to bring him to heel, yet refusing the hand of the King's sisters in marriage would be deemed an affront he cannot afford. Thus he has no choice but to accept, though he is not content with the arrangement.

This would be a story about how the two of them get used to their renewed circumstances. Lord Alliser would have to get used to a young bride, whose identity has more or less destroyed his ambitions of becoming King himself. Princess Genovieve would suddenly have to leave the comforts of the palace in the capital for the Norther provinces, where she is to become the much younger wife to a Lord she knows to resent her family.

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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 08:55:48 AM »
Tony the Tiger's inevitable return

Your character is Tony the Tiger, no relation to the Tiger on the cereal box but rather the nickname given to Anthony Stamets, a 1%er who has just done a nickel for drug-related crimes.
Before he went inside, he was in a relationship with a woman who cut off all ties once he went inside.
Tony feels somewhat aggrieved by this and goes by the trailer park where the woman lived following his release from prison. Only she is no longer there. The person who is still living in her old place is his ex-old lady's daughter.
A young woman who was still in high school when he went to jail but who is now in her early 20s and just about affording rent on the trailer she calls her home working various McJobs.
She remembers Tony and tells him that her mother departed the trailer park three years earlier, leaving her to fend for herself, which forced her to drop out of high school.
She has no idea where her mom is, but Tony's interest has already shifted from the mother to the daughter.

I see Tony as being in his early fifties and my girl as 20-21 years old. The story itself would revolve around Tony making my girl his new woman.
We can go either way in terms of how my character feels about that. Perhaps she always had a secret crush on the guy. Perhaps it's a much tougher sell.
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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2019, 02:12:12 PM »
The Witch in the Woods

Your character is an early settler in the American colonies. The community you belong to in New England is relatively small. They are also somewhat superstitious in their beliefs, a feeling that seems to be increased by the stark dangers that await any settler who dares to venture too deep into the surrounding woods. As an accomplished hunter, your character is one of the handful of men who regularly goes deep into the woods to find game to supplement the community's food stores. As such, you are aware of the fact that a young woman who was banished from the town some years ago under the accusation of witchcraft supposedly lives somewhere in the woods. Abigail Smiths had been accused by several of the townfolks of having spoken in tongues and assorted weird behavior. It was only due to the intervention of some prominent members of the community that the young woman had avoided being burned at the stake and instead had been sent away.

One day, your character is stalking a large stag and just as he is about to put the animal down, he attracts its attention. In its panicked fight of flight response, the stag storms your character, knocking him unconsciousness in the process and leaving him bruised and injured on the ground. Hours later, you character awakens. Not in his town, but in a small cabin built of earth and wood. To his surprise and then horror, he recognizes his savior as Abigail, the supposed witch. With his injuries incapacitating him for the time being, he has no choice but to accept the woman's hospitality.Yet some part of hm wonders if the stories about her were true after all and if her kindness and generosity in saving him does not have some ulterior motive?
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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2019, 10:49:39 AM »
Need a Ride?

Your character is an early 50-something individual who works for a Lyft/Uber style service after his contracting business went bankrupt.
As a driver, he meets a lot of different people across age, race and class boundaries.
One day, this leads to a casual sexual hook-up with a young female ride. To his surprise, he rocks the girls world, so much so that she returns several times over, needing a different kind of "ride" from him.
Through word of mouth, several of her girlfriends learn about him and he gets lavished with the attentions of many young women just like this first girl.
He discovers that he is apparently able to provide them with something they crave sexually and which other guys in their lives lack.

This would be a fairly simple game, basically a series of vignettes in which he meets and hooks up with a variety of young women, increasing in frequency as his reputation grows.
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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2020, 05:40:05 AM »
Tom's holodeck romps
Tom Upham is the 18-year old son of Dominic Upham, a brilliant engineer who has earned some mainstream fame due to several inventions he was the lead designer on.

His latest pet project: holographic entertainment. Think the holodeck from Star Trek. This is something that he has worked on almost entirely by himself so far, with the help of a handful of underlings who have occasionally lent a hand. Because of the secrecy involved, the prototype holodeck is currently inside of Dominic's palatial home.

Naturally, this new invention has greatly intrigued Tom and on occasion his father has taken him inside the prototype holo chamber to show off what the device can already do. Thus his son has experienced the top of Mount Everest without having to scale it, or walked around 1930s Paris without having to leave the house.

But Tom's mind also quickly went to other, smuttier ideas and applications for this new invention. Ideas he obviously cannot share with his dad. But due to his dad's carelessness, Tom now knows the main access code to the program, and as his father's son, he has enough technical nous to play around with it...

Basically the premise of this game is a teenager who plays around with his dad's holodeck prototype when the dad is not around. Essentially playing through sexual scenarios.

How I saw the roles: I need a player to play Tom.  I would probably play Dominic (but primarily as an NPC). I would also play all of the creations that Tom interacts with inside of the holodeck.

The two core aspects I would like to focus on are the wish fulfillment from Tom's point of view (basically having his own endless sexual sandbox) and the risk of being found out by his dad hovering above everything he does. This risk would be ever present, but never critical, because Tom would delete the logs after each time he has secretly used the holo chamber. Of course, that would work only so long in terms of concealing what he is doing.

If interested, PM me as per usual.
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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2020, 02:48:21 AM »
Since there is some confusion (my own fault) about the status of the older game ideas in this topic, I have created a color code to clarify things:

Not looking to play right now
Not actively looking to play right now but could be persuaded by the right player and the right idea(s)
Actively looking to play right now
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Re: RedEve's story ideas
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2020, 04:05:27 AM »
Memoirs of a Nymphomaniac

The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory. Basically I would like to play out the (mis)adventures of a female sex addict.
The various men she meets and hooks up with. I don't have many things set in stone for this, other than  modern, realistic setting.
Who the men are, how many of the scenarios we play out and in which context she meets each of them are things I'd like to discuss with prospective players.