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Author Topic: Relikai's Request Thread!  (Read 1129 times)

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Relikai's Request Thread!
« on: February 22, 2019, 02:38:25 am »
First off, thank you for coming by to see what this thread has to offer in ideas and plots. I'm known here as Relikai, living in the GMT+8 Timezone and educated mainly in English as the first language. I've been RPing for close to six years, although the quality of my post might still leave much to be desired. However, I'm constantly trying to improve myself to become a better writer, collaborator and storyteller with a single or multiple characters, and hope that my fellow writers can aid me in this challenge to better myself.

For my preferences, I'd like to focus on firstly, the partners and our characters. I'm open to playing both male and female characters, and I do not mind the gender of my partner playing a male or female character. That said, some stories I like to play the male, some the female, and it is always open for discussion what we'd play before embarking on the story!

Also, feel free to PM me about something if it's bugging you, and I will do so likewise as I believe that communication is key, a crucial element between two writers.

Now onto my O/Os here! It's slightly brief, but I'm highlighting my favorite elements for this thread. Do keep in mind that I only do MxF stories as a core, and never MxM as it's totally out of my interest (Many apologies).

Core Ons:

Interracial: I like to have an East Asian female in the mix, a great turn-on/kink/ON I'd say! I do have a number of faceclaims to use, or impress me with one of your own!
Anal: As much as doing the vagina, my guys enjoy any form of tightness as a form of sexual dominance and pleasure.
Biting: Little nibbles, sexual biting to leaving marks, 'claiming' one as their own? Yes.
Teasing: Teasing of the characters tease me as well.
Breast Acts: Tit-fucking, biting, gentle suckling and licking, I like to give, and my girls to receive.
Double Penetration: A favorite of the non-con/dub-con theme, a way to punish and humiliate a female.
Dry Sex: One of my tops, sex doesn't always need to be done naked if it has to be done in a hurry (for example).
Massages: As a prelude to sexy time? Ups.
Kissing: Usually a core component of scenes, be it non-con or consensual.
Non-Con/Dub-Con: As the element suggests, rape/forced sex. One of my top kinks.
Hate Sex: On par with Non/Dub-Con, with struggles during the sex being a huge yes.
Humiliation/Public: The risk of being caught, or getting fucked in the open, yes.
Oral: Could work, be it vanilla or creative ones!
Roughhousing: Wrestling, fighting, leading to sexy time, yep.
Spanking: As a sexual element, acceptable.
Cum/Squirting: Of course!
Creampie: Could lead to much more as a plot point, so yes!

Offs - Just gonna throw them here without much explanation. These are hard no's, while other unmentioned elements could be discussed.


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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2019, 02:39:30 am »
Fantasy Ideas

As the title implies, this thread will be focused on roleplays involving characters of the D&D/fantasy universe, and themes similar to it.
What I am looking for are short episodes of what takes place in the party's adventures. It does not have to involve everyone, and can even happen to a single adventurer from the list.
RPs here can range from Light (Inter-party romance) to NC (A villain captures a member) to Extreme (An orgy of TPK)
My O/Os and main thread can be found here.

Example characters to use/modify from.[/center]

Adventuring Party Protagonists
Scarlet Evergarden

Name - Scarlet Evergarden
Race - Human
Background - Acolyte
Main Class - Paladin
Alignment - Neutral Good

Flavor Attributes
Strength - 14
Dexterity - 10
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 10
Wisdom - 12
Charisma - 20

Garrok Twinhammer

Name - Garrok Twinhammer
Race - Half Orc
Background - Soldier
Main Class - Barbarian
Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

Flavor Attributes
Strength - 20
Dexterity - 16
Constitution - 18
Intelligence - 10
Wisdom - 10
Charisma - 10
Haruna Shimazaki

Name - Haruna Shimazaki
Race - Human
Background - Far Traveler(Kozakuran)
Main Class - Cleric
Alignment - Lawful Good

Flavor Attributes
Strength - 10
Dexterity - 16
Constitution - 12
Intelligence - 10
Wisdom - 18
Charisma - 12
Aisha Lighthaven

Name - Aisha Lighthaven
Race - High Elf
Background - Sage
Main Class - Wizard
Alignment - True Neutral

Flavor Attributes
Strength - 8
Dexterity - 16
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 20
Wisdom - 10
Charisma - 10

Light One-Shots

A Long Rest (Light, Alcohol, Size Difference)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Garrok Twinhammer has spent his days bashing countless enemies dead with his fearsome duo of weapons. But while he has plenty of work with his arms and legs, Garrok Junior is aching for some action especially when the ladies of the party are constantly around him! After a successful job, the half-orc decided that enough is enough, but instead of possibly getting overpowered by the three magic-users by barging into a tent at night, Garrok decided to choose his timing well as the party entered a tavern for some R&R, and the innkeeper decided that ale, beer and wine shall flow freely for the night. Who should he go for, the steadfast Paladin, the innocent Cleric, or the feisty Wizard?

Martial Bliss (Light, Sparring, Size Difference)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Scarlet Evergarden is both a paladin and a warlock, using the powers granted by Lurue to both blast her enemies from a distance and stand beside Garrok as they fight side by side. This was not lost from the Barbarian, who often snapped out of his rage with a calming hand on his shoulder. Garrok likes a strong female who does not shirk from enemies, and his aching loins sought to treat a woman worthy of his seed to a treat! While Aisha and Haruna are out settling their magical stuff, the opportunity arises when Scarlet asks Garrok for a sparring session at the basement of their guildhouse.

Dub/Non-con One-Shots

He will shou you (NC, Kidnapping, Gangbang)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Haruna Shimazaki was a cleric from the far lands. Her journey through Faerun has not been smooth, especially when a Kozakuran would stand out among the denizens of the Sword Coast. One day while distributing food and rendering magical healing at the Dock Ward of Waterdeep, she was beset upon bandits, thugs or sailors, wanting her to know why this part of the City of Splendors is the seediest of them all.

Orcish Fury (NC, Gangbang, Bondage)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Garrok is truly a barbarian to be feared by his enemies. But who are these three females lying on the ground as he stands tall, his new sorcerer friend patting his arm as a job well done? His lust for battle needed to find an outlet to be released from his bloodstream lest he enters a series of withdrawals, but his new group of orcish buddies seemed to provide him a solution by stripping the three ladies, inviting him to take them one by one.

A Wizard's Folly (NC, Tentacles, Demon, Size Difference)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A miscast spell, Aisha Lighthaven furiously flips through her spellbook as she tries to undo the summoning of the young wizard. He has already fled the library however, before a cloud of magical darkness filled the area, leaving her isolated and trapped as multiple tentacles snaked out of the summoning circle, the demon wanting to spend its limited time on the Prime Material Place with a supple elf wisely.

Holy Descecration (NC, Orcs, Ogres, Size Difference, Gangbang)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She did not start out as a perfect warrior, and even in seniority of a traveling caravan, Scarlet has to ensure that those under her are given a fair share of protection as well as experience. What she did not expect was an ogre raid to demolish the caravan, orcs scattering the guards and isolating her from the main force as she swung her greatsword, cutting down more than what the enemy would expect a single human ever could. Her strength would not last forever though, and there are still dozens of orcs led by an ogre seeking to violate this human as the light of her holy powers begin to give out...

Generic Storylines/Plots

Sack of the City (NC/Extreme Exotic, Gang, Slavery | Action, Resistance, Fighting/Warfare)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Capital of Silveri of the Danimoth Continent has stood for thousands of years, the central place of government for the massive Silverion Empire spanning leagues across the lush North. Over a billion inhabitants lived and worked in the many towns and cities dotting the land, each providing for the massive Imperial Armies housed in forts dotting the large expanse of territory. Formerly a confederation of many races, the leaders of these factions have banded together against the First Abyssal Crusade led by the Demon Lords of the Abyssion. The result of this confederation was the Silverion Empire, led by Men, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes, the five main races who fought back against the demons, as well as providing mutual support against the monstrous races which ravaged the land during the chaos.

Abyssion, a dark land to the far north of Danimoth. After a war which lasted decades, claiming millions of lives, the Goodly Races of Danimoth managed to push the demonic forces back into Abyssion. The Silverion Highmages proceeded to seal the land from Silverion, creating a great wall of smooth black rock, the pure onyx laced with lead as a field of pure antimagic was created to block out the denizens of Abyssion. While the Sentinels of the North provide a strong presence of Imperial forces against the demons, powerful weapons of antimagic were also crafted to deny the strongest of demon lords from wrecking havoc on the mortal races. Beyond the wall, not much was recorded apart from rumors of a portal providing the demons with their power, as well as the possibility of an invasion growing every single day... 

Adventurers form a large part of the Empire's security and economy, with bands being hired to maintain social order among the races of the Empire, and protect them against the monstrous races mostly displaced during the great Crusades. They are also responsible for organizing punitive expeditions into the dungeons beneath different cities, and provide Silverion with a reliable source of mercenaries and characters for the many guilds and societies within. The Adventurer's League was first formed to provide adventurers with a cohesive system of quests and rewards, and is the biggest collective of adventurers in Silverion and beyond, competing with its closest rivals, the Pathfinder Society. Rewards come from the contributions of settlements paying for their protection and private funding, as well as from quest givers who sought the help of adventurers to settle their grievances.

The greatest source of wealth for adventurers however are the Dungeons Beneath the Cities, a mysterious phenomenon underneath the foundations of Silverion's greatest settlements. A source of ores and precious stones, the Dungeons also house an unending flow of monsters, with stronger types appearing deeper as an adventurer travels. The rewards are often worth the risk however, and occasionally an adventuring party emerged with a dragon's hoard, enough for retirement.

However, there has been recent talk of a growing darkness north of the Wall, where soldiers began falling ill, and the strain on the Sentinels beginning to grow. There has also been talk of increasing activity in the dungeons
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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2019, 02:41:13 am »
Zombie Apocalypse Ideas!

Last Stand of the Living
Background and Theme - NC-Exotic
A world overrun by zombies through the use of a bioweapon, the search for a cure was slow and by the time it has been administered, less than 0.01% of the Earth's population remain unaffected. While most of the population were relocated into camps outside the cities, scavengers often make the ambitious trip into the abandoned centers of civilization to find scrap, databases, and other pieces of useful information able to preserve mankind's technology and adapt themselves against the undead threat.

Many predicted that the undead would eventually die off. However, they seemed to multiply by the day, for even corpses of non-infected humans were rumored to disappear or walk off on their own. Worse, hunters spoke of rumors involving wild animals acting like the undead, a possibility that the disease was not only limited to human infection. Also, reports of mutated undead growing in size and strength were reported from survivors of overrun outposts, of creatures twice the size of man able to throw vehicles roaming around the countryside, a mob of smaller creatures following it.

Even in the human camps, not all was well. Internal strife and conflicts were common, and inter-gang rivalry over scant resources common. Even different camps might belong to different factions, causing mankind to add one another to its ever growing list of threats and enemies. How would one survive in such an environment, if they could even be called the living ever again?

Characters - One male, one female. One or both are martially adept, skilled in scavenging and independent individuals able to carry their own weight. However, when the odds are firmly stacked against one, would they allow another within their circle of trust to overcome the many difficulties to even live as humans?

Starting Points -

Infection: When the outbreak happens after a biological attack, millions of panicked people immediately start scattering around the cities, with the undead tearing into mobs, raiding homes, and standing up against the military while seemingly impervious against most weapons. Thousands dead on the first day, and the death toll only seemed to increase in the city, slowing only when there were not enough living to maintain the death rate.

Consolidation: Military camps and outposts become bastions of humanity, as Law and Order was imposed on all. Humans begin to work under authoritarian rule, with soldiers being the top of the hierarchy, and families separated in order to maintain a semblance of industry in order to keep human demands fulfilled. Gangs seemed to be forming under the rule as soldiers become more brutal, and reports of abuse of power go unnoticed as the military becomes the top governing power of society. Humans are rounded up to work in the camps to provide sustenance, and boys are drafted into the military with the females hinted to work as pleasure slaves in order to keep morale intact.

Breakdown: News spread regarding the destruction of several military camps, leading to a huge rebellion by the living who are frustrated by the authoritarian rule imposed upon them. Large crackdowns are enforced, but the threat within only distracted them from the outside threat when mutations led the charge into the bastions of humanity. Survivors of the initial onslaught soon become survivors of the hunt, as many people turn to nomadic lifestyles or setting up smaller camps in order to mask their presence. Factions begin to form between camps in order to create a form of mutual support and a confederacy, and different factions begin to fight among each other for key infrastructure such as power plants, water supplies, and other necessities.

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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2019, 02:46:46 am »
Battle Arena / Battle Royal Ideas

Battlegrounds of the Purge
Background and Theme - NC-Human
Basically a smutty take on PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. In a world where overpopulation threatened to throw the world into chaos, the New World Order initiated the ARENA PROJECT, an initiative to throw humans into an arena filled with deadly weapons in order to trim down the population within a limited amount of time. The winner receives the status of being a 'Victor', and is granted a large amount of resources to spend every year, or elevated to the top 0.001% of the world's richest people.

Of course, within these arenas, forming teams are possible, and with the lawlessness of the environment, it might be for the best. Roving gangs hunt the participants, and the only way out is to either survive a rapidly compressing zone, or kill everyone and emerge as the winning team or person.

However, no one said that death is the only way to go. With drones following stealthily and filming the most exciting of events, who knows if some might put up a good show for the populace to watch?

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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2019, 02:47:39 am »
Dystopian Ideas

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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2019, 02:47:55 am »
XCOM/Alien Invasion Ideas

XCOM 2020
Background and Theme - NC-Exotic

War has come to Earth, as aliens and their allied collaborators began to overthrow governments in a bid to take over earth! With civilians being rounded up to be 'processed' into minerals for the Aliens, the extinction of Mankind is at hand!

However, not all is lost! A group of soldiers, volunteers, and mercenaries have banded together in an attempt to fight back against the aliens! Using what weapons they could get, these humans managed to discover a weakness in the alien bodies, and small resistance groups has began to form around the globe. Has the time to counterattack come?

Starting Points -

Invasion: Play a soldier part of a formal organization, with disciplined forces in play against the enemy!

Conquered: Earth has fallen. Play a civilian or a soldier as part of a resistance, undercover, or being integrated into the New Order while working against the Aliens!
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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #6 on: February 22, 2019, 02:50:19 am »
Anime-Themed Ideas

At Work

At the Beach

At Home

At a Formal Event

As a Hunter

Name: Tsukasa's Sexcapades (One-Shot)

Content: NC Human/Exotic | FxM, Looking for F player.

Scenario: Tsukasa is a woman of many jobs. A part-time teacher in the day, working mostly as an assistant to full-timers by resolving mountains of paperwork in her corner of the office. She enjoys spending her free time at the beach, attracting looks from men and women alike as she moves around casually in her swimsuit. She's also required to attend multiple functions needed by her jobs or friends, but most importantly, she’s a Hunter, part of an organization which hunts 'demons' and other 'monsters' who harbor a deadly love and lust for human flesh at night.

Setting: Her office, or in a classroom. Tsukasa's a teacher during the day, and this particular day has her giving private tuition to one of her students or working overtime with one of her bosses.

1 - Her student, possessed by a demon, managed to use little tricks to overpower Tsu in her human form, allowing him alone or a bunch of horny friends to take advantage of their hot teacher.
2 - A sex-starved colleague enters the teacher's office only to find Tsukasa alone, and decides to find his salvation in the tightly wrapped body of the sexiest teacher in school.

Requirements: Someone to play the role of Tsukasa as she goes through her unfortunate case(s) of dub/non-con.

Other info: You typical anime smut-shot. Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know, feel free to PM to discuss/plot. If you'd like to change and make her a normal human teacher/office lady that would be fine as well.

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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #7 on: February 22, 2019, 03:20:09 am »
Acedemy Ideas!

Hero Academy
Background and Theme - Light-NC-Exotic

Imagine an academy where adventurers and heroes were being trained. Imagine all D&D adventurers going through three years in a loosely regulated system where they train and learn about adventuring, skills, and go out to complete quests as a party!

Taking inspiration from Valthirian Arc, your character enrolls in an academy where the teachers teach, the students learn, and adventure beckons!

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Re: Relikai's Request Thread!
« Reply #8 on: April 15, 2019, 12:54:53 am »
Bump! Looking for Fantasy and Battle Royale themes!