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Author Topic: The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)  (Read 1551 times)

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The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)
« on: October 16, 2016, 11:16:41 am »
Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

First off, thank you for coming by to see what this thread has to offer in ideas and plots. I'm known here as Relikai, living in the GMT+8 Timezone and educated mainly in English as the first language. I've been RPing for close to six years, although the quality of my post might still leave much to be desired. However, I'm constantly trying to improve myself to become a better writer, collaborator and storyteller with a single or multiple characters, and hope that my fellow writers can aid me in this challenge to better myself.

I enjoy plots and stories with Action and Adventure as the core themes of the game. Dystopias are also a favorite theme of mine, taking inspiration from titles such as 'This War of Mine', 'Frostpunk', 'Banished', among others. The Action part is mainly stimulated by modern and medieval combat, with the usage of melee weapons, ranged ones, and even guns as fitting for the setting of the RP. What better to mix it in with some elements of adventure, when the characters have to move from point to point, with the element of danger ever hanging over their head like a Sword of Damocles?

Now for my preferences, I'd like to focus on firstly, the partners and our characters. I'm open to playing both male and female characters, and I do not mind the gender of my partner playing a male or female character. That said, some stories I like to play the male, some the female, and it is always open for discussion what we'd play before embarking on the story!

I'm looking for partners to join me in the roleplaying experience on this wonderful site, where ideas can freely flow with mutual respect between us. Plot and Smut can vary according to the partner, from 30/70, 50/50, 70/30, or any other ratio there is. I do not care about the gender of the writer, only that you be able to portray your character well and with confidence according to the storyline's needs. Expected is your contribution to the plot as well. We do not have to stick with the core theme at all times, maybe shifting the focus to some slice of life works as well for a more light-hearted theme.

I generally write 2-3 paragraphs per post at least, and I understand if some scenarios would be smoother with short answers. However, more content written means more things to work with :)

Exceptional kinks - East Asian females, rough sex, plenty of teasing, a dominant Male.

Genres to expect - Action, Fighting, Thrillers. Spy stuff, Military stuff, assassination and warfare, I'd go with them with two thumbs up!

My O/Os are here, but basically my major Sexual OFFs include Scat, Toilet Stuff and Excessive Gore/Violence.

I often draw females from my faceclaim thread here!

Also, I operate on a GMT+8 Timescale, and I tend to drop by E throughout the day so check out for updates and respond to messages. Communication is key and I do not plan to keep you hanging if I have a reply readily available. However, I am a part-time student, part-time worker, and am susceptible to military call-ups and periods of reserve duty.

Also, feel free to PM me about something if it's bugging you, and I will do so likewise as I believe that communication is key, a crucial element between two writers.

Now onto my O/Os here! It's slightly brief, but I'm highlighting my favorite elements for this thread. Do keep in mind that I only do MxF stories as a core, and never MxM as it's totally out of my interest (Many apologies).


Interracial: I like to have an East Asian female in the mix, a great turn-on/kink/ON I'd say! I do have a number of faceclaims to use, or impress me with one of your own!
Anal: As much as doing the vagina, my guys enjoy any form of tightness as a form of sexual dominance and pleasure.
Biting: Little nibbles, sexual biting to leaving marks, 'claiming' one as their own? Yes.
Teasing: Teasing of the characters tease me as well.
Breast Acts: Tit-fucking, biting, gentle suckling and licking, I like to give, and my girls to receive.
Double Penetration: A favorite of the non-con/dub-con theme, a way to punish and humiliate a female.
Dry Sex: One of my tops, sex doesn't always need to be done naked if it has to be done in a hurry (for example).
Massages: As a prelude to sexy time? Ups.
Kissing: Usually a core component of scenes, be it non-con or consensual.
Non-Con/Dub-Con: As the element suggests, rape/forced sex. One of my top kinks.
Hate Sex: On par with Non/Dub-Con, with struggles during the sex being a huge yes.
Humiliation/Public: The risk of being caught, or getting fucked in the open, yes.
Oral: Could work, be it vanilla or creative ones!
Roughhousing: Wrestling, fighting, leading to sexy time, yep.
Spanking: As a sexual element, acceptable.
Cum/Squirting: Of course!
Creampie: Could lead to much more as a plot point, so yes!

Offs - Just gonna throw them here without much explanation. These are hard no's, while other unmentioned elements could be discussed.


Current Ideas for Discussion

This be the part you're looking for!

At Work

At the Beach

At Home

At a Formal Event

As a Hunter

Name: Tsukasa's Sexcapades

Content: NC Human/Exotic | FxM, Looking for F player.

Scenario: Tsukasa is a woman of many jobs. A part-time teacher in the day, working mostly as an assistant to full-timers by resolving mountains of paperwork in her corner of the office. She enjoys spending her free time at the beach, attracting looks from men and women alike as she moves around casually in her swimsuit. She's also required to attend multiple functions needed by her jobs or friends, but most importantly, she’s a Hunter, part of an organization which hunts 'demons' and other 'monsters' who harbor a deadly love and lust for human flesh at night.

Setting: Her office, or in a classroom. Tsukasa's a teacher during the day, and this particular day has her giving private tuition to one of her students or working overtime with one of her bosses.

1 - Her student, possessed by a demon, managed to use little tricks to overpower Tsu in her human form, allowing him alone or a bunch of horny friends to take advantage of their hot teacher.
2 - A sex-starved colleague enters the teacher's office only to find Tsukasa alone, and decides to find his salvation in the tightly wrapped body of the sexiest teacher in school.

Requirements: Someone to play the role of Tsukasa as she goes through her unfortunate case(s) of dub/non-con.

Other info: You typical anime smut-shot. Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know, feel free to PM to discuss/plot. If you'd like to change and make her a normal human teacher/office lady that would be fine as well.

Favorite Male Characters -
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Female Characters - YAMT


He Scores Goals
Name: He Scores Goals

Content: Light / NC

Scenario: My character is an up and coming superstar in the Soccer World, following in the footsteps of legends before him. Your character is a young female soccer fan, following MC since his induction into the U-18 Youth Team. YC is sure that MC would be a superstar in the future, a paragon for other youths to follow doe to his impeccable record and humility in public.

One day, MC suffers a double bone fracture in a match which keeps him out of the sport for months, perhaps years, even perhaps for good. MC disappears completely from the spotlight, even terminating his contract with his club, and seems to fade into obscurity, unable to face the possibility of ending his budding career.

Seven months after the injury, YC is attending a party hosted by the popular boy in university when you saw MC in the same party...

Setting: Sports, Modern City.

Requirements: Able to get into the role of a fangirl, seemingly naive and optimistic, persistent. Could take rough and perhaps Non-Con, with themes lightening up as the story goes.

Other info: Anything can be discussed through PM. Feel free to contact me!

Midnight Idol
She can dance, she can sing. Puberty struck her in the right places and she began to take on shape as one of the hotter girls in school. YC was born in perhaps rural Osaka or the outskirts of Tokyo, and the appeal of the idols got to her head. Auditioning at the age of 16, she got through with flying colors and is touted as one of the Aces of her generation. However, a fellow member known to be highly competitive took the spot when they finally debuted in the big stage, leaving Your pure and innocent Character to play second fiddle.

MC is an idol agent, taking care of several girls who live in his apartment. However, when given the position of YC's agent, the girls he was looking after were sent to other agencies, leaving MC with only YC to look after.

What was known by her agent was that the Ace position required more than just singing and dancing. Being a companion to old men, meeting fans at huge fanmeets and sometimes even needing to provide less than decent favors to garner financial support and social clout. MC, her agent, knows about this but keeps mum, preferring to let YC enjoy her singing and dancing without scarring her innocent soul. However, he comes under increasing pressure to present her as a 'gift' to a business meeting in several months, or risk having her taken without his knowledge.

Somehow, YC feels an attraction, a cardinal scene, to MC. MC feels the tension as well, but always kept himself disciplined. However, with the deadline coming up, drastic measures would have to be taken, just to make YC the dream idol she always wanted to be.

The Midnight Idol.

Setting: Dystopian Setting, Idols, Nightlife, Agent x Idol / Idol x Fan / Idol x Businessmen. Inspiration - Japanese Idol Groups and their 'Scandals'.

Requirements: No stringent rules, but expect a slight sense of depravity in the hedonistic environment. An idol in this period would be seen as what her job states, expected to be pure and live without a boyfriend. Possible non-con.

Other info: YC is a Japanese prospect, age 18 and above. MC is a young agent.

Last Stand of the Living
Background and Theme - NC-Exotic
A world overrun by zombies through the use of a bioweapon, the search for a cure was slow and by the time it has been administered, less than 0.01% of the Earth's population remain unaffected. While most of the population were relocated into camps outside the cities, scavengers often make the ambitious trip into the abandoned centers of civilization to find scrap, databases, and other pieces of useful information able to preserve mankind's technology and adapt themselves against the undead threat.

Many predicted that the undead would eventually die off. However, they seemed to multiply by the day, for even corpses of non-infected humans were rumored to disappear or walk off on their own. Worse, hunters spoke of rumors involving wild animals acting like the undead, a possibility that the disease was not only limited to human infection. Also, reports of mutated undead growing in size and strength were reported from survivors of overrun outposts, of creatures twice the size of man able to throw vehicles roaming around the countryside, a mob of smaller creatures following it.

Even in the human camps, not all was well. Internal strife and conflicts were common, and inter-gang rivalry over scant resources common. Even different camps might belong to different factions, causing mankind to add one another to its ever growing list of threats and enemies. How would one survive in such an environment, if they could even be called the living ever again?

Characters - One male, one female. One or both are martially adept, skilled in scavenging and independent individuals able to carry their own weight. However, when the odds are firmly stacked against one, would they allow another within their circle of trust to overcome the many difficulties to even live as humans?

Starting Points -

Infection: When the outbreak happens after a biological attack, millions of panicked people immediately start scattering around the cities, with the undead tearing into mobs, raiding homes, and standing up against the military while seemingly impervious against most weapons. Thousands dead on the first day, and the death toll only seemed to increase in the city, slowing only when there were not enough living to maintain the death rate.

Consolidation: Military camps and outposts become bastions of humanity, as Law and Order was imposed on all. Humans begin to work under authoritarian rule, with soldiers being the top of the hierarchy, and families separated in order to maintain a semblance of industry in order to keep human demands fulfilled. Gangs seemed to be forming under the rule as soldiers become more brutal, and reports of abuse of power go unnoticed as the military becomes the top governing power of society. Humans are rounded up to work in the camps to provide sustenance, and boys are drafted into the military with the females hinted to work as pleasure slaves in order to keep morale intact.

Breakdown: News spread regarding the destruction of several military camps, leading to a huge rebellion by the living who are frustrated by the authoritarian rule imposed upon them. Large crackdowns are enforced, but the threat within only distracted them from the outside threat when mutations led the charge into the bastions of humanity. Survivors of the initial onslaught soon become survivors of the hunt, as many people turn to nomadic lifestyles or setting up smaller camps in order to mask their presence. Factions begin to form between camps in order to create a form of mutual support and a confederacy, and different factions begin to fight among each other for key infrastructure such as power plants, water supplies, and other necessities.

The Hunting Ground of Gaia

The Merc and the Agent

Battlegrounds of the Purge
Background and Theme - NC-Human
Basically a smutty take on PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. In a world where overpopulation threatened to throw the world into chaos, the New World Order initiated the ARENA PROJECT, an initiative to throw humans into an arena filled with deadly weapons in order to trim down the population within a limited amount of time. The winner receives the status of being a 'Victor', and is granted a large amount of resources to spend every year, or elevated to the top 0.001% of the world's richest people.

Of course, within these arenas, forming teams are possible, and with the lawlessness of the environment, it might be for the best. Roving gangs hunt the participants, and the only way out is to either survive a rapidly compressing zone, or kill everyone and emerge as the winning team or person.

However, no one said that death is the only way to go. With drones following stealthily and filming the most exciting of events, who knows if some might put up a good show for the populace to watch?

The 'Couple'
Scenario: He's a spy, she's a spy. He handles guns, she handles guns. He kills men, she seduces men. Both deal in the world of espionage, where at times communication and intimate socializing reaps more than the brutal pounding of a fist or the impact of a round. Able and confident in their skills, they were thrust into this world where a greater power worked against the current governments, a force that no conventional army could stop.

Before that, how would they meet? Were they agents clashing in a mission which conflicts in their interests? Were they collaborators in a co-orperative effort by their nations? Was she tasked to kill him, but he gained the upper hand and they ended up doing the wildest of things, with her agency respecting the outcome and choosing to preserve their operative than send them against a superior foe?

Setting: Modern, Action, Espionage, 'Cheating', Smut. Spy x Spy/Assassin/Information Broker, Multiple Females. Inspired by John Wick, James Bond, Mr & Mrs Smith.

Requirements: Creative writer playing a confident M with a knack for action/social scenes. Estimated 50:50 Smut-Plot Ratio. Main Female Protagonist would be played by faceclaim Kashiwagi Yuki. Some scenes would be planned ahead to fit an image or two for the female character.

Other info: Anything can be discussed through PM. Feel free to contact me!

XCOM / Alien Invasion
Scenario: In light of an alien invasion, humans from all over the world banded together to fight for humanity. From elite special forces to ragtag militia, anyone who can wield a gun has been called to service. With all the stress in combat and living in spartan conditions, the primal senses of some might take hold of them once in a while, the need to release the stress and tension getting to their heads.

Action heavy, gunfire and even lasers, the humans have to band together to resist the invasion. Win and they might still stand a chance at recovering the human race, lose and the worst fate they face might be worse than death. News of the aliens abducting females and using them as breeding objects has reached the ears of the resistance in concrete form, but claims that these women could be rescued would be a boost to the soldiers' will.

Setting: Dystopian setting, Human Dub/Consensual. Possible Tentacles, Alien Non-Con. Characters might be wounded, anything else can be discussed. Soldier x Militia, Soldier x Soldier, Militia x Militia.

Requirements: No stringent rules, combat scenes could be played with a degree of fantastic ability, realism not exactly needed.

Other info: -

The Agency

Video Inspiration from Naked Weapon.

Scenario - 2020, and the world has gone to shit. Terror groups and rogue attacks began to step up as the world's governments continued to bicker among themselves. Observers wondered if the true enemy was the one attacking cities and killing civilians, or the saber-rattling nations who displayed their own shows of power in countless proxy wars.

YC is a junior member of a military, and receives her briefing to be trained by an Agency known only to be trusted with the most sensitive of missions, and due to her exotic looks and features, is a prime candidate for selection among a small pool of recruits. The Agency is highly secretive, and upon knowledge of their existence, YC has little choice but to accept.

MC is assigned her personal trainer, sharing the same bunk which contains bathing facilities, a personal kitchen and several other functional devices. An ex-member of a Tier One Special Forces group, he reluctantly accepts his role, thinking that he would just serve in this Agency before buggering out to greater things in life.

While training goes smooth, in line with weapon training and exercises, YC also gets training in beauty and toning her body to fit the desires of men. While confused, it was soon revealed in the advanced stage of training that YC must be prepared to resort to sex in order to gain what she needs, or be ejected and deemed a failure as her body is to be considered a weapon of her own.

Perhaps due to fear, nervousness, or being a virgin, YC initially refuses but is given several days to consider. Here perhaps there was a connection between YC and MC, and she approaches him for help. MC's reluctant, but knows that YC has to go through the course in order to succeed. He also knows that if YC is unable to come up with a decision by the deadline, she will be raped by other agents in order to rip the pride of her body from her. Therefore he tries his best to bed YC whether consensual or at the eve of the deadline, by force. MC does it to allow her to understand the motions, and while she might not like it, she loses the fear of actually using her body if needed.

Regardless of the result, their relationship remains strictly professional due to the scrutiny on the Agency's girls, and while he keeps his distance, MC has a longing for YC while she continues on her training while being oblivious.

At the end of the training, the two would be assigned as partners for future missions, or MC would be a handler and act as the cavalry should things go south during a mission. Perhaps from here things could really develop, the two becoming more open with each other, and the relationship from Trainer-Student, to Handler-Agent, becomes something more casual, the trust developed between them growing into something deeper.

Setting: Alternate Reality, Covert Ops, Special Forces. Veteran x Recruit, evolving into Partners. Possible Non-Con.

Requirements: No stringent rules, combat and training scenes could be played with a degree of fantastic ability, realism not exactly needed.

Other info: I'm playing the trainer, looking for someone to play the recruit!

Linked to The Agency.
Orphan Force
Similar to The Agency, was part of the Agency's idea plot.

The Operational Recon Platoon - Heavy Advanced Network, or ORPHAN Force, was a highly controversial Tier One outfit meant to cross international laws and operate without boundaries. Originally made up of young orphans below the age of 6 being trained by numerous instructors from different special forces groups, these individuals were orphans whose parents died from war, disease or accidents. One thing which the Force does not do however, was intentionally create orphans, even when there were children with seemingly high potential to become great soldiers.

The terrorist attacks climaxing during the Munich Massacre of 1972 created the need for a special forces group to operate within the World. The first covert international unit, TF-108, became the standard Tier One unit which was recognised by World Leaders and the Spec Ops fraternity, the unit called upon to solve hostage situations, attack terrorist safehouses and more. At the same time, nations around the world created their own Special Forces units for the police and the army, intent on showing each other the capabilities of their own localised training. Germany's GSG-9, France's GIGN, were examples of units born out of TF-108's conception. However, the world was still divided during this time between East and West, so while instructors often shared their knowledge, there was mistrust and suspicion of the technological deals and cooperation between the Special Forces Groups.

1988 brought about a new change in Global Special Forces Operations, when Russia's TF108 Division discovered the location of a terrorist cell whose leader was planning a nuclear attack on Turkey's major industrial complexes. While members of the Spetznaz struck hard, they ultimately failed to prevent the escape of the terrorist leader, who disappeared after killing the Russian agent planted within their ranks, forty-eight hours after the first engagement.

This incident brought about a shift of mentality between the military men and the politicians. One faction who wanted unrestricted access for a combined special ops team, shared information and logistics across the region, while the politicians wanted a similar outcome, but through Regional Unification. However, since the latter option would take years and possibly decades to achieve, a gathering of military leaders decided to form an illegal force of Special Operations Force, operating with no borders, and no identity. The plan came with an experimental portion, drawing manpower from orphans around the region to form the core of the ORPHAN Program.

Task Force 48, the number chosen for the number of agents killed in the sting operation which ultimately ended in failure. With one instructor from each country with an established Special Ops group, Task Force 48 began operating and chasing terrorist cells and leads in tandem with local forces, assuring the destruction of twice as many cells as the previous year.

Fiction -

In the year 2000, a pioneering batch of ORPHANs graduated into the world, being the forefront of TF-48's operations in the following years. TF-48's efficiency was shown in Operation Lightning Spear, the deployment of a hundred and twenty ORPHANs against twelve terrorist sites resulted in a victory against the separatists. While casualties amounted to thirty percent, an amount deemed respectable for a force of youngsters going on their first mission against ambushes and hardened troops, approval was given for continuous recruitment for the next fifty years. Over the years, Task Force 48 has evolved from unit involved in strike missions, to HUMINT Operations and Deep Infiltration. Instructors were made up of members from other Tier One units in the reformed military branches, as well as retired ORPHAN Force agents who were too old to keep up with the intensity of ORPHAN operations, or crippled in the field of battle.

While the existence of ORPHANs remained a secret, as well as a process of procuring members to replenish their ranks, there were few enough Orphans selected every six months that it was ignored by the public through 'administrative errors'.

Training of the ORPHAN -

Ages 2-6 - Language and Ethical Training, Physical Conditioning Begins

The average language to be mastered by an ORPHAN was six, for their future operational theaters. Starting from a young age, language and physical conditioning was impressed upon the ORPHANs, stretching their bodies to the limit as well as mentally training them for languages and mental problems. Fun and play came in the form of physical sports and games, including wrestling and relay racing. A strict regimen of rest and nutrition was drawn up for the trainees, ensuring their growth and training progress was closely monitored during their formative years.

Ages 6-12 Extreme Physical Conditioning for all Environments

Physical conditioning reaches a top level, acrobatics and athletic training including daily runs of several kilometers in the morning and the evening. Basic weapon training and simulated recoil control are introduced, including basic geography and mathematics skills. Academic lessons take precedence for afternoon sessions, physical training for morning and evenings. Children are divided into HUMINT and Combat Specialist Branches(CombSpec), the former involved in infiltration and information gathering, while the latter trains on the art of direct action operations.

Ages 12-15

For HUMINT, specific training for each individual commences from the age of 12. CombSpec troopers work in sections, platoons, and entire battalions with generations up to three levels ahead, testing their competency and adaptability to new groups and opponents. Weapon specialization commences at the age of 14, where one fires a weapon at harsh circumstances every day, a miss determining a session of harsh training, or a rested day to perform better. At the age of 15, each ORPHAN goes through six months of 'Hell Training', spending three months in Jungle and Arctic terrains, after spending their lives in the desert terrain of ORPHAN HQ.

At this stage, prospective girls are robbed of their virginity in an extreme conditioning exercise meant to turn them into expert seductresses, their bodies made completely into weapons.

Ages 16 - Onwards

ORPHANs graduate with an active mission, their success determining their graduation as members of the ORPHAN Force. Missions were selected that every member needed to contribute or have the operation end in failure. There were rumors that ORPHAN Commanders send their graduates into traps, in order to test their resilience and ability to pull through the harshest of trials. Upon graduation, ORPHANs were placed into an Active List, training everyday as they prepared for the next operation, or being prepared to deploy within two hours.
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Re: The Armoury of Relikai (M looking for all forms of writers, MxF)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 03:28:39 am »
Added ORPHAN Force, a spinoff / expansion to The Agency Plot.

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Re: The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2017, 04:35:34 am »
Cleaned up the storylines, added some introduction lines, added a CRAVING.

Basically Relikai being open for business :p

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Re: The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2018, 10:10:14 pm »
Bump! Cleaned, and merged with another req thread :D

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Re: The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2018, 03:28:49 am »
Bump, with an extra special craving added!

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Re: The Vault of Relishes (M looking for all, GM, MxF)
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2019, 02:29:44 am »
Shifted a bunch of ideas, seeking a short/quick story.