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May 17, 2022, 06:04:04 am

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Author Topic: Hades and the Guardian of Earth (F for Dom Hades, writer gender don't matter)  (Read 614 times)

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The role I'd like my partner to play is Hades, Greek god of the Underworld.

I'd also like to request a literate partner capable of writing decent sized posts anywhere from 3 or more good size paragraphs per post.

An example here of mine to show what I mean

One of my own posts
Sitting at the bar, one leg elegantly draped over the other as the rim of a glass containing white wine was brought to garnet red lips, a soft almost contemplative sigh left those lips after the decadent liquid slid silkily down her throat...

Raissa Lafontaine was deep in thought over the purpose that had brought her to the Dreux Lounge tonight... a figure from the past was going to re-enter into her present and she wasn't sure entirely how to feel about it... Tiberius Nightingale... a brilliant investigator and detective auror, not to mention an even better lover...
Their affair had not lasted too terribly longer, but it had been a couple of months that Raissa would never forget... Tiberius had excited her soul just as much as he had excited her body, he understood her intelligence and adventurous spirit better than anyone else ever had... assisting him in his cases (when they won't making love) had been the most fun and excitement she'd ever had in her life.

However, after that months went by and his quarry caught... Tiberius excited her life just as quickly as he'd entered it... they kept in touch after that, text messages, phone calls every so often and letters... but now he was going to come back into her life in the flesh and blood, living within such close proximity every single day.... she supposed that played a huge role in why she was so willing to meet him here tonight on such short notice, she needed to see him again and feel him out... where did they stand? Were they going to be just friends? Or perhaps lovers again? Maybe something more?

She had no idea what to expect, Tiberius had always been a free spirit that threw himself into his work passionately and she had never assumed she was his only lover at the time, that perhaps might have been too bold and presumptuous under the short amount of time they'd known one another... perhaps time would reveal all the answers to the questions swirling about her mind...

Raissa lifted the glass once more to her lips and took a delicate sip, deliberately ignoring the interested gazes upon her from male patrons of the establishment, her time tonight had already been spoken for.

Alas... one of the poor saps didn't seem to realize when he was being ignored... a cute enough wizard, looked to be about mid to late 30s, silky dark red hair and deep dark brown eyes... but he wasn't the person she was waiting for and for the time being, he held no interest to her.

“Hey there, I saw you alone here... and you are just... absolutely gorgeous, do you mind if I sit with you and talk?” He asked her.

“Actually, I am waiting for someone” Raissa replied smoothly, giving her attention, although her gaze seemed somewhat far away with the lack of interest “Perhaps another time, handsome”

The guy pouted subtly before turning and silently taking his leave of Raissa before striking out even worse than the gentle dismissal she'd given him.

The Lady Saria, Guardian Elemental of Earth/Spring/New life, she was among seven elemental beings created by the Judeo Christian God to maintain balance among all the elements in the dimension of Earth where he holds power, the seven elemental beings purpose to tether those elements to the beings to keep everything secure and the delicate handiwork on divine design in place as it should be so long as those elementals live and breath.

I was thinking as implied above, that the universe is made of several different dimensions and planes with homes and realms of immortals lying between the dimensions in a kind of space between spaces, like Lady Saria would have a gorgeous meadow and forest forever in the loveliest point of Spring time as her home.

Like perhaps there is a dimension of Earth where the Greek gods rule absolute, another where the Egyptian gods are the top dogs and etc, etc, you get the point... and then between those dimensions are like pockets of private space belonging to each deity, a place that reflects them and everything they are.

Maybe Hades is bored and goes dimension hopping... and discovers a stunningly beautiful elemental guardian? ;)

I have this if a brunette isn't to my partners taste, I just thought the brunette looked more earthy and appropriate for element

Blonde alternative