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Started by Cthulhu, February 07, 2009, 03:58:56 PM

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Hello, I'm posting this here because I'm not sure who to address. It might be something a god(dess) can help me with, or merely Vekseid.

When I joined this forum I was kind of worried about stating my gender. I'm a biological female - but also a genderqueer, meaning I don't really believe I should be a girl. More like a guy or something androgynous. I didn't want to be caught lying  about that, and so I filled in female, and put a little note about it in my signature.

However, the big "Lady" sign seems to draw more attention... So I was wondering if it could be changed to "Lord". Or something androgynous.


# Gender - Your real gender. (you should set this in your profile after getting accepted). This determines whether you get accepted as a Lord or Lady, which determines a number of minor things on this site. If you are hermaphroditic, transgendered, intersex or similar, you do not need to reveal such though we have a small open community here, but please list the gender you identify with.

We set as Lord or Lady based on the gender with which you identify. I make fixski.




Not to jump on dear Lord Cthulhu's thread..but uhm..could I get the same change but from Lord to Lady? :)
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Yes. And then I'm locking this thread and further requests can be PMed to staff. :)