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Started by Cthulhu, June 11, 2008, 03:20:45 PM

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Name: The Tables Turned [Bon], [Van]
Scenario: Two versions:

1 - A prince is being enslaved because of a prophecy saying he'll only find his true love that way. Over the years he grows cynical about the prophecy and the spell over his collar that will only be opened by his one true love, and goes into screwing pretty much everything he can reach, making him really wanted as a sex slave. But when that one true girl/boy does come along, will he be able to give up the carefree life to become king?

Other variation to this one: he becomes a sex slave and warrior for a prince(ss) who starts to feel more for him, but he doesn't want to quit sleeping around. When (s)he confronts him about it and takes off his collar he has to make a decision, and runs away or something. Could be anything.

(In play. Sorta. Feel free to ask about. )

2 -  A slave master gets a bad case of amnesia, and is being replaced as master by one of his slaves. The rather clueless former master now is a slave, remembering living there, everyone that lived there, just not that he used to command them. One of the slaves starts to get sympathetic about him, and a strange relationship stirs, especially if their new master is taking an interest in the master too.
Setting: Preferably a medieval ish fantasy setting, although I might be convinced to try a modern day setting for them.
Requirements: Being a little submissive and dominant at the same time.
Other info: I like playing the prince for the first, and the slave master or imposter for the second. I'll do them in yaoi or straight.

3 - I'm thinking of a normal little romance, either yaoi or straight. If straight, I would want to play the dominant female, to a dominant or submissive male. Maybe the wifey brings in some nice kinky ideas, bondage, or some costume play, gives her husband a little more kinkiness then he bargained for, and he wants to take a little revenge on her next time?

4 - A man and a woman have been flirting for some time, a little too shy to date, but then there's the big sister/brother intervening.  Since I don't like damsels in distress, hir victim will be the male, whom will be kidnapped by her sister or brother. She doesn't know hir sister and this man whom he's kidnapped are close, and ends up tying him to the bed of the female. She sticks with him, determined to help him through, but then the ransom doesn't come through...

(This could be done with three people for a like triangle romance, or just with two. )

5 - Captivity.

A young vampire is caught for experiments, but one of the younger scientists starts to feel sorry for him and sets him free - hardly knowing what that will give him. The vampire comes onto him and makes him his lover, but also his private little bloodbank. By the time he figures out he's being used it's already too late to leave.

For the people who don't like vampires that much this can also be done with a human char who's then a murderer and kidnaps the scientist that sets him free.

I'd love for this to be yaoi.

(In play)

6 - Dragon x whatever romance.

A man was cursed after being crude to a subordinate, and his curse is that he has to live as a dragon during the day, one of the most awful creatures in the world. Only at night he can go back to his human form, but out of shame he goes to live in a deserted place, until your character comes along.

In a modern setting: Your char would be part of a team of researchers that goes to find this monster. He is found and captured but only your char guards him at night and feels pity for him and his fabricated sob story.

Modern or fantasy setting: Your char would be anything you like, and gets kidnapped to the cursed's cave, who begs you to stay because he is lonely. But what happens if the truth is found out?

7 - slave mistress x slave

a slave merchant woman falls in love with one of her slaves. The poor boy doesn't know, but she does her best to make him as comfortable as he can be. But whenever someone comes to try and buy him she finds a new excuse. He has no papers, is in poor condition...

8 - Conquering Death (VAN, BON, possible EX)
Scenario: Brook comes home from work - a secret medical project he's doing with his father. He's married, but only married his wife so her father would invest in the project. Now, it's over though. The project runs on its own, doesn't need contributions, and he's in love with someone. When his wife Vicky comes home he tries to tell her their marriage is over - but she shoots him in the head. Little does she know in the project he's been working on, he's a guinea pig. And the thing they're working on is a vaccine for death. (The long intro I have for it might make more sense, feel free to pm me about it.)
Setting: Modern, realistic, taking place in a generic North American or West European setting.
Requirements: Be ready for multiple roles. A project means more than one person, so I'm thinking it'll be 3 people at least for each.
Other info: Mostly, I'm imagining this story going like this: the crew of the project picks him up posing as ambulance workers and take him to the lab and patch him up and all that, but that might get boring. Maybe Vicky - the bitch wife - tries to dump the body, buries him "alive"... Any suggestions welcome.

(Sort of in play, I'd love to do a variation to the theme though.)

9 - Magical boy

We all know them: Chobits, Ah! My Goddess, and other magical girl stories. This time though, you get a magical boy. And not some shy sweetie. Rude, annoying, self-centred, arrogant, doesn't follow orders, yet has a softer spot.

One plot could be that the magical boy in question is from another dimension. At day, he's got a cat form, and at night only he can change to a human form. He lands into the human dimension, and is taken in by a girl/boy who has no idea about what roams around in the house at night. When a couple of burglars end up dead they might start to suspect something...

10- Slave master/merchant x slave master/merchant.

Plot up soon. I'm thinking rivalry turning to love or something.



Idea 3 seems fun. If you're still interested in doing it, give me a poke miss. ^^




Hmmm....I really like yaoi.  1, 2, 5, or 6 might be fun with a yaoi twist.  Want to pm me?


like idea'ing you.. :)



Im thinking #3 might be good. How would you like it with a guy in viking warrior costume? Leave me a message if youre interested.


Quote from: Herger on August 15, 2008, 08:54:22 AM
Im thinking #3 might be good. How would you like it with a guy in viking warrior costume? Leave me a message if youre interested.

Just remember that you won't be able to RP in the hidden forums until you're officially approved, and that isn't a done deal yet. :] It would be best not to anticipate it.
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Hm...  I'm pretty interested in #6.  Everytime I try for this pairing it gets turned into a bestiality RP b/c they fail to get the "He can turn into a human" memo or choose not to have that little facet without telling me...  ((I'm pretty much up for anything in my RPs but if you pop something in like bestiality on me without telling me, I'm prone to become a little miffed.))

I'd really be interested in this rp and would like to hear more.
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