Scarred and Lonely(Romance, story driven)

Started by ting ting, October 22, 2018, 07:34:17 AM

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ting ting

Contains: Consensual, love, story driven

Wanted: Male Character

Plot: He is scarred, and has become a recluse because of it.  He works from home, has his groceries delivered, almost never leaves his house.  He doesn't like the looks of pity or horror that appears on peoples faces when people see him.  He lives a quiet, lonely life, then my character moves in across the hall.

She is a painter, recently discovered.  She is loud and boisterous.  And she is also scarred, but unlike him, she doesn't care how people see her.  While she is accepting of her scars and openly vibrant, she is also lonely.  Men wanted perfect looking women.  And she was anything but. So she's stayed single.