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Author Topic: Ting Ting's Dark Ideas  (Read 18635 times)

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Ting Ting's Dark Ideas
« on: October 28, 2011, 04:23:54 pm »
A Bit About Ting Ting
Hello, I'm ting ting, and welcome to my request thread.  It's a long post, so just a fair warning.

I am a 25 year old woman from United States.  I have been involved in role-playing for the past 8 years, and it is something that I enjoy.  Besides writing, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and sometimes, when the mood hits me, playing music.

In my writing, I have a tendency to be sadistic in my writing when giving the permission.  If it's too much, please, just let me know.  That's all I ask.  I tell my partner this but sometimes I have had a partner back out.  If asked, I will dial it down because I always want my partner to be comfortable with the writing, just like I expect from my partner.

If you don't like any of the plots that I have, but you like my on's and off's, message me.  We can discus a plot, or you can give me some of your ideas to go over.
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My Rules
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 03:34:08 am »
My Rules

  • Please don't post in this thread.  I would like to keep it somewhat clean.  So if you're interested, please message me and I'll get back to you.
  • As per site rules and my own rules, all characters will be 16 or older, no exceptions.
  • I only role-play on the threads.  I will not go onto a messenger, skype, yahoo or any other messaging websites.  I will message you on here, but I will not role-play on them.
  • I role-play in 3rd person only and would appreciate it if you did as well.
  • If the idea is crossed out or says taken, don't message me about it.
  • I am not grammar nazi, but please have your posts be at least readable.  Thank you.
  • Another thought on that, no text talk.  You, not u, are, not r, etc.
  • If you've lost interest in the story, please, PLEASE, let me know.  Don't just stop replying then ignore any messages I send you.  It bugs me to no end
  • If you want to play the opposite sex, go for it. I do it.
  • Post length doesn't matter.  But if you're expecting very long posts from me every time, then I'm not your girl.  The most that I reply is three or four paragraphs.  And even that's not every time.  My post length is usally one or two.
  • Please, no godmodding.  Small actions is fine, but not answering a question.  If you ask me before you post for what I'd answer, that's fine.
  • If I don't reply after a while, there could be two reasons.  The first,
     is that I may have looked at it but forgot to mark it as unread.  The second is that I'm having muse problems.  Message me if it's been a while and I'll let you know what's going on, or reply to it.
  • Please don't do anything that is on my offs list.
  • If you're not sure if I like something, ask me and I'll let you know.
  • When you contact me for a story, let me know if you want the female character, or the male character as I play both.
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Pairings I Play
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2018, 06:55:37 am »
Pairing's I'll Play

Capital letters=Dominant characters
Lowercase letters=Submissive characters
M or m=Male
F or f=Female
FU or fu=Futa


I will not play a submissive male, so please do not ask.
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« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2018, 08:25:52 am »
My Plots

The more * the more I want to do them.
While the plot may contain specific genders, any plot can be any type of pairing that's listed above.

Type-Light, bondage

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-A woman was in an accident leaving her body badly scarred.  She has a limp from where her leg was shattered and it didn't heal very good.  It's been two years since the accident and she didn't go out much because people stare at her scars.  When she does go out, she wears hoodies and sweat pants, covering her skin.

One day, while out shopping, she bumps into a guy, or something like that, and he only sees how beautiful she is.  Doesn't care about the scars.  But she doesn't believe him.  She thinks that he's just being polite but he is sincere.
He keeps running into her or they meet again or something like that and he begs for a chance.

A Slytherin Dominates a Gryffindor**
Type-Extreme, Bondage, N/C

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-Everyone is going back to Hogwarts to finish up their education.  Hermione Granger was made Head Girl, no surprise there.  And Draco Malfoy was made Head Boy.  They must deal with each other day and night, as they not only share duties, but a tower also. 

Draco starts realizing that he wants to dominate Hermione.  He tries to stop himself, but finally after a month of school has passed, Draco sneaks into Hermione's room and ties her up.  Nothing can stop him from doing what he wants, not even Granger.  To his surprise and delight, Hermione likes what he's doing to her.

Beauty and the Beast*
Type-Bondage, N/C, Extreme, Light

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-It's the typical Beauty and the Beast.  The guy is cursed with ugliness and the girl comes upon him and sees the beauty with in, and breaks the curse after a while.  This can be any type of RP.  I'm open for all.

The Indian and His Captive**
The setting of this idea is in the early 1800's in 'Indian Country'.  No other settings please.

Type-N/C, Light

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-He's an Indian that despises all white people.  They had killed his entire tribe when he was a boy and he held all white men responsible.  He didn't deal with them unless he needs to.  She is a young white woman, running from her abusive uncle.  She can't go back, she knew he would kill her.

This can go one of two ways.

Way one: He can see her as a frightened woman and try and help her as much as he can.  The light version.

Way two: He can see her and let the hate for white people out of him, directing it towards her.  He uses her as a scapegoat.  Can she change him?  Teach him that not all white people are monsters?  The dark verson.

The Prize*
This setting is in the 1700's to 1800's England
Type-Bondage, N/C, Light

Character I want to play-Woman

Plot-A woman is placed in as a bet by her brother in a poker game.  He thinks he has the cards to win, but he doesn't and he looses to another gentleman.  He then takes her to his house and uses her.  He can either force her into it, or he can coax her into it.  Getting to know her first.

The CEO'S Whore*
Type-Bondage, NC,  Extreme

Character I want to play-Either

Plot- A wealthy CEO sets his eyes on his assistant and he wants her.  He gives her no choice but to become his who're.  She has to do everything he tells her, or he'd make sure she never got a good paying job again.  So she does it.

He isn't Good Enough for You*
Type-Light, Bondage

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-A chance meeting and they fall in love right away.  But he seems like a bad boy type, and her parents say no.  But he's a tattoo artist and he just likes having tattoos and piercings.  That's not who he is.  She wants to be with him, and since she's an adult, she ignores their wishes and dates him, uncaring what the concequences are.

Sleeping Beauty*
Type-NC, Bondage, Extreme

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-It's not your typical Sleeping Beauty.  He wakes her up with the kiss after one hundred years.  He treats her well, until he takes her to his castle after marrying her.  Then he becomes the monster.  He treats her like a whore rather than a princess.  He only cares about his wants, not hers.

I'm willing for any variations of this.

The Plantation**
The setting is in the 1700's and on a southern plantation.  It will involve racist terms.  I am not a racist, nor do I condone it.  I hate racist people, but I got this idea after watching Django and have wanted to play it.  Again, I am not a racist person, I will just be playing one.


Character I want to play-Either

plot-He is the owner of a plantation and owns many slaves, both men and women.  He treats them worse than he does his dogs.  A couple times a year, one of the slaves catches his eye and he decides to give them a new job.  Becoming his sex slave where he treats her worse than the regular slaves until he tires of her and sends her to work out at the plantation at long hours.

The Pirate's Prize**
color=red]Type-[/color]Bondage, Extreme, Consensual

Character I want to play-Woman

Plot-She is the overprotected, stifled daughter of a nobleman who wants nothing more than to be free of her father's rule.  He see's her as only a pawn to better himself and add to his coffer's.  She is on a ship sailing to her soon to be husband's land under the watchful eye of her father's right hand man when the ship is attacked.

He is a pirate lord that mistakes the ship for a merchant ship and attacks.  Upon seeing the nobleman's daughter, he decides to take her for ransom.

At the first sight of the pirate, she finds she is attracted to him.  And when he brings her upon his ship, she realizes this is her chance at freedom.  So she tries to convince him to keep her around, using any mean's she can.

Don't Date Him*
type-Light, possible Bondage, Love

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-Her parent's don't want her to date.  They want her focusing completely on her school work and nothing else.  They barely tolerate her having friends.  He is the black sheep.  He's been expelled form three schools and this is his last chance before military school.

We can take it wherever we want to, this is just the basics of it.

Searching for Who I Am***
type-Consensual, Bondage, Love

Character I want to play-Either

Plot-Having just gone through a break up where her ex told her she couldn't satisfy a man if her life depended on it, she sought out something that may interest her.  She never cared for the plain sex she'd always had previously.  While she couldn't satisfy her partners, they never satisfied her either.

After some searching, she started getting interested in the BDSM life style and soon she wanted to try it, but she was scared going in.  If she didn't enjoy this, something was wrong with her.

He is a master dom and a lot of people want to do scenes with him.  While he's all for that, he's looking for the one he could share his life with.  He merely passes time with other women.

When they meet, they're both instantly attracted to each other, but he doesn't want a newbie.  But neither his body nor his heart seems to care she is one.  So he'll just have to teach her.

type-Consensual, Bondage, Extreme, possible Love

Character I want to play-Dominant Woman

Alternate reality: It's a modern plot, but people are either doms, subs, or switches.  Generally, dom's and sub's choose each other, but in the case of where dom's marry dom's or sub's marry sub's, they are assigned a dom/sub.

Plot-She is one of the most dominant woman known.  She has long since given up on being assigned a submissive, resigning herself to going to the clubs to play with the subs there.  Then she receives the letter in the mail saying she'd been assigned a submissive couple.  After reading their file, she sees why they were paired with her.  She was the perfect match for both of them.  So she files them as hers, accepting them quite willingly.

They are a couple that has wanted to be paired, but there was no few that wanted a submissive couple with their tastes, as it's more than one dom could possibly handle.  They'd given up hope when they finally received the letter saying they'd been paired with someone.

Dominate Me***
Type-Consensual, Bondage, Extreme

Character I'm Looking to Play-Either

Plot-She's been into BDSM for a couple years now, but all of the partners she's had in the past, never satisfied her.  They never wanted to go to the extremes she wanted to, despite how many times she asked them to.

He is a sadistic dom only the most masochistic submissives go to.  His last submissive left him suddenly, telling him he was too much for her, leaving him not wanting to try again with another submissive.

When she shows up with a recommendation from another dom, he is reluctant and she pleads for a chance.  She wants to be his submissive as she knows from word of mouth that he could give her what she needs.

Sacrificed for Noble Reasons    Vampire/Werewolf Plot****
Type-Consensual, Bondage, Extreme, Eventual Love

Character I'm Looking to Play-Either

Plot-Vampires and Werewolves have been at war for centuries.  As a result, both of their numbers were dangerously low.  As a result, they reached out to each other to set up a meeting to put the war behind them.  After talking, they realize the only way to get each side fully behind the idea, was to unite the two species in marriage.

So the daughter of the alpha wolf was offered to the leader of the vampires as a bride.  She doesn't want to do it, but she does it after her father orders her to, and she finds herself married to the vampire leader, with no idea how it was going to go.

He wasn't happy having to marry a werewolf, but if it can prevent further war and death of more vampires, then he will do it.  But he doesn't have to be happy about it.

A School of Prostitution****
Type-Non Consensual, Extreme, Forced Prostitution

Character I'm Looking to Play-Male

Plot-She is accepted into a private college, tuition paid in full all four years of school.  She was surprised, both about being accepted and the full ride.  Her grades had never been the best, but she wasn't going to complain.  She'd be getting a great education, for free.

Getting there, she realizes that the full ride comes with a price.  She is forced to have sex with teachers, students, other people, all to get money for the school.  She tries to fight it, tries to run, but she's brought back and punished before put back to work.

Pain is Pleasure****
Type-Consensual, Extreme, Love, Pain

Character I'm Looking to Play-Either

Plot-He has the need to give out pain.  He craves it, but no one he knows would understand the need.  So he keeps it quiet.  Letting the need eat away at her.

She loves pain.  Does self harm to get it and works hard to keep it a secret.  She doesn't want people trying to stop her.  So she wears clothes to hide the evidence.  Keeping it a secret at all costs.

Somehow, he figures out her secret and offers to help her out.  By giving her a safe way to give her what she needs, and taking care of his own needs.

Saved by a Pirate***
Type-consensual, bondage, love, seduction

Character I'm looking to play-Either

Plot-She is the daughter of a lord.  She survived the sinking of her ship, the only survivor in her family.  She doesn't want to survive.  After a number of days adrift, a ship pulled up and pulled her from the boat she was in and she was nursed to health.  And she soon finds out that she was saved by a pirate lord.

This could go anyway.  it's up for discussion.

The CEO's Big Secret***
Type-Consensual, bondage, possible love

Character I'm looking to play-Either

Plot-She is the CEO of a large company with a secret.  She loves being controlled in the bedroom.  The only problem is, no one in her life is interesting in what she is.  So she signs up for a website where she could get what she wanted.  A man to control her.

He is her assistant.  He has the same need, only he wants to control.  He signs up for the same website.

Without knowing it, they're matched.  She gets his instructions.  Go to a prearranged hotel room, strip down, put on the blindfold and sound canceling headphones, then kneel in the middle of the room.

I have some ideas for this, we can discus it.

The Farm****
Type-Extreme, NC

Contains-Bestiality(horses, dogs), incest (uncle)

Character I'm looking to play-Either

Plot-A young woman(16+) is moved onto a farm after her parents death, where her uncle takes care of her.  They don't know each other.  Her parents and her uncle living too far from each other, and reasons unknown to her.  Upon reaching the farm, her life is changed as he looks at her as something other than family.

Rescued by a Vampire**
Type-Consensual, love, bondage

Character I'm looking to play-Either

Plot-It's rare when a vampire turns out good.  When they do, the go after the bad ones, killing them, saving as many humans as they can.  The vampire in this story comes across a woman being hunted by a vampire and he kills the vampire saving the human, only to realize she is a marked human and that this wasn't the first time, nor even the second time, he'd saved her.  So to protect her, he takes her with him to protect her and feelings start between them.

The Office Whore***
Type-Bondage, Extreme, NC

Character I'm looking to play-Either

Plot-She's been hired for one specific job, but she doesn't know that.  She was targeted.  She was new to town.  No close family.  And no friends.  No one would miss her until it was too late.  On her first day of the job, she finds out what her true job is and that is to be the office whore.  Before she could leave, she is taken to the top floor and tied to a bed to be used by all the higher ups in the building at their leisure.
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Plotless Pairings
« Reply #6 on: January 20, 2019, 06:23:04 pm »

Demon/Angel or Human
Prince/Princess or Commoner or Noble woman
Cop/Woman or Prisoner
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Face Claims That I Like
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2019, 09:30:16 am »

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Thread Updates
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  • Thread Updated/Moved Around(1/20/19)(2/6/19)
  • More moving around, added list of ongoing stories
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Re: Ting Ting's Dark Ideas
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2020, 08:51:23 am »