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January 28, 2022, 02:49:26 pm

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Author Topic: Like Fine Wine - Older Female Characters for Younger Male Characters  (Read 603 times)

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First off, welcome.

Secondly, I don't care if you're a male writer or female writer.  The only thing I care about is whether or not your writing is intriguing and enticing.

I'm looking for a writer to take on a story (or two if you're ambitious) involving romance between older female characters and younger male characters.  Emphasis on the romance.  I'm not looking to get into a big smut fest, unless it calls for it, or if we're really feeling it.  They're the dreaded slice of life stories too, so skip on if it's not your thing.

I should note that I'm not available every day to write.  If you need a constant stream of posts, please move on.  I write what I want, when I want, when I can.  Otherwise, I'd just be back in school, writing something I don't want for some deadline.  I do my best writing when I'm relaxed and focused, not staring down the barrel of a deadline.

If you're interested and my little disclaimer above hasn't put you off, please send me a PM to discuss.  If I don't get back to you, send me a nudge.  I am notoriously horrible with getting to PMs in a timely fashion, and do need a bit of a nudge once in a while.

Life Lessons
Inspirations:  Past Ideas
Rating:  Light Human
Pairing:  Male X Female (Subject of Former Student X Former Teacher)
Looking For:  Seeking Male or Female Characters for Either Role.
Themes:  Modern.  Age Differences.  Adultery.  Past Relationships. 


With this story, I would prefer something of a more light and relaxed setting.  However, I am open to implementing various kinks and whatnot if it makes sense, instead of just adding it in for the sake of spicing up the story.  Light is preferred, but I am open to Bondage or Extreme.  I am not interested in making this into a Non-Con story.

Every year, to escape the stresses and pressures of life at home and a demanding work load as a high school teacher, she treats herself to a night of indulgence, all to herself.  Sometimes it's just checking into a hotel room, ordering room service and watching movies.  Sometimes, it's just a night of browsing the bookstores and spending a few hours in a local coffee shop, losing herself in a book.  Sometimes, it's a night at a cocktail bar, having a relaxing drink and dinner to herself.

It's on one of those special, indulgent nights, away from her husband, away from the kids at home, away from the pile of papers to read and grade, where she runs into a former student of hers, and sees how grown up he has become in the few years since graduating.

  New!  Magnum Opus  New!
Inspirations:   Breaking Bad.  Shameless.
Rating:  Light Solo, Bondage Solo, OR Extreme Solo (Depending upon Kinks)
Pairing:  Female X Male.  Good Girl X Bad Boy
Looking For:  Seeking Characters for Either Role.
Themes:  Modern.  Illness.  Mortality.  Living Life.  Regret.


This idea formed in my mind while watching Shameless and Breaking Bad, and it's just been begging to be played out in my mind.

She's always been the quintessential good girl.  Always did her best in school.  Kept away from the bad crowds.  Never did drugs.  Not even in college.  She had hopes; she had dreams.  Nothing was going to destroy those dreams and hopes.  The dedication paid off, making her into a celebrated artist in the city, one whose work caught the eyes of anyone with an artistic sense with ease.

But in just a few minutes, all of it came crashing down.

The illness had been laying in wait.  A rare disease, eating away at her, destroying her from the inside.  The prognosis was not good.  The rate of survival, even with vigorous and stressful treatments, would only make life not worth living.. 

There's no hope for her.  No life to live with the prognosis.  She can spend what money she has, leave her job, and put herself into a life of being bedridden, waiting for death's inevitable arrival.  Puking her innards out day after day, barely able to walk, barely living at all.  Or she can choose to live her life the way she never did before.  She can make her life worth living.

The way I saw the story was the day of her diagnosis.  The realization that she's going to experience life, and paint like she has never before...

Maybe your character is a model discovered off the streets.  Maybe it's a one-night-stand that turns into something more.  More than happy to discuss options.

New Chapters
Inspirations:  Past Ideas
Rating:  Light Human
Pairing:  Male X Female (Photographer X Subject)
Looking For:  Seeking Male or Female Characters for Either Role.  Prefer to find a male character.
Themes:  Modern.  Age Differences.  Sex Industry.  Erotic Photography.  Life Changes.


She found herself in a difficult and challenging time in her life.  Her marriage ended with a divorce.  Her kids grown up and away at college.  The creeping hand of time ever present in her body and mind.  A difficult time of doubt and depreciation.  She needs to feel beautiful once again.  She needs to feel sexy, to feel desired.

What I had in mind was that she meets up with the lone operator of a classy, sophisticated nude photography site.  She answers his ad, perhaps spurned on by her emotional desires, perhaps feeling a flicker of excitement from a past experience.  She goes to his studio, talks to the man behind the lens, and begins to relax, and commits herself to being photographed in an anonymous sort of way, just wanting to feel young and desirable once again.  What she doesn't expect is that her photos become a sensation on the site, that she becomes more desired than she could have imagined.  Will she go back for another shoot?  Will she further lower her guard?

I would like someone to play either the divorced mother, or the young photographer, though I admit I have a considerable preference to write the mother.  I'm not looking for something sleazy, something BDSM driven.  I'd like something tasteful, something respectful and elegant.  A photographer that is understanding, caring, and easy to work with, and not some sort of dominant task master.

Broken Home
Inspirations:   Random thoughts.  Revisiting old story ideas.
Rating:  Light.  Possible Bondage, but heavy focus on light and building character relationship.
Pairing:  Female X Male (Older Woman X Younger Male)
Looking For:  Seeking either role.  Slight preference for female role, but open to negotiate.
Themes:  Modern.  Family Issues.  Age Differences.  Taboo Romance.  Adultery.   


She didn't know what she was getting herself into until it was too late...

It had sounded like a good idea at the time.  Their family was well off.  Blessed, as her husband as said, and maybe they were in a sense.  They were a happy family, together and content with life.  So why not help out someone who needed it?  Why not offer a son's friend, who had decidedly not been blessed in life, to stay with them?  Why not do the right thing?

She didn't know it would bring her world crashing down around her, did not know it would shatter that illusion of happiness in her life, did not know she would fall in love with him...

A romance story between a young man and an older woman, with a considerable age difference.  I'm looking for it to be focused on the relationship, the differences in their lives that bring them together. Everything is negotiable.