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May 06, 2021, 07:02:58 pm

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Author Topic: When Boy Meets Girl (Seeking Male Character)  (Read 486 times)

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When Boy Meets Girl (Seeking Male Character)
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:13:39 pm »
Nichole "Nicky" Winters settled into the wrot-iron chair at the Calaboo coffee shop with a sigh of relief as she pulled her coat off and draped it across the back of her seat. the deep blue of the knit sweater under the coat hugged her slender torso nicely; from her shoulders and over the swell of small, tight breast to her narrow waist. Her storm-cloud gray eyes glanced up and about as she pulled the top off of the cup and stirred in sweetener for a few seconds with a light of anticipation that, on another young woman, might of been something akin to lustful delight. Her pink lips curled into a private little smile as she lifted the cup and took the first sip of the hot cocoa and sighed contentedly. A little shiver ran through her frame as she sat the cup back down and pulled the text book from her pack and... with a little self conscious glance about, pulled out a dainty pair of glasses and slid them onto an almost equally dainty nose. She had only recently been required to wear the things and she waited impatiently for contacts... justso she could read the damned text book.

The teenager leaned back and stretched her hands over her head, pushing through long, luxurious black hair that fell back down over her shoulders; her long, slender legs stretching out in the well fitted jeans that hugged her hips and lovely rump... the sweater pulling up just enough to allow the sapphire belly button piercing to show for a moment before she relaxed and lifted a boot covered foot to rest on the edge of the next seat. She took another sip from the cup and opened the biology text book with a resigned sigh... she hated biology... and began to read. Her hand reached occasionally for the cup, a sip at her full lower lip and back to the table again.

When someone paused at the table, she glanced up and offered a pleasant, curious smile; the kind of smile you give a stranger who you didn't think would do more than just pass by. She was use to that, although she never understood what it was that caused it; she had no idea about just how attractive she was and being in a new school didn't really help her to understand it... she missed her boyfriend, but a thousand mile relationship just didn't work for her. "Hi." she said and shifted a little in her seat, "Can I help you?"

Ok, with that out of the way, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to play the prospective love interest. The sex of the player has no bearing on my willingness to write with him or her; as long as it's understood that I will be playing the role of Nicky. The name is open to change if my partner prefers another one.

What I'm looking for is a fairly slow burn romance between my character and the love interest. I am open to said love interest being male, female or even a futa if my potential partner can offer an interesting character. I'm looking for a long-term story with all of the usual up's and down's that comes with young love (or lust), drama and growing pains. A reasonably slow build up to the intimacy stage with a lot of kissing, caresses, cuddles and PDA's that are appropriate to the stage of life. I recognize that sex will happen, and being young, probably a lot, but I want, require, characters who are real and have depth. Characters with flaws and issues but are ultimately right for one another and who can stand the test of time. All details are up for discussion and I welcome anyone who may be interested to drop me a PM.

What I don't want in a love interest for my character is the usual sterio-types that makes things bland. I don't want a bad-boy on the prowl for pussy, the quarterback looking for a pretty girl on his arm or the popular/geeky guy who can't think of anything but her ass... although it is a magnificent ass. ;) Make the character interesting, original and compelling. Make him/her challenging or simply have something in common to build a relationship on. He/she can be popular, a geek, a jock or a down outcast... but think outside of the box and we can make an engaging and exciting story that'll go the distance. I only ask that you have some idea of who you want it to be when you contact me. I'll be happy to tell you more about Nicky in return.