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Author Topic: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]  (Read 13014 times)

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DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« on: January 29, 2009, 04:17:19 PM »
Some story ideas I'm looking for partners to participate in - broad strokes at first obviously, but if one of them takes your fancy feel free to post/PM me and we can either go with the flow or nail down the details!  These aren't set in stone, so any changes can certainly be discussed and hopefully accommodated!

                                          Currently seeking                                         

Tables Turned
Scenario: A female boss manipulates her male employee who she knows is recently married and has a young family; in fact this is the reason for her desire to manipulate, and she frequently references these issues.  She telephones him from her office to his cubicle to get him to talk dirty to her, or even to order him into her office so he can pleasure her.  She insists on him being under her desk when she is conducting certain meetings, and even ensuring that he ‘takes care’ of her female clients for her too.  Potentially could escalate into more equal affair type situation; however one step at a time and this is by no means set in stone!

Employee: (DaddyPete) A 20-something middle management nobody earning a decent but not fantastic wage for a treadmill job.  His wife means the world to him, as do his two young kids.  He does find his boss sexually attractive, however is a good and honest man and would never even consider cheating on his beautiful new bride.

Boss: Open to suggestions here!

Doctor Doctor [EX: Incest] - I know it's a technically a three-player, but it could be played as a two- or three-person rp; either way it seems to fit better here!
Scenario:   The daughter of a patient of Dr Wallace comes to his surgery for some advice on sex and starting the contraceptive pill.  The doctor, now aware of her impending sexuality, decides that the best way to teach this young lady is to show her.  He sends her away to ‘prepare’ for this tuition, and agrees to meet her in a local hotel a few days later.  Unbeknown to this young lady, she is in for the shock of a lifetime when she arrives for her ‘initiation’ to discover not only the doctor, ready to take her virginity, but also her own mother waiting to service both of them also.  The resulting tryst between doctor, mother and daughter ensures her first time will be the most memorable experience of her life.

Doctor:(DaddyPete) A general physician of many years standing, he is at least in his mid 30’s and perhaps even into his 40’s, although this is debatable.  He is a respectable man, married with children, who secretly craves to have this mother/daughter combination and has manipulated the situation to his advantage.

Mother: in her late 30’s or early 40’s, she has been a regular patient of Dr Wallace for some time.  While she had formed a significant emotional bond with him, he has made her an offer she can't refuse.  She is somewhat addicted to prescription painkillers, which she has used for many years owing to an abusive relationship with her father and a fraught relationship with her mother from an early age.  Dr Wallace has agreed to feed her addiction on one condition, that they share the taking of her daughter's virginity together.  Desperate and unable to resist her cravings, she has agreed.  She is secretly delighted by the plan, and has convinced herself that it will even be good for both her and her daughter to experience some varied sexual activity.

Daughter: She is still finding her way in the world however she has recently had a recurring fantasy about an older man, and Dr Wallace certainly fits the bill.  Handsome, intelligent and powerful, she has seen for herself the reverence in which he is held by her mother.  She is definitely becoming more and more sexually aware and keen to experiment, although will she be able to handle the explosive combination the doctor has prescribed for her?

Other ideas:
Wedding related - i.e. best man/maid of honour blackmails bride/groom into long-term sexual relationship


My Best Friend's Mom  (Taken)
Scenario: Dave always had a thing for older women, and when he catches his best friend Paul's mom in an embarrassing situation, he uses it to his advantage to get her to teach him the way of the world.  Dave is a virgin, but he has wanted so often to be with a real woman, and now he finds his one true chance could well be by blackmailing his best friend's mom into teaching him all she knows.  Also, he's learned a thing or two watching porn on the Internet, so perhaps he could practice a few less savoury things on her as well!

Dave: (DaddyPete) A school-leaver, taking a break from education to figure out what he actually wants in life.  Probably 16/17; he's a virgin but having masturbated on multiple occasions every day for the past 3 or 4 years, he has seen his fair share of pornography and knows what he likes in a woman.

Paul's Mom: A 30- or more likely 40-something woman, classical look with relaxed attitude to sex.  Been married, possibly still is.  Only got one son, Paul, who is the apple of her eye.  May or may not have considered Paul's friends in a sexual light before, however now she has no real options.

Sibling Awakenings [VAN] [EX: Incest]  (Taken)
Scenario: A young [step?] brother and sister develop an attraction for one-another, and nervously embark on their first sexual encounters together.

Accidental Incest [EX: Incest] [VAN]  (Taken)
Scenario: 1990: A man answers an advert in the local paper offering $1,000 for getting a girl pregnant.  He performs the deed, takes his money and never hears from her again.  Rapid jump to 2009, and he is a gym instructor at the local fitness centre.  He gets chatting to a young customer, and before he knows it they are in bed together having the most wonderful time.  Next morning, he is wandering round her flat and discovers a picture of her mom – the woman he slept with all those years ago.  Does he continue the affair, cut and run, or tell his daughter the truth?

Man: (DaddyPete) 1990: Around 18, tall, average build, unemployed.  2009: Mid 30’s, tall, considerably fitter owing to his new job as a fitness instructor.  Unmarried, footloose and fancy free.

Taxicab Confessions [NC-H] [BON]  (Taken)
A female taxi driver picks up a man late one night, and they head off into the darkness.  Soon after they drive into the countryside, she feels the unmistakable sensation of a gun barrel being pressed into the back of her neck, and the passenger calmly directs her to a secluded farm where he enslaves her and keeps her as his toy.

Driver: A young woman, early 20’s, fit and sexually very attractive.  Long, flowing locks and by all accounts not a typical taxi driver (!).  She is trying to pay for a college education, and works nights and weekends to cover her tuition fees.  It doesn’t bring in much, but it’s enough and if she can only get through the next few years the rest of her life should pan out just fine.

Rapist: (DaddyPete) He is tall, mid 40’s, very strong and also remarkably quiet for a man of his presence.  He is ex-special forces, but now finds greater pleasure in finding young women whom he believes would be out of his league, enslaves them conquering their minds as much as their bodies.

Hippocratic Hypocrite  (Taken)
Scenario: A woman returns to the doctor’s office for the results of her tests.  He informs her that she has a problem (can be discussed – don’t want to be too proscriptive here) which is going to require lifelong medication, and on that medication she will lead a normal life.  Without the medication, she will die within 6-9 months.  The problem is that the medication is very expensive, and without medical insurance, she could never afford the $25,000+ per year cost of the drugs.  The doctor, however, has another suggestion.  He can arrange to get her the medication for free, but she will need to pay for them ‘in kind’, and despite his demands becoming ever more depraved and craven, she has no option but to agree to them or face certain death.

Doctor: (DaddyPete) A mature, seen-it-all specialist earning a substantial income from his private practice, and having felt his marriage go stone-cold many years ago, is always on the lookout for opportunities to express his sexual frustrations.  Being a doctor, he has an intimate knowledge of female anatomy, and exactly how he likes to do things.  He is supremely controlling, and has absolutely no qualms about manipulating his patient and the system for his own perverted ends!

Patient: Open to suggestions, but certainly younger than the doctor.

Madness [NC-H] [BON]   (Taken)
Scenario: A woman wakes up after a heavy night out with friends to discover she is in a strange place.  It looks initially to be a jail cell, however on closer inspection it seems she is in a psychiatric hospital.  She discovers that the psychiatrist is holding her against her will, and will use her body to satisfy hospital staff, other patients, and of course himself.

Remote Control [NC-H] [EX]  (Taken)
Scenario: A woman gets an email from a stranger; her best friend is being held hostage, and unless she obeys every instruction, her friend will pay the price for her disobedience.  She is instructed via email, home/work/mobile telephone, and is “remotely controlled” and made to humiliate herself in public and in front of others, proposition strangers and perform bizarre and degrading acts on people who the stranger tells her to.  Any time she disobeys, or shows the slightest deviation from the stranger’s instructions, she will receive a telephone call or picture showing the results of her disobedience being exacted on her best friend.  Clues will be dropped along the way as to the identity of the mysterious stranger, the goal of identification being one possible conclusion.  The story may develop into the stranger being caught, killed or getting away with it, however unless you were desperately keen for it to be otherwise, no other character would be killed in this game.

Stranger: (DaddyPete) Who knows?!

Woman: A young woman, late teens or early 20’s, who is ambitious, focused and career-minded.  She has consistently avoided significant relationships because they interfere with her working life.  She has very few friends, and most of them occur as a function of work.  Her best friend is a young woman she met at the gym, and they have been inseparable for over 2 years now. 

Daddy's Princess [BON] [NC-H] [EX: Incest]  (Taken)
Scenario: Daughter comes home at the end of her first semester at university.  She has opted to visit with her daddy first, since her mother neither returns her phone calls nor spends any time or more importantly money with her.  She hopes that daddy will have more time for her now he has given up his business.
She is still a virgin, however craves sexual contact like she needs it to breathe.  She has successfully avoided all advances from the little boys in her year, and has devoted a great deal of time flirting and teasing her teachers, although none has gotten anywhere with her as she is unsure and unwilling to take that next step.  Little does she know, however, what her daddy has in store for her.  He has been keeping a close eye on his little girl for some time now, waiting for the right moment to make his move.   
Daddy has engineered the situation perfectly – mother is away at the in-laws, and so he has two whole weeks to devote to his new pet project – seducing his daughter.  He sets himself these challenges, and has done his whole life, to test his ability to be creative and inventive on-the-spot.

Daddy:(DaddyPete) A ruthless, controlling, powerful man who always gets his way eventually in business and life.  He founded, progressed and finally sold his stake in a highly successful internet company, and now uses his money for leisure pursuits.  He likes to think he is compassionate, however rarely does this side of his personality show itself.  He is goal-oriented, manipulative and strong.  Both he and his wife, who are still married but barely speak let alone share intimacy together, raised a young daughter while focusing on their respective careers.  They spent no time with her, and sent her to boarding school at the first available opportunity.  She is still their precious little ‘princess’ despite her obvious physical blossoming in recent years, which has largely gone unnoticed by her mother, however unbeknown to his princess, daddy has been taking a keen interest in her life for a little while now.

Princess: Born to highly successful parents who were together barely long enough to conceive her, she has spent her formative years in boarding school and between her parents many homes.  She craves contact with her parents, particularly her father, although she doesn't think of him in a sexual way.  He seems to barely notice her, stopping merely to pass her money to keep her quiet.  She is still a virgin, although desperately want to know the kind of pleasures your friends have spoken of at length – that feeling of knowing a man so intimately that only comes with sexual encounters.

Extortionate [BON] [NC-H]  (Taken)
Scenario: The daughter of a billionaire financier, filthy rich and totally spoilt, is kidnapped by a disgruntled former employee.  Once he has her, however, he decides that he wants more than money and decides to take his ransom in other ways.  The daughter resists her kidnapper, fighting him every step of the way.  He abuses her sexually, physically and mentally, controlling her every move and, eventually, thought.  Through this abuse, she becomes more and more attached to him in a strange way, and eventually develops a bond and even love for her captor.

Daughter: A Paris Hilton-esque young madam, brash and confident, totally and utterly spoilt and unwilling to do anything unless it is on her terms.  She has never taken orders from anyone, least of all from her parents who always bought her affections whenever she wanted.  She is most definitely sexually active, although the kidnapper is going to open her eyes to many different things she could only have dreamt of in her worst nightmares.  His craven, disgusting sexual acts, manipulative mind-play and painful physical demands will push her to her very limits, eventually breaking her and turning her from rich bitch to submissive slut and servant of this domineering, powerful and evil man.

Kidnapper:(DaddyPete) His life fell apart when he lost his job, and he blames the billionaire directly.  There was no warning, no notice but most of all no justification for it.  They just didn't like him, so cut him off.  It is beyond his range of understanding to consider that the very man he has become may well be the very man he always was, and therefore the logic in firing him may not have been all that flawed.  All he knows is that he wants revenge – they ruined his life, took his income, his self esteem, his wife and family, his very reason for being.  And for what?  For nothing.  Because he could; because he had given him the right to do it, and he abused that right.  Well, He's going to make him pay.  Oh He's going to pay alright.

A Trick Too Far [BON] [NC-H] [Ex]   (Taken)
Scenario: A prostitute, desperate for cash, gets into a John's car to turn a trick.  Little does she know, he has a considerable plan in place for her, and she has just gotten into bed with her rapist (DaddyPete).  They head back to her place, where he drugs her and by the time she awakens, she has no idea where he has taken her or, more importantly, what he intends to do with her.  Her brutal rape may just be the tip of the iceberg.

The Bonus [NC-H]  (Taken)
Scenario: The boss (DaddyPete), admiring his employees new young wife, constructs a magnificently evil plan to have her whenever he wants.  He frames his naïve employee for a trading scam, then threatens to expose the whole thing unless the employee delivers his wife as a ransom.  Fearing prison and not wishing to lose both his liberty and his job, the reluctant employee agrees and sets about convincing his wife to give herself to the boss for the good of their family.

An Important Lesson [VAN]  (Taken)
Scenario: He was known to be a cruel teacher (DaddyPete) – unwilling to bend any rules, extend any deadlines or change any grades.  So when she approached him with an unusually frank offer in order to pass her paper, it was as much a surprise to him as it was to her that he eventually relented.  But she would have to work hard to impress this man.

The Family Business [BON] [NC-H]  (Taken)
Scenario: A husband (DaddyPete) and wife lead an apparently normal suburban life, however one day while cleaning the wife accidentally discovers a dark secret lurking beneath their home.  The husband has been leading a double life, and has a young woman drugged and tied up in the basement.  Far from running from the situation and reporting the matter to the police, the wife finds herself strangely drawn into the scenario, and before long finds herself manipulating and victimizing her husband's prey with him.
He is a seemingly innocent, mild-mannered and friendly gentleman, he has risen through the ranks in middle-management and is content in his life, married to a beautiful woman for nearly 20 years.  What they don't all know, however, is that he has for a number of years harboured a dark secret.  He kidnaps women, drugs them to keep them quiet, then uses them for his own perverted ends.

Let me know if anything rings any bells  ;D

Other ideas:
Home Invasion  (Taken)
Scenario: With her husband away on a business trip for a week, the young new wife waves him off before returning to the house.  Once inside, she is confronted with an attacker who was waiting for her.  He rapes her, using her own sex toys which he finds in her bedroom against her.

Police Brutality  (Taken)
Scenario: A cop pulls a woman over for DUI etc.  She offers to resolve the issue with sex, but she doesn’t know quite how depraved this officer can be!

In the line of duty  (Taken)
A female soldier comes under fire and gets separated from her team.  She takes shelter in a local farmhouse, where a local man takes her hostage and abuses her on film in order to obtain ransom money from her family and government.

Vanilla Love  (Taken)
A boss and his secretary, both married to other people, embark on an affair.  This would need some serious build-up to make it interesting!
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Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 09:32:48 PM »
Oooo I'm definitely interested in Extortionate.

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Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2009, 10:14:59 AM »
Daddy's Princess sounds 'fun'.

Offline slavemarkira

Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2009, 03:22:11 PM »
Well since someone else got Extortionate, what about Home Invasion or In The Line of Duty?

Offline Clio

Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2009, 08:22:50 PM »
I'd be interested in Hippocratic Hypocrite, Madness or Taxicab Confessions.

Offline Lady Annabelle

Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #5 on: February 04, 2009, 04:59:06 PM »
If Taxicab Confessions is still open, I'd be willing to discuss that with you if you are interested in me.   I'd be willing to do that one with you or a different variation that we could come up with together.


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Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2009, 07:50:51 PM »
Accidental incest sounds fun.

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Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #7 on: February 21, 2009, 11:29:49 AM »

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Re: DaddyPete's Roleplay Ideas [MUL]
« Reply #8 on: February 21, 2009, 11:31:44 AM »
Sibling's Awakening sounds interesting.